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                                              Volume 1, First Edition                 9.14.09

New Year, New beginnings                                                                                       Introducing:
                                                                                                               the alpha committee
       Welcome back brothers          brothers of Delta Sigma Pi.      get an in-depth look at what
(and future brothers)—for some                                         went down at this year’s Grand
                                      So it’s been a week into school                                          Editors-in-Chief: Lucy Liu, Jess Li
of you this year is a first of many                                    Chapter Congress. You won’t
to come, for others, it is a          already, but you haven’t settled                                         Managing Director: Lucy Lu
                                                                       want to miss it!
familiar road with a new set of       in yet? No worries. Our back to
                                      school edition is jam-packed     We hope you stay tuned to our           Senior News Editor: Daniel Sheng
                                      with articles discussing the     newsletter. We also hope that           Deputy News Editor: Jenny Lu
For The Alpha newsletter              common questions like: What      the shared experiences of
committee, this year is most                                                                                   Dir. Professional Dev.: Valerie Guan
                                      major is best for me? How        brothers and alumni will
definitely a first. Today marks       should I prepare for this year? enhance your college                     Internal Affairs Editor: Eddie Seid
the premiere of The Alpha                                              experience and beyond. All
                                      Need to brush up on your                                                 Features Editor: Jess Li
Insider, a bimonthly newsletter                                        feedback and comments are
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                                                                       Fraternally yours,                      Inside this
you need to know.                     be aware of (especially in
                                      interviews!). This edition                                               issue:
The Alpha Insider is like the         features a special analysis of
good version of insider               the ubiquitous Obamacare                                                 DSP: Capitol Gains 1-2
information— it is meant ONLY         debate.                          Lucy Liu
FOR DELTASIGS. That’s right.
                                      Lastly, we can’t forget fraternity Founder, Co-Editor-in-Chief
Exclusive, juicy, and useful                                                                                   NEWS: Inside      2-3
information available only to         events. Keep reading below to
                                                                                                               ObamaCare &
                                                                                                               Insider News Desk
Capitol Gains: Grand chapter congress
                                                                                                               CAREER: Four                 3-4
When will you find over a thousand DeltaSigs
                                                                                                               Year Plan to
joined together to celebrate being a member of
Delta Sigma Pi? Where will you get the chance                                                                  Conquering Stern
to meet fellow brothers and alumni from all
across the country? The answer: Grand
                                                                                                               ADVICE:                      4
Chapter Congress. This August, the 47th Grand                                                                  Survival Guide
Chapter Congress was held in Washington                                                                        Series: Majors
D.C., a congregation point for newly initiated
brothers and longtime members.                                                                                 Finance & Econ
By Eddie Seid, Internal Affairs Editor                                                                         CONTACT US                   4
       As a newly rechartered chapter, this was
                                                       marvel at oversized Abraham Lincoln and
the first GCC for many of the brothers from the
                                                       Theodore Roosevelt mascots. Although many                 Have something to say? Please
Alpha Chapter. Even after our 4 ½ hour bus
                                                       had come from schools that we had never seen              share with us your thoughts and
ride to the nation's capital we were all anxious
                                                       or heard about, we all let it out on the dance                      feedback at:
to see what GCC had to offer. That night, many
                                                       floor, leaving no doubt that we were DeltaSigs.
brothers gathered at the “Red, White and Blue
Dance” to show off their dance moves and                                                     (cont. on Pg 2)
  Page 2                                                                                                          The Alpha Insider

The insider
                                        Capitol gains: Grand Chapter Congress
news desk
                                        Our days were filled with events ranging from
Bringing you the most important         luncheons honoring distinguished alumni and
headlines for Aug/Sept.—Jenny Lu        chapters to educational seminars discussing
Obama tries to build momentum
                                        the keys to time management and job
for healthcare plan                     hunting. GCC was an amazing opportunity to
President Obama addressed               network with successful brothers, all of whom
Congress in a speech on Sept 9th        were gratefully willing to give advice and
to promote the expansion of health
                                        guidance to others. Tim Augustine, fellow
care that may include a government
-run insurance option. Obama will       brother and author of “How Hard Are You
appeal for a health care overhaul       Knocking?”, even offered to speak at NYU.
that provides new and crucial           These acts of kindness were a staple at GCC
protections for people who already      and could be found with every brother you
have insurance, affordable access
                                        met, whether it was on a ride down the
to coverage to those without, and
reduced spending for families,          elevator or a subway ride back from
businesses and government.              sightseeing.
                                                                                          One of the most gratifying aspects of GCC was being able
Death of Ted Kennedy                    The days were as serious and business-like        to visit the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum. It was
Kennedy died at the age of 77 after     as the nights were fun-filled and exciting.       here that we were able to experience real life jet fighter
serving 46 years in Senate. He          DeltaSigs know how to have a good time            simulations and see life-size replica airplanes dating back to
casted the deciding vote that broke     even when all that surrounded our hotel were
the Republican filibuster on the                                                          WWI. To cap off a wonderful experience was the famous
Medicare bill, reversing a 10.6% cut
                                        streetlights and a nearby Costco. Brothers        GCC banquet. This was the last time before the next Grand
in Medicare payments to doctors.        gathered after a long day of seminars and         Chapter that many of us would see each other and because
                                        sightseeing to enjoy the company of each          of that, the parties and fun lasted until early morning.
Obama’s Speech to students              other while discussing the different traditions
Controversy arose as preparations                                                         GCC is known as the gathering of the Grand Chapter and
                                        from each chapter. Some brothers from the
to air Obama’s speech to students                                                         being apart of Delta Sigma Pi is essentially what brought all
led parents to accuse the president     west coast
of “political indoctrination.”          threw a             “Many of us came              of us to Washington D.C. However, after being able to
                                        birthday party,     connected only by             experience what GCC was all about, being a DeltaSig was
Sotomayor takes her place on the        to which we                                       only one of the aspects that many of us found we had in
Supreme Court bench                                         “brotherhood,” but            common with each other. Many of us came connected only
                                        the Alphas
Sonia Sotomayor, 55, last month                           many more of us left
                                        went to                                           by “brotherhood,” but many more of us left with real, lasting
became the first Hispanic and third
woman to become a supreme court         celebrate and        with real, lasting           friendships. The next Grand Chapter Congress will be held
justice. She took the oath again        had a great                                       in Louisville, Kentucky. Hopefully you can come and
Tuesday Sept 9th in a ceremony by       time.                                             experience the wonders of GCC for yourself!
which the court formally welcomes
its newest member. President
Obama and Vice President Biden
were among the audience.
                                        Inside obama-care
US approves $500M to dealers
for 'Clunkers'                                                               By Daniel Sheng, Senior News Editor
The government has approved
$500 million in reimbursements to                                                  Overwhelmed by all the buzz and controversy
car dealers for sales under the                                              surrounding today’s debate over healthcare? You’ve
Cash for Clunkers program. The                                               come to the right place. The first key to understanding
program, which caused U.S. auto                                              the healthcare debate is by recognizing the three
sales rose to 1.3 million vehicles in
                                                                             fundamental issues that have people riled up: first,
August, ended on Aug. 24.
                                                                             whether there is a fundamental right to health care,
Ebay sells Skype to private                                                  second, who should have access to it and under what
investors                                                                    circumstances, and lastly, the overall quality of the
EBay announced a deal Tuesday                                                system. In other words, people are arguing whether the
Sept 1st to sell 65% of Skype
                                                                             US should have a federally mandated system in place to
Internet phone unit to a group of
investors for $2.75 billion.                                                 provide universal coverage. People generally fall into two
Walmart's Project Impact: A
Move to (Cont. Pg 3)                                                                                                         Cont. Pg 3
Volume 1, First Edition                           9.14.09                                                                             Page 3

Favor Government Backing                               Oppose Government Backing                                The insider
Uninsured Americans impose a cost on all of            People should be free to opt out of insurance if         news desk (Cont.)
society.                                               they wanted to.
                                                                                                                Crush Competition
                                                                                                                As the world’s largest retailer,
Every person has a fundamental right to health         Why change the system for 6% of the population?          Walmart has already knocked out
care.                                                  That’s inefficient use of government funds.              four of the top five toy retailers.
                                                                                                                The company is now beginning
Gov. has obligation to protect Americans from          A national healthcare system will drive country          Project Impact, a massive store and
going into bankruptcy due to medical costs             towards socialism (ie. Canada)                           strategy remodeling effort to
                                                                                                                introduce cleaner, less cluttered
                                                                                                                stores that will improve the
Here’s how the healthcare issue played out in the 2008 election:                                                shopping experience.

Obama’s Proposal:                                     McCain’s Proposal:                                        FDA backs Glaxo's vaccine
                                                                                                                Cervarix for women
    Argued for universal                                  Emphasized open                                     Federal health officials favor
     health care where                                      competition                                         approving GlaxoSmithKline's long-
                                                                                                                delayed vaccine Cervarix to prevent
     coverage is
     guaranteed regardless of status                       Specified tax credits to                            the leading cause of cervical cancer
                                                                                                                in U.S. women. The Food and Drug
                                                            be awarded to those without healthcare              Administration's vaccine panel
    Democrats are usually far more supportive of           through an employer, as well as guaranteed          voted overwhelmingly that the
     health care reform than Republicans                    coverage from insurance companies                   vaccine appears safe and effective
                                                                                                                for girls and women ages 10 to 25.
                                                                                                                If approved, Cervarix’s main
The recent media storm over healthcare is partly a result of the Obama administration’s significant effort
                                                                                                                competitor will be Merck's vaccine
to make reform a reality. Currently, President Obama is touring the country right now trying to rally           Gardasil, which has controlled the
support for his sweeping reform plans, which he notes includes spending 900 billion dollars to reform           U.S. market since 2006.
the system (without increasing the federal deficit). The plan would also make it illegal for insurance
companies to deny or decrease healthcare coverage due to pre-existing health conditions.                        Cadbury rejects Kraft’s $16.7
                                                                                                                billion bid
                                                                                                                Kraft Foods Inc., North America’s
                                                                                                                largest food group, proposed a
Four year Plan to conquering stern                                                                              £10.2 billion ($16.7 billion) takeover
                                                                                                                of Cadbury on Monday Sept 7th but
By Valerie Guan, Director of                   discovered your freshman                                         the offer was immediately rejected.
Professional Development                       year. Now is also the time                                       Cadbury said the offer undervalued
                                                                                                                the company as the world’s second
                                               to start thinking about
FRESHMAN: Take advantage of all that                                                                            largest confectionery group with
                                               your career. You can                                             10.3% of the world’s confectionery
NYU has to offer by checking out as many
                                               strengthen your resume                                           market share.
extracurriculars that pique your interest.
                                               through internship
Don’t let anything hold you back! NYU                                                                           OPEC: quota unlikely to change
                                               opportunities. A great
holds many club fairs, which are great                                                                          Saudi Arabia's oil minister said
                                               resource is Wasserman’s
opportunities to discover what truly suits                                                                      Tuesday that crude markets were
                                               CareerNet, where you can                                         "in good shape," as oil prices
                                               search and apply for any internship that interests you. Delta    rebound to exceed $70 a barrel
It’s also never too early start developing     Sigma Pi brothers also have an extensive network of              Tuesday on rising stock markets.
                                                                                                                Leaders of the Organization of
yourself professionally. Besides business      internships with open positions, and brothers are always
                                                                                                                Petroleum Exporting Countries
clubs, Stern offers a number of                willing to give advice on applying and interviewing.             (OPEC) have signaled that they
professional fraternities to choose from.                                                                       plan to keep output levels
                                               JUNIOR: Junior year hones in on the infamous “summer
One of the oldest and most established                                                                          unchanged. Instead of cutting
                                               internship.” Partake in company presentation events to           production they will use its meeting
fraternities, Delta Sigma Pi, started at NYU
                                               ensure that you are a good fit for a company and vice versa.     this week in Vienna to stress
in 1907, and has recruitment week from
                                               Now would be a great time to reach out to a mentor to guide      member compliance with output
9/15-9/25. These two weeks are perfect                                                                          quotas.
                                               you throughout the internship process, and with over
opportunity to uncover a potential family to
                                               thousands of Delta Sigma Pi alumnae, there is never a
call your own at NYU.                                                                                           Stocks rise after G-20 postpone
                                               shortage of advice! Try to also turn to professors, job fairs,   stimulus withdrawal
Although this is your time to explore, don’t   and former employers for mentorship, because that is what        European and Asian stocks rose on
forget that grades should be your number       they’re there for!                                               Monday Sept 7th after finance
one priority—a high GPA is crucial to later                                                                     officials from the world’s 20 richest
                                               SENIOR: Secure a Full-Time position and once you do, just        and most developed countries
success, so lay the foundation!
                                               have fun!                                                        decided to keep their massive
                                                                                                                global stimulus programs in place
SOPHOMORE: Start taking leadership
                                                                                      (See Timeline on Pg 4)    until full global economic recovery.
positions in the clubs/organizations you
                                                    Survival guide series: majors
                                                    Everything you wanted to know about choosing your major...and more. Today’s majors:
                                                    Economics and Finance.

                                                    By Jess Li, Features Editor

       Delta Sigma Pi
                                                                           Finance        The science of funds management; deals with the
                                                                           concepts of time, money and risk and how they are interrelated, and
                                                                           how money is spent and budgeted.
    Interested in writing for the newsletter?
                                                                           Brother: Jason Shum
Please contact Lucy Lu, our managing director,
                                                                           Recommended Classes:           Equity    Valuation,    Emerging    Markets,
                                                                           Financial Management

We love to hear back from our readers. If you
 have feedback or suggestions you’d like to                                Jason Shum, an alum who double-majored in Finance and Actuarial
    share with us, please contact us at:                                   Science, chose to major in finance because of its attractive job                                              prospects, especially its usefulness in getting a job in the banking
                                                                           industry. Although he admits that majoring in finance puts him in the
                                                                           majority at Stern, he points out that one’s individual approach towards
                                                                           the major is what makes each student’s experience different.
Visit us online                                                         Finance majors usually end up working on Wall Street or somewhere in
                                                                        corporate America . With experience at Lehman Brothers and, currently,
at                                                         Bank of America, Jason believes that in order to succeed in this highly
                                                                        competitive and fast-paced industry, one must be able to learn and do
                                                                        the work, or risk getting weeded out. Indeed, for students who thrive in
                                                    challenging environments, the career path could prove to be very promising.

                                     Economics A social                    be a good choice for students with interests in a variety of areas. In
                                                                           addition, it serves as an excellent liberal arts foundation for the study
                                     science that studies the
                                                                           of business, and is useful no matter what career you pursue.
                                     production, distribution and
                                     consumption of goods and              Ben views economics as a philosophy, a way to organize thoughts
                                     services; a study of choices as       methodically. It teaches one to assess problems from different
                                     they are affected by incentives and   aspects, complicated by the fact that these problems are always
                                     resources.                            changing and derive from different domains.

                                     Brother: Ben Cheng                     This past summer, Ben interned at Conference Board, a nonprofit
                                                                            organization that offers research and conferences to businesses. As
                                      Recommended Elective:
                                                                            a summer fellow, he pursued an individual economics research
                                                                            project, in which he compared firm size to firm performance by
                                                                            analyzing survivorship and employee retention. At the end of the
Ben Cheng, a senior double-majoring in Economics and Mathematics, summer, Ben was able to present his findings to a panel of
decided to major in Economics because he feels that it can be applied economists including the chief economist, and judged it overall as a
to a variety of fields; for example one can work in academia, economic very fulfilling experience.
research, nonprofit, policy, finance, etc. It is a versatile major that can

Four year plan to conquering stern ( Cont.)
  FRESHMAN                            SOPHOMORE                            JUNIOR                            SENIOR

  Participate in                      Leadership                           Summer                            Find a job & enjoy
  extracurriculars &                  positions &                          Internship &                      your last year!
  concentrate on                      build your                           mentors
  grades!                             resume

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