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Systems Requirements Specification

                     Columbus, OH, July 13, 2009, Hosted by AEP

•   Purpose and Scope
•   Interoperability Philosophy
•   Documentation Approach
•   Guiding Principles
•   Reference Architecture
•   Architecture Views
    –   Business
    –   Application
    –   Data
    –   Technical

                                    Columbus, OH, July 13, 2009, Hosted by AEP
                              Purpose and Scope

•   The purpose of this document is to provide the architecture vision and
    requirements to serve as the “rules of engagement” for how vendors
    and utilities could implement recommended requirements and design

•   The scope of AMI-ENT is about how applications within the utility
    enterprise are to be integrated and composed to support AMI related
    business processes and functions. It is to deal with inter-application
    related business functions and stops at the boundaries of applications
    and the edge of utility enterprise. Edge applications are those
    applications that communicate with networks and devices in the field,
    as well as those that communicate with other businesses or
    enterprises (generally defined as third parties).

                                            Columbus, OH, July 13, 2009, Hosted by AEP
                                 AMI-ENT Scope
                                           Customer                      Distribution
                                         Info. & Billing                 Management

                                                           Revenue                   AMI Service
                                                           Protection                 Manager

                                          Enterprise Bus + Common Model & Service


                                          Portal                                                   AMI Network
                           Third Party                  Meter
                                                                                 Meter Asset
                             Portal                     Data

Representative of AMI-ENT components, not all inclusive.

                                                             Columbus, OH, July 13, 2009, Hosted by AEP
                                            Semantic Interoperability
Business Modeling & Design Layer                                       Business Process and Intelligence Layer

   Business               Transform
                             To                Business Process
   Process                Executable                                                          B2B                 Business Intelligence
    Models                Processes              Management

  Information            Executable
                          Services/                                               Integration Layer
     Model               Data Models

                                              Enterprise Services                  Enterprise Data                Enterprise
                                                      Bus                            Integration                     ETL           DM/DW

  Enterprise Semantic Model

       (Common Business Terms &

                                                                                  Application Layer

                                               GUI                                   GUI                               GUI
    Mapping to Application
    Metadata, and Industry
      (Transformation Logic)
                                             Business      Interface               Business           Interface      Business      Interface
                                              Logic                                 Logic                             Logic

   Industry               Interface
  Standards               Metadata            Data                                  Data                              Data

  Common Semantic          Transformation

                                                                                     Columbus, OH, July 13, 2009, Hosted by AEP
                       Documentation Approach

• According to The Open Group, there are four architecture domains
  that are commonly accepted as subsets of an overall enterprise
  architecture, all of which TOGAF is designed to support:
   – The Business Architecture defines the business strategy, governance,
     organization, and key business processes.
   – The Data Architecture describes the structure of an organization's
     logical and physical data assets and data management resources.
   – The Application Architecture provides a blueprint for the individual
     application systems to be deployed, their interactions, and their
     relationships to the core business processes of the organization.
   – The Technology Architecture describes the logical software and
     hardware capabilities that are required to support the deployment of
     business, data, and application services. This includes IT infrastructure,
     middleware, networks, communications, processing, standards, etc.

                                              Columbus, OH, July 13, 2009, Hosted by AEP
                                                     Guiding Principles
#   Name                        Description
1   Utility driven and open     The process for developing, reviewing and ratifying the AMI-ENT specifications and artifacts including
    process                     the SRS should be driven by utilities and contributed to by vendors. It shall be open to all members of
2   Business driven             Requirements and architecture patterns and designs of this effort shall be driven by real world business
    architecture and design     requirements of AMI.

3   Open interoperability       The IEEE defines interoperability as: the ability of two or more systems or components to exchange
                                information and to use the information that has been exchanged.
                                A complete interoperable solution requires systems or components to interoperate at both the technical
                                and semantic levels.
4   Leverage and                Where relevant industry standards exist to provide references, best practices, existing work products,
    collaborate with industry   and future directions, they should be leveraged to reduce time and increase quality of this effort.
5   Actionable, testable and    Any work (artifacts) that are created can be used by the audience for this work, e.g. utilities, vendors,
    transferable work           regulators, etc. There needs to be clear, explicit guidance for how to use the artifacts. There is an
    products                    expectation that the work products are useful at lower levels of design
6   Platform Independence       Requirements and design artifacts shall be platform independent. Implementation technologies shall be
                                chosen due to its level of acceptance at the marketplace as open standards.
7   Common and Logical          Common components with known definitions that can be agreed upon; that they contain a common
    Reference Model             functionality that can be defined. This may be organized as logical business applications; there is an
                                understanding of what applications will provide/consume what services.
8   Common Information          Common definition of meanings and relationships of how to represent information that are often context
    Model                       dependent.
9   Extensibility               This activity will prioritize functions with a focus on AMI functions, but does not preclude future
                                extensions of the architecture; e.g. smart grid. Implementation of AMI will also vary from utility to utility.

                                                                                 Columbus, OH, July 13, 2009, Hosted by AEP
                    AMI-ENT Reference Architecture
                            Customer                          Customer
                          Presentment &                    Presentment &                    AMI Meter                  AMI Network
                             Analysis                         Analysis                        Asset                       Asset
                               (C&I)                        (Residential)                  Maintenance                 Maintenance
   Head End #1
                                                                                           C&I Demand                    Demand
                            Third Party                        Customer                     Resource                    Response
                              Portal                            Portal                     Management                  Management

      AMI                     AMI Customer Facing Components                               Home Area
   Head End #2                                                                                                          Meter Data

                                 Process Integration Platform                                             Protection
                           Process              Complex          Monitoring &
   Head End #n                                                                                         AMI Specific
                         Orchestration      Event Processing     Management
                                    Federated ESBs + ESM
                                                                                            Customer                    Customer
    Demand                 Metadata             Service           Security                 Information                 Relationship
   Response               Repository          Management         Management                Management                  Management
Command & Control

                                         EII/EDI/ETL + ESM                                 Distribution                Distribution
                                                                                           Management                    SCADA
                        Data Warehouse         Real Time          Reporting
                          & Data Mart             BI              & Analysis
      AMI                                                                                 Enterprise Asset               Energy
    Service                   Information Management Platform                              Management                  Management
                                                                                                                  Work and Mobile
      AMI                     Customer                         Distribution
    Network                  Information                       Engineering                   Outage
   Management                                                                                                      Power Trading
                               Analysis                         Analysis                   Management

                             Distribution                                                  Supply Chain            Transformer
                             Operational                       Meter Data
                                                                                           Management            Load Management
                              Analysis                          Analysis

    AMI Edge                                                                                Utility Operations and Enterprise
   Components       Utility Operations and Enterprise Analysis Components                              Components

                                                                              Columbus, OH, July 13, 2009, Hosted by AEP
                                                          Business View (AMI)
Business Processes:
B1 - Meter Reading                               uc B1 - Meter Reading

B2 - Remote Connect/Disconnect
                                                                                        B1 - Scenario 1 - AMI Meter
                                                                                        completes scheduled read
B3 - Detect Theft
                                                                                                 request                               B1 - Scenario 2 - AMI Meter
                                                                                                                                        completes an on-demand
B4 - Contract Meter Reading                                                                                                                       read

Consolidated Demand Response and Load Control
                                                            B1 - Scenario 9 - Meter
                                                            does not communicate
C1 - Price Based DR and Voluntary Load Control              remotely during default
                                                                 schedule read                                «trace»
C2 - Customer Views Energy Data
                                                                                                                                                                       B1 - Scenario 3 - AMI Meter
                                                                                                «trace»                                                               transmits non-usage (ev ent)
C3 - Prepayment                                                                                                                                                                messages

C4 - Third Parties Use AMI Network                                                                                B1 - Meter Reading
                                                     B1 - Scenario 8 - Third Party
                                                     uses Utility's AMI Netw ork to            «trace»
D2 - Distribution Automation                               read their meters

D3 - Distributed Generation
                                                                                                                         «trace»             «trace»
D4 - Outage Location and Restoration

G1 - Gas System Measurement
                                                               B1 - Scenario 7 - Third party
                                                                    accesses AMI data                                                                   B1 - Scenario 5 - Data users
G2 - Gas System Planning                                                                                        B1 - Scenario 6 - AMI Head End
                                                                                                                                                        successfully retriev e either
                                                                                                                 manages the meter reading
                                                                                                                                                        raw or bill ready usage data
G3 - Gas System Corrosion Control

I1 - AMI System Installation

I2 - AMI System Life-cycle Management

I3 - Utility Updates AMI System

S1 - AMI System Recovery

                                                                                                              Columbus, OH, July 13, 2009, Hosted by AEP
Business View (DR)

        Columbus, OH, July 13, 2009, Hosted by AEP
                                                          Business View (ADE)
act ADE Ov erv iew
                                   Process 3rd Party              Configure 3rd Party in         Prov ide Registered            Track and Settle
                                     Applications                         ADE                    Users Usage Data to            Costs and Usage
                                                                                                     3rd Parties


                                                                                Register for 3rd Party                 View Usage v ia
                                                                                      Serv ice                            3rd Party

                     Register w ith Utility                                         Process User            Receiv e Usage
                                                                                     Registration               Data


                                              Screen 3rd Party
                                                 Applicant Approved?                                                                     no


                                                                                               Columbus, OH, July 13, 2009, Hosted by AEP
                                                     Application View
                         Services Provided/Consumed by “Customer Information Management”

                         Service Operation                                                    Service Operation

  CommonConfirmation                         CommonConfirmation            ScheduledEvent         Created         ScheduledEvent
          MeterStatus                        MeterStatus                ConnectDisconnect         Create          ConnectDisconnect
            HanAsset         Created         HANAsset                   MeterStatusRequest        Create          MeterStatusRequest

     AMI Head End
    AMI Head End                                             LoadControlCommandRequest            Create          LoadControlCommandRequest

                                                                                 HANAsset         Create          HANAsset
    BillingDeterminant                       BillingDeterminant
                                                                              ServiceToken        Created         ServiceToken
          MeterStatus                        MeterStatus
                                                                                                                          AMI Head End
    MeterSystemEvent                         MeterSystemEvent                                                            AMI Head End

 Meter Data Management
Meter Data Management                                                                             Create
                                                                         BillingDeterminant                       BillingDeterminant

                                                                        MeterAssetRequest                         MeterAssetRequest

                                                                  MeterServiceOrderRequest                        MeterServiceOrderRequest

                                                                                                                    Meter Data Management
                                                                                                                   Meter Data Management

                                                 Customer Information Management
                                                Customer Information Management

Service Consumers                            Service Providers / Consumers                                         Service Providers

                                                                                       Columbus, OH, July 13, 2009, Hosted by AEP
                                                                                            Data View

class Meter Reading and Ev ent

                                                                   Activ ityRecord



                                        MeterSystemEv ent           MeterAsset                                                       Tok en                          Transaction
                                                            0..*                            0..*                      0..*                             0..*   0..*
                                                                               0..1                                                             0..*

                                                  0..1                         0..*                                                                                     0..*

      ScheduledEv ent                   EndDev iceEv ent            MeterReading                                              ComFunction                            PointOfSal e
                        1        0..1                                                        0..*                     0..1
                 0..*                             0..*                    1     0..*

                                                  0..1                        0..*                                              0..*

                                         Dev iceFunction              Reading                                                 Interv alBlock
   ScheduleParameter s

                                                                                     0..*             1.. *                   0..*
                                                                                                              1.. *

                                                 0..10..1                     0..*                                                       0..*

                                           TimeSchedule            ReadingQuality                                            Interv alReading
                                                                                            0..*                  1



                                                                                                              Columbus, OH, July 13, 2009, Hosted by AEP
  Technical View (Components)

         Process Integration Platform
   Process              Complex           Monitoring &
 Orchestration      Event Processing      Management

            Federated ESBs + ESM

   Metadata             Service            Security
  Repository          Management          Management

                 EII/EDI/ETL + ESM

Data Warehouse         Real Time           Reporting
  & Data Mart             BI               & Analysis

      Information Management Platform

                                   Columbus, OH, July 13, 2009, Hosted by AEP
                                 Technical View (Patterns)

    Service                  SendMeterReading                       ReceiveMeterReading

                                           CreatedMeterReading                    CreatedMeterReading

                                           ChangedMeterReading                    ChangedMeterReading

                                           CanceledMeterReading                   CanceledMeterReading

       Native                                                                             Native
A      API or     T        S/C       S/P      Orchestration       S/C     S/P     T       API or       B
       Service                                                                            Service

       Application A                         Transparent ESB                      Application B

                      Guaranteed delivery within ESB,                     Other interested parties……
                      plus internal routing……

                                                               Columbus, OH, July 13, 2009, Hosted by AEP
                               Contact Info.

•   Here is the link to the AMI-ENT SRS v04 document (under SRS

•   If you have comments and/or wish to join and contribute to the
    AMI-ENT SRS effort, please contact Joe Zhou at

                                        Columbus, OH, July 13, 2009, Hosted by AEP

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