Dear ladies and gentlemen_ by keara


									Dear ladies and gentlemen,

We are truly honored and excited to be here, at the 30th session of the World Heritage Committee,
today and speak on behalf of participants of the Baltic Youth Workshop on World Heritage, held from
3rd to 8th July in Vilnius.

We are grateful for the opportunity you gave us to gather and talk on what is important for us, what
bothers us regarding the situation of World Heritage in the states we represent. The whole week served
for sharing experience and ideas, discussing and planning for the future, discovering new roles for
ourselves in heritage protection.

The workshop made us think of precious heritage sites in our states. We, who are there everyday, see
both their beauty as well as their weaknesses. We know it’s impossible to carry out great changes
overnight, but the least that a simple citizen as we could do is to acknowledge it and draw attention to
the problems. This is the first step on the road to protect our common heritage. This is a pledge of us,
young heritage guardians, and we hope for your support in carrying this task.

We appreciate the work of the World Heritage Committee, because we acknowledge work of previous
generations and we feel responsible for saving the best pieces of the world for the next generations the
same way you do.

Thus we wish you to keep strength and fortitude in your work adopting strict and fair decisions.

Now, we would like to present to you the short film, which reflects the greatest moments of our
workshop, our moods, thoughts and concerns. We hope it will inspire you in your hard and
challenging work during the session.

Have a nice watch and thank you for attention.

                             Baltic Youth Workshop on World Heritage
                                        3-8 July 2006, Vilnius

                                      Recommendations by youth

Group “4 T”

      To choose more qualified restaurateurs;
      Try to show to people that we have to save our heritage (to make it popular and easier for
       people to get closer to it);
      Try to find a compromise between modern architecture and heritage keepers;
      To give money/help for owners to restore old houses and cetera, that it could keep their
       original appearance;

Group “Culture guards”

      The only way to save the heritage is to acknowledge it
      Start with the small changes to make the big ones;
      To pay attention to cultural objects;
      We can build a lot of skyscrapers, but they should not damage the cultural heritage
      To understand that the new buildings will be heritage in the future;
      We need to use cultural heritage and give everyone a chance to see it;

Group “Heritage”

      Informing people about their own heritage;
      Attracting people to develop interest;
      To take active position;
      Attract government’s attention;
      Not minding the obstacles;

Group “BDBA” (Better Don’t Build Anything)

      Don’t sell public places;
      Make educational programmes for those who own or live in historic places;
      Make the decision process concerning development more open to the public;
      To inform people about their rights to express their opinion;
      If you want to renovate something – don’t save money. If you don’t have money – don’t
       renovate – you’ll spoil it.

Group “Young guardians”

      Governments should acknowledge their position regarding WH sites and be responsible for
       policies and decisions they are making;
      Governments should give more opportunities to young people to participate in WH
       preservation and safeguarding processes;
      Less money for new buildings and shopping malls - more money for reconstruction and
       renovating historical places/houses/interiors etc.
      We care and evaluate your work, because we acknowledge work of previous generations and we
       are responsible for saving the best pieces of the world for the next generations the same way
       you do;
      Thanks for giving us an opportunity to meet here and to all organized events for young people
       where we have/had a chance to voice our concerns;

Group “Whatever”

      If you do something, then do it properly to the end. And if you can’t then don’t do it at all.
       Pay more attention to projects that are established nearby the heritage;
      Time isn’t unlimited, so work faster with all you have started.
      It’s better to take good care of one thing at a time rather then many things together.
      Thank you for your attention.

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