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					       ENGLISH                                                  AUTUMN TERM
        YEAR 8                                               EXTENDED LEARNING
                                                                  TASK ONE

The first English project is about autobiographies. You are going to identify what an
autobiography is and produce your own.

You must research and write down what an autobiography is and what a “fact” and an
“opinion” are. Read the extract given to you taken from Peter Kay‟s autobiography
and underline the facts found in the text. You also need to write down a minimum of
4 facts about yourself.

You Should identify the topics that Peter Kay has written about and show the opinions
he has given. You must then write your own autobiography based on one event that
has happened in your life. It needs to describe the event and how it made you feel.
It can be a happy or sad experience.

You could imagine that you are Peter Kay; Write the next part of his autobiography.
Explain how you felt and what you thought after going through that scary experience.
Use the information found in his autobiography to help guide your vocabulary choices
and actions.

Stepping Stones I can use to succeed in this task:
1. Research and write down what an autobiography is.
2. Read the extract given to you taken from Peter Kay‟s autobiography.
3. Underline / highlight what facts are included in the extract.
4. Underline / highlight the emotions that Peter felt.
5. Write down the topics that Peter Kay has written about.
6. Identify a time in your life where something interesting happened
7. Use the writing frame attached to write your own autobiography, using Peter Kay‟s
   as a guide.

     DATE GIVEN :                                             DEADLINE :
      w/c 15.09.08                                            w/c 29.09.08
               Peter Kay “The Sound of Laughter”

This is an extract taken from Peter Kay’s autobiography. He is
telling the reader about a robbery that took place when he was
working at a Bolton cash and carry to earn money when he was a

It was a Thursday night just like any other when the robbery took place.
I was pricing up tuna fish with Kevin Broughton and suddenly we heard
Simone in the cash office screaming over the sound system, “MR
HUSBANDS BOSWORTH!!!” Now print obviously doesn‟t do Simone‟s
panic-stricken squeal justice but suffice to say Kevin and I both knew
that something wasn‟t right.

Quickly, we both ran round into the pop aisle to be confronted by three
armed gunmen wearing masks and waving sawn-off shotguns (well, I don‟t
know if they were sawn off but it doesn‟t half sound exciting). Everybody
at the checkout was lying face down on the floor except Bill Sandes, a
disabled shopkeeper. He just sat in his wheelchair with his head bowed.

What I couldn‟t comprehend was why the raiders‟ masks didn‟t match.
We had Pluto, Mickey Mouse and … Colonel Gaddafi. Certainly not a well-
know trio.

It‟s funny how you react in that type of situation, but I remember that it
took me a great deal of self-control to stop myself from asking them why
one of their masks was an odd one out. I knew no fear. Nick Ross says
that it‟s common in those situations, especially with so much adrenalin
pumping through and around your body.

One of the gunmen must have heard me and Kevin charge round the
corner, because he turned to us and shouted.
And with that I dropped to my knees and shouted back at him, “What?
You mean dance?
I think my reply must have thrown the gunman for a second or two
because he didn‟t reply.

It was surreal, it wasn‟t happening and I started to giggle as the
assailants legged it out of the building. We were both lying on the floor
and Kevin was kicking me as I couldn‟t stop laughing. Once I got home
things were completely different though, and I burst into tears in the
middle of Tomorrow‟s World. Delayed reaction, you see. Nick Ross says
that‟s also a common occurrence. The man is an oracle when it comes to
crime and its effects.

We seemed to be lying on the floor for ages, shell-shocked, after the
robbers had fled. The silence was eventually broken by the sound of HB‟s
speaker system as it bing-bonged back into life.
      “Surely to God he‟s not written a script for this?” I said to Kevin as
I rolled around the shop floor in hysterics.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” he said in a shaky voice. I don‟t know if you‟ve
noticed but we‟ve just been robbed. I‟d like to ask all customers to
calmly make their way towards the main exit. The police are on their way
and don‟t forget we‟ve still got Cadbury‟s Secrets on special promotion …”
I‟m only joking, he didn‟t really mention Cadbury Secrets, but it would
have been very funny if he had.

Taken from „The Sound of Laughter: the autobiography of Peter Kay‟
pages 163 – 164.
Autobiography Writing Frame:


Paragraph 1:
Possible connectives: To start with, it all began, firstly, in the beginning.

Paragraphs 2, 3 and 4:
Possible connectives: next, as well as, also, secondly/thirdly, so, in fact, then.

Paragraph 5:
Possible connectives: finally, at the end, eventually, above all, for all that, therefore.
                     P2L TASK EVALUATION

Student Evaluation / Parent Comment