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Issue 3                                                                                                                 14 September 2009

                  WSU a                              Rural                                       Brains and                  My Art, My
               trustworthy                                              Next week!
                                                  Development                                    Beauty                    Fashion adding
                and patient                                        Special Conference
                                                  should have                                                               colour to life
               University -                                        Edition on Research           pg 5
                                                    begun 15
                  WSU                              years ago         Conference and                                              pg 5
                 Research                                          Rural Development
                Conference                            pg 3              Conference.
                   pg 2

           Auditor-General brings Walter Sisulu’s values to life
                                                                            Nombembe accompanied by his family, including his wife Nokwanda,
                                                                            spoke at length about what the office of the Auditor General does. He
                                                                            was also not shy, when talking about proper governance, to reveal
                                                                            the state of our government, the departments, the municipalities as
                                                                            well as the districts. He went deeper into issues of accountability,
                                                                            who is accountable to whom.

                                                                            Revealing that our nation is in a state of decay was a brave move
                                                                            that everyone agreed is something Sisulu would have done were he
                                                                            still alive. So although Nombembe did not dwell much upon the man
                                                                            after whom the University is named, he delved into those aspects of
                                                                            society that go against everything Sisulu’s legacy stands for.

                                                                            Nombembe looked visibly happy and comfortable on his home turf.
                                                                            He was born on 30 September 1961 in Qumbu, Transkei and was
                                                                            awarded a BComm degree by the University of Transkei in 1982 and
                                                                            was awarded BCompt (Hons) by the University of South Africa in
Mr Terence Nombembe, Auditor-General of South Africa, delivers              1986. He qualified as a chartered accountant in 1990.
   a memorial lecture at Walter Sisulu University in Mthatha.

                                                                            The father of three is the first black African to hold the position
      HIS year’s 4th Memorial Lecture was hosted on the evening             of Auditor-General in the history of the organization’s 95 years. It
      of the last day of the Rural Development Conference in                is said that he brought to the organisation a firm commitment to
      Mthatha; the lecture was received with much enthusiasm and            supporting mechanisms for proper governance within government.
anticipation. It was also fitting that the lecture was addressed by         “South Africa is a rich mine of young, bright and talented youth. It is
our very own alumnus, Auditor-General of South Africa Terence               our task to help unearth and polish this latent talent,” he once said.
Nombembe, a native of the Transkei.
                                                                            His full speech will be available (once we receive the DVD from his
The lecture, with the theme ‘A culture of fiscal discipline, good           offce) on the WSU website and you will also be able to view video
governance and transparent accountability to the citizens’ was truly        clips of the lecture.
significant and could directly be linked to the principles and values
that ANC stalwart Tata uWalter Sisulu held close to his heart.                                                                  by Khuthala Nandipha

                                        Newcastle - Australia, pays us a visit.
                              See full article on Monday Morning News 14 September

  The lighter side! Members of the WSU Executive Management, Prof Balintulo, Prof Mfenyana and Prof Obi, enjoying the gala evening
                                                     Think                                                                                Speak
                                                     WSU                                                                                  WSU

                                     WSU a trustworthy and patient University
                                                                                     presented, especially on the research done around South Africa.

                                                                                     “Hopefully these studies can be generalized across the world and
                                                                                     be developed into methodologies,” he said.

                                                                                     Hattori has been working with WSU’s Professor Larry Obi, Deputy
                                                                                     Vice-Chancellor, Academic Affairs and Research for the past five
                                                                                     years. The two, alongside other professors, have presented two
                                                                                     papers around HIV components. The papers have been published
                                                                                     in Japan. Hattori presented a paper in this Conference entitled
                                                                                     ‘Procyanidis are Inhibitors of SARS-CoV infection’ alongside three
                                                                                     other doctors. “The paper ignited an interesting discussion. Many
                                                                                     people are interested in the compounds from different aspects. If
                                                                                     more research is done, the interest will grow bigger.”

                                                                                     Professor Malusi Balintulo, the Vice Chancellor emphasized that
                                                                                     WSU has foregrounded research development as a priority.
                                                                                     “Our short four year history as a newly merged comprehensive
 Prof Davhana-Maselesele of              Prof Toshio Hattori of Tohoku               university has proved that we have foregrounded research (mainly
  the North West University                    University, Japan                     applied and community based) as the third leg of our mission as
                                                                                     a developmental university together with teaching and learning as

         HEN a seasoned professor travels to South Africa each                       well as community engagement.”
         time WSU hosts a research conference, the indication
         is that Walter Sisulu’s growing research culture is of a                    Professor Obi shared the same sentiments adding that, “The
high standard. Professor Toshio Hattori, MD Emerging Infectious                      ultimate goal is to link research to utilisable products which may
Diseases, Graduate School of Medicine, Tohoku University in Japan                    be beneficial or commercialisable because commercialization is the
says WSU has a lot of patience as well as extremely trustworthy                      critical factor in the overlap between research and innovation.” He
doctors that he plans to collaborate with on research projects.                      added that WSU is gradually entrenching a formidable research
                                                                                     culture and using it as a springboard to enhance postgraduate
“There is a lot of unique scientific research that has been done in                  research and training.
South Africa, mostly characterised by the nature of the country. I
am in the process of forming a consortium because I would love                       “The world is currently experiencing a geometric increase
to further collaborate with the institutions’ doctors on infectious                  in knowledge due to successful research being conducted.
diseases, not only on basic research but also clinical,” said Hattori.               Nations are investing in expansion of knowledge-based
Speaking at the second international Research Conference of WSU                      economies. Institutions are encouraged to invest in human
with the theme “Advancing Knowledge for Empowerment through                          capital development. Strength and wealth are governed by
Innovations in Research” held from the 25th to the 27th of August                    knowledge and wisdom,” words of wisdom from Professor
in East London, Hattori said there were many interesting papers                      George Ekosse, Director, Research Development at WSU.
                                                                                                                                              by Khuthala Nandipha

                     WSU to host second graduation for the year in September

      ET another prestigious graduation ceremony will be hosted for WSU              Shore, Maryland, United States of America. She holds the following
      graduands. This is the second one for the year for all Faculties. The          academic qualifications: Doctor of Philosophy in English Literature, Master’s
      ceremony will be hosted at the Zamukulungisa site in Mthatha on the            Degree in English, Bachelor’s Degree in English, all from Howard University,
23rd of September 2009 at 09h00.                                                     Washington, D.C; a Teachers’ Diploma from Bethlehem Teachers’ College,
                                                                                     Jamaica, West Indies and a General Certificate of Education (G.C.E) from
Walter Sisulu University will also confer a degree of Doctor of Literature and       London University.
Philosophy (D.Litt et Phil) Honoris Causa on Thelma Barnaby Thompson
in recognition of her outstanding contribution to the advancement of a               Having thus outlined Dr Thompson’s illustrious career, it is fitting
quest for and growth of scientific knowledge, as well as upliftment and              that Walter Sisulu University, with whom the University of Maryland
betterment of human life through selected socio-economic development                 Eastern Shore (UMES has a vigorously active and productive
interventions, systematic and relentless initiatives of international linkages       Memorandum of Understanding) award her a degree of Doctor
between the University of Maryland Eastern Shore (UMES) and selected                 of Literature and Philosophy (D.Litt et Phil) Honoris Causa.
universities especially in Africa and the Caribbean, and sponsoring a series
of Biennial International Workshops.
                                                                                     For information on hiring and purchasing of academic regalia go to the
Dr Thelma Thompson is President of the University of Maryland Eastern       homepage.

                                          Talk                                                                        Feel
                                          WSU                                                                         WSU

                       Rural Development should have begun 15 years ago
                                                                       “During the time of poor whites, Afrikaners, their government
                                                                       used to give families seeds so they can feed their own families.
                                                                       Why can’t we do that? Nkwinti said in order for rural development
                                                                       to take place there has to be a certain culture, a certain state
                                                                       of mind, and a certain way of life. “Rural Development is a post
                                                                       Colonial Reconstruction Programme that should have begun
                                                                       fifteen years ago. But it didn’t, and now we have to identify the
                                                                       key areas that will ensure that this programme is fast-tracked.”

                                                                       Four things, he said, are the ultimate definers of Rurality: land,
                                                                       cropping, livestock and community. With regards to the land, he
                                                                       spoke very passionately about the need for the land to go back to
                                                                       its original owners. “Land Reform is crucial, and I believe that land
First South South African Minister of Rural Dvelopment and Land        has exchanged hands fraudulently. We are going to restructure
                   Reform, Mr Gugile Nkwinti                           the ownership of land,” he promised. But he warned that people

                                                                       must not expect to own land that they cannot cultivate. Those
      HE message at the opening of the 5th Annual Rural                with skills, ability and the drive to develop land will get assistance
      Development Conference last week was simple; “get up and         from government.
      do it yourself”. Speaker after speaker urged the packed to
capacity auditorium in Mthatha to do away with the dependency          Also speaking at the Conference was the Eastern Cape Premier
syndrome and start mobilizing natural resources that they have         Noxolo Kiviet. She congratulated the leadership of WSU and their
in abundance.                                                          partners for consistency when it comes to rural development.
                                                                       “This initiative gives government the platform to share, receive
“People cannot sweep their own floors anymore without wanting          and engage and reflect on its own strategies.”
government to get involved,” lamented Walter Sisulu Chancellor
and Chairperson of the Electoral Commission, Dr Brigalia               “This conference has had an influence on the resolution to focus on
Ntombemhlophe Bam.                                                     rural development by the ruling party. It is a flagship programme.”
                                                                       She let on that the Strategic draft for Rural Development has been
Dr Bam, born and raised in Tsolo, Transkei, said when she was          admitted to the Executive Council and that they are consulting with
growing up she had no idea that food was an entity that was            stakeholders about the content and implementation approach.
for sale. “We grew up cultivating, growing and reaping from our        The theme for this conference is ‘The New Rural Development
own backyards. Parents took children to school with their own          Paradigm in South Africa: Strategies and Models for making it
money because they had a sustainable way of life.” She said,           Happen.”
“Government cannot do everything for you, it is impossible.”
                                                                                                                           By Khuthala Nandipha
Sharing the same sentiments was Honorable Minister Gugile
Nkwinti, South Africa’s first ever minister of Rural Development       Bottom left: A woman creates          Bottom right: Elders from
and Land Reform. Nkwinti went nostalgic as he reminded the             a basket from scratch using          Transkei listen to a Xhosa
community of the basics that can change the rural community.           grass at the Rural Development interpreter on their headphones
                                                                       Conference Training sessions.             at the opening of the

                                              Enjoy                                                                           Love
                                              WSU                                                                             WSU

                             WSU learns more about financial responsibility

     HE WSU Accounting Department recently hosted a speaker                experienced all over the world, it is imperative that we arm our
     from the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) to address                 students with the right type of information so that they know how
     students and staff on the various investment products the             to handle life’s little financial issues,” said Nyelisani.
JSE has to offer.
                                                                           Ian Cridland, WSU Accounting lecturer, said “Hopefully with the
Takalani Nyelisani, Senior Communication Officer for the Education         knowledge we are being given by the host we will take something
Division of the JSE, presented detailed information on what the JSE        to use in our everyday financial decisions”.
is about and how the ordinary person can benefit from it. Nyelisani
understood very well how to communicate to students with his                “I thought the JSE was a white male thing but today I got to know
special brand of humour, making for a friendly and understandable          that even I could invest,” expressed Luxolo Ntsete, an Accounting
presentation.                                                              student.
                                                                                                                                  By Oyanga Ngalika
“Following circumstances such as the recession currently being

                     Beautiful, vivacious creatures celebrate women’s month

   T all began in 1956, when over 20 000 women of all ages and             speech, advised young females to take pride and take care of
   races across South Africa marched to the Union Buildings in             themselves in every aspect of their life.
   Pretoria. They came together as a formidable force to protest
against the pass laws that proposed further restrictions on the            The Student Counseling Unit, with the help of Peer educators/
movements of women. The march has helped women of today                    helpers, hosted Miss Charisma, a beauty pageant that aims to
to organise themselves politically and within their respective             boost confidence and change the attitudes of female students.
communities to take up the challenges head on.                             “Through observation and interacting with students we noticed
                                                                           that empowerment programs are needed to boost students’ self
“We commemorate and celebrate us, we rejoice at the sacrifices             esteem. The need is greater for the fuller figured ladies,” said Ms
made by those women many years ago so that we could stand and              Phumla Mahali, WSU Student Counsellor.               By Oyanga Ngalika
be blessed with amazing lives,” said Noxolo Nonqane, Walter Sisulu
University Procurement Officer at the Women’s Day celebration in

The speaker of the day, Ms Emerald Mdingi, WSU Communication
Lecturer, urged women to know, believe, accept and understand
that they are beautiful, vivacious and incredible creatures who can
do anything they put their hearts and souls into.

Students also celebrated women’s month through a Women’s Ball
that was hosted by the SRC in Potsdam. Everyone got dressed up
in their most elegant gowns in appreciation of femininity. Radio
personalities DJ Pastor, Lavela and others from Tru-fm were also at
the ball to celebrate with the students.
                                                                           WSU students looking stunning during the Women’s Month Ball
MCD Recruitment Officer, Ms Mathabo Hendricks, during her                                          in Potsdam

For your Diary -                                  Language Indaba – get to know SA languages
The African Language Unit wishes to invite you to the Language Indaba which will be hosted at WSU Nelson Mandela Drive site on the
29-30 September 2009. This event is done in partnership with the Department of Sports, Recreation, Arts and Culture.

                                                                  EDITORIAL NOTE
   “WSU Newsletter” is an initiative by the Department of Marketing, Communication and Development (MCD) and is distributed primarily by email
     and the WSU website. Print copies will also be added soon. We will bring you coverage of major recent news and events at WSU. News may
     be contributed by any member of staff in electronic format (MS Word 2003). Stories may not exceed 300 words and must be emailed no later
   than 2pm every Tuesday. Photos must also be sent electronically in minimum 300dpi JPEG format and must be accompanied by captions. Kindly
    contact Khuthala Nandipha at 043 702-9378 or use this email address: MCD reserves the right to edit all contributions.

                                             Talk                                                                            Feel
                                             WSU                                                                             WSU

                                                      Brains and Beauty

                                                                                     ALTER Sisulu University last month produced a brains
                                                                                     and beauty queen when a 4th year medical student Kajal
                                                                                     Lutchminarian (21) was crowned Miss India South Africa
                                                                            2009 at Durban City Hall. Lutchminarian, who topped her third-
                                                                            year medical class last year, is currently serving her internship at
                                                                            the Nelson Mandela Academic Hospital in Mthatha.

                                                                            “I have been living in the Eastern Cape for the past four years and
                                                                            have been interacting with rural communities on a daily basis. I
                                                                            have seen first-hand the difficulties they face. My primary aim is to
                                                                            use this as a platform to voice issues that are close to my heart.”

                                                                            The beauty queen, whose talent segment included stand-up
                                                                            comedy, a song and a dance, will prepare for next March’s Miss India
                                                                            Worldwide pageant in Durban during her vacation in December.
                                                                            Lutchminarian is originally from Tongaat, KwaZulu-Natal. She
                                                                            recently discovered that she passed her surgical exam at WSU,
                                                                            with the highest mark in the history of the University. She says she
                                                                            entered the competition because of her mother.

                                                                            “Winning this is more about personal growth and developing
                                                                            leadership skills,” she said in a YOU magazine article. She added
                                                                            that she hopes to win more financial support for the mobile clinic
                                                                            at which she works in Mthatha. She lives at the Nelson Mandela
                                                                            Academic Hospital, where she is doing community service.
                                                                                                          text extracts from YOU magazine and The Times

       Kajal Lutchminarian is Miss India South Africa 2009

                                   My Art, My Fashion adding colour to life

      HE WSU Fashion and Art Student Society caused a stir on
      Cambridge Street last month when they created a fashion
      and art buzz. The streets filled up within seconds as the
Fashion and Art street exhibition kicked off. The event was initially
supposed to be a campus tour for high school scholars, but it
turned into a huge fashion and art parade.

The youngsters and onlookers were fixated onto the beautifully
detailed sculptures, paintings and clothing designs that were
showcased. “I came out to see what the noise was about and
to my astonishment I saw all these people. I’ll have to admit I
didn’t know these kids were capable of such beautiful art pieces
and designs,” complimented Zikhona Madliki, an employee of the
Department of Agriculture, who was on her lunch break.

Whilst addressing the crowd Talalisa Gwala, a WSU Fashion                                    WSU students show their talent
student and organizer of the exhibition said, “Today we are driving
an awareness campaign about WSU’s divine field of study and the             “Doing what I love and what I am passionate about is making it.
phenomenal possibilities that are available within the dynamic              With skills in fashion or art I can start my own business and not
industries of Art and Fashion.”                                             wait to be employed like most graduates.”

Litha Ncokazi, an Art Lecturer said that people have the                    In the words of Aaron Sepeng, Head of Department for Fashion
misconception that if one studies art, fashion, music and drama             at WSU, “Money makes the world go round, fashion and art add
they won’t make it in the real world and they won’t have anything           beauty and colour to life”.
to fall back on.
                                                                                                                                     By Oyanga Ngalika

                                                Think                                                                          Speak
                                                WSU                                                                            WSU

                                          Tasty Dishes from WSU kitchens

                                  SU EDUCATORS are taking the                 have been world class. I am
 Some of the dishes
     offered:                     mission of the institution to “create       very pleased with the hard
                                  a new generation of highly-skilled          work put in by students”,
  Lamb/Chicken with      graduates capable of understanding and               added Mijere.
 grilled butternut and   addressing complex societal challenges”
 Savoy cabbage with      to greater heights. Hospitality students             College Hospitality lecturer
 marinated red onion.    from Buffalo City and Mthatha are getting            Oswald Mhlanga said, “We
  Dessert: Chocolate     first-hand experience on how to run fully            are trying new development
      mousse with        functional restaurants.                              strategies as far as practicals
      strawberries.                                                           are concerned with the
                         Students at College Street (Inkqubela
                                                                              intention of making the
   Creamed spinach       Restaurant),      East      London     and
     soup, chicken
                                                                              Hospitality        department
                         Enkululekweni, Mthatha have opened
    taglietelle, fresh                                                        and WSU internationally
                         restaurants that serve lunch for the
   garden salad and                                                           recognised as a trusted
                         students and staff for only R20 and R22.50
   custard over tipsy                                                         provider of higher education”.
                         respectively. The Enkululekweni group went
    tart served with
          wine.          as far as catering for the pre-conference            Students      have       given
                         activities during the Rural Development              incredibly positive feedback
   Lamb shank, mash      Conference week earlier this month.                  and they wait anxiously for A WSU Hospitality student serves
  potato and seasonal                                                                                             WSU staff members lunch at
                                                                              the next lunch hour. Bhongo
  vegetables, with red   Dressed in beautiful black and white WSU                                                  Enkululekweni, Mthatha
                                                                              Xabanisa,    a      Hospitality
    wine jus (gravy).    styled uniforms, the students’ presentation,
                                                                              student says at first they were nervous.
                         the quality of food and service is absolutely
   Cool drinks come      professional. “We say we are grooming
  standard with every                                                         “Now I’m actually enjoying the whole process. I love cooking, the
                         skilled graduates who will blow away the
         meal.                                                                service part I still need to work on,” he giggled.
                         outside world with talent, and then it’s only
                         fair that we experience this for ourselves”,         Another big fan of this initiative is Director for the Centre for Rural
                         said Ms J D Mijere, Hospitality Lecturer,            Development, Professor Nomfundo Luswazi, who is a regular at the
                                                                              Enkululekweni Restaurant.
                         She added that, “So far the food and service                                                                by Oyanga Ngalika

                         WSU Students drive self and community development

         ALTER Sisulu University will be a leading African                    critically at current programmes of the SRC and what role they play
         comprehensive university focusing on innovative and                  in the development of students. The Miss WSU pageant was used
         educational research and community partnership                       as an example of a programme that does not have transparent
programmes that are responsive to local, regional, national                   relevance and connection to the university’s mission and vision.
development priorities, and cognizant of continental and
international development imperatives.                                        Research and Innovation were highlighted as areas that students
                                                                              need to look into in order for WSU to be able to produce quality
This vision is shared by the four-year-old Student Community                  BLACK academics and researchers. Professor Nomfundo Luswazi,
Development Forum (SCDF), a movement of transformation by                     Director for the Centre for Rural Development advised the students
WSU students formerly known as The Student Session. They met                  to understand that development is not an event, but rather a
during first two days of the seven-day Rural Development Annual               process. She added that what needs to be done now is for those
Conference held in Mthatha from the 28th of August until the 4th of           proposals to be written, get protection for your intellectual property,
September.                                                                    ask for donations, be determined and consistent.

Intense engagements between the students and the staffers                     The Premier of the SRC at Cape Peninsula University of Technology,
culminated into a program of action with the aim of shaping the               Zincedile Tiya reminded all of the great academics and professionals
content of existing student structures towards a developmental                that WSU has produced over the years. “We do not want to see
outlook of the transforming university. The students were not                 WSU in future being cut down to a historical monument,” said
oblivious to the challenge of developing themselves first in order to         Tiya. “The sessions went extremely well. One could tell from
be able to transfer that knowledge and skill to their communities.            the dialogues and debates that the students are very clear on
                                                                              the vision and are willing to understand development further, in
The current plan of action includes a clear and streamlined role of           order for them to come back and implement programmes that
the Student Represantative Council (SRC). There is a need to look             we will be designing,” said the Forum co-ordinator, Xolani January.
                                                                                                                                  by Khuthala Nandipha

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