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					                                                The Japanese Language School Project
                                                       The Interpreter
                                      Archives, University of Colorado at Boulder Libraries
 Number 7                                                                                                                  September 15, 2000

   The Japanese Language                   The Capture                      vessel, the Katori,then docked at     Bill Amos, an unrepentant email
                                                                            Annapolis. The reception was          advocate, seeks any and all JLS
   School Archival Project                   & Return
                                                                            changed to Dahlgren Hall due to       graduate email addresses. His
                                         of Admiral Ota’s                   inclement weather. Dr. Griswold       idea is to have them published in
  In the Spring of 2000, the                  Dagger                        was given a kakemono (large           The Interpreter so that graduates
  Archives continued the origi-                                             scroll) and an imari vase, gifts of   could converse with each other.
  nal efforts of Captain Roger        After the battle for Sugar Loaf       Mrs. Ota. Doctor Griswold never       The conversations that result
  Pineau and William Hudson,          Hill and Horse Shoe Cove on           mentioned my name to the Japa-        may save a historical record that
  and the Archives first at-          Okinawa, we heard from a pris-        nese.                                 would otherwise be lost.
  tempts in 1992, to gather the       oner that there was a large cave                                                Those with email addresses
  papers,       correspondence,       near Itoman. Division HQ sent         Hart H. Speigel, JLS 1943; 4th Ma-
                                                                                                                  wishing to give permission for
  photographs, and records of         LT John Chafee (now Senior            rine Regiment, 6th Marine Division
                                                                                         __________               their email addresses to be pub-
  graduates of the US Navy            Senator from RI) to accompany                                               lished, please email David Hays,
  Japanese Language School,           our intelligence section’s check      Command Historian
  University of Colorado at           of “the cave” . Because of the
                                                                                                         . Copy
  Boulder, 1942-1946. We              large number of colored commu-         Of Defense Lan-                      your message to Bill Amos
  assemble these papers in            nication wires running into the         guage Institute            He
  recognition of the contribu-        tunnel, we knew immediately                                                 will insure that relevant corres-
                                                                                 Praises                          pondence regarding WWII and
  tions made by JLS graduates         that it was a very important
  to the War effort in the Pa-        command installation and that            JLS Project                        the JLS will come to the Arc-
  cific, the successful occupa-       this sector was commanded by                                                hives.
                                                                            James C. McNaughton is the                       ______________
  tion of Japan, the creation of      Admiral Ota. The underground          Command Historian of the DLI
  Japanese language programs
  across the country, and the
                                      passage was five feet wide by
                                      more than six feet tall. What had
                                                                            at the Presidio of Monterey.           Molly Tindle in
                                                                            Having recently finished propos-
  development of cultural rec-        been a command post had ob-           als for the recent Medal of Honor         Florida
  onciliation programs after          viously been transformed into a       awards for WWII Nisei veterans,
  World War II.                       sickbay, as wounded and dead          He is now completing what he          Ms. Molly Tindle, Assistant
                                      Japanese lay in rows on either        hopes will become the Army's          Archivist, whose work was so
    CU Archives                       side of a muddy aisle running
                                      down the center of the tunnel
                                                                            official history of the Japanese-     instrumental in developing this
                                                                                                                  third round of Japanese Lan-
 & Pomona College                     floor. Huge blow flies clogged
                                                                            American soldiers who served in
                                                                            the Military Intelligence Service,    guage School manuscript acqui-
 Not in Competition                   the air and covered the bodies.       together with their Caucasian         sitions, has moved to Florida
                                          Wary of resistance, we lit the    team leaders.                         with her husband. While she will
A number of JLS graduates who         bodies with flashlights to check          In July, we contacted Dr.         be seeking archival work in any
had been contacted by both the        their status. After passing rows      McNaughton in order to develop        of the Tampa area collections
CU Archives and Dr. Loureiro,         of wounded, groaning “misu”           links between various institu-        repositories, she wants to contin-
the Archivist of the Pacific Basin    (water) and “itai” (it hurts), we     tions that are either acquiring       ue her involvement with the JLS
Institute at Pomona College,          came to some side portals filled      archival collections or develop-      Project She will welcome calls
believed that the two institutions    with Japanese dead and near           ing histories on the topic of         or correspondence from the Cen-
were in competition for their         dead, strewn with bandages and        WWII        Japanese     Language     tral Florida/Tampa area JLS
papers. This was especially true      equipment. At the end of the          Schools. We had already con-          graduates or kin. Her address as
of grads that had attended the        tunnel, in a circular room ten feet   tacted the University of Michi-       of September 1 is:
Pomona Conference in April            in diameter, lay a half a dozen       gan, home of the US Army JLS,
2000.                                 Japanese officers who had com-                                                        Ms. Molly Tindle
                                                                            and the Archives of the US Na-                  2606 Little Road
   While Dr. Loureiro and Pro-        mitted “seppuku”. We took all         val Academy. Dr. McNaughton
fessor Dingman are collaborat-        the gear we could manage (I got                                                       Valrico, FL 33594
                                                                            gave us several contacts and                    (813) 662-6194
ing, on their own, to video inter-    the Admiral’s dagger) and made        suggestions and praised our ef-
view JLS graduates, to write a        our way out.                          forts to collect the papers of JLS    She told us she would be happy
book, and to create a digital arc-       When I got back to Yale in         graduates. The DLI is the linear      to consult with graduates about
hives of their interviews, they are   1946, I gave Dr. Matthew Gris-        descendant of all WWII lan-           what to send, how material is
not seeking to develop a paper        wold, the Yale “family doctor”,       guage schools. Nevertheless,          treated in the Archives, and may
archives.                             Admiral Ota’s dagger.                 neither he nor the USNA archiv-       even be available to help box and
   Dr. Loureiro stated, “The PBI          30 years later I received a       ist feel that CU was in any way       ship archival papers to the Arc-
Archive is strictly a film and        letter from him dated October         trespassing on DLI or Navy turf.      hives. Most of all, she would like
video repository. The ONLY            10, 1975. Dr. Griswold, then 85,      Both men were pleased that an         to met JLS graduates, to whom
"paper" collection that we have       had taken the dagger to the Japa-     active program was collecting         she has only spoken on the
are two boxes of posters and          nese Embassy the previous April       such valuable archival material.      phone.
various art work. We have no          for delivery to Mrs Ota. In Sep-                   __________                            __________
intention to go beyond our film       tember 1975, the Japanese Em-            Calling All                         The Facility and Hours
and video collection.”                bassy invited Dr. Griswold to
           __________                 attend a reception held in his
                                      honor on the Japanese training
Archives is located in the                      To Donate                              Contact                  New Collections Sought
basement of Norlin Library at the
east end of the historic quadrangle   If you wish to donate your           Bruce Montgomery, Curator,          The Japanese Language School
on the Boulder campus of the          materials, please contact the        or David Hays, Archivist,           Project seeks World War II
University of Colorado.               Archives to insure the proper        Archives,                           correspondence,       photographs,
                                      mailing address.        For large    University of Colorado at Boulder   scrapbooks, diaries, journals, and
The Archives is open MWF,             shipments, the archives will         Campus Box 184                      records, as well as the complete
1100-1700, but is staffed from        reimburse expenses.          Upon    Boulder, Colorado, 80309-0184       professional and personal papers
0800-1700, M-F. Out of town           receipt of materials we will send                                        of those JLS graduates who went
                                                                           Phone (303) 492-7242
researchers may arrange for early     the donator a deed of gift with                                          into Asia and Japan related
and      every     day     entry.     instructions. The donator must       Fax (303) 492-3960                  careers: in the Foreign Service, in
Photocopying       and      both      return to the Archives signed                                            intelligence, in academia, in
photographic and audiovisual          deeds of gift. The Archives will          business, in missionary work, and
reproduction     services     are     then     provide      copies    of                    in any sort of US/Japan exchange
available.                            preliminary inventories and                                              or reconciliation effort or
                                      guides to donors and donor    organization. Graduates who have
                                      families when available. Feel        frontpage.htm                       nothing else can send a resume or
                                      free to contact us at any time.                                          vita.