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					100 Things to Do and See in and around GRAHAMSTOWN.
1) Albany Museum, incorporating Natural Sciences and History Museum, Somerset
This museum is the second oldest museum in SA (est. 1855). Tel: (046) 622-2312. A
fascinating coverage of man and his environment, which includes a reconstruction of
the first South African Dinosaur, an Egyptian Mummy, the Hall of Birds and
Mammals and a Foucault's Pendulum. Hours : Tues-Fri 09h30-13h00, 14h00-17h00,
Sat 09h00-13h00.

2) History Museum, Somerset Street.
 The History Museum in Grahamstown reflects the early history of black and white
settlers and provides a genealogical service to researchers all over the world.

3) Cathedral of St Michael and St George , Visit the Cathedral with its belfry and
spire - the tallest in South Africa - and spend a while listening to the bell ringing,
magnificent organ or catch a lunchtime concert. Maybe you’ll be lucky to climb the
Bell and Clock Tower. Maybe Also try your luck at ringing the Bells at our

4) High Street and Church Square, Take a delightful walk down High Street to
Church Square with its Victorian facades. A tour guide can accompany you on

5) Fort Selwyn, Gunfire Hill
Used as a lookout point for the garrison in early Grahamstown years. A record was
set for .......semaphore.... The cannon has never been fired in anger - but was used a a
warning signal and was fired every morning by the Royal Artillery to alert citizens of
the time read from a sundial within the Fort.

6) The International Library of African Music (ILAM), situated on the Rhodes
University campus, is a research, publishing and teaching centre for African
traditional music. Although not strictly a museum, it has a collection of more than
two hundred traditional African musical instruments, many in playing order. These
are regularly used for teaching. ILAM also has a variety or recordings of traditional
African music, books and catalogues.

7) The National English Literary Museum’s mission is to promote the reading and
appreciation of all forms of creative South African literature written in English. For
this purpose it collects and conserves material evidence of this literature, publicises
and popularises it, and makes it accessible to all sections of the reading public,
locally and abroad. Outstanding items include the Thomas Pringle Papers, the
personal archive of Sir Percy FitzPatrick, manuscripts of Roy Campbell, papers of
Athol Fugard and literary material by Hohannes Meintjes.

8) Observatory Museum.
The Observatory is a unique multi-storeyed 19th century Victorian shop and home
which is now a museum. This house had a place in the identification of the first
diamond that was found in South Africa, and a display on the ground floor tells this
story. See also the Camera Obscura the only camera obscura in the southern
hemisphere. Bathurst Street - 046 622 2312.

9) The Provost Museum. In 1835, after the Sixth Frontier War, the Governor of the
Cape, Sir Benjamin D'Urban, ordered the building of a fortified barracks and military
prison on the Drostdy grounds. The Provost Prison, a Bentham design called a
'panopticon', was completed in 1838. The first and only prisoners it ever housed were
mutineers from Frazer's Camp. Use of the Provost declined with the removal of the
military headquarters to King William's Town in the mid-1870's, but it was again in
use during the Anglo-Boer War.a In 1904 it was transferred to the newly established
Rhodes University. Mr F L Sturrock carried out a major restoration in 1982 when
the building was handed over to the Trustees of the Albany Museum. The
outstanding feature of the building is its architecture.

10) Fort Selwyn, Gunfire Hill. A reflection of military life on the Frontier, built in
1836 and names after Captian Jasper Selwyn. Open by appointment only – Tel 046
622 2312.

11) Kenton-on Sea and Port Alfred towns are delightful sightseeing spots as are the
numerous beaches in the area. .

12) South African Institute of Aquatic Biodiversity the leading centre for the study of
fishes in southern Africa. It has three main functions: research, curation and
education. An educational display at the Institute is open to the public free of charge
and there is a marine aquarium in the foyer. The Institute houses the National Fish
Collection, which is the 2nd largest fish collection in the southern hemisphere.
Noteworthy specimens include four adult coelacanths, four coelacanth pups, a rare
specimen of a six-gilled stingray and the only known specimen of an albino great
white shark. A wonderful hands-on tour of the collection is available to the public,
free of charge. Open office hours, Monday to Friday.

13) Spirits of the Past It's a story that must be heard - a past that captures the
imagination of visitors, and the idea that somehow, we all have an ancient and
personal investment in the area that explains its magic - of frontier wars, pioneering
spirits and heroic people bound together by indomitable determination and gritty
humour. During the 1800's the intrepid British Settlers, Irish immigrants and
European explores left their shores to begin a new life on the southernmost region of
the African continent - region of the spiritual San people and mighty amaXhosa.
What awaited them in this region of wide horizons eclipsed their wildest imaginings.
Recapture the Spirits of the Past with renowned historian and raconteur Alan Weyer,
whose captivating narrative of this region's proud history of spectacular battles and
courageous people will add a new dimension to a visit to the Eastern Cape.

14) The Eastern Star Gallery, 4 Anglo-African Street, features printing machinery
and other historical items relating to printing, including John Fairbairn’s editorial
desk. Open by appointment only Tel. 046 622 7042.

15) Unthathi Township Tour …Including a traditional Xhosa meal at Umthathi
Garden Project in Rhini Township. Umthathi Training Project, Spoornet Station
Building, High Street. Booking is essential: Fiona: cell: 082-7841458

16) Game drives Go for a morning or afternoon/evening drive to experience the Big
Five in our area. A substantial meal is also usually included.

17) Thomas Baines Nature Reserve is situated 12km from Grahamstown. The
Reserve is named after the famous 19th Century artist who left a valuable record of
the rich diversity of fauna and flora in the region, including the now-extinct quagga.
There are also numerous signs of the hunter-gatherer- and later Nguni communities
that once inhabited the region. The reserve boasts an impressive herd of 45 Cape
buffalo. A total of 25 reptiles and 53 mammals have been recorded. Besides the
buffalo and white rhino, numerous antelope - including eland, red hartebeest,
bushbuck and kudu - as well as small mammals such as vervet monkeys and genets,
can be seen in the reserve. 175 species of birds have been recorded. Picnic sites with
braai facilities and toilets are provided at Settlers Dam where one can also go boating
and fish for black bass.

18) Saints, Sinners and Students Tour which imparts the early history of
Grahamstown, and visits one chapel, (Chapel of St Mary and All Angels now simply
called the Rhodes Chapel) in the grounds of the former Grahamstown Training
College, two jails and Rhodes University.

19) Stately Homes & Old School Ties, which visits two of the oldest schools in the
area - 150-year-old St Andrew's College, and DSG (Diocesan School for Girls) - as well
as a number of Victorian homes that were designed by an amateur architect in
various strange but interesting styles. The tour also includes the oldest working post
box in South Africa - Worcester Street.

20) Settler Skeletons and Colourful Characters

 21) Tour of the Blaaukrans Bridge Rail Disaster Tour Visit the bridge site and
experience the ambience of the area, marvel at the engineering and construction of
this mighty railway bridge. Visualise the enormity of this accident. Gaze down into
the breathtaking chasm; experience the loneliness of the gorge. Hear the stories from
Ben Bezuidenhout, of bravery and heartbreak, also of great courage and faith. Follow
the account of little Maud Smith and her three-year-old-brother Willie. Stand at the
edge of this bridge and visualise the rescue attempts.

22) The Secrets of Blaauwkrantz Pool Tour with Ben Bezuidenhout.

23) Visit the National Botanical Gardens and also see the two dams we have for
recreation – the Dogs Dam and the Grey Dam

24 ) Fraser's Camp Adventures offer's the first zipline tours in Frontier Country. An
adrenalin fuelled teambuilding or family adventure sends people rushing at speeds of
over 70kms over a forested gorge on the hedge of the Fish River Valley. There are six
zip lines between 240 and 135 metres long. Guided tours take place every 30
minutes, for more information contact Robyn 072 550 4460, or

25) Christ Church Miniture Railway –Richard Goodfellow – 072 9734296.

26) Beachcomber Horse Trails - where safety and excitement meet! Based in
Kenton-on-Sea, Eastern Cape - in the heart of the Sunshine Coast. Beach horse
safaris ranging from 1.5 - 2.5 hours and 2-5 night safaris on pristine beaches.
Beautiful Arab and Nooitgedaghter horses,which are bred for their temperament and
endurance will be your mount. All these horses are bred by us and they love people.

27) Golf Clubs - a choice perhaps of Grahamstown Gold Club, The Royal St Andrews
Golf Club, Fish River Sun Golf Club and Bushman’s Sands Hotel.

28) Grahamstown Flying School – Microlight Training and Flights

29) Skydiving for the experienced and the inexperienced,

 30) Stratos Air Charters – enjoy cheap flights between Port Elizabeth and
Grahamstown. Sightseeing trips (eg. Whale-spotting) and pleasure flips (e.g. Low
level flights along the coast/see your property from the air.
In their 6-seater single or Twin engine aircraft. For convenient tourist, safari,
business or sport flights (including skydiving and tandem jumps) contact: Etienne or
Morny le Roux

31) Boma Helicopter Flights - slinging, film and photo sessions, map making and
survey, and reconnaissance, game capture and counting of wild animals.
Contact Paul Davies on Tel & Fax: 011-702 1416, Cell: 082 659 0254

32) Drive to Riebeeck East – visit the Dutch Reformed Church
33) Drive to Alicedale – Visit Bushman’s Sands and the Mohair factory. Enjoy a Game
Viewing Cruise on New Years Dam.

34) Drive to Bedford – Visit the Furniture Factory and many of the beautiful gardens
used in the Bedford Garden Shows…

35) Order the HUGE Family Pizza from Gino’s Restaurant and Take Away

36) Rhodes Theatre and Public lectures from time to time,

37) BSR Body Stress Release at the Mustard Seed, Peppergrove Mall, - Appointment

38) Calabash Restaurant, High Street for a Xhosa Hot Pot meal,

39) Roxbury Cinemas – the latest movies,

40) Landslide Gaming Club – computer games for kids.

41) Slipstream Gambling Casino and Pub - New Street.

42) Rat and Parrot – Traditional English Pub – student pub – great food,

43) Bathurst Arms – the oldest Pub in the Eastern Cape and next door the Pig and
Whistle - - the oldest hotel in South Africa in Bathurst,

44) The World Biggest Pineapple – is in Bathurst just 35km from Grahamstown -
Find out about Pineapple Farming – the Eastern Cape exports a huge amount of
Pineapples annually.

45) Waters meeting - Nature Reserve in Bathurst – visit the view site to see the
Horseshoe Bend in the Kowie River.

46) Horseride at the Grahamstown Riding Club,

47) Bowling or Tennis ? Join the club whilst in Grahamstown.

48) Valley of Ancient Voices – Welcome to this very special experience of Africa, and
join a 4-hour journey that spans thousands of years in the Valley of the Ancient
Voices. Rock art, relics and artefacts give clues to the myriad of animals and people
that have crossed through this place. Join a walking tour that spans thousands of
years Enjoy a picnic lunch and a Swim in the Africa pool

49) Hunting Safaris can be arranged as well as a visit to a local Taxidermy

50) Basil Mills. Born one of twins in a zoo, and nursed by a chimpanzee, Basil
performed in a circus as a stunt rider and worked with dangerous animals before
becoming a game ranger in the Eastern Transvaal. He has a Bachelor of Fine Arts
and a postgraduate diploma in Environmental Education from Rhodes University. He
has instructed many school groups and interested parties over the years in the art of
storytelling and artwork. He is the Grahamstown Scout master and has travelled to
the United States to give lectures and talks on the San cultures their rock paintings
and African Myths and Legends. He recently took two KhoiSan Bushman friends to
the International First Peoples conference in Ohio and interacted with the numerous
participating cultures. He has been granted honorary membership of the Order of the
Red Arrow by the Miami and Lakota Native Americans, and was exposed to many of
their ceremonies.

He has exhibited both internationally and in South Africa his artwork of African
Myths and Legends and his photography of People of Southern Africa and its Flora
and Fauna. He is also well known in the Eastern Cape for the rescue and
rehabilitation of injured animals and reptiles. Shipwreck Sites - Basil also has been
enthusiastically investigating shipwreck sites and legends of pirates of the South
African coast, and organizers tours to these sites.

51) Addo Elephant Back Safaris.     About 90km from Grahamstown. Tel 083 375

52) Mbuleli Tours and Safaris - offers you a tour according to your needs. Local and
regional guide Mbuleli Mpokela will tailor-make the tour to include any special
interests you may have. This is the only time where you bring your own itinerary!
Come and experience township life with real people in real life. Feel free to ask, visit
a home and capture township life. Your township tour will include a visit to The
Egazini Monument, The Egazini Outreach Project, Umthati Nursery, Four
Townships and taste a Xhosa meal (book at least a day in advance)…Contact Mbuleli
082 979 5906

53) Grahamstown Arts Studio, 49 Market Street, - Tel 046 622 3712

54) Artificers’ Square – intersection of Cross-and Bartholomew Streets. The old
Artisan quarter.

55) Ezazini Memorial marks the event of the Battle of Grahamstown, which took
place in 1819. A tour of the history of this battle and a visit to the Egazini Outreach
project is available = Tel 046 637 1500.

56) Visit the Toposcope on Mountain Drive, which shows directions and distances to
other places in the country.

57) National Arts Festival – normally takes place around end June early July. The
biggest Arts Festival in the world.

58) Scifest Africa - normally takes place in March

59) Flower Festival – normally takes place in November

60) The Kwantu Elephant Sanctuary is nestled adjacent to the N2 on the way to
Grahamstown only one hour from Port Elizabeth. It is surrounded by natural
indigenous bush and is home to impala, bushbuck, blesbuck, blue wildebeest,
springbuck, kudu, baboons, porcupine, caracal, leopard and a host of other small
mammals and over 200 bird species. The sanctuary is home to five magnificent
African Elephants. Here you can touch, hear, smell and experience one of Africa's
most magestic creatures. Watch these gentle giants move their majestic bodies.
Feel their tranquil energy as you touch their skin. Hear the triumphant calls. Get a
taste for the wild. All of this as you inhale the fresh scent of mother nature.

61) Port Alfred River cruises Sundowner Boat Cruise -take a leisurely sundowner
cruise around the Royal Alfred Marina and up the Kowie River. Our boat can
accommodate up to 25 passengers. Halyards Boat Hire -Self-drive motor boats for
hire. Take yourself on a leisurely boat ride around the Royal Alfred Marina and up
the Kowie River

62) Fish River Point – working lighthouse

63) Carina’s Art Gallery

64) Kingwood Music School Sundowner Concerts

65) Birches – old style departmental store

66) Arts and Crafts abound in the Makana area, there are a number of Art galleries
in the town, as well as several crafters who produce works ranging from bead work
to leather work. Even outside festival times the area has several cultural events on
an ongoing basis be they organ recitals, live music, plays and exhibitions. Crafts
made by local crafters can be purchased in Church Square and under the Drosdty

67) Battle Re-enactment Basil Mills is the founder member of the South African
Battle Re-enactment (SABRE), and has for the past twenty years organized and
participated in a multitude of shows for the benefit of the community and charities.
Demonstrations, lectures and training are given on different skills at arms, including
cavalry work and muzzle loading cannon drill, as he is a qualified gunner listed with
the Cannon Association of South Africa. He has collected and restored a variety of
wagons, carriages and carts over the years and has on occasion used these in re-
enactments and ceremonies.

68) Rhodes University – the largest organization in Grahamstown established in
1904. Visitors are encouraged to walk through the campus and appreciate the
spacious estate and gracious buildings.

69) 1820 Settlers National Monument on Gunfire Hill.

70) Makana Meadery

71) Walking Tour of Kingswood College

72) Amahlati Excursions – Hike along rugged farmland and succulent valley
bushveld. Abseil down a Waterfall Cliff. Camp on Iiiwa Island in dome tents. Water
rafting down the Great Fish River.

73) Halyards Spa in Port Alfred – a whole range of treatments and massages.

74) Belton Hiking Trails – 7 hiking trails from 2,5km to 16,8 km in wonderful
countryside with plenty of birds and lots of peace.

75) Assegai Trails

76) Oldenburgia Hiking Trail is a two-day circular trail starting and ending at the
Makana Resort. Day One is 19km ends in the Thomas Baines Nature Reserve, where
there is an overnight hut. Day Two is 17km and returns the hiker to Makana Resort .
Bookings can be made through the Municipal Parks Department on Tel: 046-603
6072 / 603 6093, Fax: 046-622 9488. The charge for the two day hike is R40 per
person for adults and R20 for scholars. (Subject to change)

77) Reddits Poetry Club

78) Dr Dwyer’s Heath Studio.

79) Hillandale Monastery gives insight into a Monks lifestyle

80) Oldest Official Letter Box in SA - post your letters here and get a special frank

81) SA Library For The Blind. High Street. Tel 046 622 7226. The audio and braille
services it provides for the sight-impaired are many and varied.

82) Commemoration Church in High Street, in High Street whose foundation stone
was laid on 10 April 1845 - "this being the anniversary of the arrival of the 1st Party
of British Settlers". The Church can seat 1 200 people, has ten stained glass
memorial windows and possesses one of the finest organs in the country.

83) Masizami Weavers,

84) Bird Watching    Diaz Bird Club - 046 6224900 or take a walk in the Botanical
85) The Drostdy Arch. This arch at the entrance to the military grounds was
designed by Major Selwyn and built by the Royal Engineers in 1842. Today this
National Monument serves as the pedestrian entrance to Rhodes University and also
houses a craft and gift shop.

86) Witchdoctors   Visit the traditional healers shop @ Crafters Court, Bathurst

87) The Winged Figure of Peace graces a monument to "the Men of Albany" who lost
their lives in the Anglo-Boer War of 1899-1902. The sculpture is by Stanley
Nicholson Babb and Rudyard Kipling specially wrote the inscription. The site was
chosen as one which was "in the midst of our daily work and so would serve as
perpetual remembrance of the dead and be an inspiration for peace". On the island in
@ the Top of Bathurst and High Street.

88) Mosslands Two River Trail The farm Mosslands is situated on the N2, 108km
from Port Elizabeth. The tranquillity and beauty of the Kariega and Assegaai River
Valleys makes this trail a must for nature lovers who need to get away from the
hustle and bustle of city life. The trail is medium difficulty and is designed for a two
to three day getaway. The trail meanders along the Assegaai and Kariega Rivers,
mostly under canopy. There are two overnights for 12 people in Reed Cabins
overlooking a stretch of water, and an old Settler Cottage. All have comfortable
accommodation with hot showers and flush toilet. Phone Sally Moss, 046 622 8956
or 082 473 5122

89) Enjoy the Heated Swimming Pool at DSG School.

90) Have a work out at the Rhodes University Gym

91) Sculptured Rugs. Rugs are tailor made using top quality wool according to the
customer design, colour abd size specifications. Each rug is an exclusive work of art.
Visit the factory and showroom in Port Alfred – Tel 046 624 2109.

92) Horse Riding – Visit Kingston Appaloosa stud farm – outrides are available over
nine thousand hectares of scenic bush hosting a wealth of wildlife and exciting trails.
Trail can also be arranged to the Toposcope above Bathurst

93) Angling
Within a 20km radius of the city there are over 400 acres of water containing small-
and large-mouth bass, barbel, carp, mullet, yellowtail and trout.
The most common angling method is artificial lures or spinners, but fly-fishing for
all species is becoming increasingly popular. Grahamstown is centrally situated as a
kick-off point for day trips to Somerset East, the Hogsback and the Amatola
Mountains - all offering excellent trout fishing in spectacular mountain dams and
crystal-clear rivers.

For the salt-water angling enthusiasts, the coast is only 60km away and provides
rock, surf and estaurine fishing for kob, steenbras, shad and leervis to name but a
few. Information on angling permits can be obtained from Albany Sports Shop,
Pepper Grove Mall, African Street. Tel: 046 622 3146.

94) Radway Green Mountain Biking, Hiking and Birding Trails
 Don't waste another day, grab your bike or your boots and your binoculars and
discover the gem of the Frontier Country! The Eastern Cape is a wonderful place and
Radway Green's well-planned routes will take you through the Valley Bushveld with
spectacular scenery, with birds and game in abundance.
Mountain bikers can choose between several routes, ranging from easy to more
adventures with exhilarating down hills and plenty of single-track.
For the hikers and birders they have a one-day or two-day trail with an overnight
camp with basic facilities. Alternatively you can overnight in their luxury
accommodation in the main farmhouse. Booking is essential.
Contact Rodney and Leonie Yendall. Cell: 072 151 0519

95) Nduna Quad Bikes & Game drives is situated along the Sunshine Coast and based
5km outside of Alexandria. Game drives take place three times a day and depart from
the popular Tam Jazi Country Farm Stall and Touch Farm on the R72. The tranquil
beauty of our 460 hectare game farm allows you to enjoy an outing of pure relaxation
along the spectacular route. Complete satisfaction is guaranteed for all our guests
from the moment you depart on your adventure. At Nduna game drive adventure,
allows you to get up close and personal to wildlife, at every affordable rates. The
route is spectacular and whether you are an experienced quad biker or not - your ride
will be a thrill from the 1st gear change! Game vehicle drives cater for a minimum
of 4 persons and maximum of 10 per outing. We offer day trips consisting of a game
drive and a braai at our scenic dam area. Tailor made packages to suit our guests
needs are available ensuring most requirements are catered for.

96) Reed Valley Crocodile Farm Informative guided tour of man eating crocodiles,
tame ostriches, farmyard animals, curios and crafts, light meals and teas. Open daily
8.30am-5pm. Approximately 60km from Grahamstown on the N2 towards Port

97) Rock Climbing Grahamstown has been identified as one of the best venues for
rock-climbing and bouldering in South Africa, due to its wide variety of easily-
accessible routes and crags and the quality of available climbs. Contact Rhodes
University Sports Administration for more details. Tel: 046 622 3358.

98) Dog Shows    Info: Contact Ms Dalton: (046) 622 3050

99) Hot Potted Grahamstown - Famous for the contrasts of its Victorian and African
vibrancy, Grahamstown is a modern-day melting pot of the varied cultures that
shaped this former frontier town. This is a tour that takes in all the highlights of the
City of Saints, including how it got that name. From its beginnings as a 19th century
military village to its prominence today as a leading educational and cultural centre,
the tour embraces all aspects of Africa's Festival Capital. Duration: Half day…or
Buzz around the Bush - A veld walk that gets you up close and personal with the
Great Fish River's Valley Bushveld, with scenic views over the neighbouring Great
Fish River Reserve. Discover the medicinal and cultural values of the plants around
you, and even try some for yourself! We offer walks of varying lengths, depending on
our guests interested and level of fitness.
Duration: 2-5 hours, depending on distance. Lynn Phillips 046 622 8054

100) Stay at Country Cousins in Grahamstown ---

   •   Please note that some of these options are seasonal – do not operate
       year round,
   •   Bookings for many of these visit options can be made through
       Country Cousins – Tel 082 444 1879,


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