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									                                                                                                                 Spring 2006
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                                              Ms. Junior
                                                DC 2006
          t was Lights! Camera! Action!
         on a Sunday evening in
                                                                               By Tracy Ruffin
         November. No, this wasn’t                                            Communications
          exactly a movie production,
   but it did bring to mind the bygone        mentoring program to develop
   glamour days of beauty pageants. In        contestants to be accomplished in
   fact, it was a beauty pageant—but          whatever they choose to pursue,”
   not in the traditional sense. All of the   said Jeri Esocoff Wasco,
   beautifully dressed contestants            Coordinator for the Ms.
   gracefully strolled around in              Wheelchair DC program. “Jasmine
   wheelchairs.                               gave a speech and did such a great
                                              job. We hope to have more junior
   The HSC Pediatric Center                   contestants next year like Jasmine;
   sponsored one of the lovely                we are very proud of all the
   contestants—our own Jasmine, who           contestants who participated this
   was radiant in a pink beaded dress.        year.”
   She won the crown and title of
   Junior Ms. Wheelchair DC 2006.             It was nearly standing room only
   The HSC Health Care System is              at the DC Housing Agency, where
   proud to count Jasmine among the           the event was held. Bob Madigan of
   many HSC Pediatric Center “success         WTOP radio served as Master of
   stories.” Jasmine is a beloved former      Ceremonies for the third straight
   patient at the hospital—and she now        year.                                                                 (continued on page 2)
   attends Sharpe Health School. She

                                                in this issue
   also volunteers after school—
   talking to peers and encouraging
   them to achieve through hard work
   and determination. Jasmine hopes
   that as Junior Ms. Wheelchair DC,
                                                    page 2 and 3                       page 4 and 5                     page 6 and 7
   she can continue to be a positive role
   model for her peers and everyone               page 2: Ms. Wheelchair DC       page 4: Starlight Starbright    page 6 and 7: Thanks to
   with disabilities.                            (continued); New Executive       & Toys “R” Us donate new           our generous donors;
                                                 Vice President John                  playrooms to HSC                       page 7: Save
         Spring 2006                             Mathewson                             Pediatric Center          the Date, don’t miss June
   “This program isn’t just about                page 3: Family Advisory            page 5: Foster Grand-         Fair; HSC Grants Corner
   competing. Ms. Wheelchair DC is a             Council notice                        parents Program
2 The HSC Health Care System News I
  The            Care System News                    Spring 2006
(continued from page 1)

                                                                         The HSC Foundation
                               Last year’s winner of the
                               crown, Florence Lewis                    Names New Executive
                               Rainey, shared her
                               experiences as Ms.
                                                                           Vice President
                               Wheelchair DC 2005,                 Thomas W. Chapman, MPH, EdD, President & CEO
                               when she participated in            of The HSC Foundation, announced that John
                               the national competition            Mathewson has been appointed to the position of
      Jasmine enjoys helping
         to raise awareness at
                               in Albany, New York. “I             Executive Vice President, Strategy & Operations as
                various events don’t like to use this word         part of a recent reorganization.
     in the metropolitan area. often, but I met some of
                               the most awesome women                                              In this position,
                               at the national                                                     Mr. Mathewson will
                               conference,” she said.                                              have corporate
“Being Ms. Wheelchair DC has been a very positive                                                  oversight of strategy
experience for me.”                                                                                and operations for
                                                                                                   all business units of
During final judging, each contestant was asked a difficult                                        The HSC Health
question and a more lighthearted question. The                                                     Care System, which
contestants, Katrina Porter and Rochelle Harrod, answered                                          include The HSC
with eloquence and thoughtful insight about the challenges                                         Pediatric Center and
of living with a disability. Both young ladies displayed                                           the Health Services
positive qualities and the inner strength it takes to                                              for Children with
overcome the obstacles they face every day. At the end of                                          Special Needs, Inc.
the program, Rochelle Harrod was crowned Ms.
Wheelchair DC 2006, and Katrina Porter was crowned                 Mr. Mathewson is an accomplished senior health care
runner-up.                                                         leader with an extensive 23 year background in
                                                                   health and managed care, and formerly served as
Ms. Wheelchair DC is a program that showcases some of              president and chief marketing officer for managed
the most extraordinary women with disabilities in the DC           care plans across the country. In the greater DC
area. Each contestant participates in a two-day event              region, he formerly led CIGNA Healthcare Mid-
leading up to the competition. During these two days, each         Atlantic and DC Chartered Health Plan. He has
contestant delivers a platform speech, meets with the              worked with a wide range of constituents that include
judges in individual sessions, and participates in seminars        Medicare, Medicaid, Uninsured Care, federal and
designed to be informative and empowering.                         state governments, Fortune 500 companies, and labor
The winner of Ms. Wheelchair travels the Washington DC
metropolitan area promoting disability awareness at                With the newly created position and reorganization of
schools, religious organizations, community groups and             the Foundation’s executive management team,
businesses. She also promotes awareness of disability              Dr. Chapman will concentrate his efforts on the
rights and advocates for equal opportunities for people            Foundation’s new strategic initiatives, which include
with disabilities in all aspects of life.                          the development of a Community Benefit Fund. The
                                                                   Foundation is the parent organization of The HSC
Ms. Wheelchair DC serves as a role model for individuals           Pediatric Center and Health Services for Children
with disabilities across the spectrum by providing                 with Special Needs, Inc. The Foundation is dedicated
encouragement and informational resources. She also                to facilitating access to appropriate services for
represents Washington, DC on a national level at the Ms.           individuals with special needs and their families in
Wheelchair America competition.                                    the Washington metropolitan area and related local
                                                                   and national projects.
                                                     The HSC Health Care System News I Spring 2006 3

Attention HSC Families

          We Want To
             Want To
              Fr   You
         Hear From You                                                                                                                       Washin
                                                                                                                                           a Washington DC
                                                                                                                                                    ormance by
                                                                                                                                        benefit performance by
In order to provide the highest quality service and be
responsive to family needs, the management of The
HSC Pediatric Center is always seeking input from the
                                                                                                                                    Geri Jewell
families it serves. Families can bring their ideas and                                                                      Geri is known to millions
recommendations to the attention of management in                                                                           as “Cousin Geri” from
several ways:                                                                                                               NBC’s 1980s hit, The
                                                                                                                            Facts of Life. She broke
                                                                                                                            important ground when
Participate in the Family Advisory Council                                                                                  she became the first
The Family Advisory Council creates an opportunity for                                                                      person with a disability to
patients and families to actively participate in the                                                                        hold a regular starring
                                                                                                                            role in television.
development of facility and program changes. The
Council also provides a way for HSC management to                                                                            A consummate comed-
receive and respond to families’ opinions and                                                                               ienne, she’s performed
recommendations. By bringing families’ opinions to the                                                                      on the national comedy
staff’s attention, the Council’s work leads to increased                                                                    circuit and in comedy                      Geri Jewell
                                                                                                                            shows on A&E
understanding and cooperation between patient families                                                                      and VH1. Today you can
and staff.                                                                                                                  see her on HBO’s
                                                                                                                            Deadwood. She uses her                 Mistress
                                                                                                                                                           Benefit Mistress of
                                                                                                                            cerebral palsy as a
The Council is currently recruiting new members                                                                             platform for fostering an
If you’re interested in becoming a member – or just                                                                         appreciation and
                                                                                                                            awareness of people
                                                                                                                                                            Lesli Foster,
attending a meeting of the Council – please contact                                                                         with disabilities. Geri         WUSA-TV news
Kimberly Smith, Chair of the Council, by:                                                                                   always gets rave               anchor      Emmy
                                                                                                                                                           anchor and Emmy
     ♦ Emailing her at specialtogether@hotmail.com;                                                                         reviews! You will receive
                                                                                                                                                               ard winning
                                                                                                                                                            Award winning
     ♦ Dropping her a note in a Family Advisory Council                                                                     an invitation in the mail
                                                                                                                            as the date nears, but             journalist
        suggestion box (there’s one on each unit and in                                                                     please hold the date so
        the Family Lounge); or                                                                                              you won’t miss this lively
     ♦ Leaving her a message on the Family Support                                                                          and inspirational
        Line: 202-635-5755                                                                                                  evening.

Complete a written survey
                                                                                                                              Save The Date!
                                                                                                                              Sav The Date!
A brief written survey is also available to both inpatient                                                                             Wednesday evening
                                                                                                                                        ednesday evening
and outpatient families. Stacks of surveys are located on
each unit, in the Family Lounge, and at the front desk.
                                                                                                                                       October 11, 2006
There is no need to identify yourself on the survey
                                                                                                                             Proceeds benefit the Dose of Kindness program. The
(unless you’re requesting follow up).                                                                                        Dose of Kindness is a life-enrichment program, created
                                                                                                                             to provide personalized support for children and teens
  Family Advisory Council                                                                                                    with disabilities and chronic illness whose health care
                                                                                                                             coverage provides only for basic life necessities. The
                                                                                                                             program provides products and services not covered by
     Your interest and participation                                                                                         Medicaid or private insurance, and usually not available
                                                                                                                             from public service or government agencies. That may
 will help us better serve your children.                                                                                    include computers, adaptive arts and sports equipment,
                                                                                                                             communication devices, and other products and
                                                                                                                             services that enhance community connections.
4 The HSC Health Care System News I
  The            Care System News                     Spring 2006

   Starlight Starbright,
  We Have a Place to Play
        Tonight ...

       hanks to a partnership between Toys “R” Us and the
       Starlight Starbright Children’s Foundation, two new
       state-of-the-art playrooms were dedicated on February
22 . Much to the delight of HSC patients, the new, colorful,
child-friendly playrooms include lights that can be dimmed
and ceiling tiles with a beautiful star and moon theme.

Among the many features are three wall-mounted, interactive
activity games that have been installed at a height easily
accessible to the smallest toddler. There is also a sink and a
custom built-in water play station with faucet and drain for
hours of fun. The rooms are outfitted with a computer system,
TV, DVD/VCR combo player and stereo.

“For children in a hospital, the opportunity to have fun in a
well-equipped, inviting atmosphere assists in the healing
process,” said Jane Van Stedum, Vice President of Program
Services for Starlight Starbright. “While play experiences are
valuable in their own right, they also provide children a
valuable opportunity to express their feelings, release stress,
and learn new skills. Our partnership with Toys “R” Us
allows us to enhance the quality of our Site Program and
bring countless hours of therapeutic fun to children who need
it most.”

If you would like a tour of the playrooms or The HSC
Pediatric Center, please contact Lisa Davis Johnson,
Community Outreach Manager at 202-636-6126, or email
ldjohnson@hospsc.org to schedule a time.

                                                                     Executive and
                                                                       staff, System
                                                                        board mem-
                                                                     bers, Starlight
                                                                     and Toys R Us
                                                                     therapists and
                                                                           kids, and
                                                                        Geoffrey the
                                                                          Toys R Us
                                                                          Giraffe all
                                                                       joined in the
                                                                    dedication fun!
                                                              The HSC Health Care System News I Spring 2006 5

                                                               Volunteers: Making A Difference ...

       The Foster Grandparent Program
                                                                                                            by Jacqueline Davis
                                                                                                             Volunteer Services

        or most of us, the mention of the word “grandparent” conjures up
        childhood memories and wonderful times spent with a favorite person.
        Remembering my grandma take me back to delicious smells, wonderful
        stories, silly little songs, and more than anything, to a security of being loved
unconditionally just because I was…me. The benefits for the seniors and children
involved with the Foster Grandparents program at The HSC Pediatric Center are
endless. When a foster grandparent comes into a room, many kids who do not have
grandparents of their own, just light up and are eager to play with their volunteer

The Foster Grandparent Program is sponsored locally by the United Planning
Organization, and is one of the national service programs supported by The
Corporation For National & Community Service. The Program offers senior citizens
opportunities to serve as mentors, tutors, and caregivers for children and
teens with special needs. Foster Grandparents serve a minimum of 15
hours per week, sharing their love and wisdom and providing supportive
one-to-one assistance to inpatient youngsters. Ongoing training is
provided to all Foster Grandparents, and they are treated to lunch each
day. Most importantof all, they have the joy of knowing they’re making
a difference in the lives of children who really need their attention.

Foster Grandparents take pride in giving their experience, talents and
skills to improve the lives of children in need. They are an important,
loving—and beloved—presence at The HSC Pediatric Center.

                                                                                                           Volunteers in the
                                                                                               Foster Grandparents Program.

                                                                            Program Manager Jacqueline Davis welcomes
                                                                            new volunteers sixteen years of age and
                                                                            older. The HSC Pediatric Center is dedicated to
                                                                            making life better for everyone, working with care
                                                                            and compassion while helping families feel
                                                                            comfortable during the hospital experience.
                                                                            Would you or someone you know be interested
                                                                            in serving as a volunteer at The HSC Pediatric
    Younger volunteers                                                      Center? Please call us for more information
       also enjoy their                                                     about the Foster Grandparent Program and our
   experiences at HSC.                                                      other volunteer programs at (202) 635-6191.
6 The HSC Health Care System News I
  The            Care System News                    Spring 2006

                                                we thank you for your
                                                         you for your

Organizations donating $100                 Paul A. Artisst           Jack A. Hughes
or more since November 2005                 Jane H. Bachner           William H. Hunter
Alliance Orthopedic Labs, Inc.              Belden H. Bell            Homer W. Jack
Burness Communications                      Helen J. Benton           Barbara P. Jackson
Capitol Investment Associates Corporation   Mary A. Bernald           James M. Johnston
Customs House 5k Run/Walk                   Naomi B. Blackwell        Susan K. Jones
Delaware Otsego Corporation                 Paul B. Bran              Jane A. Josephs
Edison Electric Institute                   Anne Burke                Jack Kasten
Euronet DC, Inc.                            Leon A. Bush              James J. Kelley
Generation Corvette Club Inc.               Catherine P. Campbell     Arthur Kinkead
George Preston Marshall Foundation          Eric J. Carpenter         Eugene I. Lambert
Grandstand Design Enterprises               Patricia A. Cavanaugh     Danny L. Lawrence
IBM Employee Services Center                Doris R. Chandler         Lynn H. LeMaster
International Brotherhood                   John F. Cikota            Michael W. Lestingi
   of Electrical Workers                    Edward Comer              Cornelia Levin
Jacqueline Antone Interiors, Inc.           Socrates Constantinides   Selmon C. Lewis
Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc          John S. Cooper            Donald M. Malone
Ledo Pizza - Karlon Enterprises, Inc        Margaret N. Coughlan      Sandra B. Mayo
Magnolia Plumbing, Inc.                     Richard J. Coughlan       Alastair McArthur
Maurice Electrical Supply Co.               Richard E. Darilek        Jesse I. Miller
McKesson Information Solutions Inc.         Diane L. Dennis           Mary D. Miller
Mercedes-Benz Club of America, Inc.         Harry E. Densel           Thomas D. Moore
   Greater Washington Section               James W. DiCarlo          Odessa Morris
Miller Fire Protection, Inc                 Nancy E. Doellgast        Marcella W. Mullins
Muchnic Foundation, Inc.                    Thomas H. Dorset          Carol Murphy
Parents’ Perspective, Inc.                  Clifford C. Eby           Parichehr Navai
RAH of Washington, D.C., Inc.               Sarah Eilers              Doris S. Nelson
Royal Knights All Cycle Club                V. England                Keiko Nishimoto
Sons of American Legion Post 131            Thomas R. Estes           Laurence C. Nolan
Supreme Ladies Auxillary Knights            Karen Fellner             Andrew W. Nussbaum
   of St. John                              Robert Finkelstein        Goldie Z. Nussbaum
The Kiplinger Foundation, Inc.              Larry G. Franceski        William C. Nussbaum
The Kiplinger Washington Editors, Inc.      Barron H. Freeburger      Patric D. O’Kelley
The Sidney & Eleanor Glassman               William O. Gelston        Claire L. Orth
   Foundation Inc.                          Ralph W. Geuder           James R. Owen
The Spirit of the Lord Baptist Church       Christine L. Glaab        Dolly O. Palmer
Total Compensation Services                 James E. Glasgow          Thornton J. Parker
United Black Fund, Inc.                     Jerome C. Green           Franklin Paulson
University Behavioral Center                Norman G. Greenberg       Larry R. Pilot
                                            Daniel A. Hahn            James L. Proctor
Individuals donating $100                   Michael T. Haley          Jacqueline Ratner
or more since November 2005                 Ernest Hamel              Walter G. Rich
Jerome P. Akman                             G. P. Hanna               Gerald I. Rosenberg
Rae N. Allen                                Rosalie V. Hayden         Iris G. Ross
Brian D. Alprin                             Ellen A. Hennessy         Yolanda G. Ross
Hildegarde Alter                            Willie J. Hill            Carl M. Ruis
                                                                                          (continued on page 7)
                                                       The HSC Health Care System News I Spring 2006 7

           Save the Date!
    Saturday, June 17                                                      HSC GRANTS
     June Fair                               update                           CORNER
                  at Michigan Park           HSC Joins RWJ and Kellogg on
                       across from           Community-based Obesity Prevention Initiative
           The HSC Pediatric Center
 (formerly The Hospital for Sick Children)   The HSC Foundation has received grants from the Robert Wood Johnson
           1731 Bunker Hill Road, NE         and Kellogg foundations to implement a community-based initiative
                                             aimed at identifying ways to more effectively combat obesity in low-
                                             income minority children and their families. The primary objective of the
          ♦ Food ♦ Entertainment             initiative is to gain a clear understanding of how to communicate the
     ♦ Vendors ♦ Carnival Rides              issues and threats of childhood obesity to low-income minority children
  ♦ Health Information & Screenings          and their families. This knowledge will help to determine what
               ♦ Music                       messages, methods, and meanings can successfully motivate low-income
                                             families to adopt and maintain healthier lifestyles.

                                             Working with The HSC Foundation is the Washington-based
Arlie W. Schardt                             communications firm, Hager Sharp, which has extensive experience in
Stephen M. Schmal                            multicultural media relations and national and local public awareness
Russell M. Schnabel                          campaigns. Also partnering with the Foundation is Suzanne Randolph,
Imogene P. Schneider                         PhD, Associate Professor of Family Studies at the University of
Jennifer E. Schwab                           Maryland-College Park.
Ruby M. Shakesnider
James A. Smailes
                                             The project began in December 2005 and will continue over the course
Wayne A. Smith
Sidney A. Spector                            of 12 months.
Horace V. Stewart
Steven W. Stewart                            HSC and Local Foundations Team Up to Develop
Virginia A. Sullivan
Rey A. Tejada
                                             a Medical Home for Children with Special Needs
Joseph Thomas
Forrest C. Titcomb                           Four local foundations—Consumer Health Foundation, Meyer
Margaret A. Tribby                           Foundation, Kaiser Foundation, and Morris and Gwendolyn Cafritz
Michael T. Tuley                             Foundation—have joined resources with The HSC Health Care System
John D. Von Pischke                          to develop a quality improvement initiative centered on training,
Richard L. Walker                            education and technical assistance to provide a better Medical Home for
Patricia M. Walthers
                                             Children with Special Needs. The aim is to recruit primary care practices
Eric Wanger
                                             to participate in the initiative.
Eugene L. Waszily
Linda C. Watts
Michael K. Webb                              Each participating practice will receive customized training, education,
Kathy A. Weiner                              support, technical assistance, resources, and tools, as well as on-site care
Stephen E. Weiss                             coordination to improve their Medical Home effectiveness for children
Ulysses Weldon                               with special needs. At the end of the initiative, HSC will create a Guide
William N. Weston                            for Medical Home Implementation so that these activities can be
Prince E. Willis                             replicated by other practices throughout the Washington DC
Raymond C. Wilson                            metropolitan area.
Charles E. Woodbury
Mark E. Yachmetz
8 The HSC Health Care System News I
  The            Care System News                        Spring 2006

 The HSC Health Care System News
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             The HSC Foundation                The HSC Health Care System is a nonprofit,          The HSC Pediatric Center
         1808 Eye Street, NW, Suite 600        integrated health care organization committed       1731 Bunker Hill Road, NE
             Washington, DC 20006                                                                   Washington, DC 20017
                                               to serving individuals with special needs and
      202-454-1220, www.hscfoundation.org                                                               202-832-4400;
                                               their families in the Washington, DC metropoli-        TTY: 202-832-7848
                                               tan area. and eliminating barriers to health        www.hscpediatriccenter.org
     President and Chief Executive Officer
        Thomas W. Chapman, MPH, EdD            care services. The fundamental focus of the
                                               System’s work is to provide family-centered          Chief Operating Officer
           Executive Vice President,           services, guidance, and support through                 Deborah T. Zients
            Strategy & Operations              education and prevention programs and
               John Mathewson                  linkages with community resources.                    Chief Medical Officer
                                                                                                      Karen L. Smith, MD
            Vice President, Finance            The System has three components: The HSC
               Nancy J. Southers               Foundation, which provides overall gover-          Health Services for Children
                                               nance; The HSC Pediatric Center, (formerly           with Special Needs, Inc.
  Vice President, Communications & Marketing
                Jessie MacKinnon               The Hospital for Sick Children,) the only area            (HSCSN/NET)
                                               facility dedicated exclusively to providing             www.hscsn-net.org
      Vice President, Quality/Compliance,      rehabilitation and transitional care to children    1731 Bunker Hill Road, NE
            Evaluation & Reporting             and adolescents; and Health Services for              Washington, DC 20017
                Nancy Doellgast                Children with Special Needs, Inc., a nonprofit            202-466-8483
                                               care management organization that coordi-
          Director, Human Resources                                                                 Chief Operating Officer
                                               nates health care, social, and education
             Lynne Hostetter, SPHR                                                                      Bruce Goldman
                                               services for children and adolescents with
                                               disabilities and chronic illnesses.                    Medical Director
           Chief Information Officer
                 Eugene Greer                                                                      Cyd Campbell, MD, FAAP

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