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									                                          Curriculum Vitae
                                          JAMES KANE
                           Flat 9, 865 Finchley Road, London, NW11 8LX
                                     Mobile: 07729 888 785
                  E-mail: Website:
                                 Date of Birth: 16 November 1984

      60 MINUTE MAKEOVER 7, Granada for ITV1:
       Director, April 2008 – Present
       Sole director for 70 episodes of long running home makeover programme. Directed
       designers, contributors and 2 or 3 cameras on each shoot day, including the "as live"
       makeover, overseeing a team of 30. Worked with the executive producer to develop a revised
       format which I was responsible for delivering with a mix of old and new designers.

      JADE, Granada for Living:
       Edit Producer, November 2008 – April 2009
       Worked with an editor to cut eight part series following Jade Goody in her final months,
       including wedding episode and tribute programmes. Cut sequences on Avid, wrote VO,
       selected music and oversaw onlines and dubs. Series attracted Living’s highest ratings.
      60 MINUTE MAKEOVER 6, Granada for ITV1:
       Edit Producer, April 2008 – November 2008
       Worked with an editor to cut each 60’ episode in a week of long running daytime home
       makeover series. Pulled out best material from multi-camera rushes. Chose music, wrote
       voiceover and prepared scripts.
      SHOPPING IS MY LIFE, Betty for BBC3:
       Assistant Producer, January 2008 – April 2008
       Series focussing on people addicted to shopping. Worked with a PD on an individual episode,
       devising and setting up filming for crew days and shooting actuality on Z1 to help progress the
      FREAKY EATERS 2, Betty for BBC3:
       Assistant Producer, April 2007 – October 2007
       Series about people with food phobias. Sourced all major locations for the series and
       negotiated fees. Oversaw complex shooting schedule. Worked with a PD on two episodes,
       following contributor’s story from set-up to final challenge. Set up activities for filming with
       nutritionist and psychologist and shot actuality on Z1.
      Development, Prospect Pictures:
       Assistant Producer, March 2007
       Development of new prime-time reality / documentary series. Liaised with agents to create
       interest in the project. Negotiated access to difficult locations and filmed recces.
      THE SINGING ESTATE – WHAT HAPPENED NEXT, North One Television for Five:
       Associate Producer, November 2006 – January 2007
       Catch-up episode to re-visit the choir from The Singing Estate. Shot interviews and actuality
       on Z1, including a shoot inside Buckingham Palace where the choir performed to The Queen.
       Oversaw edit to produce cutdown episodes of original series for repeat in new time-slot – re-
       wrote V/O, ensured storylines still worked over the series. Supervised secondary edit, cutting
       three stories for the new episode.
      Development, North One Television:
       Assistant Producer, September 2006 – November 2006
       Assisted with pitches and formats. Sourced contributors for tasters which I shot and oversaw
       in the edit.

   ASBO TEEN TO BEAUTY QUEEN, North One Television for Five:
    Senior Researcher, May 2006 – September 2006
    Fast turnaround series following 9 “troubled” teens from Manchester undergoing an intensive
    training process to prepare them for an American beauty pageant. Co-ordinated all locations
    across the series in the UK and Chicago. Resolved complex legal matters within limited time
    frames, including getting one girl British citizenship in a week! Also assisted with contributor
   THE SINGING ESTATE , North One Television for Five:
    Senior Researcher, November 2005 – May 2006
    Constructed documentary following 40 untrained singers from a large housing estate, training
    for a Classical concert at the Royal Albert Hall, in just three months. Set up computer based
    system for audition process. Organised trip to Italy for whole choir – logistics, locations
    (including La Scala Opera House and Arena Di Verona). Detailed liaisons with conductor to
    arrange music for the choir. Built up good relationships with all contributors which allowed me
    to identify stories and troubleshoot problems. Assisted with production of website and support
    booklet that accompanied the series.
   Development, Leopard Films:
    Researcher, October 2005 – November 2005
    Casting a wide range of contributors and helping to develop a new format. Self shot and cut
    taster tape.
   CASH IN THE ATTIC 7, Leopard Films for BBC1:
    Researcher, May 2005 – September 2005
    Shooting sequences in contributor's houses. Filming at auction houses; auctioneers, bidding
    shots, clean shots of items, GVs. Also liasing with various locations to secure filming
    permission for PTCs.
   KEEPING UP WITH THE JONESES, Leopard Films for BBC1:
    Researcher, March 2005 – May 2005
    Light-hearted community-based competition between two families selling their household
    clutter. DV shooting, contributor finding, item research and liaising with local councils.
   CAR BOOTY 3, Leopard Films for BBC1:
    Researcher, December 2004 – March 2005
    Contributor finding and schedule planning. Designed and implemented new computerised
    contributor database to improve contributor finding process. Also more DV shooting.
   CASH IN THE ATTIC USA, Leopard Films for HGTV:
    Researcher, November 2004 – December 2004
    Phone based contributor interviews from the UK and liaising with the New York team to set up
   CAR BOOTY 2, Leopard Films for BBC1:
    Junior Researcher, September 2004 – November 2004
    Continued with my previous research responsibilities such as contributor, item and location
    research, as well as shooting vox pops and other short sequences.
   CAR BOOTY 2, Leopard Films for BBC1:
    Production Runner, June 2004 – August 2004
    Began on two week work experience placement, before being offered production runner
    position. Location and office running, camera / sound support and assistance with research
    and setting up shoots.
   60 MINUTE MAKEOVER, Granada for ITV1:
    Design Assistant / Runner, March 2004 - May 2004
    Preparing props and kit prior to filming / general running duties. Worked as a design assistant
    on shoots.
   FAME ACADEMY 2, Endemol (Initial) for BBC1:
    Runner (Work Experience), July 2003 - October 2003
    Running for production office, reality gallery, live studio and on location.
   SOHO STOREYS, Young Pleasance:
    Sound Operator / ASM, December 2002
    Sound and stage work on two week run of musical at Pleasance Theatre, Islington.

       BBC:
        Work Experience, August 2002
        Shadowed various roles within BBC News.
       OLIVER!, Cameron Mackintosh Ltd.:
        Ensemble, August 1996 - November 1996
        Performed in Cameron Mackintosh's West End production at the London Palladium.

Interests and skills:
       Shooting: Z1 / PD170 / PD150. Shooting showreel available at
       Editing: Good knowledge of Avid Xpress.
       Computers: Good computer knowledge, highly proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, Access,
        Powerpoint, Front Page, Outlook and the Internet. Basic HTML and Visual Basic. Typing
        speed of approximately 85wpm.
       Sound: Setup, design and operation for numerous school and university productions.
       Music: Classical, Musicals and Jazz. Piano to Grade 6 standard.
       Languages: Spanish to A-Level standard.
       Driving: Full UK licence (clean).

Education and Qualifications:
       The University of Birmingham: September 2003 – June 2004
        Completed 1 year of study for BA Hispanic Studies & Philosophy.
       The Haberdashers’ Aske’s Boys’ School, Elstree, Herts.: September 1992 – June 2003
        o 3 A-Levels (June 2003) + 1 AS-Level (June 2002):
           Economics, Religious Studies, Spanish                          B
           I.C.T. (AS)                                                    A
        o 10 GCSE’s (June 2001):
           Religious Studies, Spanish                                     A*
           English, English Literature, French, Geography, I.C.T.         A
           Maths, Physics                                                 B
           Biology                                                        C

References available on request.


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