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Columbia Southern University - Columbia Southern University offers 100% online fire science and criminal justice
programs delivered in an innovative flexible format at an affordable tuition rate designed to take your career to the
next level. Apply today! Visit

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Fire up Your Career! Earn Your Degree Online!
Columbia Southern University (CSU) offers completely online fire science and criminal justice degree and certificate
programs designed to take your career to the next level. From learning about fire prevention to fire service
equipment, you will gain the expertise and skills you need to succeed in the fire science industry. Visit our website to
apply today and open the doors to an exciting and rewarding future in fire science!

Choose from:

Online Fire Science Degrees
- AAS in Fire Science
- BS in Fire Science
- BS in Occupational Safety and Health/Fire Science Concentration

Online Fire Science Certificate
- Undergraduate Certificate Fire Science

Other Online Degrees Related to Fire Science
- BS in Occupational Safety and Health
- MS in Occupational Safety and Health
- MBA/Public Administration Concentration

Degree and certificate programs in fields such as business administration, human resource management, and
information technology are also available. The Board of Certified Safety Professionals (BCSP) will recognize CSU
degrees for the application process under both the Associate Safety Professional designation and the Certified Safety
Professional designation.

Experience the Benefits of CSU

Quality Service
Beginning with your initial contact, you'll find that our quality service is second to none. Faculty and staff are
dedicated to the principle that it is only through your success that we succeed. We are readily available to assist you
with information from the application process to graduation requirements.

Begin Courses at Anytime
Begin courses at anytime and study when it best fits your schedule. At CSU, there are no predetermined semester or
session dates to contend with.

Self-Paced Programs
With CSU, you can set your own pace for completing your degree program with our per-course enrollment system.
Students are allowed 10 weeks to complete each course, but may finish a course in as little as three weeks
depending on how quickly you complete the coursework. Following the required Student Orientation course, you are
also given the option to complete one course at a time or two courses simultaneously.

No Residency Requirements
Forget the days of scheduled online sessions and on-site test taking! At CSU, residency is not a requirement and
coursework can be completed at times that are most convenient for you. Faculty and staff offer flexible individualized
instruction designed to provide each student with the guidance and support necessary for successful course

Flexible Course Structure
All CSU courses are offered completely online and combine the very best of online delivery and traditional university
textbooks. Each course includes a course syllabus, assignments and open book exams.

Classroom of One
Once you enroll, you will be assigned a student services representative who will offer you personal guidance and
advice throughout your degree program. Course specific faculty members are also assigned at the beginning of each
course to provide you with the academic support you need to successfully complete your degree.

Affordable Tuition
When comparing quality and cost, CSU is your best option. Our tuition is competitively priced to make achieving a
quality education affordable and realistic for the average person. Federal Financial Aid (FFA) and military educational
benefits are also available for eligible participants.

Accreditation and Recognition
CSU is an accredited member of the Distance Education and Training Council (DETC). The accrediting commission
of the DETC is listed by the U.S. Department of Education as a nationally recognized accrediting agency and is a
recognized member of the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA). CSU is also licensed by the
Department of Postsecondary Education, State of Alabama.

Visit to apply today! (800) 977-8449

New Product: Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership

Maximize your potential to influence positive organizational change with a Bachelor of Science in Organizational
Leadership from Columbia Southern University. Topics covered include organizational behavior; business ethics;
team building; creative thinking; organizational psychology; negotiation/conflict resolution; business policy and
strategy; and more. Students of this program will acquire the fundamental leadership concepts applicable in profit,
not-for-profit, service, or manufacturing environments. Career opportunities for students completing this program may
include supervisory or leadership roles in human resources, operations, corporate training, career planning, corporate
marketing, and business consulting. The rapidly changing organizational environments of today make the skills
developed in this program essential assets for graduates and the organizations they serve. According to the U.S.
Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook, positions in professional and business services will grow
by 23.3 percent through 2016.

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Education / Training Materials
Training, Instructional Aids, Other

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DQE, Inc. - DQE provides practical products and expert support that improves the safety and readiness of the
response and healthcare community. All of DQE's Rehab products support the NFPA 1584 Rehab Standard to
ensure the safety of emergency responders. Perform at your best and Keep Your Core with DQE's Fire Rehab
products by DQE.

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DQE provides practical products and expert support that improves the safety and readiness of the response and
healthcare community. All of DQE's Rehab products support the NFPA 1584 Rehab Standard to make it easier to
maintain high activity levels while ensuring the safety of emergency responders. Perform at your best and Keep Your
Core with DQE's Responder Rehab products by DQE.

New Product: 37°C Fire Rehab Products

                                     Firefighters need Rehab to remain safe and healthy during an incident
                                     response. Sustaining a core body temperature of 37°C (98.6°F) while working
                                     in challenging environments is essential to staying safe, healthy, and
                                     productive. All 37°C Rehab products support the NFPA 1584 Rehab Standard
                                     to maintain high activity levels while ensuring emergency responder safety. The
                                     37°C Rehab product line contain five rehab packages: Rehab Shelter Package,
                                     Core Cooling Package, Core Warming Package, Hygiene Package, and the
                                     Complete Rehab Solution Package. More information is available at

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 Decontamination, Shelters, Deployment Shelter
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Evolution Insurance Brokers 
Evolution Insurance Brokers - Xinsurance powered by Evolution Insurance Brokers protects you on and off duty.
Xinsurance offers individual and professional liability insurance coverage. Traditional insurance has gray areas in
coverage and Xinsurance provides solutions for these exclusions and risks. You serve and protect 24/7! Why not let
Xinsurance help you?

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Financial Institutions / Services

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R-O-M Roll-up doors allow quicker access to equipment. Only manufacturer offering - Patented power doors & locks -
Patented door-ajar switch - Perfect-match wet-paint. R-O-M also sells Hose Bed Covers, Cargo Trays, LED
Compartment Lighting, and DuroLumen Interior LED.

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Since 1947 R-O-M Corporation specializes in engineering, manufacturing and distributing custom products to meet
exact customer specifications and is a recognized innovator in the fire service industry. R-O-M manufactures quality
products such as, Roll-up Shutter doors; Horizontal Shutters, Hose Bed Covers, Extreme Cargo Trays, LED
Compartment Lighting and DuroLumen Interior LED Lighting.

New Product: Extreme Cargo Tray Series

                                          When you spec an emergency vehicle, you call on R.O.M as your single-
                                          source compartment access solution provider. From industry-leading
                                          R.O.M Roll-Up Doors to LED Lighting, Hose Bed Covers to Perfect Match
                                          Wet Paint, R.O.M leads the way.

                                          Our latest innovation is the R.O.M Extreme Cargo Tray Series. Working
                                          closely with engineers from leading emergency vehicle OEMs, our world-
                                          class engineering team has custom-designed a tray to meet the exact
                                          needs of the fire service.

                                          A pull handle the full width of the tray ensures rapid access to stored
                                          equipment. A durable aluminum construction with corrosion-resistant, zinc-
                                          plated hardware is built to meet tough environments. And the R.O.M
                                          Extreme Cargo Tray is lighter than competing systems, allowing you to
store more equipment or achieve fuel savings.

- Efficient Access: Unique Design and Construction: Provides quick and efficient access to stored equipment.
- Full-width Handle: Handle along the entire width of the tray ensures single-handed access.
- Smooth Operation: Non-binding tray includes heavy-duty, v-groove, stainless steel sealed bearings. Rugged
- High Quality Materials: Built for longevity from heavy-duty 6061-T6 aluminum alloy and corrosion-resistant, zinc-
    plated hardware.
- Light Weight: Weighs less than competing trays, offering fuel savings or additional equipment storage.
- Minimal Maintenance: Simply keep the track clean and lubricated for life-of-the-truck longevity.
    Easy Installation
- Mounting Options: External and internal mounting foot options that allow multiple mounting solutions.
- New or Retrofit: Accommodates roll-up or swing doors in all installations.

Models offered:
- 100% Straight Pullout Model
- 70% Straight Pullout Model
- 70% Dual Directional Model
- 90% Tilt Model

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Doors, Roll-up
Apparatus Fire / Rescue / EMS
Storage, Racks, Systems, Locking Drawers

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Tactical Medical Equipment 
Tactical Medical Equipment - air powered stretcher....lifts 400 lbs unassisted - 750 lb max capacity... light, fast,
clean, reliable, affordable....

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Ambulance / Vehicle Equipment
Cots, Stretchers
Stretchers / Litters

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