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                                JANUARY 26, 2006

The meeting was called to order at 8:00 a.m. by Chairman Schockmel.

Attendance: John Schockmel, Ed Gabes, Richard Rothmann, Bill Rekus, Jim Wallace, Shah
            Quaiyoom, and Mike Flynn

Absent:       Alex Marx

  I.   Approval of Minutes of August 29, 2005

       Motion by Rothmann, seconded by Rekus, to approve the minutes of August 29, 2005.
       Motion carried.

 II.   2006 Budget. The commission reviewed and discussed the final budget for the 2005
       Mundelein Community Days. The commission recommended that the budget amounts for
       the 2006 events be the same. The commission discussed the importance of increasing
       donations for the 2006 event, particularly from the residential and commercial developers.
       Mike Flynn will provide John Schockmel and Rich Rothmann a list of developers
       currently active in the Village.

III. Events for 2006. Chairman Schockmel reviewed proposed events for the 2006 festival.

          - Carnival. Ed Gabes reported that the American Legion plans to open the carnival on
       Friday, June 30, at 6:00 p.m.
          - Munch. The commission set the Mundelein Munch on July 3rd at noon to be “Lunch
       at the Munch.” It was suggested that a celebrity, such as one of the Chicago Bears who
       live in Mundelein, be contacted and solicited to sign autographs during this period.
          - Parade. Jim Wallace reported that he anticipates between 90 and 100 parade entries.
       It is an election year, so there will probably be a number of political candidates. The
       parade application has been prepared and will be mailed in March. He expects to have at
       least 10 musical entries. Mr. Wallace reported that he has stressed on the revised
       application that no squirt guns are permitted from parade entries, and no throwing of candy
       from the vehicles is permitted.
          - Entertainment. Mr. Wallace reported that several bands have been contracted, and
       he is working on filling in the musical entertainment for the other time slots. Bands for
       which there are currently signed contracts are:

                            July 1    Skip Towne & The Greyhounds
                            July 2    Breeze
                            July 3    Grand Avenue Big Band

         - Beauty Pageants. Bill Rekus reported that the first committee meeting for the
       pageant committee will be scheduled soon. The pageant dates will be June 26, 27 and 28.
     Gary Gunther will do the sound and lighting. Arrangements will have to be made as soon
     as possible with Mundelein High School. Mike Flynn will contact the High School to
     discuss the rental arrangements and report back to Mr. Rekus. Mr. Rekus explained that
     the costs for the pageants will fluctuate based on a number of factors, but he anticipates the
     cost for this year to be comparable to the 2005 pageants.
        - Fireworks. Mike Flynn reported that Brite Star Productions has not responded to
     phone calls. They had problems in December that resulted in a cancellation of the
     fireworks for the tree lighting ceremony. For these reasons, he is recommending that the
     commission pursue another fireworks company. It was agreed that Mr. Flynn will contact
     Melrose Pyrotechnics. Melrose did the 2001 fireworks show. They have a good safety
     record, can provide the right level of insurance, and have familiarity with our site. Mr.
     Flynn will contact their representative for a presentation to the commission in February.
        - Car Show. The commission discussed alternate locations. Mike Flynn will discuss
     with the car show volunteer, Jeff Hill, to consider options for a more visible location.
        - Horseshoe Tournament. The commission confirmed that at the 2006 horseshoe
     tournament, the no alcohol rule in the park will be strictly enforced. This notification will
     be prominently displayed on the applications and in any publicity for the event.
        - Celebrity Volleyball. Chris Robinson, the previous organizer of the Celebrity
     Volleyball event, has left the Mundelein Community Bank. John Schockmel will contact
     the bank president, Sybil Schechter-Kelly, to confirm the bank’s continued involvement.
        - Arts & Crafts Fair & Painting Corral. Mike Flynn will contact the Jaycees to
     confirm their involvement once again.
        - Pancake Breakfast. The Mundelein Fire Association will hold the Pancake
     Breakfast again on Sunday morning.
        - Watermelon Eating Contest. Mike Flynn will contact the Kiwanis Club.
        - Pet Parade. Bill Rekus will be responsible for organizing this event with Terri Voss
     of Tres Bone.
        - Bingo. Mike Flynn will contact Dawn Abernathy to arrange the bingo times.
        - Beanbag Toss. Mike Flynn will contact SRACLC to schedule this event.
        - Gazebo Entertainment. Bill Rekus suggested two events that might be worth
     considering for the gazebo. He has used both events as part of his company’s work. The
     commission authorized Mr. Rekus to contact the Lego Lady and Dan Lemonieux. The
     commission confirmed that the model railroad club should be contacted again this year.

IV. New Events. John Schockmel suggested a strolling Mariachi musician. He will contact a
    performer that he is familiar with and report back to the commission.

V.   Summer Concerts. Jim Wallace reported on the summer concert schedule.                    The
     following bands have been scheduled:

              June 25        Lynne Jordan & The Shivers
              July 16        Johnny Russler & His Beach Bum Band
              July 23        New Country
              July 30        Joan Hammel & Friends
      He is working on the North Shore Symphony for August 6, and for August 13 he is trying
      to secure a band to appeal to the Hispanic community.

      The commission agreed that food vendors should be included in this year’s concerts. The
      commission discussed promotion for the summer concerts to increase attendance. The
      standard methods will be utilized: Flyers, table tents, Village newsletters, and press
      releases. In addition, the commission will consider targeted mailings and will coordinate
      with the pageant contestants to advertise the concert series.

VI.   New Business. The commission discussed the Memorial Day parade. Jim Wallace
      reported that the Stockyard Kilty Band has been booked. The Marine Corps League Color
      Guard has been contacted. The Mundelein High School Band has been requested to
      march. The commission suggested that the start of the Memorial Days parade be
      coordinated with the ceremony prepared by the VFW at Hawley Street and Brice. Mr.
      Wallace presented a sample press release to hopefully attract the participation of veterans
      in the parade. In addition, scout groups will be invited to participate. He anticipates a
      maximum of 50 units. The commission discussed alternative starting points for the
      parade. Mr. Flynn will coordinate with the Police Department.

VII. Next meeting. The next meeting was scheduled for February 16, 2006 at 8:00 a.m. It will
     return to its normal location at the Mundelein Park District offices.

VIII. Adjournment. The meeting adjourned at 9:45 a.m.

Minutes taken by ______________________