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					                                  FACT SHEET
About Mrs. San Diego County -America Pageant...

Purpose:       This pageant was created to recognize the one person most ignored in all major
               beauty competitions - America=s Married Woman. To showcase the beauty,
              intelligence and talents of America=s forgotten woman, the married woman.
              Now celebrating its 32nd year in its modern format, the Mrs. America Pageant is
              the only nationally televised pageant for married women. It focuses the attention
              of the nation and the world on the versatility of the contemporary American
              married woman. Each of the 51 Mrs. America candidates earns the right to
              participate in the national event by winning her statewide competition. These state
              pageants are under the direction of Mrs. America State Directors, a network of
              respected and talented community and business leaders reflecting one of the finest
              pageant systems in the world.

City Director:       Bridget Winton
                     E.O.B. Productions
                     3954 Murphy Canyon Rd, Suite D204
                     San Diego, Ca 92123
                     (858) 573-0875

Event Date:          May 16, 2009. 3:00P.M. (Doors open at 2:30P.M.)

Event Location:      PS Business Center Conference Room
                     3954 Murphy Canyon Rd. Ste. D200

Entry Guidelines:    Contestants must be:
                     -Married, and born a female
                     -18 years of age or older
                     -A U.S. Citizen
                     -A resident of San Diego County for at least six months. Dual residency or
                             residence at a military installation is acceptable.

                      Additionally, interested women must:
                      Submit a recent photo, along with a completed evaluation form and a
                     $25.00 (non-refundable) application fee, which is applied towards entry
                     fee of $175.00. Entry fee can be raised thru family, friends and business
                     sponsors. Payments can be arranged, if needed.

Entry Deadline:      5pm, Saturday, April 18, 2009 (enter now, and get a head start)

No. of Participants: Open
Judging: Contestants will be judged on Interview, Beauty, Swimsuit, Poise/Personality and the
         ability to communicate with others. (No Talent Competition.) The winner will advance
         to the Mrs. California-America Pageant.

Prize Categories:     Winner                                 Ms. Congeniality
                      First Runner-up                        Ms. Photogenic
                      Second Runner-up                       Best Evening Gown
                      Third Runner-up                        Best Swimsuit
                      Fourth Runner-up

Prizes: Contestants enter to compete for fabulous prizes, to include:

Winner:                -Entry fee paid to state pageant competition
                       -Official Crown/Sash
                       -1 dozen roses/Plaque
                       -Professional Photo Shoot

Runner Up:             -Plaques

All Contestants receive:
                     -a finalist certificate

Pre-event Activities: In preparation for the event, contestants will attend no less
                      than four personal development workshops. These
                      workshops will be conducted by highly-skilled
                      consultants. Additionally, there will be no less than two
                      pageant rehearsals.

About the Director: Ms. Bridget Winton is CEO and Founder of E.O.B.
                    Productions, a company that provides group and individual
                    training in fashion, image and modeling, as well as
                    professional entertainment services for stage, screen and
                    video productions. Ms. Winton is an accomplished
                    actress/model, the 1995/96 Ms. Plus U.S.A. She has been
                    featured in numerous publications, such as: Belle, BBW,
                    Pageantry and Mirada Magazines. Among her numerous
                    credits as a beauty advisor, she is certified in fashion
                    merchandising, as a makeup and special effects artist,
                    and as an image and color consultant.

                       Ms. Winton has been directing pageants (Essentrics
                       Cosmetics Model Search, Mrs. San Diego County-
                       America, San Diego=s Man of the Year and San Diego=s
                       Abundance of Beauty to name a few) since 1994.
                              You could be the next
                            Mrs. San Diego county-america
                             The official Preliminary title to the
                               Mrs. California-america pageant
The search has begun to find the next Mrs. San Diego County-America 2009. The winner will represent the County of San
Diego at the Mrs. California-America Pageant, which will take place at the Crowne Plaza Redondo Beach & Marina Hotel in
Redondo Beach, CA on June 19th & 20th, 2009.

The areas of competition are Interview, Beauty, Poise & Personality, Swimsuit and Evening Gown. There is no talent


Mrs. San Diego County-America Pageant contestants must be at least 18 years of age. CONTESTANTS OF ALL AGES,
WELCOME. Previous state and national winners have been in their 20's, 30's, 40's and even 50's! You must be married at
least six months as of the date of the pageant, a resident of San Diego for at least six months ( military residency acceptable),
and a U.S. CITIZEN. You must be presently living with your husband and not it the process of a divorce or separation.


INTERVIEW......Overall personality, self expression, diction, poise and intelligence. A panel of three to five qualified
individuals will be judging the 2009 preliminary.

Poise & Personality......The judges will be looking for presence, poise and carriage.

SWIMSUIT......Each contestant will be required to wear a one-piece swimsuit. Contestant may opt to wear nylons with their
swimsuit. Contestants will be judged for overall appearance, poise, posture and projection of stage personality.

EVENING GOWN......Contestants are judged in an evening gown of their choice. Evaluation will be based on good
grooming, posture, poise, beauty, and projection of personality. The dollar value of the gown is not important. However, how
the gown suits the lady wearing it is important!

No age group has dominated the pageant system. We believe in quality--not chronology!

The answer is absolutely not! There are some people who win on their first try. You will learn the basics of the proper
pageant walk and stage presence during rehearsals. You will feel like a seasoned veteran when you=re done.

Complete the contestant entry form and return to this office before the deadline date (or preferably sooner) as indicated
elsewhere on this announcement. Send together with a recent photo or snapshot for I.D. purposes only. You must submit a
$25.00 application processing fee, which is only refundable if you are not chosen to be a contestant. Your application fee will
be applied towards entry fee, if chosen to be a contestant. E.O.B. PRODUCTIONS staff will determine whether you have
been accepted as an official contestant after reviewing your entry form. Your photo may be of any size, color or black and
white. All photos become the property of E.O.B. PRODUCTIONS and are not returned.

Absolutely no entry form will be considered unless it is accompanied by the $25.00 application fee. Those who are chosen by
E.O.B. PRODUCTIONS to become competing contestants will receive a letter of acceptance, sponsor forms, pageant
handbook and additional pageant updates. Those not accepted to be contestants will receive a letter of non-acceptance.

The deadline for your application, I.D. photo and $25.00 processing/handling fee is April 18, 2009. Please make
checks/money orders payable to E.O.B. PRODUCTIONS. Visa, MasterCard and Discover will be accepted. All entries will
be given a three day grace period to account for delays with the mail service.
When you are chosen as a competing contestant, you must provide the sponsor/entry fee of $175. You may have sponsors contribute
towards your entry fee. They will be listed in a special section of the souvenir pageant program book. Anyone may sponsor you in the
pageant. Your doctor, dentist, insurance salesman, local beauty salon, restaurant, health club, boutique, family members, friends, business
associates or even yourself. You may have up to ten (10) sponsors listed in the pageant program book, as they may contribute any amount
individually. For example, if the entry fee is $175, ten $17.50 sponsors will cover your entry fee. Your entry fee is applied to the pageant
coaching the production will provide for each contestant and defray the cost of prizes, awards, and of course sending Mrs. San Diego
County-America to the Mrs. California-America Pageant.


1. A Long Evening Gown (any color, any style)
2. A One-Piece Swimsuit (any color, any style) - Contestants are permitted to wear nylons
3. An Interview Outfit (business, career, or classic attire)

It is the obligation of every contestant to provide her own transportation to and from the preliminary

You are free to withdraw from the competition at any time, but under no circumstance after: May 2, 2009
will you or a sponsor be entitled to a refund, whether in full or in part that has been paid to E.O.B. PRODUCTIONS.


1. Complete the Entry Form
2. Submit the $25.00 Application Processing Fee, payable to E.O.B. PRODUCTIONS
3. Submit the I.D. photo (any size, color or black and white)


1. Letter of Acceptance
2. Sponsor Forms
3. Mrs. San Diego County-America Handbook
4. Rehearsal & Training Schedule (Starting April 25, 2009)


If you have any questions, please don=t hesitate to call. We want you to understand all of the above information. Thank you and good

                                                       E.O.B. PRODUCTIONS
                                                  3954 Murphy Canyon Rd., #D204
                                                         San Diego, Ca 92123
                                                  (858) 573-0875 Fax (858) 573-0877
                                            Website: www.beob.info Email: beob@aol.com
                      Win a trip to the Mrs. California - America Pageant7
                                    COMPETITION IN FOUR CATEGORIES
                            Beauty * Poise and Personality * Swimsuit * Evening Gown
                                   Voted on by a Distinguished Panel of Judges

I hereby apply as an entrant for the title Mrs.                                – America (city or county)

Name:__________________________ Phone (area code)__________________Email: ______________________

Home Address (number, street, city, state, zip)__________________________________________________________

Age        Birth date (month/day/year)      Birthplace                                            U.S. Citizen____

Height       Weight       Color Eyes          Color Hair        Bust -           Waist -           Hips_________


Marriage Date            (month/day/year)__________________ Occupation ______________________________

Business Address                                                         Phone (area code)_____________________

Husbands Name_______________________________________________________________________________

Children’s Names and Dates of Birth (indicate natural or step-children)___________________________________

Name and location of Secondary, College, University or Trade (level reached/degree/date graduated)___________________


Describe current and recent community involvement__________________________________________________

Hobbies, Talents & General Background___________________________________________________________
                                      Mrs. San Diego County- America

                   Official Preliminary Application to the Mrs. California – America Pageant

                                           Rules and Regulations
1. Entrant must be married as of the date of entry and throughout the competition.

2. Entrant must be at least 18 years of age as of the date of entry into STATE PAGEANT.

3. Entrant will continue to be a person of good moral character; affirms that she has not committed any act
inconsistent with the highest standards of public morals and conventions or that will reflect unfavorably on the
pageant, its representatives, sponsors and/or licensees: that she has not appeared in nude or provocative photographs
for any film or production prior to, during the State Pageant, or during her reign should she become the State Winner
or "Mrs. America".

4. Entrant must be a U.S. Citizen and a resident of the state she represents, and must have resided there at least six
months. Dual residency or residence at a military installation is acceptable.

5. Entrant must look solely to the State Director with respect to all matters relating to this application, the
preparation, rehearsal, performance and selection process, and all other matters relating to the State Pageant. Mrs.
America Productions, Inc., its officers, directors, agents and employees are not liable to entrant for anything
whatsoever in connection with the State Pageant.

6. Entrant must agree to attend the Mrs. California-America Pageant if selected as the winner in the city contest, and
further abide by all the required services, rules and regulations governing this pageant.

7. Entrant may have a modeling, commercial tie-up, personal management and/or agent contract, which contract how
ever does not include, authorize or permit the use of the name of Mrs. America Pageant or any title designation or
reference with respect to the pageant in any manner.

8. Entrant, agrees to be bound by the rules, regulations and the contestant Agreement required by

Mrs. America Productions, Inc.

9. No person may compete in the National Pageant more than once. A contestant may enter the state competition
more than once if she is not the winner and said Contestant may also enter the competition in another state if she
qualifies for the residence requirements.

I agree to be bound and abide by all the Rules and Regulations herein set forth.

Signature of Applicant______________________________________________________________________
Date of Entry_____________________________________________________________________________

                      Mrs. America is a registered trademark of Mrs. America Productions, Inc.
                             PAGEANT HISTORY

The Mrs. America Pageant, the fastest-growing, pageant systems in the world,
has emerged as one of the most important events of its kind. It annually attracts
thousands of women representing every segment of our society. Playing a vital role
in this growth are the Mrs. America State Directors, a network of respected
community and business leaders responsible for the numerous preliminary State
Pageant held throughout the country to select 50 State Contestants to the National

Now in its 32nd year, the Mrs. America Pageant was created to recognize the one
person most ignored in all major beauty competitions-America's married woman.

Significantly, it is the only nationally televised beauty pageant exclusively
dedicated to our country's 59 million wives, Vying for the coveted Mrs. World
title, Mrs. America annually represents the United States of America in the
pageant televised all over the world.

Entry fee $175 can be raised thru family, friends and businesses. To enter, submit
a recent snapshot along with a $25 (non-refundable) application fee, which is
applied toward entry fee to:
                                E.O.B. Productions
                          3954 Murphy Canyon Rd, #D204
                         San Diego, Ca 92123(858) 573-0875
                           www.beob.info beob@aol.com
                              Entry Deadline: April 18, 2009