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FOOTBALL FEVER!                                                    Distinguished
                                                                 professorship is
                                                             named for Chancellor
                                                              Emeritus Oxendine.
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                                                             Book edited by Dr.
                                                             Lewis on author Neal
                                                             Stephenson is
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                                                              Harmony Walk is
What they said about the historic                             September 20.
two weekends of Braves’ football                                      - page 12

Nine busses and more than 2,000 Braves fans traveled to              It’s your
Davidson College to witness history Saturday,                        birthday!
September 1, 2007, as the University played its first
                                                                          - page 14
football game in 56 years.

Fans were not disappointed when the Braves’ second
half rally against Davidson College fell short, 32-21.
They waited only a week for a victory against
Greensboro College, 26-20.

On September 8, a crowd of 4,209 jammed into Braves
Stadium, which officially holds 3,000.
                                                                A publication of University &
It was an auspicious start for the resurgent Pembroke              Community Relations
football program. Below is what was said about the
historic return of football.

The Brave Bulletin                     Page 1                          September 15, 2007
Pete Shinnick (Head Football Coach): “To walk out and see that atmosphere ... the crowd was
great. The band was great; the cheerleaders were great.”

Matt Evans, quarterback: “To hear the crowd do that and scream like they did, it sets the tone for
the future of this school. I think we proved to everyone, we’re coming to play.”

Dan Kenney (Athletics): “What a great present for our student body and our students and our
community and our boosters to get this win. Everything about it gives me goose bumps. It made
me proud.”

Jesse Oxendine, quarterback 1947-49: “I didn’t think this would happen in my lifetime. This is
history right here.”

Bryan Howington, senior: “There’s nothing like a college football game. It’s crazy. Who would
have thought a little school for Indian teachers would have turned into this.”

Jessie Dobbin, senior: “I’ve seen everything grow from the bottom up, and I am overjoyed.
Football is a campus tradition.”

Khary McGhee, sportswriter for The Robesonian: “Rarely are sports teams afforded such
unconditional love.”

Marty Spitzer (Music), director, Spirit of the Carolinas Marching Band: “As we entered the
stadium on the UNCP drum line cadence and paraded down the Davidson track to our end of the
stadium to ready for pre-game, that it became evident to all of us just how worthwhile everyone’s
efforts to field a marching band had been!”

James Bass (Alumni): “The word I kept hearing at Davidson was ‘miracle.’”

Dr. Stephen Bourquin, (Math) faculty football liaison: “The long hours of practice, the endless
meetings, and the countless sacrifices paid off in the first of many victories for the Braves.”

Ernest T. Brown, UNCP graduate and tailgater: “We’re proud of this school, and we’ll be here
all season. We’ve got a group of about 30.”

Dr. Charles Jenkins (Education): “We’re having a great time. I came with a group from Scotland
Memorial Hospital. It’s all been very well organized.”

Jermaris Genwright, sophomore: ‘I had fun, and I saw some of the game too. It’s a good

Mac Campbell, graduate, former trustee and member of the Football Advisory Committee: “I
think this is one of the most exciting days in the history of this school.”

The Brave Bulletin                     Page 2                           September 15, 2007
Bob Caton, former trustee and namesake of the Bob Caton Fieldhouse: “It is truly wonderful to
see all of these people supporting UNCP and its football team. Everything has been great today.”

Mike McIntyre, U.S. Congressman: “This is a great turnout and the beginning of a new era of
community pride. This really does put Pembroke on center stage in Southeastern North Carolina.
As I look around the stadium, I can see how football fever is creating pride in the students, alumni
and the entire community. This is an exciting time for this part of North Carolina.”

Pembroke Day draws large crowd to ‘town and gown’ event
Pembroke Day set attendance records on
September 12 for crowds and vendors at
the annual day of celebration of town and
gown. It was the 18th Pembroke Day, and
it was again coordinated by The Division
for University and Community Relations.

Sodexho Food Services served a picnic-
style lunch of barbecue and chicken to

Vendors, including 38 area businesses, 45
student clubs and organizations and 22
University departments were represented.
The crowd was entertained by Southern
Sun Indian drum group, the Spirit of the
Carolinas Marching Band, directed by
Marty Spitzer and Tracey Wiggins, the
Pembroke Singers, directed by Dr. Gary
Wright, the Concert Choir, directed by
Jaeyoon Kim, and the Concert Band,
directed by Dr. Tim Altman.

                                                                     Alexis Locklear, daughter of
                                                             Marla Locklear (Athletics), performs

Local beauty pageant queens and princesses also entertained a crowd estimated at 5,000.
They included Miss UNCP Deidre Locklear, Miss UNCP Outstanding Teen Alexis
Locklear, Miss UNCP Carolina Princess and Little Miss Lumbee Kenda Brooke Hunt,
Miss UNCP Outstanding Teen Tala Locklear, Teen Miss Lumbee Joycelyn Hunt, Teen
Miss Lumbee Alexis Rising and Junior Miss Lumbee Taley Anna Strickland. Vocalist
Kent Hunt also performed.

The Brave Bulletin                     Page 3                            September 15, 2007
Dr. Tim Altman directed the UNCP Concert Band.

All ages joined in the fun!

The Brave Bulletin                 Page 4        September 15, 2007
Serene scene – Stephen Lowry plays base for the Concert Band in the Amphitheatre
with the Water Feature as a backdrop.

Dunked! - Troy Stewart takes a bath at the Health Careers Club dunking booth.

The Brave Bulletin                   Page 5                          September 15, 2007
Newest edition of online social work journal includes video
                      The publication of the fall 2007 edition of The Journal of Social Work
                      Values and Ethic (JSWVE) was announced by Senior Editor Dr. Stephen
                      Marson (Social Work).

                      JSWVE presented the three winners of our national term paper contest in the
                      issue. They are:
                          • first place: Amber McGuigan, Catholic University of America.
                          • second place: Leslie Green, Simmons College.
                          • third place: Andrea B. Bauman, University of Wisconsin,

“Social work faculty can show support for this students by reviewing their papers and
acknowledging their success to other social work students,” Dr. Marson said. “In addition, these
students are a positive reflection of the campuses they represent.”

Also in this issue, Jerry Finn reports on his survey of JSWVE subscribers and listserv subscribers
attitudes toward including videos presentations. The fall issue includes the first effort in producing
a video.

“In the future, we will be publishing video interviews with authors rather publishing traditional
book reviews,” Dr. Marson said. “Because JSWVE is an online journal, we would like to give our
subscribers an alternative to the traditional manner book reviews are represented.”

Because of the nature of the fall issue, only one article is included: “Preparing BSWs for Ethical
Practice: Lessons from Licensing Data” by Daley and Doughty. The next issue will be available
prior to December, 2007.

January 2008 is the anniversary of the 5th year of publication for the journal, which is unique in
the field of social work.


                          Distinguished professorship named
                          for Chancellor Emeritus Oxendine
                          A new endowed distinguished professorship will be named for
                          Chancellor Emeritus Joseph B. Oxendine (Physical Education).

                          The distinguished professorship will be in the School of Education and
                          funded by the C.D. Spangler Foundation, Inc. It will be the first of as
                          many as five chairs at UNCP funded by the foundation which pledged

The Brave Bulletin                      Page 6                            September 15, 2007
$26.9 million to establish up to 96 professorships at the 16 UNC campuses.

Spangler, who was president of UNC from 1986-97, requested that the chair be named for Dr.
Oxendine, who was chancellor of UNCP from 1989-99. In a letter dated August 9 with a check for
$250,000, UNC President Emeritus Spangler requested the naming.

“This chair is to be named for Chancellor Emeritus Joseph B. Oxendine, who has provided time
and energy in support of our University,” Spangler said. “I encourage you to see that a well-
qualified professor is selected for this honor.”

                              To read more of this article, please go to:

Dr. Menefee returns as Thomas Distinguished Professor
                                                                 Dr. Mike Menefee can be
                                                                 forgiven if he is experiencing déjà
                                                                 vu this fall.

                                                                 The new Thomas Family
                                                                 Distinguished Professor of
                                                                 Entrepreneurship was the
                                                                 University’s William H. Belk
                                                                 Distinguished Professor from

                                                              Dr. Menefee returns to UNCP
                                                              from a distinguished 13-year
                                                              career at Purdue University where
                                                              he was an Allen C. Peterson
Faculty Fellow and a Burton D. Morgan Fellow at the Center for Entrepreneurship in the
university’s Discovery Park.

At UNCP, Dr. Menefee will lead several entrepreneurship programs. That too will be a familiar
role because in the early 1990s, he played a role in the birth of UNCP’s Regional Center for
Economic, Community and Professional Development.

Dr. Menefee will help start-up the Thomas Family Center for Entrepreneurship. He will also help
plan new undergraduate programs in entrepreneurship.

Dr. Eric Dent (Business), dean, is pleased to have Dr. Menefee at the Center and on his faculty.

“Mike Menefee is the perfect person to fill this important role for the University and region,” Dr.
Dent said. “He is a top-notch scholar with tremendous expertise in entrepreneurship.

The Brave Bulletin                     Page 7                            September 15, 2007
“He is also very familiar with our region and already has a network of connections that will
accelerate what the Thomas Center can do to help organizations in the region,” he said.

“It’s good to be back at a place where there are so many good people, and I have so many good
relationships,” Dr. Menefee said in an interview from his office at COMtech. COMtech, a
business incubator in Robeson County, is also the location of UNCP’s Regional Center and the
biotechnology research and training facility, which will break ground this fall.

“Returning to UNCP to teach, research and work in entrepreneurship is an opportunity to do here
what I did successfully at Purdue,” he said. “I’m very excited about the mission of the Thomas
Entrepreneurship Center.

Dr. Menefee started and directed the Purdue entrepreneurship program, located at the Burton D.
Morgan Center for Entrepreneurship at Discover Park, which quickly grew to include more than
700 students. He also directed the Public Policy Institute as a Kettering Fellow.

Awarded professor emeritus status, Dr. Menefee won several awards, including the 2007
Thomson-South-Western Outstanding Educator Award, the 2007 Federation of Business
Disciplines Educator of the Year Award and the 2007 Southwest Case Research Outstanding

He has an outstanding record of scholarship also. Dr. Menefee is co-author of “Human Behavior
in Organizations,” which is going into its second printing.

Over the years, he collaborated with several UNCP business professors on articles that were
published in business journals over the past several years.

       “I have co-authored a number of articles with Dr. John Parnell, the current William H.
Belk Distinguished Professor, and Dr. Rick Crandall, Dr. Ed Powers and Dr. Christopher
Ziemnowicz, and we plan more joint projects,” Dr. Menefee said. “I am looking forward to
working with the faculty.”

Dr. Menefee said he is pleased to see UNCP’s growing enrollment.

“A lot of good things are happening at UNCP,” he said. “This University is a well-kept secret that
people are just beginning to discover.

“UNCP has so much to offer in terms of small classes, great faculty and diversity,” Dr. Menefee
added. “This is a University on the move today with potential for more growth and development
opportunities for the region.”

Dr. Menefee is familiar with the region’s economy having performed development work in several
municipalities and counties.

The Brave Bulletin                     Page 8                           September 15, 2007
“This University has helped the region in many ways and is in a position to do even more with
programs in entrepreneurship,” he said. “While the University raises the skill level of
entrepreneurs, the Thomas Family Center will stimulate entrepreneurship through assistance to
start-ups and existing small businesses.

“I had a good conversation with Jim Thomas before taking this position,” Dr. Menefee said. “I
appreciate his vision to help people here.”

A grant from the Thomas Family Foundation launched the Entrepreneurship Center and the
distinguished professorship. Thomas is a Pembroke, N.C., native who is a successful commercial
real estate developer in Los Angeles.

Dr. Menefee will assist the University in hiring a director for the center and an additional
professor of entrepreneurship.

“I’ll feel better when we are fully staffed,” he said. “When a director is on board, we will begin
working with area constituencies, planning events and writing grants.”

With a Bachelor of Science degree in management from Northern Illinois University, Dr. Menefee
earned a Master of Science degree in civil engineering and management and a Ph.D. in
administrative science from Purdue University.

He has earned certificates as a financial analyst from Dunn and Bradstreet, corporate accounting,
human resource management, mediation from UNCP and Bible studies and counseling from
Moody Bible Institute.

“Being a generalist has worked well as far as entrepreneurship is concerned,” he said. “I’m glad to
be back here working in entrepreneurship.”

The Thomas Family Center for Entrepreneurship may be contacted at 775-4208.

English professor edited book on contemporary author
                        A volume of essays on author Neal Stephenson edited by Dr. Jonathan
                        Lewis (English) was published recently by Cambridge Scholars Press.

                        “Tomorrow Through the Past: Neal Stephenson and the Project of Global
                        Modernization” (2006) began with a seminar at the 20th Century Literature
                        Conference at the University of Louisville, Dr. Lewis said.

                        “I had sent out a call for papers for a conference seminar,” Dr. Lewis said.
                        “And out of nowhere I got an email from someone in the U.K. who asked
                        if I want to expand the project into a book.”

The result is a book with an introduction by Dr. Lewis, eight essays and an interview with author
Neal Stephenson.

The Brave Bulletin                      Page 9                            September 15, 2007
Dr. Lewis said Stephenson is a Seattle, Wash., based writer whose third novel, “Snow Crash,” is a
landmark work of the cyberpunk genre.

                               To read more of this article, please go to:

Robert Orr to lead information services at UNCP
                     Robert L. Orr joined the University as chief information officer (CIO) and
                     associate vice chancellor for Information Services.

                     In his new position he will lead the Office of University Computing and
                     Information Services (UCIS) with responsibility for campus information
                     technology and support of teaching and learning with technology.

                   A native of Hendersonville, N.C., Orr comes to UNCP from Western Carolina
University, where he worked for 24 years and was associate CIO. He reports to Dr. Charles
Harrington, provost and vice chancellor for Academic Affairs.

“Bob comes to UNCP with an impressive administrative and technical portfolio,” Dr. Harrington
said. “Over the years, he has clearly established himself as one of the most forward-thinking
professionals working in higher education information technology.

“He will undoubtedly be a major asset to the University and our desire to position ourselves more
strategically to take advantage of emerging technologies in teaching and learning,” he said.

Orr started his career in higher education as a microcomputer technician with Western Carolina.

                              To read more of this article, please go to:

                                       Oxendine, Cummings accepted to
                                       Leadership North Carolina

                                       Teresa Oxendine (Advancement) and Dr. Robin
                                       Cummings, chair of UNCP Foundation, Inc., were accepted
                                       into Leadership North Carolina’s 2007-08 program.

                                       Class XV begins orientation October 3-5 in Boone, N.C.
The class meets in five, three-day sessions with 25 separate segments.

The Brave Bulletin                      Page 10                         September 15, 2007
Admission to Leadership North Carolina is a competitive process with applicants from all over the
state who have demonstrated community and professional leadership experiences.

The mission of the program is to develop committed leaders for North Carolina. Participants learn
about the critical issues facing the state through interaction with key leaders.

“I was elated to learn I had been accepted,” Oxendine said. “I look forward to learning about
issues affecting North Carolinians and about ways in which I can make a difference in my

A 1997 UNCP graduate, Oxendine is assistant vice chancellor for advancement and director of
donor relations and former alumni director. She has a lengthy resume of community involvement
that includes the Red Cross, Boys and Girls Club and the Pembroke Area Chamber of Commerce,
which awarded her the Harry West Locklear President’s Award for Service in 2004.

A Pinehurst, N.C., resident, Dr. Cummings is a retired cardiothoracic surgeon. He was appointed
chair of the Foundation board for a three year term beginning July 1. The UNCP Foundation
Board of Directors provides direction for the University’s fundraising efforts while accepting and
administering the full range of private contributions.

Graduates of Leadership North Carolina include Dr. Eric Dent (Business), Lorna Ricotta
(Advancement), Jackie Clark (Enrollment Management), Sylvia Pate (Regional Center) and Dr.
Diane Jones (Student Affairs), who was a member of the first graduating class.

nt) and Dr. Diane Jones (Student Affairs), who was a member of the first graduating class.

Papers by Dr. Harrington, Dr. King and Oxendine to be presented
                                                   Dr. Charles Harrington (Academic Affairs)
                                                  and Dr. Beverly King (Institutional
                                                  Effectiveness) had their paper “The Relationship
                                                  between Part-time Faculty Utilization and
                                                  Student Retention: Implications for Practice”
                                                  accepted for presentation at the National
                                                  Symposium on Student Retention on September
Harrington       King           Oxendine          24 - 26 in Milwaukee, Wis.

Dr. Harrington and Cammie Oxendine (Business) had their paper “Regional Universities and the
Entreprenurial Impertative: Could this be Boyer’s Fifth Domain?” accepted for presentation at the
25th Annual Academic Chairpersons Conference, February 2 - 5, Orlando, Fla.

The Brave Bulletin                     Page 11                          September 15, 2007
                     Column by Dr. Parnell published in Raleigh N&O
                     An opinion piece written by Dr. John Parnell (Business) was published in the
                     News & Observer, on September 10 as a “Point of View.” I was titled”
                     Importing Problems with Chinese Goods.” It is available online:
                     http://www.newsobserver.com/print/monday/opinion/story/698543.html. Dr.
                     Parnell is the Belk Distinguished Professor of Management in the School of

                       Dr. Tom Ross contributed to two books
                       Dr. Thomas Ross (Geography) contributed chapters and research to two
                       books that were published recently. He wrote the cuisine section and an essay
                       on “Barbecue: The State Food of North Carolina” for the Compass American
                       Guides’ (Fodor's) “North Carolina” 4th edition by Sheila Turnage, Jim
                       Hargan, and Thomas Ross

                    Dr. Ross also penned two entries on Meherrin and Saponny Indians for “The
New Encyclopedia of Southern Culture: Ethnicity,” Vol. 6, University of North Carolina Press),
edited by Charles Reagan Wilson, general editor, and Celeste Ray, volume editor Meherrin
Indians and Saponny Indians.

                      Dr. Zsilinsky presents paper at Queens College
                      Dr. Laszlo Zsilinsky (Mathematics) presented a paper at Queens College in
                      New York City in September. He was the recipient of the UNC Research.

                    Dr. Zsilinsky also gave a presentation titled “Completeness properties of
                    hyperspaces” at the University of Milan Biacocca in Italy on May 23, and
                    another entitled “Baire spaces and topological games” at the Mathematical
Institute of the Slovak Academy of Sciences in Bratislava, Slovakia, on June 20. The title of the
talk in New York was “The Baire property of hyperspace topologies.” He was invited to give all
these talks to present my results on hyperspaces.

Dr. David B. Oxendine conducts diversity workshop
                        Dr. David B. Oxendine (Education) conducted a Diversity Workshop on
                        August 24 for the faculty and staff of Seventy-First High School in
                        Fayetteville, N.C.

                        The 3½-hour workshop focused on prejudice, discrimination, stereotypes and
                        the diversity of cultures that may be found in our classrooms. Dr. Oxendine
                        announced at the beginning of his presentation that “this is a topic that some
                        people find sensitive and that this venue is exactly the type where these
                        discussions should be openly brought forth.”

The Brave Bulletin                       Page 12                           September 15, 2007
Dr. Oxendine said that every time he conducts this type of workshop, “it is very interesting to see
how some ethnic groups are more open to naming stereotypes they are familiar with and how
other ethnic groups are reluctant to openly voice stereotypes about other ethnic groups different
than themselves.”

 “Once folks understand that in this particular environment that it is alright to voice these
stereotypes, individuals become more comfortable openly discussing these topics,” he added.

There were more than 150 faculty and staff in attendance, and Dr. Oxendine was rewarded with a
school t-shirt because he was wearing a shirt displaying one of the school’s rival colors.

Author Lisa Huggins Oxendine at the Bookstore
                  On Wednesday, October 10, the
                  Bookstore will host guest author and
                  Professor Lisa Huggins Oxendine
                  (School of Education). Oxendine
                  will speak on her book, “Pink
                  Begonia Sisterhood Caribbean
                  Retreat,” during the store’s Breast
                  Cancer Awareness Month
promotion. The program is 10 a.m. - 11:15 a.m. in the

“The Pink Begonia Sister's Caribbean Retreat” was the
first in a planned series of books about three fictional
Native American women from Southeastern North
Carolina. Breast cancer sets them on a continuum of
personal and spiritual growth intended to encourage
readers to “aspire, succeed, interject, and live-all by the
grace of God.”

During the program we will have information on hand
concerning Breast Cancer and Cancer Awareness. At
the close of the event, we will have a book signing by
the author and opportunity for people to purchase “Pink
Begonia Sisterhood Caribbean Retreat.”

                      History professor speaks at Sequoyah Convention
                      Dr. Rose Stremlau (History) was a speaker at the State of Sequoyah
                      Convention, which is hosted by the Cherokee Nation during their 2007
                      National Holiday. She shared research on the history of Cherokee political

The Brave Bulletin                       Page 13                         September 15, 2007
Dr. Stremlau teaches American Indian history courses among others.

Regional Center director completes economic development course
                     Sylvia Pate (Regional Center recently completed the UNC School of
                     Government’s 35th Annual Basic Economic Development Course.

                 The course which is accredited by the International Economic Development
                 Council was held on August 6 – 9 in Chapel Hill, N.C. The course included
                 sessions on trends in economic development, strategic planning, research and
                 analysis, marketing communities, the site selection process, business retention
                 and expansion, financing economic development projects, real estate
development and reuse, entrepreneurship and business creation, workforce development,
community development and managing economic development organizations.

Pate said it was most informative to hear about the new strategies and techniques in economic
development. The course can lead to becoming a Certified Economic Developer (CEcD) through
the International Economic Development Council exemplifying a commitment to personal and
professional growth in the field of economic development and is a national recognition denoting
mastery of principal skills, positioning the best of professionals in the economic development

Dr. Farley attends meeting in Panama
                     Dr. Martin Farley attended the 40th annual meeting of AASP, the Palynology
                     Society, at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute in Panama from
                     September 8 - 12.

                   The society is an international group with more than 500 individual members.
                   Activities of the meeting included scientific presentations and a fieldtrip to the
                   Smithsonian’s ecological reserve on Barro Colorado Island in the Panama
                   Canal. Dr. Farley coordinated the judging of student posters and oral
presentations as part of his activities as Chair of AASP’s awards committee.

Friends of the Library presents Nina Marie Martinez
The Friends of the Library and the Office of Multicultural and Minority
Affairs will present Author Nina Marie Martinez, author of “Caramba!:
A Tale Told in Turns of the Cards,” in a free program and reception at
7 p.m., September 25, in the Mary Livermore Library.

Nina Marie Martínez was born in San José, Calif., to a first generation
Mexican-American father, and an American mother of Germanic
descent. A high school dropout, she possesses a Bachelors degree in
literature from the University of California at Santa Cruz.

The Brave Bulletin                      Page 14                            September 15, 2007
For more information, please call extension 6212.

UNCP stages 4th annual Harmony Walk on Sept. 20
The Office of Multicultural and Minority Affairs (OMMA) will “Celebrate Diversity One Step at
a Time” on Thursday, September 20, at 3 p.m. with its 4th Annual Harmony Walk.

Former Fayetteville, N.C., Mayor Marshall Pitts is the guest speaker. Pitts was the first African-
American mayor of Fayetteville. He is an attorney and civic leader.

Held in conjunction with International Day of Peace, Harmony Walk is a celebration of diversity
and a commitment to making the world a better place through community service.

The event is sponsored by the Center for Leadership and Service, Diversity Committee for
Communities of Interest, and Student Life, said Robert Canida (Student Life) event coordinator.

“The purpose of this day is to show collaboration, unity and commitment with our students and the
greater community,” Canida said. “We are talking about building and strengthening relationships;
we are talking about building communities of diversity and respect.”

Harmony Walk will begin at 3 p.m. at the Amphitheatre by the Water Feature. The walk will take
participants across campus to the James B. Chavis University Center accompanied by the Spirit of
the Carolinas Marching Band, directed by Marty Spitzer. The Voices of Serenity Gospel Choir
will perform on the lawn.

In the event of rain, the program will be held in the Givens Performing Arts Center.

Questions may be directed to OMMA at extension 5790.

Faculty authors showcased on October 10 at library
The Fall Faculty Showcase featuring campus authors will be Wednesday, October 10 at 10:15 a.m.
in the Main Reading Room of the Mary Livermore Library.

Zeigler         Porrua          Zimnowicz        Crandall         Parnell

Featured authors are Dr. David Zeigler (Biology), author of “Understanding Biodiversity,” Dr.
Enrique Porrua (Languages), author of “El Discurso Postmodernista en la Trilogia Gallega de
Camily Jose Cela” and co-authors Dr. Christopher Zimnowicz, Dr. Rick Crandall and Dr.
John Parnell (Business) and their book, “Rediscovering Schumpter; Creative Destruction

The Brave Bulletin                     Page 15                           September 15, 2007
Evolving into Mode 3.”

For more information, please contact Karen Orr Fritts at extension 4242.

‘Follies’ raise funds to endow the Stockley scholarship
                                       The Student Music Council has taken on a project of
                                       raising $10,000 to endow a memorial scholarship in the
                                       name of Travis R. Stockley, deceased Musical Theatre
                                       program director.

                                       On September 4 in GPAC, members of the faculty
                                       presented an evening of fun and surprises – the "Faculty

                                       Many door prizes were given away, to the delight of all in
                                       attendance. Faculty members performing included Dr.
                                       Irene Aiken (Education), Dr. Monika Brown (English),
                                       Dr. Anita Guynn (English), Dr. Kevin Freeman
                                       (Political Science), Dr. Jay Hansford Vest (American
                                       Indian Studies), Dr. Tim Altman (Music), Dr. Janita
                                       Byars (Music), Hal Davis (Musical Theatre), who served

Cindy Clemmer (student) and
Jaeyoon Kim

as the Master of Ceremonies, Joanna Hersey (Music), Jaeyoon Kim (Music), Seung-
Ah Kim (Music), Marty Spizer (Music), Dr. Robyn Stevens (Music), Tracy Wiggins
(Music) and the drumline, and Dr. Gary Wright (Music).

Children of faculty members Dr. Aiken, Dr. Mark Canada (English), Dr. Jamie Litty
(Mass Communications), and Dr. Carmen Calabrese (Business) performed with Drs.
Byars and Aiken on ‘The Flight of the Bumblebee.”

Also performing were students Cindy Clemmer and Jessica Horton.

The evening raised $389.26, bringing the total earned for the scholarship to $4,435.63.
Donations are always welcome and checks may be made to the UNCP Foundation, for
the Travis R. Stockley Memorial Scholarship Fund.

The Brave Bulletin                     Page 16                          September 15, 2007
Left to Right: Joanna Hersey, Robyn Stevens, Marty Spitzer, Gary Wright, Timothy Altman and
Hal Davis (Photos by Cindy Saylor, Library)

Paul Van Zandt retrospective on display at Fayetteville State

Professor Emeritus Paul Van Zandt (Art) has a retrospective exhibition titled “From Clay to
Metal” in the Rosenthal Gallery at Fayetteville State University. The Exhibit is from August 31 -
October 5.

Dolphin Expedition and Marine Science Exploration
                                                              Last summer, Layla Locklear,
                                                              daughter of John D. Locklear
                                                              (Physical Plant) and Tonya E.
                                                              Locklear (Social Work), was
                                                              selected by Immersion Presents, to
                                                              participate in a Dolphin Research
                                                              /Marine Science Project in Nassau,
                                                              Bahamas, with Dr. Kathleen
                                                              Dudzinski, for a week.

Layla playing with a new friend. Princess, at Dolphin Encounters

The Brave Bulletin                     Page 17                          September 15, 2007
Immersion Presents is a science education program for kids founded in 2002, created by
oceanographer and explorer, Dr. Robert Ballard. Layla was introduced to the program at the Boys
& Girls Club of the Lumbee Tribe, where she is a volunteer. Six students were selected in the
U.S., and Layla was selected from North Carolina.

“She has a passion for marine life, and is hoping for another opportunity to explore the ocean,”
Tonya said.

Mary Bullard Locklear, sister of Airo Jacobs (Physical Plant), passed away.

 Birthdays in September

September 16- 30
Albrecht, Dawn F.
Altman, Timothy
Beasley, Cherry M.
Bishop, Ollie G.
Breeden, Von A.
Brown, Joyce R.
Bullard, Gregory A.
Busko, Robert W.
Campbell, Glen L.
Chavis, Eric
Chavis, Herbert D.
Cheek, Kelly J.
Cook, Weston F.
Craver, Lisa A.
Cummings, Carlene O.
Dalmida, Tiffany
Davis, Jeannie Q.
Deese, Loletta
Dial, Heather K.
Dial, Paulette
Floyd, Shirley C.
Gales, Larry
Harrison, George B.
Hays, John O.
Haywood, Mary L.
Hunt, Frances A.
Jacobs, Jean G.
Jacobs, Terra T.
Leach, Lindsay A.
Locklear, Michelle F.

The Brave Bulletin                     Page 18                           September 15, 2007
Locklear, Phillip R.
Locklear, Sherry L.
Myers, Frank B.
Normandy, Elizabeth L.
Odom, Patsy A.
Osburn, Monica Z.
Oxendine, Linda E.
Pate, Sylvia H.
Sellers, Alice F.
Shaffer, Craig C.
Storms, Meredith L.
Strickland, Donna W.
Strickland, James E.
Trapp, Frank J.
Tyner, Bessie H.
Valdes, Tara R.
Van Hooser, Timothy L.
Wilson, Cary A.

New Hires            Position                 Department
Ryan Anderson        Assistant Professor        History
Thelma Bates         Assistant Professor         Nursing
Dorea Bonneau        Assistant Professor         Education
William Brandon      Assistant Professor        Chemistry & Physics
Nancy Cerezo         Assistant Professor        Education
Young Chae           Assistant Professor        English, Theatre, Languages
Mihwa Choi           Assistant Professor        Philosophy & Religion
Linda Davis          Administrative Associate   University Center
Teagan Decker        Assistant Professor        English, Theatre, Languages
Alayna Defalco       Lecturer                   Physical Education
Natalie Fields       Lecturer                    English, Theatre, Languages
Loo Gan              Associate Professor        Business
Susan Gebhard        Assistant Professor        Education
Roger Guy            Assistant Professor        Sociology and Criminal Justice
Shannon Hart         Assistant Professor         Education
James Helgeson       Lecturer                    English, Theatre, Languages
Joanna Hersey        Assistant Professor        Music
Marni Highsmith      Admin. Support Associate Housing Services
Mary Jacobs          Assistant Professor        American Indian Studies
Anthony Johnson      Lecturer                   History
Patrick Kennedy      Lecturer                   Physical Education
Marjorie Labadie     Assistant Professor        Art
Debbie Locklear      Environmental Tech         Physical Plant
Georgianna Mack      Lecturer                   Sociology & Criminal Justice
Jennifer McNeill     Assistant Director         Admissions
Michael Menefee      Professor                  Management/Marketing

The Brave Bulletin                  Page 19                        September 15, 2007
Sara Metcalf      Coordinator                       Disability Support Services
Jennifer Morgan   Lecturer                          English, Theatre, Languages
Anna Netterville   Associate Professor              Sociology & Criminal Justice
Nathan Phillippi   Lecturer                         Geology & Geography
Erin Poliakon     Lecturer                          Geology & Geography
Frankie Powell    Associate Professor               Education
Pauline Privitera Lecturer                          Athletics
Myia Revels       Social Worker II                  Youth Empowerment Program
Daniel Roose      Lecturer                          Physical Education
Melinda Rosenberg Assistant Professor               Political Science & Public Admin
Maria Santisteban Assistant Professor               Biology
Laura Smith       Assistant Professor               Social Work
Rachel Smith      Assistant Professor               Chemistry & Physics
Young Sohn        Assistant Professor               Sociology & Criminal Justice
James Thigpen     Lecturer                          English, Theatre, Languages
Amelia Trevelyan  Assistant Professor               Art
Aaron Vandermeer Lecturer                           Music
Theresa Walker    Assistant Softball Coach          Athletics
Adam Walls        Assistant Professor               Art
Glen Walter       Professor                         Physical Education
Dana Welte        Lecturer                          Education
O.C. Williams     Lecturer                          Physical Education
Kristin Wojieck   Assistant Volleyball Coach        Athletics
Mary Zets         Lecturer                          Biology

McDuffie Cummings     Director                      Police & Public Safety
Janice Locklear       Environmental Supv.           Physical Plant
Amber Dial            Admin. Support Specialist     Registrar
Brenda K Jacobs       Human Services Coord. III     Regional Center
Ricky Ransom          Administrative Asst. III      Regional Center
Steven Bourquin       Associate Professor           Math & Computer Science
Thomas Dooling        Professor                     Chemistry & Physics
Beverly King          Asst. Vice Chancellor         Institutional Effectiveness

Freddie Bell          Admin. Support Associate      Athletics

Human Resource’s Announcements

State Health Plan

Due to the benefit changes and rate increases, the State Health Plan is allowing a special fall
enrollment to allow employees to enroll in a plan or switch to a different coverage option. The

The Brave Bulletin                     Page 20                          September 15, 2007
special fall enrollment period is from August 1through September 10. All change forms must be
received in HR by 5 p.m. on September 10, 2007.

Benefits Fair is October 10
Please mark your calendar for Wednesday, October 10 and make plans to attend the annual UNCP
Benefits Fair. The Benefits Fair will be held in the U.C. Lounge from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.

Flu season is just around the corner and anyone can be a potential target. The best protection
against the debilitating effects of a virus is to get a flu shot. For this reason, Human Resources
Department is sponsoring an onsite flu shot drive in the University Center Lounge during the
Benefits Fair. This is at no cost to you as long as you are enrolled in the North Carolina State
Health Plan. Just bring your insurance card and a photo ID.

Please look for updated information via email and flyers posted throughout the campus. Contact
Paula Cummings at ext. 5717 or Glen Campbell at ext. 4046 if you plan to participate in the on-
site flu shot drive.

NCFlex annual enrollment Oct. 1 - Nov. 2
Employees will have the opportunity to enroll or change your benefits in the NCFlex program
between October 1 and November 2. New 2008 NCFlex booklets will be coming soon, but now is
the time to look over your current elections and assess your needs for the New Year. A sneak
peak into upcoming program changes can be found at www.ncflex.org.

The NCFlex Flexible Benefits Program includes the following plans: dental, vision care, Cancer,
group, term life, accidental death and dismemberment, and health care and dependent day care
flexible spending accounts.

                                               * * *

The Brave Bulletin is a publication of University & Community Relations. The Brave Bulletin’s
mission is to publicize the landmark events and outstanding accomplishments of the
University and its faculty, staff and their families. For information or to submit your
news, please call extension 6351, or email scott.bigelow@uncp.edu. The Bulletin is
online at: www.uncp.edu/relations/bulletin/.

The next Brave Bulletin publication date is October 1, 2007.

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