Project #:____________
                                               Single Family Residence
                                           Zoning Development Permit (ZDP)
                                                 City of Woodland Park

Developer/Builder/Applicant: ____________________________________________________
Mailing Address:________________________________________________________________
Phone Number __________________Cell Phone                      Fax#             _

Owner’s Name: _________________________________________________________________
Mailing Address:__________________________________ Phone Number:__________________

Site Address:____________________ Legal Des.: Lot____ Subdivision_____________________
Property Zoning:______ Lot Size: ______ Mean Height of Structure_______________________

Estimated Project Valuation: $______________ This value must include Labor and Materials for the
construction of the HOME and DRIVEWAY. What is the approximate Percentage of Project Valuation
that is labor only? ________%

Proposed Structure Total Gross Sq Ft:
      Finished Main & Upper Floors: _______________ Garage: _____________________
      Finished Basement: ____________               Deck(s): _____________________
      Unfinished Basement: __________               Other:_______________________

Building Footprint: _____________ Sq. Ft.                                Percent Lot Coverage: __________

Area of disturbed land including the driveway, any stockpile areas on or off site and all site
disturbances: _____________Sq. Ft. (If greater than 7,500 sf - a Grading Permit is needed.)

Have your plans been reviewed by an architectural design committee?          □ Yes                             □ No
             □ If “no” please attach architectural rendering and elevations.

Method of Water Supply:                           □ City          □ Other: _______________
Method of Sewage Disposal:                        □ City          □ Other: _______________
Spray Irrigation proposed:                        □ yes □ no      □ Total Sq. Ft. spray/drip irrigation areas_______

To complete this application, please attach the detailed Site Plan, Driveway Application,
Landscape Plan and Grading Permit (if necessary).

The undersigned applicant understands that a Certificate of Occupancy is required prior to occupancy of any
structure or dwelling. Applicant is required to follow all procedures necessary to obtain a Certificate of
Occupancy issued by Teller County Building Department. The undersigned applicant certifies under penalty of
perjury that the information found in the application and site plan is true and accurate to the best of his
knowledge. “I certify that I understand that the proposed development be in accordance with this application, site
plan information, all provisions of the City of Woodland Park’s Zoning Regulations, other applicable City
regulations, and conditions imposed upon the issuance of this permit.”

Developer, Builder, Applicant: ___________________________                           Date:________________

Property Owner’s Signature: ____________________________                              Date:________________
(The owner’s signature must be obtained prior to submittal or no permit will be processed.)

ZDP Approved/Issued by: ___________________________________Date:________________

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Revised 1/2010
                                                                                       Project #:____________

                                               Single Family Residence
                                                    City of Woodland Park

                                                SITE PLAN CHECKLIST
Applicant must submit a Site Plan for Single Family Residence (SFR) that addresses all of the
information requested in items 1 through 15 below. If the plan is incomplete, it will be returned
to the applicant for additions or corrections. If the plans are drawn on 24”x 36” sheets, then a
reduced size 11” x 17” copy is required to be submitted also.
    1. Property lines, dimensions, and known monuments.
    2. The location of all existing and proposed structures with reference to property lines (e.g.
        setbacks) and exterior horizontal dimensions drawn to scale.
    3. Location, dimensions and names of on-site or adjacent streets, trails, and sidewalks.
    4. Location, dimensions and purpose of easements.
    5. Location of a Vehicle Tracking Pad at the access of the lot with 1 ½” to 3” angular rock for a
        minimum of 25’ in length and 10’ in width.
    6. Location and dimensions of all parking areas and driveways.
    7. Proposed driveway grades shall be indicated both within the public right-of-way and between
        the property line and the front of the building.
    8. Identify materials and thickness of driveway.
    9. Show the grading as it relates to the driveway and new construction such as adjacent slopes
        for cuts and fills, or retaining walls. (Any retaining wall greater than four (4) feet must be
    10. Locations of existing and proposed utilities, including water, sewer, fire hydrant, electricity, gas,
        phone and cable TV infrastructure.
    11. General direction of off-site and on-site topography and proposed stormwater management
        and erosion control measures (eg. proposed methods of preventing sediment, erosion, and
        runoff of lot and driveway from entering street and adjoining property). Identify and describe the
        proposed stormwater management measures as related to the existing and/or proposed
        drainage facilities.
    12. Location and extent of floodplain or other hazards.
    13. Proposed method of erosion control and soil stabilization.
    14. Adjacent existing and proposed uses.
    15. Show limits of disturbed areas. If greater than 7,500 square feet, then a Type A Grading Plan is
        required. (see section 18.41.070.D of the Municipal Code for Plan Format)
    16. If spray or drip irrigation systems are proposed, include the boundaries of these areas on plan.
    17. Any additional information deemed necessary by the City Engineer may be requested on the
        site plan after initial submittal.
    18. If the property owner chooses to make non-permanent improvements such as landscaping in
        the City’s right-of-way or other designated easements then it is at their own risk. If these
        improvements are damaged as a result of snowplowing or other necessary work in the right-of-
        way or easement, the City has no obligation to repair.

Energy Conservation: In the United States, the construction and operation of industrial, commercial,
and residential buildings account for 48% of all energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.
At 8,500 feet above sea level, it can take an extraordinary amount of energy to run a business in
Woodland Park. The City of Woodland Park encourages you to design and construct a single family
residence that will help make our community more sustainable. Please consider incorporating
conservation building techniques into this project in addition to the minimum standards required by the
2003 Energy Conservation Codes.

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Revised 1/2010
                                                                             Project #:____________

                                             Driveway Application
                                       for new Single Family Residence
                                               Zoning Development Permit
                                                 City of Woodland Park

Please read and complete this entire form.

Purpose/Intent: In order to protect the health, safety and welfare of the citizens of Woodland
Park and to avoid unnecessary expense to the private property owner and to the public, a
driveway plan shall be approved by the City before the issuance of a Zoning Development

The City relies upon information found in this application. You are encouraged to obtain a
proper survey to verify lot lines and other information. If you do not build within required
parameters or in violation of this application or other zoning regulation provisions you may be
required to move or remove the driveway and cease the proposed use.

                                             To be Completed by Applicant

1.    Owner: _______________________________________________________
2.    Mailing Address: ________________________________________________
3.    Phone Number: _________________________________________________
4.    Site Address: ___________________________________________________
5.    Driveway Contractor: ________________________ Phone: ______________
6.    Driveway Material: Asphalt _____ Concrete ______ Gravel ______
7.    Estimated driveway valuation amount: $___________________
8. A driveway plan must be attached.

CERTIFICATION: The undersigned applicant certifies under penalties of perjury that the
information found in the application and driveway plan is true and accurate to the best of
his/her knowledge. The undersigned also acknowledges that he/she has read and
understands the Driveway Construction Regulations 6.1.1 of the City of Woodland Park
Engineering Specifications.

Signature of Owner: ____________________________________ Date________________

Signature of Applicant: __________________________________ Date________________

Permit Approval: This permit shall be granted to proceed in accordance with all information
shown on the application and SFR site plan as approved.

By: _______________________________________________________________________
    City Engineer or designee                                          Date

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Revised 1/2010
                                                                                                       Project #:____________
                                    DRIVEWAY CONSTRUCTION STANDARDS
                                            6.1.1 of the Engineering Specifications

Driveway Installation Inspections Required
Contact the City Inspector, Keith Wilcox at 687-5291 or 243-4507 to arrange inspections for your new driveway. The
following inspections are required: 1) A “Field Inspection” on-site between the City and the General Contractor and/or the
excavating contractor prior to any land disturbing activity including rough-in and grade-cuts. 2) A “Rough-In” inspection
after the culvert is in place and the driveway has been properly graded prior to hard surfacing. 3) A “Final Inspection” to
assure all City requirements have been met. If these inspection requirements are not followed, the project could be subject
to a Stop Work Order.

Driveway Construction Regulations: Construction may not begin, nor any equipment brought on to the property prior to
“Rough-In” inspection approval. An authorization for a “Teller County Building Department final inspection” of the structure
will not be issued until the City gives “Final Inspection” approval. Every driveway hereafter constructed, reconstructed or
altered, in the street right-of-way shall conform to the following regulations:
____1. Applicant shall call UNCC for locates of all utilities at 1-800-922-1987 prior to first site inspection.
____2. No driveway shall be so located as to create a hazard to pedestrians or motorists, or to invite or compel illegal or
          unsafe traffic movement.
____3. All driveways shall be constructed at right angles to the curb or street line, unless otherwise approved by the City
____4. The proposed driveway grade(s) shall be indicated on the driveway plan or site plan. The driveway grade may not
          exceed 6% within the public right-of-way, and 14% between the right-of-way line and the garage. The Northeast
          Teller County Fire Protection District (NETCFPD) may require flatter grades. Side slopes shall be graded in
          accordance with the Grading Regulations Section 18.41 of the Municipal Code.
____5. All driveways shall be so constructed that they shall not interfere with the drainage system of the street or
____6. Where curbs do not exist and a driveway crosses a drainage ditch, a culvert shall be installed by the property owner
          at a diameter sized according to the ditch capacity, but in no case less than 18 inches with flared end sections or
          concrete headwalls. The minimum length of any culvert shall be 5 feet greater than the driveway width, or 20 feet,
          whichever is greater.
____7. Runoff from this lot and driveway must enter improved drainage-ways such as concrete curb and gutter – not the
          street. Provide the proposed stormwater management methods that will accomplish this. Show how runoff will be
          diverted into flow lines of the drainage ditch or curb and gutter.
____8. Where curbs exist, or are required, driveways shall be paved for their full width from the back of the curb to property
____9. Erosion sediment from this lot and driveway must not enter the street. Please provide the City with the proposed
          erosion control methods that will accomplish this in accordance with Section 18.40 of the Municipal Code.
____10. No driveway shall be constructed in such manner as to create a hazard to any existing street light standard, utility
          pole, traffic regulation device, or fire hydrant. The cost of relocating any such street structure when necessary to do
          so shall be borne by the abutting property owner. Relocation of any street structure shall be performed only by or
          through the person holding authority for the particular structure involved.
____11. The materials and thickness of the proposed driveway shall be indicated on the plan. The minimum gravel thickness
          is 4 inches. The gravel material shall be crushed stone or an aggregate that does not track on to the City street. The
          minimum asphalt thickness for driveways is 2 inches and concrete driveway thickness is 4 inches.
____12. Where a driveway crosses a sidewalk, the sidewalk shall be increased to a minimum thickness of 6 inches of
____13. A driveway or curb cut on a corner lot shall be set back a minimum of ten feet from the property line at the corner or
          shall be a minimum of twenty feet from the cross street edge of asphalt, whichever is greater.
____14. The following widths are permitted for driveways:
                    ZONING DISTRICT                                           WIDTHS OF DRIVEWAYS
                    Single-family                                                       12 ft. to 24 ft.
                    Multi-family                                                        16 ft. to 35 ft.
                    Commercial & Industrial                                             25 ft. to 35 ft.
____15. There shall be a minimum of 30 feet between any two driveways whether on one or more properties, except
          common driveways may be used on adjoining properties.
____16. No property shall be allowed more than two driveways on any particular street without permission from City
____17. Where a sewer cleanout or water valve is located in a concrete or paved driveway, a 6” main line valve box shall be
          installed (e.g. buffalo box) or verify that PSO or cleanouts are not within the driveway.
____18. No curb cuts shall be allowed on State Highways except with written permission from CDOT.
____19. Any deviation from these standards shall be allowed only by written permission of the City Engineer.

Additional Comments and/or Conditions: __________________________________________________________

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Revised 1/2010
                                                                                                                          Project #:____________

                                                                  SUBCONTRACTOR/VENDOR LIST

          PROJECT NAME                                                                                        PROJECT #
          SITE ADDRESS
           Business          Type of Work               Company Name   Contact    Mailing Address   Phone #
           License                                                     Person
                             Bath Fixtures
                             Final Cleaning
Revised 1/01/08
                                                                                                        Project #:____________

 Business           Type of Work                   Company        Contact   Mailing Address   Phone #
 License                                                          Person
                      Line, Gas
                     Line, Sewer
                     Line, Water
                       Site Prep
                     Tool Rental
                    Trash Removal

Revised 1/01/08

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