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					                      Michigan Political Leadership Program
                             Alumni Herald
                      News from the MPLP Association of Fellows                                       Summer 2004

                     CNN “Crossfire” in Michigan
James Carville and Tucker Carlson of CNN’s Crossfire           Every criticism is met with references to Kerry’s personal
brought laughs and political analyses to the 9th annual        biography, Carlson said. But insisting that running on the
MPLP fundraiser at Laurel Manor in Livonia. A record           idea that one candidate is the better man is “too shallow”;
crowd of 850 guests gathered on March 4 at what has            Carlson expressed his belief that a candidate needs to have
become the biggest annual political event in Michigan.         a platform of abstract ideas to win the votes of the
                                                               American people.
“I really liked the                                                                              The evening was filled
excitement that Carville                                                                         with fun and
and Carlson generated,”                                                                          informational tidbits,
said attendee and                                                                                from Carlson conducting
alumnus Gary Heidel (S                                                                           a interview with a naked
’93) said. “It wasn’t                                                                            John Kerry in the locker
scripted and felt very                                                                           room after a hockey
natural.”                                                                                       game to Carville’s
                                                                                                announcement that he
Carville, known around                                                                          was named one of
the world for his shoot-                                                                        People magazine’s
from-the-hip style, has                                                                         Sexiest Men Alive. “Us
managed more                                                                                    bald-headed old guys are
campaigns than any                                                                              making a comeback,” he
other political consultant                                                                      joked.
in America. In addition
to sharing humorous
anecdotes about his                                                                           The admired and
marriage to another                                                                           respected Mistress of
famous political                                                                              Ceremonies, WDIV’s
consultant, Republican                                                                        Carmen Harlan, added her
Mary Matalin, Carville felt that this year’s presidential      two cents when she talked about restoring hope in the City
election would be about how happy voters are with the          of Detroit.
current direction of our government.
                                                            “Stop telling people that their schools are failing when
“Every election, where there’s an incumbent, boils down to there are some good schools,” passionately said Harlan.
a simple question,” said Carville matter-of-factly. “Do you “There are good students, good families, and good
want change or more of the same?”                           institutions in the City of Detroit. We just don’t hear
                                                            enough about them, and that’s part of the answer.”
While Carville expressed his belief that most people are not
happy with the status quo, the Democrats will need to        Ultimately, attendees came out of support for the MPLP
prove their strength by defending themselves more            which recruits and trains potential public policy leaders
vehemently.                                                  with skills necessary for effective governance.

“They’re [the Republicans] are going to come after John        “I like that this program identifies potential leaders and
Kerry like the Vietcong never did,” said Carville. “If you     helps them to become great leaders,” said Rochelle Black,
look weak, you’re going to lose,” as he talked further about   Director of Government Relations at Oakland University.
the need for the Democrat Party to play strong defense.        Black has attended and
“America will not trust a party to defend it that will not     contributed to every
defend itself.”                                                annual fundraiser since

Tucker Carlson, who jokingly referred to himself as a
Sharpton man, is considered one of the best political          The 2nd Annual West           MPLP Fundraisers        1
analysts in broadcast journalism today. Carlson said that      Michigan Breakfast took
this presidential election will come down to the               place the following           Alumni Give Back      2-3
“manliness” factor.                                            morning at the Frederik       Alumni News             4
                                                               Meijer Gardens before a
“In times of war, the average swing voter is going to be       crowd of 330 guests.          Meet the 2004 Class     5
hesitant to vote for someone weak,” said Carlson as he         Grand Rapids well-loved
explained why Democrats ditched colorful Vermont               anchor Kim Covington of       2005 Recruitment        6
Governor Howard Dean in favor of war hero Senator John         WZZM was the Mistress
Kerry.                                                         of Ceremonies.                Calendar of Events      7
       Alumni Herald                                                                                                                                Page 2

                                                                                                                     2003 Class
                                                                                                                     Gives Back
                                                                                                                     When it comes to giving back to the
                                                                                                                     MPLP, the 2003 class really showed
                                                                                                                     us all how to do it. In fact, the hard-
                                                                                                                     working efforts of the 2003 class
                                                                                                                     were illustrated when class
                                                                                                                     representatives handed a check for
                                                                                                                     $9,500 to MPLP program directors,
                                                                                                                     Anne Mervenne and Jim Agee at the

                                                                            “Fundraising for the MPLP should be
                                                                            considered both part of
                                                                            the education, as well as a chance to
                                                                            say “thank you” for the chance to be
                                                                            part of this exceptionally rewarding
program,” said 2003 graduate Kim Harbus. “I was honored to have been selected for this unique opportunity and felt
a responsibility to give back to it.”

                                                                                               Harbus, an attorney by trade felt it was important
                                                                                               “to ensure that others interested in public service and
                                                                                               politics could share the same experience while promoting a
                                                                                               united vision for Michigan.”

                                                                                               The Giving Back Campaign was designed for fellows to
                                                                                               apply fundraising strategies learned in class by helping to
                                                                                               raise money through the fundraising events for MPLP.
                                                                                               Fellows from the Alumni Steering Committee then
                                                                                               developed and presented lessons that integrated concepts,
                                                                                               such as developing donor lists and how to ask for money.
                                                                                               The six-month unit also included electing a class
                                                                                               representative to the Alumni Steering Committee and
                                                                                               planning the class reunion.

                                                                                               The goal of the Giving Back Campaign was to raise at least
                                                                                               $12,000 — the cost of one MPLP Fellowship. However,
                                                                                               the check was printed before all ticket sales for the annual
                                                                                               MPLP fundraising events were recorded. They were just
                                                                                               short of the goal at $11,425. The top sellers were Kim
                                                                                               Harbus, Terrie Junkin, and Cynthia Israels.

                                                                                               Congratulations to members of the 2003 Class for their
                                                                                               successful fundraising! They set a very high standard for
                                                                                               the Giving Back Campaign. Will the 2004 Class be able to
                                                                                               meet the challenge and surpass the 2003 Class? Stay

                                     2003 MPLP Class
  Bottom Row (L-R) Terrie Junkin, Kim Harbus, Kristine Franko, Shannon Horvath, Tom Owczarek
                          (L-R) Greg Moore, Daniel Feinberg, Todd Perkins                                         2003 Class Reunion
                                                                                                          August 6-8, 2004 - Sault Ste. Marie
                       (L-R) Joel Hondorp, Dale Martin, Ann Marie Raduazo
                (L-R) Ron Evans, Ron Cischke, Teresa Bingman, Justin Winslow
                       (L-R) Cynthia Israels, Stella Greene, Tony Stackpoole
                  (L-R) Jim Agee, Beverly Brown, Susan Burton, Michelle Brant
                     Top Row (L-R) Carol Vernon, Dan Cherrin, Anne Mervenne
                                                                                                       For information, contact Tony Stackpoole
                             (not pictured T.J. Bucholz and Rose Jones)
     Alumni Herald
    Alumni Herald                                                                                                                                            Page 3
                                                                                                                                                             Page 4

                     THANK YOU ALUMNI - for a successful year
Constance Baldwin, 1997     Susan Safford, Fall 1993                                                     2004 fundraiser photos
Richard Ball, 1997          Cathy Schmitt, 2002
Nancy Banks, 2002           Kate Segal, 2002
Bryan Barnett, 2001         Sam Singh, 1997
Kevin Beard, 2001           Doug Skrzyniarz, 2001                                                                            Tucker Carlson
Regina Bell, 1999           Kurt Soper, 2001
Teresa Bingman, 2003        Anthony Stackpool, 2003
Zena Biocca, 2002           Maureen Stapleton, 2004
Tom Brenner, 2004           Thornton Strange, 1995
Lori Brist, 2004            Bryan Taylor, 1999
TJ Bucholz, 2003            Patrick Tiedt, 2004
Karen Buie, 2004            Chris Trebilcock, 2004
Susan Burton, 2003          Juli Trudell, 2001
Mary Bush, 1997             Roger Trudell, 2001                2nd Annual West Michigan Breakfast
Dan Cherrin, 2003           Jon Van Allsburg, 1997             Frederik Meijer Gardens - March 5, 2004
Ron Cischke, 2003           Carol Vernon, 2003
Ken Cockrel, Jr., Fall 1992 Shelli Weisberg, 2000
Fred Collins, 2000          Chris Winans, 2002
Mike Colucci, Fall 1994     Justin Winslow, 2003
Dale Copedge, 2002          William Zaagman, 1996
Grace Davis, 1998           Evelyn Zois, 2004
Sharalyn Davis, 2001
Robert Dean, Fall 1994
Richard Doherty, 1995
Carol Elfring, 2000
Art Espey, 2002
Ron Evans,2003
Michael Ezzo, 2004
Carmen Fahie, 1997
                                                                                                                       Wayne Co. Executive Robert Ficano &
Kristine Franko, 2003                                                                                                  Detroit City Councilman
Jim Gehrke, 1998                                                                                                       Ken Cockrel, Jr. (Fall 92)
Pan Godchaux, Spring 1993                  Secretary of State
Cheryl Graham-Solomon, Spring 1994         Terri Lynn Land
Kellie Green, 1996
Kimberly Harbus, 2003                                                          Ragin’ Cajun James Carville (04)
Gary Heidel, Spring 1993
John Helmholdt, 2004
Joel Hondorp, 2003
Cynthia Israels, 2003
Darlene Janulis, 1997
David Jaroch, Spring 1993
Jeffrey Jenks, 2001
Shaula Johnston, 2002                                                                                             Gary Heidel (Spring 93) & Pat Harrington
Rose Jones, 2003
Calvin Jones, 1996
Terrie Junkin, 2003
Katherine Kakish, 2004
Todd Kaminski, 2001
Carolyn Kane, Fall 1993
John Kerr, 2004
Mary Kerr, 2004
Mary Kerwin, 2001
Nadine Klein, 2004
Barbara Knuth, Fall 1994
Jon Kreger, 2002
David Lambert, 2002
Ken Lampar, 1995
Chris Laverty, 2004
Tina Leary, 2002
Judith Lincoln, 2001                                                                                                                          Jim Agee, Anne Mervenne &
Lisa Lund, 2000                                                                                                      MSU President Peter McPherson with Carville & Carlson
Peter MacGregor, 2004
Deborah Macon, Fall 1993
Dale Martin, 2003
Lynn Mason, 2001
JoAnne McShane, 1995
Rusty Merchant, 1996
Bettye Misuraca, 1995
Sheryl Mitchell, 2002       State Representative Craig DeRoche (Fall 92),
Gregory Moore, 2003         Mike McLauchlan & Aaron Payment (Fall 92)
Sherri Muzher, Fall 1993
Greg Ostrander, 2002
Tom Owczarek, 2003
Joe Paczkowski, 1997
Aaron Payment, Fall 1992
Gladys Peeples-Burks,
   Spring 1993
Todd Perkins, 2003
Bree Popp Woodruff, 2004
Lois Powers, Fall 1993
Amanda Price, Spring 1993
Ann Marie Raduazo, 2003
Robert Randall, 1996                         Lt. Governor John Cherry, Pat Harrington
Scott Ray, 1999                                                      & Tucker Carlson
Michael Rochholz, 2004
     Alumni Herald                                                                                           Page 4

  Alumni News
   On the Ball0t                                   New Position
   City                                               Carmen Fahie (97), Administrative Law Judge, Michigan Family
   Nancy Banks (02), Clerk, Southfield★                 Independence Agency
   Karen Buie (04), Clerk, Muskegon★                  Ann Marie Raduazo (03), Fundraising Executive, Focus: HOPE
   David Lossing (F94), Mayor, Linden                 Ken Ross (01), Chief of Staff, Office of the Commissioner,
                                                        MI Department of Labor & Economic Growth
   County                                             Michelle Walk (00), Director, MSU Extension-Mackinac County
   Joel Hondorp (03), Clerk, Ottawa★
   Nadine Klein (04), Commissioner, Kent
   Tina Leary (02), Clerk, Van Buren
   Tom Owczarek (03), Commissioner,
                                                   Newly Elected or Appointed
      Macomb                                          Nannette Bowler (99), Ionia County Probate Judge
   Carol Vernon (03), Clerk, Gratiot                  Pan Godchaux (S93), Oakland School Board
                                                      Rudolph Hobbs, Jr. (04), Southfield School Board
   Probate Court                                      Margaret O’Brien (00), Portage City Council
   Nannette Bowler (99), Ionia Co.★

   State House
   Richard Ball (97), District 85
   Paul Bigford (04), District 100                    Senator Wayne Kuipers (96) and Regina Bell (99)
   Craig DeRoche (F92), District 38★                  were featured in the Michigan Lobbyist (Winter
   Ed Clemente (97), District 14                      2004) magazine article, “Leadership Training
   Marty Jo Fleser (04), District 88                  Program Leads the Nation.” Prior to that issue, the
   Rose Jones (03), District 2                        Michigan Lobbyist (Autumn 2003) featured
   Jon Williams (00), District 64                     graduate Tom Watkins (F92) in “Tom Watkins: A
                                                      Watkins View of the World,” as well as Gary Heidel
   Tribal                                             (S93) in “State Government’s Own Lobbying
   DJ Hoffman (98), Council                           Machine.”
   Aaron Payment (F92), Chairman                                                                            ★Incumbant

MPLP Alumni: What’s Your Scoop?                               Remember When . . .
Do you have a new employment position? Are you running        The Class of 1993 (Fall) held a male beauty pageant to
for office, re-election, or serving on a new board? Perhaps   commemorate their last weekend of the MPLP
you recently married or have a new child? We’d love to        program? To loud howls of laughter from the entire
hear about it!                                                tight-knit class, the women proudly proclaimed Elroy
                                                              Sailor as Mr. MPLP. Elroy took his runway walk inside
You may also forward special event pictures, upcoming         the Kellogg Center hotel room wearing a Burger King
event information, and job openings for posting in the        crown. As with most beauty pageants, the other male
newsletter or release to alumni through e-mail.               contestants ran to congratulate Elroy. Elroy received
                                                              loud slaps on the back and “Congratulations, buddy!”
Send your updates, photos, events or open job positions to    from his comrades. (Susan Safford and Sherri Muzher
the MPLP Newsletter’s Editor, Sherri Muzher at 550 Beacon     sent this in).
Lake Drive #3, Mason, MI 48854. This information may
also be forwarded by email to           We’d love for you to share your memories with the rest
Your photos will be returned.                                 of us! Please send them by email through the alumni
                                                              section of the MPLP website or to
If you wish, you can choose to submit updates by email
through the alumni section of the MPLP website at
  Alumni Herald                                                                                                                                       Page 5

Meet the 2004 Class
Paul Bigford, Branch: Paul is Supervisor of Sweetwater Township. He serves as
Chairman of the Pere Marquette Natural Rivers Zoning Review Board, President
of Lake County Township Officers Association, Member of the Board of Directors
of the Pere Marquette Watershed Council, and Director of the Mecosta-Osceola
Math/Science Center, which he helped found. Paul is a candidate for the
Michigan House of Representatives, District 100 (Lake, Newaygo and Oceana
Counties). His campaign web site is at

Thomas Brenner, Farmington Hills: Thomas works as a social studies Instructor
with the Novi Community School District teaching Advanced Placement US
Government & Politics and European History and International Relations. He is also
owner of Brenner Landscaping. He is both PAC Chair and NEA-MEA Delegate of
the Novi Education Association.

Lori Brist, Westland: Lori is the President and CEO of the Westland Chamber of
                                                                                     MPLP alumnus Aaron Payment (Fall 92)
                                                                                     presents during Weekend III at Higgins Lake
Karen Buie, Muskegon: Karen is the Muskegon County Clerk and previously
served as Vice-Mayor for the City of Muskegon. She is a member executive
committees of the Muskegon County Republican Party, the Community Action
Against Poverty board, and the Muskegon Rescue Mission.
                                                                                     Nadine Klein, Grand Rapids: Nadine is an Attorney with Dykema Law Offices,
Jamie Clover-Adams, Lansing: Jamie is the Policy Advisor for the Michigan            P.C. She formerly has worked as the Assistant Prosecuting Attorney with the
Senate Majority Policy Office. She was Secretary of Agriculture, and Legislative     Kent County Prosecutor’s Office. She is President of the Republican Women’s
Liaison under Kansas Governor Bill Graves.                                           Forum, Vice President of the St. Paul the Apostle Women’s Guild, and a
                                                                                     committee member of the Kent County Friend of the Court Advisory Board. She
Michael Ezzo, Lansing: Michael is the Chief Deputy Director of the Michigan          is a candidate for the Kent County Commission.
Department of Community Health. Previously he worked as Director of Strategic
Initiatives for the Michigan Department of Community Health. He is President of      Chris Laverty, Lansing: Chris is the UAW Local 652 Training and Technology
the Michigan Public Health Institute and has been actively involved in local         representative. He is also Chairman of the Board of Trustees for Lansing
political campaigns                                                                  Community College, serves as Vice Chair for the Capital Area Workforce
                                                                                     Development Board, and is the immediate Past Chair of the Lansing Community
Marty Jo Fleser, Wayland: Marty Jo is currently a Real Estate Agent with KJR &       College Foundation.
Associates. She is the Chair of the Allegan County Democratic Party, a member
of the Allegan County Community Mental Health Board, and serves on the               Peter MacGregor, Rockford: Peter is the Vice-President and Co-owner of Air
Legislative Committee of the Michigan Community Mental Health Boards. She is a       Quality Specialists, a manufacturer rep. company for industrial and commercial
candidate for the Michigan House of Representatives, District 88 (Allegan            air cleaners and ventilation systems. He serves as a Cannon Township Board
County).                                                                             Trustee and Planning Commission Member. He is also a board member of the
                                                                                     North Kent County Sewer Authority.
John Helmholdt, Grand Rapids: John is a partner and senior consultant with the
Grand Rapids-based public affairs firms, Jones & Gavin, LLC. He specializes in       Ashley Marshall, Flint: Ashley works for State Representative John Gleason
public policy and government affairs, fund development, non-profit development,      handling constituent relations. Previously she worked for Grand Blanc
and political consulting.                                                            Township.

Rudolph Hobbs, Lathrup Village: Rudy works as the community liaison for              Michael Rochholz, Kalamazoo: Michael is a Program Manager/QA Coordinator
Congressman Sander Levin. He is newly elected to the Southfield School Board.        with Concept Molds, Inc. He is a trustee of the Schoolcraft School Board,
He is a member of the Oakland County Democratic Party, serves on the Board of        member of the MASB Government Relations Committee and Ambassador for
Trustees for the Southfield/Lathrup Village Democratic Club, and as a member of      Public Education, and Chairman of the Prairie Ronde Township Zoning Board of
Kappa Alpha Psi, Inc. He also serves on the Board of Reviews for Lathrup Village.    Appeals. .

Veronica Horn, Frankenmuth: Veronica is the Executive Vice President of the          Maureen Stapleton, Detroit: Maureen is President of Community Enterprises,
Saginaw County Chamber of Commerce. She is a commissioned Lay Preacher/              L.L.C, a community resource and development firm, and also serves as a
Minister for the Catholic Diocese of Saginaw, a Co-Chair Liaison for Saginaw         Human Resource Specialist for Wayne County. Her public service background
County Vision 2020, and helped charter the Saginaw County Women in                   includes teaching and supervising programs for the Detroit Public Schools,
Leadership group in 2001.                                                            Administrator of Permits and Code Compliance for the City of Indianapolis, and
                                                                                     Administrative Assistant for the City of Detroit Youth and Recreation Depart-
Lindsay Huddleston, Detroit: Lindsay works as an assistant to Governor Jennifer      ment.
Granholm responsible for her political advance, Cool Cities outreach, and serves
as her representative in northwest Detroit. He is a member of Third Eye, Inc., a     Patrick Tiedt, Evart: Patrick is a Personal Banker Associate with Citizens Bank.
mentoring group; the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity; and is the founder of Coalition     He serves as an officer with the Evart Masonic Lodge, Treasurer of the Evart
3000, a youth based movement focused on community service, political action          Chamber of Commerce, and Vice-Chair of the Osceola County Republican
and spiritual awareness.                                                             Party. He is also a Republican Precinct Delegate.

Katherine Kakish, Dearborn: Katherine works as an Assistant Attorney General in      Christopher Trebilcock, Royal Oak: Chris is an Attorney with Miller Canfield
the office of Driver License Restoration. She previously worked for the Michigan     Paddock & Stone. Previously he worked as a Press Secretary for the Butch
Court of Appeals, both as a Pre-hearing Attorney and recently as a law clerk to      Hollowell for Secretary of State/MDP Chair and as a Policy and field director for
Judge Michael Talbot. She served as Assistant to the Director of the Arab-           the Jim Blanchard for Governor Campaign. He is currently a member of the
American and Chaldean Council. She is a member of the Representative                 Michigan Democratic Action Network, Royal Oak Main Street Program, and the
Assembly of the State Bar of Michigan, the Sacred Heart Parish in Dearborn, and      Royal Oak Optimists.
the Association of Retarded Citizens of Dearborn.
                                                                                     Bree Woodruff, Howell: Bree is a law clerk for Michigan Supreme Court Justice
John Kerr, Royal Oak: John works as an Economic Development Specialist for           Michael Cavanagh. She has previous worked for Miller, Canfield, Paddock, &
the Detroit/Wayne County Port Authority. Previously he worked for the Michigan       Stone as a contract attorney, and Guild Law Center for Economic and Social
Democratic Party and the Vanguard Community Development Corporation. He is           Justice. She is involved in coordinating a waste disposal system and recycling
currently a member of the Economic Club of Detroit, the American Planning            program for residents in Livingston County, and is assisting the administration in
Association, and the Michigan Economic Developers Association.                       the reorganization of several departments within the Michigan State University
                                                                                     College of Agriculture, of which she is an alumna.
Mary Kerr, Livonia: Mary is the Director of Business Analysis and Process
Improvement for the Detroit Medical Center. She previously worked as Director        Evelyn Zois, Lansing: Evelyn is a Legislative Aide to Senator Shirley Johnson.
of Special Projects for the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office directing the           She has served as a student assistant to the Michigan State Republican Party
Abandoned Properties Project and Drug House Unit where she lead this team to a       and the Michigan Women’s Commission. Evelyn also served as a anthropology
top 50 finish for the 2003 “Innovations in Government Award” from Harvard            research assistant at Oxford University in England.
 Alumni Herald                                                                                          Page 6

2005 Fellowship Applications Are Available
The recruitment process for the next Michigan Political Leadership Program class has begun, and your assistance
in identifying potential candidates is needed!

We ask that you identify co-workers, colleagues, and other people in your networks and discuss with them why
MPLP would be a beneficial experience. Let’s face it – as alumni, you are the best recruiters having already gone
through the program, nobody can promote MPLP’s assets better than you!

Applications for the 2005 election will be accepted until September 3, 2004 and are available to download and
complete online at

To request an application, schedule an MPLP presentation, or to forward names and addresses of potential
candidates, please contact Shannon Horvath at 517.355.6672 or by email at

Celebrating Life
On December 1, 2003, I was blessed with the arrival of my son Landon Stephen. He has changed my life in so
many ways. I have a greater appreciation for the miracle of life and what it means to be a parent. Landon is
almost seven months old now, very happy and healthy.

The 2003 Class and the Association of Fellows collected
contributions for a gift and graciously hosted a baby shower for us
during the final hospitality suite this past November. I can’t thank all
of you enough for the wonderful gifts and well wishes we received.

Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity.


     Donations can also be made online at
               Alumni Herald                                                                                                                                      Page 7

    MPLP Website Highlights                                                           Calendar Of Events
    Download the 2005 MPLP Fellowship Application at http://                       July 16-17, 2004 - Weekend VI -- Courtyard by Marriott, Downtown
                                                                              Grand Rapids, Deciding to Run
    Update your contact information at
    alumni.htm#update                                                         August 20-21, 2004 - Weekend VII -- Kellogg Center, East Lansing
                                                                              Politics and Media
    Support MPLP Online - Make a tax deductible donation to MPLP at                                       September 3, 2004 - 2005 Fellowship Applications Due

    NEW!!!......web resource listing on everything you need to know           September 17-18, 2004 - Weekend VIII -- Radisson Hotel, Dowtown
    about the political and policy arenas at   Lansing, How We Create Change
                                                                              October 15-16, 2004 - Weekend IX -- Ashman Court Hotel, Midland
                                                                              Translating Knowledge Into Action
                                              November 19-20, 2004 - Weekend X -- Kellogg Center, East Lansing
                                                                              Effective Governance

                                                                              MPLP 2004 P UBLIC POLICY B RIEFINGS
                                                                                                             sponsored by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation of Battle Creek, MI

                                                                              Friday, September 17 - Education -- 3 p.m. to 5 p.m.
Quote to Remember                                                             Networking Reception -- 5 p.m. to 6 p.m.
                                                                              Radisson Hotel, Downtown Lansing
Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.
~ the late President John Fitzgerald Kennedy                                  Friday, November 19 - Post-election Event -- 3 p.m. to 5p.m.
                                                                              Location TBA

                                                                              Registration is free.
                                                  Alumni Herald
  News from the MPLP Association of Fellows                                   For more information, go online to
  Editor: Sherri Muzher, MPLP Alumna (Fall 93)                                edtraining.htm or email Brian McGrain at
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                  Phone: 517.355.6672 ★ Fax: 517.432.1544
A program of the Institute for
Public Policy and Social Research,
College of Social Science

   MPLP Alumni Steering Committee
    Chair: Barb Knuth, Fall 94
    Development Officer: Regina Bell, 99
    Communications Officer: Sherri Muzher, Fall 93
    Connie Baldwin, 97
    Nancy Banks, 02
    Zena Bioca, 02
    Eric Candela, 95
    Robert Dean, Fall 94
    Carmen Fahie, 97
    Pan Godchaux, Spring 93
    Gary Heidel, Spring 93
    Jeff Jenks, 01
    Calvin Jones, 96
    Ken Lampar, 95
    Diane McMillan, 99
    Elizabeth Misuraca, 95
    Rusty Merchant, 96
    Tom Owczarek, 03
    Darrett Pullins, Fall 94
    Scott Ray, 99
    Robert Reddy, 97
    Susan A. Safford, Fall 93
    Debbie Sirk, Fall 93
    William Wagoner, 00
    Andrew F. Wardach, Fall 94
    Shelli Weisberg, 00
    Ed Wyszynski, Jr., 96
    Gwendolyn Winston, Spring 93
    William Zaagman, 96

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