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					                           IRIS FESTIVAL BEAUTY PAGEANT
                                Sumter High School Auditorium, 2580 McCray’s Mill Rd. Sumter, SC 29150

                          Saturday, MAY 15, 2010 @ 10:30 am
                                                          OPEN TO ALL COUNTIES
                          (Event application) - Email:
    Beauty, Overall and Swan Lake winner will make an appearance at the Iris Festival and ride on the Iris Festival float,
         Saturday, May 29 in the annual Shrine Parade. Iris Festival held at Swan Lake Gardens, May 28, 29, 30

                     Diaper Derby Race / Dress Up Parade - FUN!
                                    Sunday, May 30th, 3:00 pm – Swan Lake Main stage
                                              Sponsored by Dreamworks Dance Academy
                                All proceeds benefit Tracy’s Camp, Pinewood, S.C. - help send a child to camp!
                                       Entry Fee $10.00 for both events
SWAN LAKE GARDENS: For BOYS & GIRLS UP to 20 MONTHS EVERYONE Receives a PRIZE.                                                 Must be in diaper

DIAPER PARADE: 3:00pm. Winner receives a Trophy Children may walk or be carried as they Parade in front of the audience and judges:
PARADE contestant - the DIAPER MUST be DECORATED. Suggestion: Put decorated diaper over regular diaper.
   • Dress up Ideas: Swan, bunny, Iris, fireman, cowboy, hula dancer, Mickey Mouse, soldier, farmer, patriotic theme, dancer, hunter…
   • Options: complete ensemble with hat, shoes, anklets, or shirt. Diaper may be decorated by painting, sewing, or gluing, (glue
       flowers - bunny rabbit tail, ears. Use your imagination!
DIAPER DERBY RACE follows Parade: Adult must be at the Start and Finish Line to encourage the child.
   • Winner receives a Trophy. (child does not have to participate in both events)
   • Fill out entry form attached. Check if you are entering both Parade and Race or only one category.
   • Entries accepted at festival. Courtesy call appreciated *Please call to let us know you are competing.

                                                   Iris Festival Pageant
      Includes Beauty Competition and Prettiest Smile, Hair, Eyes - Sat. May 15th
BEAUTY : $50.00 Entry Fee. Winner in each age group receives a Gorgeous Large Designer Festival Crown and Trophy, Custom
Embroidered Wrap-around Sash and Rhinestone Crown Pin. Runner-Ups receive trophies. All contestants not placing receive a participation
trophy. PRETTIEST SMILE, HAIR, EYES: Included in Beauty Fee. Winner in each age group receives a Sash.

Miss Iris Festival (16 & UP) receives $100 CASH Scholarship, flowers and winner awards listed above. She is invited to make an
appearance at the Sun Fun Pageant in June, 2010. . Details provided by the Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce.

AUDITORIUM Opens at 9:30 am. Pageant starts with 0-23 yrs at 10:30 and 0-4 lined up backstage.

REGISTRATION: 9:30 AM Ages 0-6 10:30 AM Ages 7-12 11:15 AM Ages 13-15                                           11:45 AM Ages 16-up
NUMBERS: Pin on contestant right side. Adults may wear line up number for small children.

                                               GROUPS CROWNED AS SOON AS SCORES AVAILABLE.
Boys and Girls: 0-3 years, MUST BE ESCORTED by adult and within hands reach at all times of child. Escorts must be neatly dressed. Please no shorts, cuts offs or low
necklines. Ladies please wear pants.
                                        0-23 mths Baby Iris AND 0-4 years Master Sunday or pageant clothes- cute outfits
2-3 years Tiny Iris Sunday/pageant short                                        10 -12 yrs              Young Iris                      Short/tea length/long
4-6 yrs      Wee Iris Sunday/pageant short                                      13 -15 yrs              Teen Iris                       Evening Gown
7-9 yrs      Little Iris Sunday/pageant short                                   16 and up                Miss Iris Festival             Evening Gown
                          COLLECTIVE JUDGING: Age divisions with over 14 contestants will be brought back in 2 groups
          AWARDS: Groups with more than (15) contestants awarded 4 runner-ups and Winner. Groups with more than (18) awarded 5 runner--ups and Winner.
Entry Forms must be in hand by Monday, May 10th. AFTER Monday, May 10th entries accepted WITH $5 LATE FEE
     1.   Please pass on to others that you must call me by May 10 if you are paying at the door (cash). With $5.00 late fee.
     2.   Stage Walk: No pattern/ stage walk required. Whatever you do, do it gracefully.
     3.   Age on May 15, 2010 determines age category. You may move up, but you cannot move down a division. Reserve right to combine groups if necessary.
     4.   Sponsors (up to 4) announced: friends, relatives or businesses.
     5.   Hair & makeup MUST BE age appropriate. Judges decisions are final and are not to be approached. No scores given out.
     6.   Contestants and 1 chaperone ONLY will be allowed in the dressing area.
     7.   Contestant must be single, (never married), never given birth to a child, and a United States citizen.
     8.   Admission to Beauty Pageant: Tickets: Adults $5.00; 3 years & under free. One Chaperone admitted free with each contestant.

                                                        OPTIONAL PAGEANT CATEGORIES
     Winners in EACH AGE division for Most Beautiful, Handsome, Adorable, Photogenic and Portfolio receives a Trophy or gift.

MOST BEAUTIFUL / MOST HANDSOME Entry Fee $15.00- judged on Facial Beauty during pageant.
MOST ADORABLE: Entry Fee $15.00 - judged on personality during the pageant.

                                                  OPTIONAL PHOTOGENIC CATEGORIES
 Judged BEFORE Pageant, see deadline                 Do not have to be in beauty to enter Photogenic or Portfolio.
 PHOTO: Entry Fee $5.00 per photo - No frames or larger than 8x10! Color/black and white accepted. Please submit in
 protective clear sleeve and print name and age group on back of photo.
 PORTFOLIO: Entry fee $15.00 - Submit photo album with any size - mixed sizes, color or black/white.Print Name & Age Group
 on Album.

                                               OVERALL WINNER combining 3 divisions receives:
     •    6" Tall Elegant Crown and $100 CASH
     •    Custom Monogrammed Wrap-Around Sash and Rhinestone Crown Pin.
     •    Winner will appear at the Iris Festival and ride on the Iris Festival float.
Winner determined by combined scores of 3 divisions: (1) Beauty (2) Most Beautiful /Handsome OR Adorable (3) Photogenic OR Portfolio

                                                             MISS or MASTER SWAN LAKE
Good Luck wishes - Deadline Monday, May 10th. Prizes for everyone participating! It's SO easy. Anyone can donate
$1.00.YOU MUST CALL ME BY Tuesday, MAY 5TH to let me know what award you are working on.
                       $25-$100        Crown and Swan Lake necklace
$101-$150 = Crown & Trophy                      $151-$200= Large Crown and Trophy & Crown Pin
$201-250 = 4” Lovely Crown & 2 Ft. Trophy, Swan Necklace and Rhinestone Crown Pin
$251-$350 = 5" Gorgeous Rhinestone Crown & 3 Ft. Trophy, Swan Necklace or Gift, and Crown Pin
Collect Good Luck Wishes - $1 or more - from family, friends & businesses to help you receive prizes above. You do not have to be in pageant to
participate. Funds help production of pageant. Simply list your child’s name on paper and have folks sign with the amount by their name.
                  Highest amount over $350 is crowned MISS OR MASTER SWAN LAKE Winner receives:
     •    Gorgeous 6" Tiara/crown or boys King Crown, 4 Ft. Trophy, Scepter, Wrap-Around Royal Sash, Rhinestone
          Crown Pin, Crown Pillow or gift.
     •    Winner will appear at the Iris Festival and ride on the Iris Festival float.

                                                 Questions: Call me 803-468-0251 or 803-905-1919
              ALL DEADLINES:                                                               MONDAY, MAY 10TH BY 6PM
              MAIL FORM - with Money Order or check Payable to:
                       Jane Player Privette, Director, 70 Anson Ct, Sumter, SC 29150 – Cash PAYMENTS call 803-468-0251
                      May take to Swan Lake Visitors Center (M-F 9:00-4:30 pm) in sealed envelope you provide.
          TWO SUMMER CAMP DRAWINGS will be held at Iris Festival Beauty Pageant
                                                           Winner must be present to win!
                    Dreamworks Dance Academy and Carolina Dance Academy awarding
 Iris Festival Beauty Pageant and Diaper Derby/Parade Entry Form
   Pageant - Saturday, May 15, 2010 @ 10:30 am - Sumter High School Auditorium, 2580 McCray’s Mill Rd., Sumter, SC 29150
      Diaper Derby and Parade, Sunday, May 30th @ 3:00 pm – Main Stage, Swan Lake Garden, Sumter, SC 29150
                              Entry Forms on line: (Event Application) or email:
P R I N T LEGIBLY or Emcee will skip over categories
AGE DIVISION _________________________ CONTESTANT NUMBER: __________ Pageant Deadline May 10th or late fee charged
**Baby contestants substitute with interesting information
NAME_____________________________________________ CALLED__________________ AGE as of May 15th_________

DOB____________________PHONE (h) ________________________________ (OTHER)______________________________________________
CELL PHONE__________________________ E-MAIL ADDRESS ____________________________________________________________________
ADDRESS_______________________________________________________City ______________________________________ZIP______________
PARENTS ___________________________________________________________GRADE_______SCHOOL/Day-Care_________________________
SPONSORED BY: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________
CLUBS or CHURCH_________________________________________________________________________________________________________
FAVORITE TV SHOW OR MOVIE______________________________________________________________________________________________

DIAPER PARADE: Check to Enter     Child is dressed as a:_________________________________________
DIAPER DERBY RACE: Check to enter:        Creeper (crawl )_____ Stroller (walk) _______

Fill in Entry Fee amount and total
BEAUTY                                                       $50       $__________     Fee includes Prettiest Hair, Best Eyes, Best Smile
Most Adorable                                                $15       $__________     Judged during beauty
Most Beautiful-Handsome                                      $15       $__________     Judged during beauty
Photogenic                                                   $5 each   $__________     Number of photos submitted______ (Judged BEFORE pageant)
Portfolio                                                    $15       $_________      Judged BEFORE pageant
LATE FEE…………………….                                            $5.00     $__________     Beauty pageant entries received After May 10th
Diaper Parade & Derby                                        $10.00    $__________     Fundraiser for Tracy’s Camp –Sponsor by Dreamworks Dance Academy

PAGEANT/Diaper Derby & Parade ENTRIES                        TOTAL $__________ (Check # _________/ Cash____________)
SWAN LAKE GOOD LUCK WISHES:                                  TOTAL $__________ (Check#__________/Cash_____________)

MAIL with Money Order or check Payable to: Jane Player Privette, Director, 70 Anson Ct, Sumter, SC 29150.
       For information call me: (803-905-1919) (803-468-0251) Leave detailed message for fast response.

How Did You Hear About us? Newspaper Ad /Article ___Friends / Family____ Internet____Direct Mail____Email___ Magazine___ Stores____

ALL PARTICIPANTS hereby agree to indemnify the Iris Festival Commission and Pageant, Sumter High School, City of Sumter, Sumter District 17, Sumter
County, and their members, subsidiaries, and all other organizations and persons connected with this event, including the location/building, sponsors and
associates in case of damage, injury, loss of property they may suffer while taking part in this event or as a result thereof and from any and all claims.
Returned checks are subject to fees. I have read and understand the rules of this Pageant. In connection I hereby waive my claim.
GUARDIAN SIGNATURE _____________________________________________ DATE: _____________
Pick up forms at: Swan Lake Visitors Center ,; Dreamworks Dance Academy, Kayla Ann Boutique, Li'l Darlin's,
Castaway Consignment, Clarendon Chamber of Commerce, Tot & Teen Shop; Gowns to Crowns, Carolina Dance Academy

Forms/money/photos may be taken in SEALED ENVELOPE YOU PROVIDE to Swan Lake Visitors Center. Visitors Center opens M-F. (436.2640)

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