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					Jewels for the stars

Hollywood stars are considered icons in modern day fashion. May they be
dresses or jewelry, people look up to their favorite stars and emulates
the way they dress and how they accessorize themselves. Even in
Hollywood, there are people who are fans of piercing and other body
jewelry aside from the regular and normal extravagant rings, necklaces
and earrings.

As the lights in red carpet events, you'll see actors and actresses
adorned with gems and jewelries that sparkle in the lights. Nowadays, a
number of Hollywood celebrities have become fans of platinum jewels which
they wore in different events and awarding ceremonies.

The likes of Reese Witherspoon, Madonna, Brooke Shields, Michael Douglas
and David Bowie seem to prefer body ornaments like rings, pendants,
wedding bands and bracelets made with platinum.

But body jewelry and body piercing didn't come from the influences of
Hollywood. It was more like the other way around. Historically speaking,
some 4000-5000 years ago body ornaments have been used in the attempt of
people back then to make themselves appealing depending on their culture.

Body piercing as well has been a practice in early civilizations. Even
the Bible mentioned nose piercing. The Eqyptians wore navel rings in
their various rituals. Some incorporates piercing as a religious ritual
like tongue piercing for the Aztecs, Shamans, and the Mayans in Central
America. Various tribes in Northwest America and in Africa still practice
various kinds of body piercings.

Piercing and body jewelry has been around for centuries. It was only in
the 1960s and the 1970s that the practice became more of a form of
rebellion and self-expression. Jim Ward and his piercing shop, The
Gauntlet, are often referred to as the first ones who popularized
piercing in the United States.

The practice has grown from tribal rituals and religious rites into a
form of fashion. Body jewelry and body piercing is now known as a kind of
artistic expression. You'll find celebrities like Hollywood stars, rock
stars, and sports figures that wear such ornaments proudly, making them
models for younger generation and giving their throngs of their fans
something to imitate.

However, one should not always mimic Hollywood celebrities. Sometimes,
the way the stars dress and accessorize is not ideal for you. For
example, if a celebrity actress dons a silver nose stud, imitating the
same might cause you to have allergenic reactions to the metal. It is
wise to make certain the kinds of materials that are bio-compatible to
your own body.

Metals like silver or gold contains small amounts of nickel which could
still cause irritations on the skin, especially if you're too
hypersensitive. Nickel is not a bio-compatible material and any skin
exposed to it can lead to problems like simple rashes which could lead to
complications and infections. It is not always a good thing to follow
blindly. One needs to think first and see if following their favorite
celebrity is worth it.

Most celebrities can afford the more expensive stuff. The fans, however,
have to think of ways to keep up. For fans there are other options. A lot
of stores sell affordable accessories and body jewelry similar to the
ones that adorn their favorite celebrity's ears, neck, nose, lips or

One can still look good like Hollywood stars and famous rock stars. It's
a matter of picking the right combinations of body jewelry and getting
them from reputable yet affordable stores. You can find lots of jewelry
shops on the internet that offer items at big discounts.