206H Navigating the VA Nursing Outcomes Database (VANOD) Indicators

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					206H Navigating the VA Nursing Outcomes Database (VANOD) Indicators
Julie Presley, BA Diane Bedecarré, RN-BC, MS

Office of Nursing Services


• State the types of data, reports & tools available in the VA Nursing Outcomes Database (VANOD)

• State the sources of data for Administrative and RN Satisfaction indicators • Demonstrate report creation/customization using ProClarity tools
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What is VANOD?

Office of Nursing Services


Who are we?

Office of Nursing Services


Mission and Vision
Mission: to create a national database of clinically relevant, nursing-sensitive quality indicators to identify trends and areas for improvement in order to:
 Improve the quality and safety of healthcare for veterans  Support strategic decision-making through benchmarking  Support data driven decisions for clinical practice and staffing methodology  Evaluate relationships between nursing-sensitive indicators and patient and staff outcomes

Vision: to be recognized as a valued, essential producer of reliable and usable information for both clinical and administrative decision making
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What data is available now?
Three VANOD Subject Areas:
– Administrative Indicators
• Data Source – PAID & HR files • Universe – Everyone in the nursing Cost Center 8241 and/or everyone who has a nursing Budget Object Code • Contains financial and demographic data

– RN Satisfaction Survey Results
• Data Source – 1st Annual National RN Survey 10/06 • Universe – Staff who self-report as an RN

– Pressure Ulcer Prevalence
• 2 Pressure Ulcer Prevalence Surveys 4/06 & 10/06
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How can I access the data?
• VSSC website http://vssc.med.va.gov

• Three ProClarity Report Products: –Web Standard ProClarity
For Casual Users

–ProClarity Excel Dashboard
For Executive Viewers

–Desktop Professional
For Report Generators
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• VANOD is a database of nurse sensitive indicators
• All staff assigned to Cost Center 8241 &/or have a

nursing BOC are included in VANOD
• Data is automatically extracted from common VistA files & from the annual RN Satisfaction Survey
• Three Subject Areas

• Three ProClarity tools used
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VSSC Homepage

Office of Nursing Services

Click on VANOD – VA Nursing 10 Outcomes Database

Office of Nursing Services


Tour of Web Standard Briefing Books
• Available on the VSSC website:
– http://vssc.med.va.gov

• Briefing Books display pre-defined report views of All VA data
– No additional software required – No special access required – Limited sharing, printing & slide-making capabilities

• Designed for casual viewers
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Briefing Book Recap
• • • • • • Look for briefing book icon on the VSSC Available to all VA intranet users No additional software or security required Default reports can be easily customized Saved to My Views – personal folders Reports update automatically when new data comes in
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Tour of VANOD Dashboard
• • • • • Executive View (Nurse Executives) Comprehensive workbook of Admin data Excel (familiar environment) Customizing to facility is very easy & quick Does require software download - FREE
– Desktop Professional 6.1 and – Business Reporter and Hot Fix 6.1

Office of Nursing Services


Dashboard Recap
• Consolidated report of administrative data • Easy to customize to your facility • Excel type product
– Look for the wrench icon on VSSC website

• Available to users with software installed • Automatic data updates • Save to network directory for others to access
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Desktop Professional Tour
• • • • • • Allows access directly to the cube Save custom reports on network drive Export options (Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook) Control of chart/grid properties Advanced analytical options Desktop Professional software download
– Available to VA users – VSSC website – IRMS to install Desktop Professional 6.1
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Desktop Recap
• Accessed the cube default briefing book reports from the VSSC website • Modified a default report (new measures) • Used Sort and Pivot Functions • Created new members from T&L units to represent nursing units • Saved a view in the briefing book • Saved the briefing book to the desktop
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Training Resources
Available on the VSSC & VANOD websites

– Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)
– Resource Documents – Training
• Monthly training calendar • On-line training & PowerPoint's • Structured exercises

– Monthly Newsletters
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Course Recap
• • • • • • Described the VANOD database Took a tour of the products on the VSSC Customized a briefing book report Customized a Dashboard Created custom reports using Desktop Identified additional training opportunities

Office of Nursing Services



Julie Presley, VSSC Diane Bedecarré, VANOD
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