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									       CONTINUING PROFESSIONAL                                                                                                                                                          Improving Teaching & Learning / Leadership & Management
       DEVELOPMENT OPPORTUNITIES                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            What opportunities are there
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        How can I work with other
       FOR TEACHING STAFF                                                                          What can I do?                                How could my school support me?                                                                                                  How will I use LA support?                                 through national / regional
                          Teachers                                                   Join subject/professional association e.g. GTC                Ensure effective induction programme, including               RTP / GTP second school placement.                        GTP weekly programme                                       Join RTP/GTP programme in conjunction with
                                                                                     Start a CPD portfolio                                          observations by, and of, colleagues                           NQT – network with colleagues through local               Extensive NQT support programme                             CSF and University of Herts
                          Overseas Trained Teachers
                                                                                     Become familiar with resources to support T&L                 Offer opportunities to join national strategy                  support networks / central training                       Full range of generic and subject specific training        Join NQT accreditation programme, University of
                          QTS (standards)                                             e.g. national strategies, HGfL                                 developments and training                                     Attend subject cluster / good practice meetings           Newsletters from national strategies and subject            Herts
                          GTP / Registered                                           Make effective use of mentor / coach                          School to allocate whole school responsibility for            Visit a leading teacher / AST                              advisers                                                   Participate in relevant Fast Track training
                          Fast-Track                                                 Identify small area for development with team                  fast track candidates                                         Attend local network meetings                             Subject leadership training as part of NQT                 Investigate Professional Association learning
                          NQT (induction standards)                                  Shadow subject leader or year leader to gain                                                                                                                                             programme                                                   opportunities
                                                                                      insight into leadership role                                                                                                                                                            OTT Induction Programme                                    Join OTTP programme to gain UK / QTS
                          Early Career Teachers                                      Use performance management discussions to                     Provide opportunities for:                                    Take advantage of links with:                             Termly strategy newsletters and consultant                Participate in national strategies Leading Teacher
                                                                                      identify future career progression                             - fast track teachers to undertake whole school                  - specialist schools                                     support where appropriate                                  programmes
                          Y2 – 5 in the profession
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   
Teaching & Learning

                                                                                      Undertake wider professional reading on                            responsibilities                                             - training schools                                       A CPD programme geared to needs of early                   Investigate opportunities offered by NCSL / Higher
                          Threshold Teachers                                          leadership and management                                      - teachers to undertake small scale action                       - leading teachers in other schools                      career teachers                                             Education
                                                                                     Maintain CPD portfolio                                             research with teaching & learning                            - learning networks                                     Opportunities to share good practice via HGfL             Investigate Professional Association learning
                                                                                     Develop further skills in: data handling, self                 - T&L discussion / development groups                            - schools in your consortium                            Accredited courses supported by University of               opportunities
                                                                                      evaluation, ICT                                               Offer coaching / mentoring opportunities for                                                                              Cambridge in T&L
                                                                                     Extend generic / subject specific expertise                    emerging leaders                                              Take part in or lead:                                     Training courses for aspiring leaders
                                                                                     Evaluate your progress against threshold                      Offer opportunities for management of small                      - subject/aspect network meetings                       Consultancy packages for leadership
                                                                                      standards                                                      scale projects                                                   - primary learning networks                              development for local clusters of schools
                                                                                     Investigate opportunities for professional                                                                                                                                              Provide opportunities to develop links with
                                                                                      development within your school                                                                                                                                                           business and employers
                          Experienced Teachers                                       Continue to develop portfolio to demonstrate                  Provide opportunities for:                                    Undertake outreach work in local schools                  Support your outreach work via meetings and                Update knowledge of national developments e.g.
                                                                                      relevant standards                                             - coaching colleagues                                         Lead best practice workgroups or clusters                  conferences                                                through browsing GTC, TDA, ELC websites and
                          Expert Teachers / Coaches
                                                                                     Develop a range of capabilities or areas of                    - mentoring NQTs and others                                   Attend networks of subject co-ordinators / HoDs /         Contribute to LA CPD opportunities                         subscriptions to professional publications
                          Advanced Skills Teachers (AST standards)                    expertise that can be used within and across                   - running master-classes for teaching and                      pastoral leaders / leaders of learning                    Undertake accredited research e.g. Cambridge               Access NCSL websites e.g. Talk2Learn
                          Excellent Teachers (ET standards)                           schools                                                            support staff                                             Participate in local networks and/or LA training           Masters programme in conjunction with CSF                  Attend regional/national conferences
                          Leading Teachers (national strategies)                     Develop expertise in: monitoring and evaluation,               - presentations to governors and other                                                                                   Participate in leading teacher                             Investigate Professional Association learning
                          Subject Coaches                                             action planning, feedback                                          stakeholders                                                                                                          programmes/networks                                        opportunities
                                                                                     Develop an outreach record                                    Provide leadership opportunities to improve
                                                                                     Lead working groups on specific whole school                   teaching and learning in school
                                                                                      issues                                                        Opportunities to shadow senior colleagues
                                                                                     Become an examination marker/assessor
                                                                                     Investigate opportunities and training for middle
                                                                                      leadership e.g. shadow a middle leader
                          *Middle Leaders                                            Ensure you meet subject leader/SENCO/INCO                     Through line & performance management,                        Work with other middle leaders through:                   Consultancy support                                       Explore opportunities with primary & secondary
                                                                                      standards                                                      ensure that raising the quality of teaching &                   - consortium                                             Training for middle leaders/generic/subject                strategies
                          Subject Leader / Co-ordinator (standards)
                                                                                     Be confident in analysis and use of data                       learning has highest priority                                   - development of learning resources                       specific/coaching and mentoring                           Undertake Leading from the Middle (NCSL and
                          Head of Dept / Faculty                                     Ensure high quality teaching in your area through             Provide opportunities for:                                                                                               Facilitation of subject networks                           ELC) or other leadership programmes
                          SENCO /INCO (standards)                                     providing a role model and through monitoring                  - teaching & learning discussion forum                        Take part in or lead:                                     Opportunities to take part in TIPD                        Continue to update knowledge as above
                          Leaders of Learning                                         and evaluation of others                                       - high quality training related to teaching and                  - subject/aspect network meetings                       Joint Masters programme with Cambridge                    Investigate Professional Association learning
                          Pastoral Team Leaders / Heads of Year                      Work towards a higher level qualification                          learning                                                     - primary learning networks                             Opportunities to contribute to conferences,                opportunities
                                                                                     Prioritise teaching & learning in your work                    - participation in whole school reviews of                                                                                courses and network meetings
                                                                                     Lead a whole school initiative                                     teaching and learning                                                                                                Facilitate local subject co-ordinators/heads of
                                                                                     Support new middle leaders through peer                       Offer opportunities to become associate member                                                                            department meetings
                                                                                      mentoring and coaching                                         of SLT                                                                                                                   Training / Conferences for:
                                                                                     Become a governor                                             Provide effective line & performance                                                                                       - Heads of subject
                                                                                     Investigate opportunities and training for senior              management in line with national standards                                                                                 - SENCOs/INCOs
                                                                                      leadership e.g. shadowing a senior colleague                  Provide mentoring and training opportunities to                                                                            - primary subject co-ordinators
                                                                                                                                                     develop leadership skills                                                                                                  - leaders of learning / curriculum
Leadership & Management

                          *Leadership Team Members                                   Sustain own teaching expertise: e.g. via peer                 Undertake leadership roles in teaching &                      Ensure consistency in teaching and learning: e.g.         Membership of LA tasks / working parties                  Apply for NPQH/NPQICL
                                                                                      observation                                                    learning: e.g.                                                 via effective transition – across phases / across         Take part in a networked learning community               Attend Leadership conferences e.g. at NCSL
                          Assistant Head
                                                                                     Undertake appropriate training for any new                      - leading school-based/local/national                         consortium / networks                                     Contribute to Research and Best Practice                  Undertake further or higher level qualifications at
                          Deputy Head                                                 subject specialist teaching                                         initiatives                                              Organise joint training in T&L across consortium /         website (HGfL)                                             HEI
                                                                                     Ensure a relentless focus on teaching & learning                - attend / make presentations at Governors                    network / partner schools                                 Access support for T&L in your school through             Undertake Personalised Leadership Learning
                                                                                      across school: e.g.                                                 meetings                                                 Attend/lead meetings of local networks                     AST/ET networks                                            Programme – PLLP (NCSL)
                                                                                      - promote national strategy materials                           - co-ordinate a coaching programme                                                                                      Attend LA conferences                                     Apply for trainee heads scheme
                                                                                      - drive forward school, local, national priorities            Shadow the headteacher or deputy head                                                                                    Attend SLT induction courses                              Continue to update knowledge as above
                                                                                      - ensure effective monitoring and evaluation                  Coach a middle manager                                                                                                   Membership of LA working parties                          Investigate Professional Association learning
                                                                                     Coach others in school                                        Assume acting headteacher role in Head’s                                                                                                                                             opportunities
                                                                                     Join a professional association, maintain a                    absence
                                                                                      professional portfolio                                        Assume responsibility for a range of roles e.g.
                                                                                     Investigate training and development for                       data, budget, performance management
                                                                                      headship                                                      Take an active role in annual external review of
                                                                                                                                                     school’s self evaluation
                          *Early Headship                                            Sustain own teaching expertise                                Regular meetings with Chair of Governors                      As above                                                  Attend new headteacher induction programme                Participate in Early Headship Programme
                                                                                     Ensure a relentless focus on teaching & learning              Governing Body to provide resources to support                Forge links with local networks / consortium              Be mentored by an experienced head                         (NCSL) HIP
                                                                                      across school                                                  performance management/development                                                                                       Attend LA headteacher conferences                         Investigate opportunities offered by National
                                                                                     Join professional association / leadership                                                                                                                                              Join County headteacher associations (HASSH,               College for School Leaders (NCSL)
                                                                                      association                                                                                                                                                                              PHF, SHF)
                                                                                     Use performance management effectively to                                                                                                                                               Take up facilitated coaching partnerships
                                                                                      identify and address needs                                                                                                                                                              Research other opportunities as suggested in the
                                                                                     Develop your relationship with SLT                                                                                                                                                       LA leadership strategy
                                                                                     Be mentored by an experienced head
                          *Experienced Heads                                         Coach your leadership team and colleague                      Governing Body support to provide opportunities               As above                                                  As above                                                  LPSH (NCSL)
                                                                                      headteachers                                                   to undertake work beyond own school e.g.                      Mentor newly appointed heads                              Join executive of County headteacher                      Headteacher International Visits (NCSL)
                                                                                     Succession planning to ensure sustained                        mentoring, SIP role.                                          Secondment to another school                               associations                                              OFSTED training
                                                                                      leadership                                                    Governing Body support in developing leadership               Exchange with partner school                              Become a local School Improvement Partner                 SIP accreditation
                                                                                     Foster a culture of distributed leadership within              across all levels within school                                                                                          Research other opportunities as suggested in the          Consultant Leadership Training (NCSL & PNS)
                                                                                      your school                                                                                                                                                                              LA leadership strategy                                    Regional conferences (ELC)
* Further opportunities will be promoted through the LA’s Leadership Strategy – launch date Autumn 2006
                          AST:   Advanced Skills Teacher                               HIP:      Headteachers’ Induction Programme                      NPQH:        National Professional Qualification for Headship                      SENCO: Special Educational Needs Coordinator
                          CPD:   Continuing Professional Development                   HGfL:     Hertfordshire Grid for Learning                        NPQICL:      National Professional Qualification in Integrated Centre Leadership   SHF:   Special School Heads Forum
                          ELC    Eastern Leadership Centre                             HoD:      Head of Department                                     NQ :         Newly Qualified Teacher                                               SLT:   Senior Leadership Team
                          ET:    Excellent Teacher                                     INCO:     Inclusion Coordinator                                  OTT:         Overseas Trained Teachers                                             T&L:   Teaching & Learning
                          GTC:   General Teaching Council                              L&M:      Leadership & Management                                PHF:         Primary Heads Forum                                                   TDA:   Training & Development Agency
                          GTP : Graduate Teacher Programme                             LPSH:     Leadership Programme for Serving Headteachers          PNS:         Primary National Strategy                                             TIPD: Teachers International Professional Development
                          HASSH: Hertfordshire Association of Secondary Heads          NCSL:     National College for School Leaders                    QTS:         Qualified Teacher Status

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