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                 get to know someone (introduce oneself/ offer to introduce someone) (U1)           2
                                     use ‘as a matter of fact’ to express further ideas (U1)        1
                                           begin responses with a question to clarify (U1)          1
                                                              provide further information (U1)      1
                                                        exchange personal information (U1)          1
                                                   invitations (make /accept /decline) (U2)         3
                                                             ‘really’ to show enthusiasm (U2)       1

                                                                                                            20 POINTS
                                                              ask for and give directions (U2)      2
                                                 ‘excuse me’ to approach a stranger (U2)            1
                                                            make plans to see an event (U2)         1
                                                       telephone to make reservations (U2)          1
                                                     ‘well’ to give oneself time to think (U2)      1
                                                    ‘that’s great ‘ to show enthusiasm (U2)         1
                                                               express likes and dislikes (U2)      2
                                ask follow up questions to keep conversations going (U2)            1

                                                                     subject pronouns (U1)          1
                                                  to be :affirmative + contracted form (U1)         1
                                                                       to be: questions (U1)        1
                                                                  to be: short answers (U1)         1
                                                                        to be: negative (U1)        1
                             to be: information questions (who, where, what, how old) (U2)          1
                                                                 possessive adjectives (U2)         1
                                                                     possessive nouns (U2)          1
                                                        prepositions of time : in, on, at (U2)      1
                                                       prepositions of place: in, on, at (U2)       1

                                                                                                            20 POINTS
                                                                                   titles (U1)      1
                                                                               alphabet (U1)        1
                                                                           occupations (U1)         1
                                                             countries and nationalities (U1)       2
                                                                              numbers (U1)          1
                                                                      e-mail addresses (U2)         1
                                                                         kinds of music (U2)        1
                                                               locations and directions (U2)        1
                                                                  entertainment events (U2)         1

                                                                        student descriptions
                                                          newspaper entertainment listings
                                                                      arts festivals websites
                                                                                                            5 PTS

   READING                                      people’s descriptions of their musical tastes    5 POINTS
                                                                               music surveys

                                                                    conversations (names)
                                                                conversations (occupations)
                                                                                                            5 PTS

                                                                conversations (nationalities)
  LISTENING                                                            invitations to events     5 POINTS
                                                                                 phone calls

                                                        ‘well’ to give oneself time to think (U3)       1
                                                        ‘that’s great’ to show enthusiasm (U3)          1
                                                                 express likes and dislikes (U3)        1
                                   ask follow up questions to keep a conversation going (U3)            1
                                         give information and ask about family members (U3)             1
                                                          talk about big and small families (U3)        1
                                                    express frustration about a machine (U4)            1
                                                                        ask for clarification (U4)      1
                                                                ask for further explanation (U4)        1
                                                                 greet someone informally (U4)          1
COMMUNICATION:                                                                                                   20
                                                      use word stress to clarify meaning (U4)           1
  FUNCTIONS                                                                                                     POINTS
                                                                         make suggestions (U4)          1
                                                                       ask for confirmation (U4)        1
                                                                     answer the telephone (U4)          1
                                                                                sympathize (U4)         1
                                                                 give negative descriptions(U4)         1
                                                            describe features of machines (U4)          1
                                                         complain when things don’t work (U4)           1
                                                                       telephone language (U4)          1
                                                                      respond to problems (U4)          1

                                                             simple present (affirmative) (U3)          2
                                              simple present: questions + short answers(U3)             2
                 simple present: information questions (what, where, when, who, how many) (U3)          2
                                                       present continuous (real present) (U4)           2
                                              present continuous (future arrangements) (U4)             2
                                                 spelling rules for the present participle (U4)         2

  GRAMMAR                                                                           family (U3)         1
 VOCABULARY                                 ways to describe similarities and differences (U3)          1
                                                        marital status and relationships (U3)           1
                                                                   descriptive adjectives (U4)          1
                                                                              electronics (U4)          1
                                                               ways to sympathize(U4) (U4)              1
                                                        machines at home and at work (U4)               1
                                                              ways to state a complaint (U4)            1

                                                           articles about different family sizes
                                                       articles comparing brothers and sisters
                                                                   ads form electronic catalogs
   READING                                                                          family trees     5 POINTS   5 PTS

                                                descriptions of families and family members
                                                           interviews about family members
  LISTENING                              problems /complaints about machines and/or hotels           5 POINTS   5 PTS
                                                                                    radio ads

                                                                 discuss food (U5)       2
                                                          make food choices (U5)         1
                                                                    order food (U5)      1
                                                           soften food orders (U5)       1
                                                                   serve food (U5)       1
                                        accept a suggestion enthusiastically (U5)        1
                                                               pay for a meal (U5)       1
                                               plan an activity with someone (U6)        1
                                                                        agree (U6)       1
                                                   ask about another person (U6)         1
                                                     express disappointment (U6)         1
                                                           decline regretfully (U6)      1       20 PTS
                                provide explanations for declining invitations (U6)      2
                                            introduce contrast with ‘actually’ (U6)      1
                                                     talk about health habits (U6)       2
                                                       describe a typical day (U6)       2

                 count and non-count nouns: categories and verb agreement (U5)           1
                                how much and how many: ‘some’ and ‘any’ (U5)             2
                                                spelling rules: plural nouns (U5)        1
                                                          there is, there are (U5)       1
                                                                      articles (U5)      1
                                                                  can: ability (U6)      1
                                                         have to: obligation (U6)        1
                                                            non action verbs (U6)        1
                                      simple present vs present continuous (U6)          2
                                                         frequency adverbs (U6)          1
                                                           time expressions (U6)         1

  GRAMMAR                                                                                        20 PTS
                                                                  menu items (U5)        1
                                                            categories of food (U5)      1
                                           what to say to a waiter or waitress (U5)      1
                                                              food and health (U5)       1
                                             physical and everyday activities (U6)       1
                                                places for sports and games (U6)         1
                                                   talking about health habits (U6)      1

                                                               nutrition websites
                                       graphs showing calories burned by activity
   READING                                                                            5 POINTS   5 PTS
                                                                  health surveys
                                                  articles about daily schedules

                                                       conversations about food
                                                   conversations in a restaurant
  LISTENING                                conversations about immediate plans        5 POINTS   5 PTS
                            conversations about exercise, diets and health habits

                 indicate you need assistance in a store “excuse me’ (U7)          2
                                                    accept: ‘of course’ (U7)       1
                                                             apologize (U7)        1
                                                       show frustration (U7)       2
                                                           buy clothes (U7)        2
                                    give and get directions in a store (U7)        2
                                   greet someone arriving form a trip (U8)         1       20 PTS
                            acknowledge another’s interest: ‘actually’ (U8)        1
                                         decline assistance “I’m fine’ (U8)        2
                           show reciprocal interest: ‘what about you?’ (U8)        1
                                    ask about and describe a holiday (U8)          2
                                                              complain (U8)        2

                                             comparative adjectives (U7)           2
                                     comparative adjectives: spelling (U7)         1
                                          direct and indirect objects (U7)         2
                                         object pronouns as objects (U7)           2
                                                   to be: past tense (U8)          1
                                                     the simple past (U8)          2
                                        regular verbs: spelling rules (U8)         1

                                                 categories of clothing (U7)       1
                                          clothing described as ‘pairs’ (U7)       1
  GRAMMAR                                                                                  20 PTS
                                          types of clothing and shoes (U7)         1
                                      interior locations and directions (U7)       1
                                                     describing clothes (U7)       1
                                                     types of vacations (U8)       1
                                       adjectives for travel conditions (U8)       1
                                     adjectives to describe vacations (U8)         1
                                                        travel problems (U8)       1

                                                    clothing store websites
                                   articles about clothing tips for travelers
                                personal dress code and vacation surveys
   READING                                    vacation ads and brochures        5 POINTS   5 PTS
                                                   articles about vacations

                                            conversations about clothing
                                       conversations about clothes needs
                                                      directions in a store
                                                 descriptions of vacations
                                        descriptions of travel experiences
  LISTENING                                                                     5 POINTS   5 PTS

                                                          discuss schedules (U9)         1
                                                                  buy tickets (U9)       2
                                   give extra information after apologies (U9)           1
                                                 ‘well’ to give other options (U9)       1
                                                   accept politely ‘certainly’ (U9)      1
                         ‘let me check’ to buy time to answer a question (U9)            1
                                      understand airport announcements (U9)              1
                                                                 how come? (U9)          1
                                                             indicate dismay (U9)        1
                                                         book travel services (U9)       1
                                         describe transportation problems (U9)           1
COMMUNICATION:                       ask for and give recommendations (U10)              2
                                                                                                 20 PTS
  FUNCTIONS                                                    buy products (U10)        2
                                    indicate willingness to bargain ‘can’ (U10)          1
                                  clarify intention using demonstratives (U10)           2
                                                   agreeing to pay a price (U10)         1

                                                     ‘could’ and ‘should’ (U9)           2
                                                              ‘be going to’ (U9)         1
                                   comparing ways to express the future (U9)             2
                                                 superlative adjectives (U10)            1
                      contrasting comparative and superlative degrees (U10)              2
                                      ‘too’, ‘enough’, ‘really’ and ‘very’ (U10)         2

                                                           tickets and trips (U9)        1
                                                             travel services (U9)        1
  GRAMMAR                                                                                        20 PTS
                                            airline passenger information (U9)           1
                                                  means of transportation (U9)           1
                                                  transportation problems (U9)           1
                                                        money and travel (U10)           2
                                                      electronic products (U10)          1
                                                                handicrafts (U10)        1
                                                     talking about prices (U10)          1

                                                  airport departure schedules
                                                    travel and tipping surveys
                                news clippings about transportation problems
                                     travel guide about money and shopping
   READING                                      article about tipping customs         5 POINTS   5 PTS
                                          story about a shopping experience

                                                  requests for travel services
                                                       airport announcements
                 conversations about transportation / transportation problems
                                   recommendations for electronic products
  LISTENING                                                                           5 POINTS   5 PTS
                                                              shopping stories
                                 conversations about electronics purchases

                                                                greetings (U1)     2
                                            offer to introduce someone (U1)        2
                                       get reacquainted with someone (U1)          1
                                                            greet a visitor (U1)   1
                                             talk about tourist activities (U1)    1
                                             ask about life experiences (U1)       1
                                                              make plans (U2)      2
                                               make recommendations (U2)           1
                          apologize and provide a reason for being late (U2)       2
                                                              offer to pay (U2)    1   20 PTS
                                                   offer to return a favor (U2)    1
                                                       state preferences (U2)      2
                                           talk about likes and dislikes (U2)      2
                                                         disagree politely (U2)    1

                               the present perfect with ‘yet’ and already’ (U1)    2
                             the present perfect with ‘ever’ and ‘before’ (U1)     2
                                                           past participles (U1)   1
                                 the present perfect with ‘for’ and ‘since’ (U2)   2
                                        spelling rules for past participles (U2)   1
                                     the present participle: spelling rules (U2)   1
                                          the present perfect continuous (U2)      1
                   the present perfect vs the present perfect continuous (U2)      2

  GRAMMAR                                                                              20 PTS
                                              customs around the world (U1)        1
                                                         tourist activities (U1)   1
                                              explanations for being late (U2)     1
                                       ways to express likes and dislikes (U2)     2
                                                          movies genres (U2)       1
                                          adjectives to describe movies (U2)       1

                          magazine articles about gestures around the world
                                                    customs around the world
                                                         experiences surveys
                                             article about violence in movies
   READING                                                                             5 PTS
                                                           movie catalog ads
                                                                movie reviews

                                conversations about what people have done
                                    descriptions of people’s life experiences
                                                                movie reviews
  LISTENING                  conversations about movies / choosing a movie             5 PTS

                                                      check into and out of a hotel (U3)       2
                                                          leave and take messages (U3)         3
                                                                    advice an action (U3)      1
                                                         request services at a hotel (U3)      1
                                                         give warnings: ‘had better’ (U3)      1
                                                             describe a car accident (U4)      2
                                                            offer help in an accident (U4)     1
                                                                   describe damage (U4)        1
                                                                    express concern (U4)       1
                                                                  express sympathy (U4)        1
COMMUNICATION:                                       get service at a service station (U4)     2
                                                                                                   20 PTS
  FUNCTIONS                                                   describe car problems (U4)       1
                                                     rent and a pick up a rental car (U4)      2
                                                          acknowledge correctness (U4)         1

                                                                           ‘had better’ (U3)   1
                 degrees of obligation: ‘have to’, ‘must’, ‘had better’, ‘be supposed to’,
                                                     ‘should’, ‘ought to’, and ‘could’ (U3)    4
                                                                     future with ‘will’ (U3)   1
                                                        future with ‘will vs ‘going to’ (U3)   2
                                                                 the past continuous (U4)      1
                           direct object placement with separable phrasal verbs (U4)           1
                         direct object placement with inseparable phrasal verbs (U4)           1

  GRAMMAR                                                                                          20 PTS

                                                             telephone messages (U3)           1
                                            hotel room features and hotel facilities (U3)      1
                                               hotel room amenities and services (U3)          1
                                                            ways to show concern (U4)          1
                                                                          car parts (U4)       1
                                                                     types of cars (U4)        1
                                                            bad driving behaviors (U4)         1
                                                                    polite address (U4)        1
                                                                    phrasal verbs (U4)         1

                                                                             tourist guide
                                                                                hotel bills
                                                               hotel preference surveys
                                                           articles about driving abroad
   READING                                   online responses about car rental requests            5 PTS
                                                                 international road signs
                                                                    driving safety survey

                                         phone calls to a hotel (take phone messages)
                                                conversations about hotel reservations
                                        requests for hotel room amenities and services
  LISTENING                                            people describing car accidents             5 PTS
                                                     phone calls to a car rental agency
                                                  conversations with a car rental agent

                                                     ask for something you can’t find (U5)      2
                                                            schedule an appointment (U5)        2
                                                          request services at a salon (U5)      1
                                                                      discuss payment (U5)      1
                                                                          give opinions (U5)    1
                                                                               thanking (U5)    1
                                                                       make invitations (U5)    1
                                                                            offer a dish (U6)   1
                                                       make and accept suggestions (U6)         2
COMMUNICATION:                                                             decline food (U6)    1
                                                                                                    20 PTS
  FUNCTIONS                                                  talk about food passions (U6)      2
                                                                 talk about past habits (U6)    2
                                                                         describe food (U6)     2
                                                                  compliment the chef (U6)      1

                 review of non-count nouns: containers, quantifiers and other modifiers
                                                                                         (U5)   1
                 count and non-count nouns: indefinite quantities and amounts: ‘some’,
                                                   ‘any’, a lot of’, ‘many’, and ‘much’ (U5)    2
                                                     ‘too many’, ‘too much’, ‘enough’(U5)       2
                                       indefinite pronouns: ‘someone’ and ‘anyone’ (U5)         2
                          indefinite pronouns: ‘something’, ‘anything’ and ‘nothing’ (U5)       2
                                                       negative ‘yes’ / ‘no’ questions (U6)     1
                                                                     why don’t / doesn’t (U6)   1
                                                                                 used to (U6)   1

  GRAMMAR                                                                                           20 PTS
                                                             personal care products (U5)        1
                                                                      salon services (U5)       1
                                        ways to schedule and pay for personal care (U5)         1
                                                       ways to improve appearance (U5)          1
                                                  excuses for not eating something (U6)         1
                                                                      food passions (U6)        1
                                                     lifestyles and health problems (U6)        1
                                                                     describing food (U6)       1

                                                  advice column about cosmetic surgery
                                                            personal appearance survey
                                      news articles about changing lifestyles and obesity
                                                             the healthy-eating pyramid
   READING                                                                                          5 PTS
                                                                           lifestyle survey

                                     radio advertisements about persona care products
                                               conversations about salon appointments
                                            customers talk about personal care services
  LISTENING                conversations about food (excuses for not eating something)              5 PTS
                                                           descriptions of food passions
                                                            descriptions of unique foods

                                                   state color preferences (U7)      1
                                                            ask for reasons (U7)     1
                                                     initiate conversations (U7)     1
                                                           express opinions (U7)     1
                                                          express empathy (U7)       1
                                                        cheer someone up (U7)        1
                                                 discuss personality types (U7)      1
                                                             express tastes (U8)     2
                                                          clarify information (U8)   2
                                                 make a recommendation (U8)          2
COMMUNICATION:                                         describe art objects (U8)     2
                                                                                         20 PTS
  FUNCTIONS                                                 ask for opinions (U8)    1
                                                express likes and dislikes (U8)      2
                                                         make descriptions (U8)      1
                                                ask for further information (U8)     1

                                            gerunds and infinitives: form (U7)       2
                                             gerunds and infinitives: use (U7)       2
                                gerunds and infinitives after certain verbs (U7)     2
                                              gerunds after prepositions (U7)        1
                                                         negative gerunds (U7)       1
                                           expressions with prepositions (U7)        1
                                               passive voice: statements (U8)        1
                                                passive voice: questions (U8)        1
                                         passive voice: intransitive verbs (U8)      1

  GRAMMAR                                                                                20 PTS
                                                        describing colors (U7)       1
                                                    adjectives of emotion (U7)       1
                                      suggestions to cheers someone up (U7)          1
                                       adjectives to describe personality (U7)       1
                                                               types of art (U8)     1
                                                      common materials (U8)          1
                                                       positive adjectives (U8)      1
                                     ways to say you don’t like something (U8)       1

                 magazine article about the impact of birth order on personality
                                                                    color survey
                                                              personality survey
                    magazine article about the role of art in two people’s lives
   READING                                                                               5 PTS
                                                     guide to london museums

                                      conversations about color preferences
                                academic lectures (definitions of personalities)
                                               conversations about emotions
  LISTENING                                                        a biography           5 PTS
                                                 conversations about objects

                                         recommend a better deal (U9)          2
                                                     express doubt (U9)        1
                                             offer and ask for help (U9)       2
                                                 suggest a solution (U9)       1
                                   describe how to use computers (U9)          2
                                                      give opinions (U9)       1
                                                     show surprise (U9)        1
                                              return lost property (U10)       1
                                                check information (U10)        2
                                            acknowledge thanks (U10)           1
COMMUNICATION:                                 identify ownership (U10)        2
                                                                                   20 PTS
  FUNCTIONS                                express ethical beliefs (U10)       1
                                               confirm responses (U10)         1
                                          discuss consequences (U10)           1
                                                    give warnings (U10)        1

                             review: comparatives and superlatives (U9)        1
                                       comparisons with ‘as ___ as’(U9)        1
                                           “as ___ as’ with adverbs (U9)       1
                     infinitive of purpose with ‘in order to’ and ‘for’ (U9)   2
                                             possessive pronouns (U10)         2
                  factual conditional sentences: form and usage (U10)          2
                   unreal conditional sentences: form and usage (U10)          2

  GRAMMAR                                                                          20 PTS
                                                computer products (U9)         1
                                             computer accessories(U9)          1
                                                 computer toolbars (U9)        1
                                             computer commands (U9)            1
                                                  internet activities (U9)     1
                                     ways to acknowledge thanks (U10)          1
                                       ways to express certainty (U10)         1
                                                  moral dilemmas (U10)         1
                                                  personal values (U10)        1

                 news articles about serious problems with the Internet
                                               electronics store website
   READING                                  consumer information card              5 PTS
                        news articles about he (Tokyo) lost-and-found
                                                         values self-test
                                 conversations about using computers
                                     descriptions of computer activities
  LISTENING          conversations comparing two computer products                 5 PTS
                                  conversations about personal values

                   greet people (make introductions, make small talk with a stranger, ask
                   how someone would like to be addressed, get to know someone) (U1)          12
                                                         agreeing and disagreeing (U1)        2
                                                                       find a doctor (U2)     2
                                              make an appointment to see a doctor (U2)        2
                                                   show and acknowledge concern (U2)          2

                                                                                                   20 PTS

                                                                        tag questions (U1)    2
                                                                     the past perfect (U1)    2
                                                                  verb tense review (U1)      2
                                                       may (possibility / conclusion) (U2)    1
                                                      might (possibility / conclusion) (U2)   1
                                                      must (possibility / conclusion) (U2)    1
                                                                  be able to (ability) (U2)   1
                                                              the passive causative (U2)      2

  GRAMMAR                                                                                          20 PTS
                                terms for describing manners, etiquette, and culture (U1)     2
                                                                dental emergencies (U2)       1
                                                                          symptoms (U2)       1
                                                                medical procedures (U2)       1
                                               types of treatments and practitioners (U2)     2
                                                                        medications (U2)      1

                                               flyers for international language schools
                        newspapers articles about recent changes in (Japanese) culture
                                                           survey about cultural changes
                                                 health advice for international travelers
   READING                                                                                         5 PTS
                          overview of conventional and nontraditional health treatments

                                                           radio call-in show on etiquette
                                                          people introducing themselves
                                      descriptions of dental emergencies and symptoms
                                                                    describing symptoms
  LISTENING                                 conversations between doctors and patients             5 PTS

                                                           request express service (U3)           1
                      express when you want things done and what you want done (U3)               1
                                                                            apologize (U3)        1
                                                                        find solutions (U3)       1
                                                          ask for and give reasons (U3)           1
                                               ask for and give a recommendation (U3)             1
                                                    recommend a service provider (U3)             1
                                       describe the qualities of a service provider (U3)          1
                                                                 express preferences (U3)         1
                                      greet someone you haven’t seen for a while (U4)             1
                                         explain changes in life and work choices (U4)            1
                                                         give reasons for changing (U4)           1
COMMUNICATION:                                           ask for further information (U4)         1
                                                                                                      20 PTS
  FUNCTIONS                                      express possibilities and regrets (U4)           1
                                                                      ask for opinions (U4)       1
                                                                           empathize (U4)         1
                                         discuss skills, abilities, and qualifications (U4)       1
                                                                talk about past plans (U4)        1
                                                          explain changes in plans (U4)           1
                                                                     express interest (U4)        1

                                                 the passive causative: the ‘by’ phrase (U3)      1
                                                     causatives ‘get’, ‘have’, and ‘make’ (U3)    1
                                             ‘let’ followed by an object and base form (U3)       1
                                    causative ‘have’ and past perfect auxiliary ‘have’ (U3)       1
                                                              review ‘will’ and ‘going to’ (U4)   1
                                review present simple, continuous to express future (U4)          1
                                                        review modals to express future (U4)      1
                                  future in the past ‘was / were going to’ and ‘would’ (U4)       2
                                                     perfect modals: meaning and form (U4)        2
                 regrets about the past: ‘wish’ + past perfect: ‘should have’ and ‘ought to
                                                                                    have’ (U4)    2

                                                                                                      20 PTS

                                                 business and non-business services (U3)          1
                                                       adjectives to describe services (U3)       1
                                                                           social events (U3)     1
                                                     steps for planning a social event (U3)       1
                                                                fields of work or study (U4)      1
                                                      reasons for changing your mind (U4)         1
                                                                     skills and abilities (U4)    1

                                                                service provider’s website
                     tourist guide entry on buying custom-made clothing in (Hong Kong)
   READING                                                      work preference inventory             5 PTS
                                                                             skills inventory
                                magazine article on the lifework of a famous dead person
                                                  recommendations for service providers
                                                                   planning a social event
                                                               requesting express service
  LISTENING                                                                                           5 PTS
                                                conversations about changes in life plans
                                                                     interviews at a job fair
                                                              conversations about regrets

                                                    give good wishes on holiday (U5)      2
                                       ask about and describe holiday traditions (U5)     4
                 ask for advice about taboo and acceptable conversation topics (U5)       4
                                        explain holiday customs in your country (U5)      2
                                               convey message for third person (U6)       2
                                                                offer an excuse (U6)      2
COMMUNICATION:                                                      report news (U6)      2
                                                                                              20 PTS
  FUNCTIONS                                      respond to good and bad news (U6)        2

                                                                relative pronouns (U5)    1
                               adjective clauses with subject relative pronouns (U5)      1
                            reciprocal pronouns: ‘each other’ and ‘one another’ (U5)      1
                                                              reflexive pronouns (U5)     1
                                                       ‘by’ + reflexive pronouns (U5)     1
                                adjective clauses with object relative pronouns (U5)      2
                                                    indirect speech: imperatives (U6)     2
                                             punctuation rules for direct speech (U6)     1
                                 indirect speech: ‘say’ and ‘tell’; tense changes (U6)    2
                                                         optional tense changes (U6)      1

  GRAMMAR                                                                                     20 PTS

                                                             types of holidays (U5)       1
                                             ways to commemorate a holiday (U5)           1
                                                         wedding terminology (U5)         1
                                                                news sources (U6)         1
                                   severe weather events and other disasters (U6)         1
                              emergency preparations and emergency supplies (U6)          1
                                          terminology for discussing disasters (U6)       1

                     magazine article describing holiday traditions around the world
                                                             historic news headlines
                    magazine articles describing variables ha affect an earthquake’s
   READING                                                                                    5 PTS

                                                               descriptions of holidays
                                     lecture on traditional (Indian wedding customs)
                                                       conversations about weddings
                                                                       weather reports
  LISTENING                                              emergency radio broadcasts           5 PTS
                                                   news reports on natural disasters

                                                              recommend a book (U7)         1
                                                        express likes and dislikes (U7)     2
                                                give reasons for stated opinions (U7)       1
                                                      describe reading materials (U7)       1
                                                   give and accept a compliment (U7)        2
                                  explain where you learned to make something (U7)          1
                                                                   express needs (U7)       1
                                                offer o lend someone something (U7)         2
                                                                        apologize (U7)      1
                                                          describe a new product (U8)       1
                                                                      offer advice (U8)     1
COMMUNICATION:                                accept responsibility for a mistake (U8)      1
                                                                                                20 PTS
  FUNCTIONS                              reassure someone who has apologized (U8)           1
                                              expressing regrets: present habits (U8)       2
                                                 expressing regrets: past habits (U8)       2

                                       noun clauses: embedded questions (use) (U7)          2
                                                embedded questions: punctuation (U7)        1
                                              embedded questions with infinitives (U7)      1
                                                   noun clauses as direct objects (U7)      2
                 noun clauses after ‘that’ with mental activities and other expressions
                                                                                     (U7)   2
                                                                conditionals review (U8)    1
                                                 ‘unless’ in conditional sentences (U8)     1
                                                       the past unreal conditional (U8)     1
                                                                clauses after ‘wish’ (U8)   2
                                           the unreal conditional: variety of forms (U8)    2

   GRAMMAR                                                                                      20 PTS

                                                                  types of books (U7)       1
                                              ways to describe reading material (U7)        1
                                                    some ways to enjoy reading (U7)         1
                                                mechanical inventions in history (U8)       1
                                            ways to describe innovative products (U8)       1

                                                             online bookstore website
                  magazine article about the popularity of, and attitudes about, comic
   READING                                                                        strips        5 PTS
                    magazine article describing te importance of the invention of the
                                                                         printing press
                                                        descriptions of reading habits
                                                           conversations about books
                                                          people describing problems
   LISTENING                                                                                    5 PTS
                                                         discussions of new products

                                             ask if it’s ok to discuss a topic (U9)   1
                                                                state opinions (U9)   2
                                                          express agreement (U9)      1
                               disagree about controversial issues politely (U9)      1
                                                    starting a conversation (U10)     1
                                                                    thanking (U10)    1
                                     warn about possible risks or dangers (U10)       2
                                         ask and describe about locations (U10)       2
                                                 describe a natural setting (U10)     2
                                        recommend a place for its beauty (U10)        1
COMMUNICATION:                                    ask about holiday plans (U10)       1
                                                                                          20 PTS
  FUNCTIONS                                                  show emotions (U10)      1
                                     ask about the whereabouts of people (U10)        1
                                                          express intentions (U10)    1
                               talk about the pros and cons of something (U10)        2

                                                count and non-count nouns (U9)        2
                                       non-count nouns for abstract ideas (U9)        2
                                     verbs followed by object and infinitive (U9)     1
                                 gerunds and infinitives after certain verbs (U9)     2
                                          infinitives with ‘too’ + adjective (U10)    1
                                                   infinitives with ‘enough’ (U10)    1
                                                      prepositions of place (U10)     2

                                 political terms and types of governments (U9)        1
                                                  political and social beliefs (U9)   1
   GRAMMAR                                                                                20 PTS
                                                         controversial issues (U9)    1
                                                   ways to disagree politely (U9)     1
                                                    geographical features (U10)       1
                                           ways to describe possible risks (U10)      1
                                           dangerous animals and insects (U10)        1
                                        positive and negative descriptions (U10)      1
                                       ways to describe the natural world (U10)       1

                                                    authentic dictionary entries
                                    magazine articles defining global problems
   READING                                                      authentic maps            5 PTS
                 magazine articles describing the pros and cons of eco-tourism

                                 conversations about politics and social beliefs
                                            opinions about controversial ideas
                                                    people arguing their views
   LISTENING                                                                              5 PTS
                                                      people discussing risks
                                                           descriptions of a trip
                                      conversations about tourist destinations