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Dr Byun in Media


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									 Dr. Byun in Media

         By Margaret Littman

                rom gastric bypass to
                facelifts and even handlifts,
                the tabloid photos and TV
                headlines make life-and
         body-enhancing surgeries seem like
         simple sculpting.
            The before-and-after picks
         devoid of any images of bruising,
         lengthy recoveries and even follow-
         up surgeries are never shown.
         The sweet screen siren simply
         disappears for a few weeks (or
         months) and reappears looking
         younger, firmer, smaller, larger or
         smoother, depending on her chosen
            These procedures aren’t new,
         nor is the fact that celebs routinely
         get them to stay marketable. Dean
         Martin, Gary Cooper and John
         Wayne were all rumored to have
         had some “work done”. What is
         new is the mass acceptance of this
         kind of elective surgery.
            A 2000 Roper survey found
         that six out of 10 Americans felt
         plastic surgery was an acceptable
         choice for those not happy with
         their looks. As celebrities such as
         Catherine Zeta-Jones-Douglas con-
         tinue to perfect themselves under
         the knife, readers of those headlines
         flock to their docs to emulate the
            “There is, unequivocally, a
         connection between celebs and
         consumer taste,” says Richard
         Rakowski, chairman of Advanced
         Aesthetics Institute in Palm Beach,
         Fla. The Institute is planning a na-
         tionwide expansion to be one of the
         only facilities in the United States
         where a plastic surgery “concierge”
         helps patients pick the appropriate
         procedures for the looks they want.
            What else is new is that in the        “In the last 10 to 15 years, what   what they look like after, and     As seen on TV                   surgery, Taub saw an increase of
         rush to look like Jennifer Aniston,       has driven plastic surgery is       they want to do these things,        When TV weatherman Al         people in his waiting room, and
         people forget that, like everything,      what people have seen on TV.        “says Dr. Stanley Taub, a board    rocker lost nearly 100 pounds   the doesn’t even perform the pro-
         plastic surgery isn’t necessarily as it   They know what these people         certified plastic surgeon in New   thanks to a gastric bypass      cedure. And since singer Carnie
         seems on TV.                              looked like before and they see     York City.                                                         Wilson underwent the same

Chicago Cosmetic Surgery
                                                                                                                                Dr. Byun in Media

procedure, it seems she won’t stop       identified for this story for fear of
talking about it, if you see her         embarrassment. While waiting for
commercials on daytime TV.(Note:         a dermatology appointment, the
Wilson had the additional cash to        patient noticed a medical journal
get her flabby arms, breasts and         showing how surgeons can make
tummy tucked neatly away post fat        “shelf” rear ends look smoother
surgery. She even posed for Playboy      and flatter. The office was offering
to show off her new self.)               “What the heck, I’ve been teased
   “People come in after having it       about this behind all my life and
done and they’ve lost 140 pounds,        nothing quite fits it, let’s see if IO
but that doesn’t mean their body         can do something about it.”
shrunk down to what it looked like          As the consultant drew Magic
when they weighed that before.”          Maker lines where fat could be
   Taub is faced with patients           sucked out, she wouldn’t stop
wanting plastic surgery to do away       reminding the young professional
with those extra folds of skin, large    woman that the upscale cosmetic
sagging breasts of flapping empty        surgery center’s clientele generally
thighs, left by the gastric bypass.      comes in to have their buttocks
Entertainment Weekly magazine            enhanced.
recently reported that some of the          “Well, you can donate my big
women hoping to get nipped and           butt to science them,” the unnamed
tucked on ABC’s “Extreme Make-           patient said. She ended up forgoing
over,” were those who were suf-          the surgery, as it was deemed her
fered from the loose skin leftovers      rear end was 99 percent muscle and       be. But she was flabbergasted anyone        surgery or two to make everything just
of their previous surgery.               therefore just like God meant it to      in their right mind would want a bubble     right.
While skin tucks are not particularly                                             butt, J.Lo. not.                               Taub tried to counsel his patients
complicated procedures, and typi-                                                    While on paper a buttock implant is      to understand that it may take two or
cally cause very little bleeding, they                                            much like a breast implant, albeit in a     three smaller surgeries to get a dreamtic
are surgeries nonetheless, and those                                              different part of the body, Byun says       makeover, otherwise the body can’t
who have planned their recovery                                                   there are some complications.               recover from the shock. If a woman
only by reading fashion magazines                                                 Because most people sit on their rears      wants to go from being an A cup to a
are generally unprepared.                                                         for a good part of the day, and breast      DD, for example, it should be done in
   Dr. Michael Byun, M.D., a Chi-                                                 aren’t weight-bearing, the recovery         several stages, Byun adds, so that the
cago board-certified plastic surgeon                                              time is longer and there are more           skin can stretch.
and author of “The Non-Surgical                                                   restrictions on what a patient can do          “Otherwise, the implant will pop
Facelift Book, A Guide to Facial                                                  post-op. While a celeb may be able to       out.”
Rejuvenation Procedure”(Addicus                                                   get three weeks off work because she           The order in which procedures are
Books, #19.95), has to give similar                                               can’t sit down, that’s a harder request     done is important, too. One should have
talks to patients who don’t know                                                  for most working people to make.            time to recover from a rhinoplasty(a
the downsides celebrities endure                                                                                              nose job) and look at the implact it has
with cosmetic surgeries. Perhaps                                                  The whole story                             no one’s face before deciding to have a
because of the media blitz cover-                                                    While Taub and Rakowski are              face lift or Botox injections.
ing her possible nuptials, Byun                                                   concerned that everyday people don’t        “There is a lot of misunderstanding,
spent the summer of 2003 talking                                                  know about the real risks and complica-     Surgery is dangerous and involves
to patients who wanted buttock                                                    tions of specific surgeries, such as gas-   risk,” says Rakowski.
implants so they could look more                                                  tric bypass and buttocks implants, what     “When people make decisions by
like Jennifer Lopez.                                                              concerns them more is that prospective      looking at celebrities without a lack of
                                                                                  patients look at pictures in magazines      knowledge of the medical side, they
Bigger isn’t better                                                               and are unaware that what they are          can have unrealistic expectations of
   “You know people come in here                                                  seeing may be the result or two or even     what can happen. Not all of us are
looking to add to their buttocks,”                                                more trips under the knife: perhaps         Demi[Moore]. Even with surgery, we
a downtown Chicago Cosmetic                                                       a gastric bypass followed by a skin         can’t all look like her. There has to be
Surgery consultant told a 35-year-                                                tuck, breast implant and Botox for the      some aligning of expections.”
old patient who did not want to be                                                wrinkle lines, Not to mention another

                                                                                                                                                                     Chicago Cosmetic Surgery

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