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									                            Nepalese Doctors’ Association (UK)
                                                 (Established 1985)


Dr Prasanna C Gautam
                             Dear Medical and Dental Colleagues
Dr Arun K Jha                The next NDA executive committee meeting is being held in
                             Blackpool on 24th Nov 2007, Saturday. We would like to take this
General Secretary            opportunity to invite all medical and dental trainee/ junior doctors to
Dr Shabin M Joshi            attend this meeting and actively participate to help us give fresh
                             ideas and new direction to the NDA.
Dr Ramesh Kumar Khoju        Date: 24th of Nov 2007
                             Time: 13:30-17:00
                             Venue: Alpine Hotel/ Gurkha Buffet Restaurant and Bar, Blackpool
Joint Secretary              (Tel. 01253 344292)
Dr Milan Piya

                             Web: www.alpinehotel.co.uk
Executive Members
Dr Sarju M Shrestha          Cost : Free (Except for those wishing to stay overnight the
Dr Badri Man Shrestha
Dr Shambhu P Acharya         subsidised cost will be £15 B&B per person, family most welcome)
Dr Madan Sharma
(immediate past chairman)
                             Lunch Sponsored by Dr Jamuna Acharya & Dr Shambhu Achraya

                             Please confirm your participation          with   Dr    Kamal    Aryal
                             Tel: 01772 671 685
                             Mobile: 0771 934 6634

E mail:nda@doctor.com        Please forward this email to all your colleagues as we do not have
                             addresses of all the Nepalese doctors in the UK.

                             We look forward to seeing and acquainting with you all. NDA is your
                             ‘root’ association, come and enjoy.


                             Shabin Joshi

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