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					                                                                                    -press release-

                                                                           For distribution at AeroIndia 2005
                                                                            Bangalore, 9-13 February 2005

       “TUPOLEV” Public Stock Company is one of the leading Russian aircraft companies. The
company succeeded to the famous Design Bureau named after A.N.Tupolev, established in 1922 and
developed over 300 projects of aircraft, aerosleighs and small air vehicles, 40 of which were in serial
production. About 18000 Tupolev aircraft (including over 2000 passenger aircraft) have lifted off to the
       The company’s core activities are development and manufacturing of the aircraft that meet most
customers’ demands.
       “TUPOLEV” PSC includes:
        Design Bureau, and Flight & Test Facility
        “Aviastar-SP” PLC, a serial production plant (Uliyanovsk).
       “TUPOLEV” PSC cooperates with the following enterprises:
        Kazan Aviation Manufacturing Corporation (KAPO named after S.P.Gorbunov)
        TAVIA (Taganrog aircraft plant).
       Currently, there is a project to integrate “TUPOLEV” PSC with KAPO named after S.P.Gorbunov.
       “TUPOLEV” PSC is also working in close cooperation with “Aviant” aircraft plant (Kiev, Ukraine).
Totally, about 2000 Tupolev passenger aircraft were produced. Almost 350 aircraft, including the wide-
known TU-134 and TU-154 aircraft, were sold to foreign customers. The aircraft were sold with
participation of respective production plants and V/O “Aviaexport” PLC, one of the leading Russian
aerospace export organizations.
       “TUPOLEV” PSC is the aircraft company providing design of almost all types of civil aircraft.
       Today “TUPOLEV” PSC is developing regional, short-haul and mid-haul aircraft families for the
operation on any routes. TU-204 mid-haul airliner is the first new generation aircraft that was put into
operation in 1994. In November 1998 the first export TU-204-120 aircraft powered by Rolls-Royce RB-
211-535 engines was sold to KATO Aromatic (Egypt) by Tupolev Design Bureau, Aviastar-SP, V/O
“Aviaexport” PLC.
       One of the latest developments of “TUPOLEV” PSC is the design of TU-334 short-haul aircraft
designated for the operation on routes ranging up to 3150km. The aircraft can be powered by Russian
D426T turbojets; possible installation of BR-715-55 turbojets (Rolls-Royce) is under consideration.
       Tupolev aircraft are certified both against AP-25 Russian Airworthiness Rules and JAR-25
European Airworthiness Requirements to meet more and more stringent safety, ecological and noise
       The company’s priority objective is to constantly improve systems of the aircraft aftersales
       Experience of long-term fruitful co-operation between India and “Tupolev” PSC makes it possible
to view future with optimism for both partners. “Tupolev” PSC sees India as a reliable partner to which
“Tupolev” is ready to offer the most advanced projects and achievements in aircraft and space field.
       “Tupolev” PSC positions itself in India as a modern, dynamically developing aircraft company
based on huge experience, traditions and high level of corporate culture which is promoting advanced
military and civil projects to the market.
       For the time being “Tupolev” PSC is a company that integrates practice of development, testing,
certification, manufacturing, operation and upgrading of aircraft in following trends:
       a wide and overall range of families of passenger and cargo aircraft from general-purpose a/c to
long-range aircraft;
       combat aviation complexes of various purposes;
       building of unmanned air vehicles of various purposes with wide range of altitude-speed and
cargo-range characteristics;

                           17, Tupolev Academician Embankment, Moscow 105005, Russia
                            Telephone: 267-2533; Fаx: 267-2733; E-mail:
       unique developments in hypersonic and cryogenic aircraft technologies which are realized in
aircraft structures which were subject to flight and special tests;
       wide range of developments in the field of single-stage aerospace plane based on current heavy
aircraft carrier designed for operative launching of various payloads to space;
       multi-purpose and relatively cheap aerosleighs intended for use in lack of good roads and in
shallow routes.
       The most important part of Indian-Russia relationship is various aspects of military and technical
co-operation. For the time being “Tupolev” PSC is realizing project in the interests of Ministry of
Defense of India associated with operation of long-range anti-submarine complexes TU-142M by Indian
Navy. Design and technology approaches laid down into this aircraft in combination with state-of-the-
art airborne equipment will make it possible to estimate positively its reliable operation in future over
long service life.
       Unique tactic and technical characteristics of strike airplanes TU-22M3 will ensure high potential
for these airplanes. “Tupolev” PSC has all facilities to provide upgrading of these airplanes to
requirements of any Customer.

                                       Development of aircraft families

      “TUPOLEV” PSC is the first aircraft company providing creation of civil passenger airliners of
various seating capacity and flight range.
      All new Tupolev aircraft have mainly unified:
      - cockpit, passenger cabin equipment
      - vendor items used in main aircraft systems
      - single ground maintenance complex
      - Training Center for flight crew regarding the whole “TU” family.
      At present, TU-204/214 and TU-334 aircraft are in serial production, and TU-330 transport aircraft
family and TU-324/414 regional aircraft are under development.

                                           TU-204 / 214 aircraft family

      Today the aircraft of TU-204/TU-214 family are operated by Russian and foreign air carriers on
various routes in all weather conditions. The following airlines operate these aircraft:

       “Rossiya” State Transport Company
       Sibir
       Krasnoyarsk Airlines
       Dalavia
       Kavminvodyavia
       Aviastar - Tupolev
       "Air Cairo"
       "TNT Airways"
       “Vladivostokavia” has recently signed the contract on the purchase of four TU-204-300
      aircraft, the first of which will be delivered in the I-st quarter of 2005.
      High performance of TU-204/TU-214 aircraft family ensures permanent firm orders for these
aircraft which allows improving and developing the aftersales support system as well as providing extra
services for the operators.
      TU-204 is a basic version with 210 tourist-class seat layout. The aircraft is powered by PS-90A
engines. It was certified in 1994.
      TU-204C is a certified TU-204 cargo version with a big cargo ramp and 27t cargo capacity.
      TU-204-100 is a TU-204 aircraft version with a flight range extended up to 7000km. It is certified
against Russian Airworthiness Standards.
      TU-204-120 is a TU-204 aircraft version powered by RB211-535 Rolls-Royce engines. The
aircraft was certified in 1997.

                            17, Tupolev Academician Embankment, Moscow 105005, Russia
                             Telephone: 267-2533; Fаx: 267-2733; E-mail:
       TU-204-120C is a TU-204-120 cargo version certified in 1998.
       TU-204-120CE is a TU-204-120 cargo version. In 2004 it was certified against AP-25 Russian
Airworthiness Rules. It is scheduled to deliver five TU-204-120CE aircraft to China operators and to
certify them to JAR-25 in 2005-2006.
       TU-204-300 is a TU-204-100 aircraft version designated to carry 162 passengers in tourist class
over 9000km range. TU-204-300 aircraft is characterised by high fuel efficiency, range and profitability.
It is scheduled to complete the aircraft certification against AP-25 Russian Airworthiness Rules in 2004.
Within the certification test programme, in October 2004 TU-204-300 aircraft performed non-stop flight
on route Moscow-Vladivostok-Moscow and showed compliance with all declared specifications.
       TU-214 is a TU-204-100 upgraded version with takeoff weight increased up to 110.75t. The
aircraft is certified against AP-25 Russian Airworthiness Rules. VIP version is provided.
       TU-214F is a TU-214 freight version with cargo capacity up to 30 t.
       AP-25 Russian Airworthiness Rules are harmonised with JAR-25 and FAR-25 Requirements.
       All aircraft of TU-204/214 family meet existing requirements of Chapter 3 ICAO noise and
emission standards, and will meet Chapter 4 ICAO standards after the effective date.

                                              TU-334 aircraft family

      TU-334 is a state-of-the-art short-haul aircraft designed on the basis of advanced developments in
aerodynamics, structure, and avionics ensuring high-level comfort and safety, and high-quality
standards traditional for “TUPOLEV” PSC. Various versions, universal layouts and up-to-date avionics
allow operators to choose the TU-334 aircraft version that would be ideal for any flight mission.
      TU-334-100 is a basic version designated to carry 102 passengers in tourist class. The aircraft is
powered by D436T1 engines. In 2003 it was certified against AP-25 Russian Airworthiness Rules.
      TU-334-100C is a TU-334-100 cargo version.
      TU-334 VIP version is characterised by unique performance and highest comfort level.
      Currently, “TUPOLEV” PSC is negotiating with some operators to deliver TU-334 aircraft.
Therefore, the preparation of the aircraft large-scale production is underway.
      As all new Tupolev aircraft, TU-334 aircraft fully meet noise and emission ICAO standards.

                                                Serial production

    Currently, the following aircraft are in serial production:
     TU-214                 (KAPO named after S.P.Gorbunov)
     TU-204-100             ("Aviastar-SP")
     TU-204-120             (“Aviastar-SP”)
     TU-204-300             (“Aviastar-SP”)
    TU-334 serial production is performed at “Aviant” aircraft plant (Kiev, Ukraine). In 2004
“TUPOLEV” PSC is planning to organise TU-334 serial production in Russia in cooperation with KAPO
named after S.P.Gorbunov, “Aviastar-SP”, TAVIA, RSK “MiG”, and “Aviant” Kiev aircraft plant.

                                             NEW DEVELOPMENTS

                                        TU-330 transport aircraft family

      The results of research conducted by “TUPOLEV” PSC in cooperation with leading Russian civil
and military research centres have shown that nowadays the major problem of cargo air transportation
is a lack of up-to-date multi-purpose medium transport aircraft. Therefore, the company has been
developing TU-330 new high-wing aircraft, a cargo version of TU-214 aircraft. TU-330 aircraft is
designated to carry cargo containers and transport weighing up to 35t as well as deliver transport and
cargoes. High-wing structure enhances its capabilities. Since TU-330 is a multi-purpose aircraft, the
operators can use it not only for transportation of various cargoes but also as a rescue aircraft,
reconnaissance aircraft, etc.
      TU-330 aircraft is 75% unified with TU-214 aircraft. This allows significantly reducing its
developing and operating costs.

                            17, Tupolev Academician Embankment, Moscow 105005, Russia
                             Telephone: 267-2533; Fаx: 267-2733; E-mail:
     TU-330 aircraft can be powered by various Russian and foreign engines (PS-90A, NK-93, RB-
211-535FS, PW2240) allowing to widen fields of its use and meet customers’ demands.

                                    TU-324 / 414 regional aircraft family

       “TUPOLEV” PSC is currently working on the development of TU-324 / TU-414 new generation
regional aircraft. These aircraft have been designed with the use of CALS technologies. New approach
to the aircraft design allowed to create a well-balanced layouts of passenger and cargo compartments,
ergonomic cockpit, minimise ground maintenance time and costs, extend assigned service life and
provide operation without overhauls. New technologies are also used in many onboard systems of TU-
324 and TU-414 aircraft which significantly increases safety and comfort level of these aircraft. The
aircraft aerodynamic configuration with the engines installed in the tail part allows protecting engines
from the foreign matters ingestion at takeoff and landing. These aircraft can be operated on short
runways of regional airfields. TU-324 and TU-414 aircraft operating performance makes them highly
profitable for the operators.

                        “TUPOLEV” PSC and its partners are open to collaboration!

      It is known that India is currently busy with exploration and research works on layout and
characteristics of aerospace plane and on hypersonic technologies. In this aspects Indian side can find
in “Tupolev” PSC a highly skilled partner that gained experience in investigation, design and special
testing over the period of almost 50 years. In view of “Tupolev” unique cryogenic aircraft technologies
deployment of joint scientific and research works in this area could by quite topical.

      Summarising` all mentioned above it is possible to say with confidence that scientific and
technical potentiality of “Tupolev” PSC can ensure very extensive collaboration with India both on the
stage of joint investigation, research and development and on delivery and operation of wide range of
aircraft products including various approaches for joint development and production.

                           17, Tupolev Academician Embankment, Moscow 105005, Russia
                            Telephone: 267-2533; Fаx: 267-2733; E-mail: