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  Issue   #1   Second Semester   Palau High School Newsletter         Since 1979               Feb/March., 2007

          PHS Pageant                                           2006-07 Awareness
                                                                                   By: Bertha T.

                                                          THE director of MOE, Mr. Emery Wenty,
                                                          requested funds needed to conduct the awareness
                                                          week from the PRIDE Project in Fiji. Fortunately,
                                                          they accepted our request and granted us with an
                                                          estimate amount of $95,000 plus. The grant will
                                                          be used for the Awareness Week expenses, such
                                                          as food and prizes.
                                                                   The Awareness Week will begin on
                                                          March 12, 2007 and will end on March 16, 2007.
                                                          It will start off with a parade of all participating
                                                          schools at the PCC Track & Field during the
                                                          opening ceremony. A series of educational and
                                                          physical activities will then follow through out the
                                                                   The elementary schools in Koror will host
                                                          the schools outside of Koror. Students from
                                                          Angaur, Ibobang and Ngeremlengui elementary
                                                          schools will be staying in Palau High School
                                                          classrooms. An estimated number of students has
    Mr. & Ms PHS 2006-07. Read story on                   been clarified and only one hundred fourteen
          page 2 for information.                         students from these elementary schools will be
                                                          staying here in PHS. The Awareness Week will
                                                          continue even on March 15, 2007, which is Youth
                                                          Day, a national holiday. The principal hopes that
               Thank you!                                 with this type of Awareness Week, students
                                                          would take time to get to know each other, so
The SBA wishes to thank Robinson                          when they reach high school there wouldn't be
Skiwo, Sabina Andrew, Sisca                               much fighting among them.
Skiwo and Kaipo Recheiungel for
their volunteer efforts in making
Shirochidori students of our school a
great success. The SBA lead-advisor,
Edward Ngiratrang, is eternally grateful                  What’s Inside:
                                                          Advice Column
for your kindness and generosity. May                     Latest news about our Teams
all the blessings be with you until you                   Financial Aid Night
die.                                                      And many more.....
              06-07 PAGEANT:                                                 The Burned Down
              THE START OF                                                       Building
             SOMETHING NEW                                                                 By: Tiffany O.
                                                                         A lot of people, especially students and staff
                           By: Lindsey N.                                wonder how the Palauan and English building
     ON January 27, 2007 Palau High School SBA held                      got burned. But the big question is, why
     its yearly beauty pageant at Ngarachamayong Cultural                hasn’t it been renovated, yet? We all know
     Center. The pageant began at 12:00pm till 5:00pm                    that the classrooms are not enough for all the
     with the help of SBA Advisors, teachers and students,               courses in Palau High School. Right now,
     especially the Junior class for the decorations, and the            teachers and students share classrooms for
    turn out was amazing. The audience was over two
     hundred people which was extremely exciting.
                                                                         different courses, just for our benefit.
                                                                                 Principal Theodoro Borja, said that
              This year there were nine (9) beautiful ladies             there is nothing we can do about the building
     and three (3) handsome gentlemen. The results went                  right now. It is in the hands of our
     as as follows: male contestants; Justin Sandei 2nd                  government, and the Ministry of Education is
     runner-up and Harkins Miner 1st runner-up, leaving                  waiting for local funds to be used for
     the tittle to Mr. Uchellas Yobech. Mr. Uchellas                     renovation of the building. It is a big project,
     Yobech also won the tittles of Best Evening Wear,                   so they have arranged a bill regarding its
     Best Talent, and Mr. Personality. For the female                    renovation. An estimated cost for the
     contestants, Lucille Umang 2nd runner-up, Jasmine                   renovation ranges from about $40,000 to
     Tkel 1st runner-up also the winner of Ms.                           $45,000. Students and staff, please be patient
     Congeniality and Best Talent, leaving the tittle and                and let us hope that the building will be
     crown to the one and only Ms. Jenna Mersai, who                     renovated soon.
     was also the winner of Best Evening Wear.
     Overall, the pageant went well, the decoration was
     beautiful, the crowd was wild, and the contestants were                    Palau High School
     pretty and amazing. Most importantly, there was no                             Restrooms
     fight or any mishaps. A very special thank you to all
                                                                                      By: Whitney Ngirmekur
     those people who made this pageant possible. What a
     job well done!!!                                                  WHY do you suppose we, students, tend to
                                                                       vandalize and destroy our restrooms? Is it
                                                                       because we want and need attention? This has
                     Special thanks to:                                become one of the major problems in Palau
                      All the contestants                              High School.
                 Jemma Willard: Freshmen                                        One reason why students go home is
                Wanda Kelulau: Sophomore                               just to use the restrooms instead of using the
                 Lucille Umang: Sophomore                              ones at school is, because there is either no
                 Justin Sandei: Sophomore                              tissue, the toilets are flooded, the place is filled
                Lindsey Ngirablosech: Junior                           with trash, or just disgustingly dirty. What can
                    Jenna Mersai: Junior                               we all do to improve and keep our restrooms
                    Harkins Miner: Junior                              clean for everyone to use?
                  Tessiene Ubedei: Senior                                       We have to ask the questions among
                 Jorecca Sugiyama: Senior                              ourselves. We know the restrooms are ours, but
                    Jasmine Tkel: Senior                               what happened? who did it? when did it happen?
                  Uchellas Yobech: Senior                              why did it happen? how did it happen?
                                       GEAR-UP Program at PHS
                                                       By: Harlen H.
     THROUGH February 5-15, 2007, “GEAR-UP” program conducted a workshop to P.H.S. students. The aim
    of this workshop was to increase the knowledge of students about the importance of post secondary education.
    Other useful information such as study skills, college preparation as well as increasing P.H.S. graduates and
    increasing college enrollment were discussed during the workshop.
            The GEAR-UP Palau program is under the Ministry of Education. Students in 7th grade through 12th
    grade are welcome and eligible to apply for this program. Application forms are available at the GEAR UP
    office which is located in P.H.S. campus. It’s free and has a lot of exciting programs. For more information
    please contact any of the following people: Marleen Ngirametuker- Project Coordinator; Lakolani D.
    Olngellel- Program Specialist; Maria Joseph- Program Specialist or any GEAR-UP members. So come and
    check it out or call 488-5442.
     Support Benedicta for                                               WASC
     Teacher of The Year!                                             By: Bertha T. & sonia W.
                                                     WASC stands for Western Association of School
                                                     and Colleges. The WASC consists of 5 members.
                                                     They will arrive from Hawaii on April 7, 2007, then
                                                     meet the parents on April 9th at 1:00pm and the
                                                     staff at 3:30pm. They will continue their work on
                                                     the 10th, 11th, & 12th. The main reason for their
                                                     visit to Palau is to see if PHS can and will meet the
                                                     requirements for the WASC Accreditation.
                                                              If PHS will be accredited, it will have many
                                                     benefits. Accreditation validates the integrity of the
                                                     school program and student transcripts. It also
                                                     integral to school improvement, strategic planning,
                                                     restructuring, and staff development. Accreditation
                                                     for our school fosters excellence by focusing on
                                                     students learning. Accreditation also helps PHS to
                                                     establish its priority areas for improvement. It is
                                                     also a way to manage change through regular
                                                     assessment,      planning,     implementation      and
         “Hi my name is Benedicta Mechol. I am                In preparation for their arrival, the SBA will
     teaching health in Palau High School and I am   conduct a clean up of the whole campus. Students
     applying for the Teacher of the Year this       are expected to follow the school rules and are not
     year, so I need support from all of you.”       to use foul languages. Everyone is involved,
                                 Thank you!          including the students, the parents, PHS staff and
                                                     the Ministry of Education. Efforts from everyone
                                                     will be greatly appreciated to make our school

      Has Chewing Betel
                                                         Second Semester
      Nut Become Legal?                                     Enrollment
                  By: Charlene T.
                                                                     By: Burke K.
    CHEWING betel nut in Palau High                  Elecha el second semester e ngar er ngii a
    School campus is against the school              beches el enrollment. Ng ngar er ngii a 12
    policy, yet most of the students I               el beches el students. Te tedei a mle er a
    interviewed were chewing betel nut.              Belau Modekngei School. Achimogna mla
    They said that without betel nut they            er a Emmaus High School, me a chimo er a
    become irritable and unable to focus on          Bethania, Midzenty, me a George
    their studies. But the rest who do not           Washington High School el school er a
    chew betel nut say that they are very            Merikel. E a tedei a mla er a Kagman High
    disappointed by their fellow friends,            School. Me a remla er a Kalaheo High
    because they risk their health for               School er a Hawaii, me a John F. Kennedy
    something like chewing betel nut.                el mla er a Guam.
            Some teachers urge students to
    quit chewing for the fact that they
    cannot afford it. Another fact is that                                                       Reminder!
    chewing betel nut can affect major
    organs in your body. In other words,                                            Attend all your
    chewing betel nut is a slow short cut to                                        scheduled classes
    death. For all you chewers out there,                                           and try to do your
                                                                                    best in every single
    continue on with your education, then                                           one of them. Midterm
    find a job, so you can afford to buy                                            is almost over; get
    your own and for those non-chewers,                                             ready for the exams.
4                                                                   Financial Aid Night:
                     Skipping Class
                       By: Kayla R. & Daniel H.            Seniors and Parents Workshop
HERE in our school, there are seven hundred plus           THE school counselors recently conducted a
students. Teachers and all school staff can never          Financial Aid Night for seniors and their parents.
keep track with each and every single one of us            Workshop was held at the PHS Resource Center
every time we are in school. We may not know it            from 7pm to 9pm on informative workshop. This
but our school is dealing with a big problem and           workshop aims to help seniors and their parents get
that is students skipping classes and going to places      financial support from the US federal government to
where they are not supposed to be. Maybe more              pay for college or career school. Most of our seniors
than half of Palau High School students are                and their parents are aware that there is a federal
skipping classes everyday or every other day.              student aid that can help them through college;
         But why do students skip class? As a              however, not all of them are able to do it themselves.
student, I think the reason why they are skipping          Counselors’ goal is to ensure that all graduating
class is because maybe they are pressured by their         seniors have the opportunity to receive information
peers, or they are just tired. Some just don’t like        necessary to prepare them to go to college or find
their classes or their teachers, while others just do it   careers.
because they are not scared to do risky things and                  Parents were invited to this workshop to have
just try it for the heck of it. Securities monitor the     better understanding on how their contributions help
campus, but they are not able to keep track of every       assist their child getting this type of financial
student skipping class. They can do the things,            assistance. Their involvement is essential in this part
because they know that no one will scold them and          as they are responsible in providing pertinent
that no one cares about things they are doing. They        information to complete the FAFSA (free application
skip classes and go to places where they are not           for federal student aid) forms. With this workshop,
supposed to be. They either go to places like PCC,         parents and students will learn many ways they can
Asahi Ball field and other places where they cannot        get financial assistant such as loans, grants,
be seen by school staff or faculty.                        scholarships and work-study in order to finish
         As they go to these places with their friends,    college.
they eventually get hurt which is their own fault and               The purpose of having this type of workshop
not the fault of Palau High School nor the securities      is to make sure that each student and parent gain
for not watching them. Recently, a male student who        knowledge and understanding of the process of
is currently a freshman, skipped class and got hurt        getting financial support and hopefully decide to
outside of the campus. Sources say that the boy and        pursue higher education. In addition, students and
a friend, who is not attending Palau High School           parents who do not have internet access may have this
were playing with a knife and accidentally went            chance to complete their forms using computers at the
through his leg. This is one example why students          resource center.
should not even think of skipping classes.                          The workshop was made available through the
         The principal should hire more securities to      collaborative support of Palau Community College
monitor the school during class time. In that way,         and Palau High School to help students enroll their
we can stop the increase of students skipping              first two years at PCC before setting out to colleges
classes everyday. Students should also take part in        and universities outside of Palau.
this. If you see a friend skipping class, talk to the               Many thanks go out to Palau Community
friend or tell him/her to visit the counselors for         College Director of Admissions, Dahlia Katosang and
advice.                                                    her staff for making it a success. Thank you parents,
                                                           guardians, and seniors who came to the workshop.
                                                           Any senior who missed this workshop is welcomed to
                                                           visit the Counseling office and talk to your counselor.
 They are skipping
 classes, thinking
   they can hide!

                                                                 A student who is involved in fighting with
                                                                 a dangerous weapon will simply get
                                                                 expelled for the whole entire semester.
                                                                 If a security guard finds any dangerous
                                                                 weapons in a student bag, he or she will
                                                                 be expelled. When a student involves
                                                                 in fist fighting, he or she will be
                                                                 suspended for three days.
To: Jinich & Ngild
                                                                   We Need a Cafeteria
                                                                                 By: Kristle & Justin
Fr: Tant
Mess: I thank God for giving me two special            LONGSHOREMAN and Furusato have been catering food to
cousins. God bless and ILY..                           Palau High School for almost a year. Both restaurants offer various
HVD!                                                   delicacies around the world in our lunch program and offer a
                                                       reasonable price of 25 cents for one bento, meaning most of the
To: My handsome & Beautiful students who are           students can afford this. The only problem is that we don’t have a
inlove                                                 proper place to eat our lunch.
Fr: Bingoy                                                     The walkways and stairs are not healthy places to eat our
Mess: Valentines day or not you are always in my       lunches because the area is surrounded by restrooms, trash cans
heart. ILY..                                           and other things that have the capability to contaminate our food.
                                                       Students are reluctant to wash their hands because they do not have
To: Mary, Ruff, Alesha, Marsha, Saula, Asap, twins,
ballers & cheeks, Miune, and Belmina.
                                                       the time or supplies to wash their hands with. After lunch the
Fr: Charlie                                            walkways and the stairs are filled up with trash and leftover food
Mess: HVD! May God bless from tips of your toes to     which attracts dogs, maggots and even bacteria.
the tips of your longest hair.                                 On behalf of all Palau High School students we would like
                                                       the principal to find the needed resources to create a new cafeteria,
To: Crystal, Zonia, Shemae and Irah                    or renegotiate with PCC cafeteria for the sake of our students’
Fr: Latti                                              health and our school environment.
Mess: HVD! Happy Birthday Crystal!

To: Workers of PHS Store
Fr: Pooh Bear
Mess: Diak dim kakerang especially Eleos.

To: All the students of PHS
Fr: John T.
Mess: Thanks for welcoming me back!

To: Miun, Marsh, Mary, Alesh, Belmina, Charley,
Spis, Tant, Martia, Vorw, Mers, Mickey and Elias.
Fr: Ruffina
Mess: HVD, enjoy and have fun..ILY

To: Pollar, Akemi, Usi, Janyssa, Hemilla, Dalton,
Kebekol and Tulop.
Fr: Aot S.
Mess: HVD! U Rock!! Metara ungil!!

To: Aot, Akemi, Usi, Janyssa, Hemilla, Tulop,
Dalton and Kebekol
Fr: Rolm4                                                          Littering on Campus
Mess: Happy Hearts Day, u rock harder XOXOXO                                         By: Justice R.
                                                        EVERYDAY we walk through the campus, we can see that our
To: Advance PE girls 4th prd.                           school is being polluted by us, students of this school. Due to
Fr: Aot, Akemi amd Pollar
                                                        our carelessness, lack of knowledge, discipline and responsibility,
Mess: HVD! Feed your hunger               not   your
                                                        we abuse our school for no reason at all. One student who cares
                                                        about our school said, “Some students just don’t care because
To: Otta, Sephine and Villiah                           they are not the ones who are going to clean the campus
Fr: Duadu’07                                            afterwards”. Well, Elilai Rengiil is very right.
Mess: Happy Duaduing Day.. party safe..                         What we need to do is, we have to cooperate with each
                                                        other and do the right things for a change. One thing that Elilai
To: Tirkel rokui el ngalek ra Airai                     suggested is a possibility to create a program that will be called
Fr: Whitney7                                            “P.H.S. cleaning week”. This way, we can all contribute to the
Mess: HVD! party hard with the ILY..                    school by cleaning and making it a better place to come and learn.
                                                        Since we will be an accredited school, we need to make our
To: JAh-Olg
                                                        school presentable. After all, we are one school, one body, which
Fr: Memmei
Mess: Arrach...promise? ka hal mchilak mak mei?!
                                                        makes us a ONE WHOLE FAMILY. Whether we like it or not,
                                                        we should help the securities and staff to maintain the cleanliness
                                                        of our school by picking up trash each day instead of littering
                                                        each day.
  Some of the many extra         6
curricular activities students
  do in Palau High School.

          Two Sides of                                         Advice Column
                                                                           By: Bertha T. & Sonia W.
           Friendship                                                      Want advice....?
                                                                     Don’t know who to go to....?
                  By: Mary Masters
                                                                           Afraid to ask...?
A good friend will always be there to give you a      MERAEL Chais staff will give advice to anyone who
hand when you need help. A good friend will
always help you especially when it comes to           needs help. Just drop your problem in the
studying and focusing on school. They will            suggestion box at the office counter and we will
always encourage on dreaming the possible             take it from there. Don’t worry, your name is not
things and never to give up on you dream and          required.
school. They will cheer you up when you are                  As students like yourselves, we understand
down and give out advice when you need it.            what you’re going through. We might not have
Those are the things or the qualities of a good       experienced the same problem, but we will try our
friend.                                               best and find the right sources to give you the
         What makes a bad friend? A bad friend        advice you need. It’s worth a try. You’ll never
tries to force you to do things, things that we       know, we might just be the help you’ve been
consider wrong and go beyond our limit. They          looking for.
pressure you to do things that go against your
conscience, such as smoking cigarette,
marijuana, and drinking alcohol. When they
force you or ask you to skip classes, or go
somewhere to do foolish things, the worst thing
that will happen is when they (your friends)
become your first priority, you rebel against
your parents and it interferes with your school
         Once in a lifetime, you made friends
whether it is a good or a bad friend, but one
thing you should remember is that, a true friend
will never force you to do any illegal activities,
leave you behind, nor put you down.

 How Did Valentine’s Day
     Come to Be?                                         Pride club members pose during their trip to Koror State Office.
                    By: Raven                                                       2/26/2007
DID you ever wonder where and who invented
or started Valentine’s Day?                                             Facts Machine
         It is believed that Valentine was a                                       By: Miss Lapuz
Roman Martyred for refusing to give up his             1. The largest seed in the world is the coconut
Christian faith. Legend has it that through the        2. Lemons have more sugar in them than melons or peaches
vehicle of his strong faith, he healed the blind of    do.
his Jailer, and then, before his execution, he sent    3. There are 10,000 to 15,000 kinds of molecules present in
her a farewell note signed “From your                  the human body.
Valentine”. This is how Valentine’s Day came           4. A study of older adults found that those who offer
to be.                                                 emotional or practical help to others live longer than those
         Another legend says that he sent the first    who don’t.
Valentine himself. It is believed that he was in
love with his Joule's daughter who visited him                                         Reminder!
during confinement. Before his death, it is                              Awarness week is coming soon. Be
alleged that he wrote her a letter signed “my                           there and dress properly. Be up to the
valentine”, which is an expression used today.                          challenge and make our school proud.
SPORTS                                     spORTS                                  SPORTS
                                                                 Jokes of the Week
      Volleyball Tournament                                An office manager at Wall- Mart
        By: Wanda Kelulau & Justin T. Saburo                         Compiled by: Marilou L.
                                                   An office manager at Wall- Mart was given the
                                                  task of hiring and individual to fill a job
 THE girls were required to have one round        opening.
 before going to the playoffs while the boys      After sorting through a stack of resume, he
                                                  found four people who were equally qualified- an
 teams were required to have at least two         American,   a   Russian,   an   Australian   and   a
 rounds before going to the playoffs, according   Filipino.
                                                          He decided to call the four in and asked
 to coach Dean. “Both the boys and the girls      them only one question. Their answers would
 teams had practiced hard for this volleyball     determine who of them would get the job.      The
                                                  day came and as the four sat around the
 game and I’m sure they’ll make it to the         conference room table, the interviewer, “What is
 playoffs”, claimed coach Dean.                   the fastest thing you know?”
                                                          Daniel, the American replied,”A THOUGHT.
         Updated sources from Merael Chais        Its just pops into your head. There's no warning
 staff witnessed both the male and the female     that its on the way; its just there. A thought
                                                  is the fastest thing I know of.”
 championship tournaments. After all the                  “That's     very      good!”replied      the
 efforts, both teams, Team Blue (girls) and       interviewer.
                                                          “And now you sir?” He asked Justice, the
 Team Black (boys) won the championships.         Russian.
                                                          “Hmm...Let me see. A blink! It comes and
                                                  goes and you don't know that it ever happened. A
 To All Volleyball Players:                       BLINK is the fastest thing I know of!”
 Keep up the good work and we thank you for               “ Excellent!” said the interviewer. “The
                                                  blink of an eye, that's a very popular cliché
 representing our school, Palau High School...    for speed.”
                                                  He then turned to Seth, the Australian who was
                                                  contemplating his reply. “Well, out at my dad’s
                                                  ranch, you step out of the house and on the wall
                                                  there's a light switch. when you flip that
                                                  switch, way out across the pasture the light in
                                                  the barn comes on. Yep, TURNING ON A LIGHT is
                                                  the fastest thing I can think of.
                                                  The interviewer was very impressed with the
                                                  third answer and thought he had found his man. “
                                                  Its hard to beat the speed of light”, he said.
                                                          Turning to    Burke, the     filipino, the
                                                  fourth and final man, the interviewer posed the
                                                  same question. Burke replied, “ Apter herring da
                                                  preybyus ansers sir, et’s obyus to mi dat da
                                                  bastest ding is diarrhea.”
                                                          “WHAT?” said the interviewer, stunned by
                                                  the response. The others were already giggling
                                                  in their seats.“Oh, I can expleyn sir” said
                                                  Burke. “You see, sir, da ader day my tummy was
                                                  peeling bad and so I run so fast to the
                                                  bathroom, but bepore I could THINK, BLINK, or
                                                  TURN ON THE LIGHT, sir, I had alreydi shet in my
                                                          Burke is now the new “Greeter” at Wall-

          Volleyball Champions
                                                             Awareness Week P.E.
                                                                       By: Justin S.
                                                   UNFORTUNATELY, there will be no sports
     For all athletes out there...                 competition during the Awareness Week.
                                                   Sources have found that the sports activities in
   There are opportunities for joining the...      this awareness week will be displayed only,
           Baseball - boys only                    meaning the chosen all-stars from both volleyball
            Fastpitch - GIrls only                 and basketball teams will display their skills and
     Table tennis - Both boys and girls            abilities. Fortunately for all track and field fans,
                                                   there will be competitions held among high
      For registration, go to P.E. office...       school and elementary school students.
                                                            If you have any questions or suggestions,
                                                   you can drop by the P.E. office.

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