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					        SAINT AUGUSTINE
          OF ENGLAND
     1 Herbert Road, Solihull, B91 3QE
           0121 705 0228
          Registered charity No. 234216

              Fr Dominic Kavanagh                              Fr Sean McTernan


Dear Parishioners,
‘We are witnesses to the resurrection. The Holy Spirit gives us the courage to witness
to the power of Christ’s resurrection. He is the Lamb to whom all praise, honour,
glory and power must be given for ever and ever. We will suffer opposition and
misunderstanding because of our belief but Christ is always with us once we dare to
follow Him.’ (Pope John Sunday Missal-Introduction to 3rd Sunday of Easter).
In preparation for Father Sean’s Diamond Jubilee, that is his 60 years as a Priest, you
will find lists in each porch. The first list is for you to sign if you intend to be present to
celebrate this occasion; the second list is for you to sign indicating that you will
provide some of the refreshments. We would be very grateful for your generous
response to the latter request. Also you will find an envelope within this week’s
Newsletter for you to make a contribution towards a Presentation to Father Sean.
Father’s Diamond Jubilee will be celebrated on Thursday 27th May with Mass at
7.00pm. Bishop Philip Pargeter will be the leading celebrant and we will be joined by
other Priests and members of Father Sean’s family.
The second of the Baptismal Preparation evenings takes place this Wednesday, April
21st, at 8.00pm in the Presbytery.
Would the parents of our First Holy Communion children please note that the dates
for the next two Meetings are-Wednesday 28th April and Wednesday 12th May both at
8pm in the Parish Hall. We would like to arrange a Penance Service for our young
Parishioners preparing for Confirmation and their parents and suggest Thursday 10th
June at 7pm. Please let us know if this date is possible.
Next week is Good Shepherd Sunday-a special time of prayer for vocations to the
Priesthood, Religious Life and the Deaconate.
‘Invocation 2010’ will be held in the grounds of St Mary’s College Oscott in Sutton
Coldfield from the 2nd-4th July. These days are aimed at young men and women aged
16-35, who are looking to deepen their relationship with Christ, discern God’s will for
their lives and at least be open to the possibility of Priesthood or consecrated life. For
details, visit the website
    17th April       Acts 5:27-32,40-41 Revelation 5:11-14    Confession/Exposition 11.00am-
Saturday Of Easter   John 21: 1-19                            12.00 Noon.
                     12.30pm All People of the Parish
 Fr Charles Smith     6.00pm In Thanksgiving(M.Coburn)        Tea/Coffee available after
       RIP                                                    12.30pm Mass

    18th April        Acts 5:27-32,40-41 Revelation 5:11-14
  THIRD SUNDAY       John 21: 1-19                            Tea/Coffee available after both
   OF EASTER                                                  Masses
  Fr Paul Smith      9.00am Rita Slough- RIP
                     11.00am Michael Rowland- RIP

    19th April       Acts 6:8-15         John 6:22-29
      Monday         9.35am The Rosary                        Pre-School 9am-1.15pm
     Of Easter       10.00am Carmel Andrews- poorly           CWL Meeting 7.30pm; followed
  Fr Peter Smith                                              by a talk: ‘St Paul in Asia Minor.’

     20th April      Acts 7:51-8:1         John 6:30-35
      Tuesday        9.35am The Rosary                        Pre-School 9am-1.15pm
     Of Easter       10.00am Margaret Muldoon- RIP            Legion of Mary 6.30pm
Fr Archibald Snell   12.30pm Nancy Bourke- poorly             Youth Club 7.00pm
     21st April      Acts 8:1-8          John 6:35-40
    Wednesday        7.30am Kathleen McDermott- Intention     Parents & Toddlers Group 9am-
     Of Easter       9.35am The Rosary                        Noon
     St Anselm       10.00am Tom Maguire- RIP                 Rainbows 4.30pm-5.50pm
Fr Stephen Squires   4.00pm Solihull Hospital                 Brownies 5.45pm-7.30pm
                                                              Baptismal Preparation Evening
                                                              8pm in Presbytery

    22nd April       Acts 8:26-40         John 6:44-51        Exposition 10.30am-
    Thursday         9.35am The Rosary                        12.25pm.
     Of Easter       10.00am all People of the Parish         Pre-School 9am-1.15pm
 Fr Michael Stack    12.30pm Deceased members of              Confirmation Preparation 6pm
                     Tricia Baker’s Family- RIP               SVP Meeting 7.00pm
     23rd April      Revelation 12:10-12 John 15:1-8 OR       Exposition 10.30am- Noon
       Friday        John 15:18-21                            First Holy Communion
  Solemnity of St    9.35am The Rosary                        Preparation 4.30-6pm Parish
       George All People of the Parish           Hall
Patron of England     6.30pm Holy Souls(Wall Safe)            5.15pm-615pm.Holy Hour
 Fr David Standen                                             followed by Mass at 6.30pm
     24th April      Acts 13: 43-52    Revelation 7:9,14-17   Confession/Exposition 11.00-
      Saturday       John 10: 27-30                           12.00 Noon
    St Adalbert/     12.30pm Frank & Nancy Ryan- RIP          Help for Heroes-
    St Fidelis of    6pm John Finn- RIP                       Coffee Morning, Soup & Roll
   Sigmaringen                                                Lunch.11am-2pm Parish Hall
   Fr Kazimierz
     25th April      Acts 13: 43-52    Revelation 7:9,14-17   Tea/Coffee available after 9am
  Fourth Sunday      John 10: 27-30                           & 11am Masses
     Of Easter       9.00am Kathleen & Peter Walsh-RIP
   World Day of      11.00am Ellen Shinton- RIP
     Prayer for
Fr Simon Stephens
    Offertory Collection last week: £938:98( Gift Aid £244:50 Loose £694:48)
               Second Collection next week for Priest Training Fund.
GIFT-AID BOXES-New boxes are available (starting weekend Sunday April 11th) in
the main porch; please take your box.For the next financial year the boxes have
been renumbered for administration reasons. If you wish to join the Gift –Aid
Scheme please see one of the Priests or take a leaflet available in porch.
ALTAR CLOTH- Does any Parishioner have the sewing skills and time to make an
Altar Cloth for our new Altar. Materials will be provided.
2010 ELECTION CLIMATE QUESTION-Wednesday 21st April 7.30pm-9pm Solihull
Sixth Form College. Hear candidates’ policies and ask questions on Climate or telephone 0121 634 3611 for details.
FATHER HUDSON’S SOCIETY-Monday 3rd May Cannock Chase Sponsored Cycle.
Variety of routes up to 25 miles. See Also, a series
of sponsored walks throughout the Diocese on Sunday 27th June. Would anyone
be willing to co-ordinate the walk for St Augustine’s?
HELP FOR HEROES-A Coffee Morning and Soup and Roll Lunch on Saturday 24th
April; from 11am-2pm in the Parish Hall. The CWL will be grateful for donations
of prizes, cakes, books etc., for this event and your support.
Archbishop Bernard Longley; see poster in porch or telephone 0121 440 8623
for details.
CHRISTIAN AID WEEK 9th-15th MAY_Volunteers required to collect Christian Aid
envelopes. Please see one of the Priests or telephone M.Clark-0121 704
1637.Coffee Morning/Ploughman’s Lunch Solihull Methodist Church Saturday 8th
May. Christian Aid Commissioning Service (to commission Collectors) Sunday
25th April, 6.30pm Christ Church URC Warwick Road.
  Readers this week                          Eucharistic Ministers this week
   Saturday 6pm D.Bixby                    Saturday 6pm Madeleine & Gerry Coburn
            J.Benjamin                                   Joan & Dan Doyle
   Sunday D.O’Sullivan                Sunday 9.00am Don Deneny & Carolyn McGonigle
          Bernard McHale                              Angela Keating & Mary Deneny
   Sunday Ray Nicholson               Sunday 11am Eilish Duffy & Bernadette Day
           Marie Watts                               Helen Brookes & Annette Kelly
 Next week’s rota in italics.
Flower Rota: For week beginning 19th April for Services 24th/25th April-Margaret Stanley
Cleaning Rota: Wk beginning 19th April for Service 24/25th April: A.Fuller,T.Donovan,T.Embley
Please remember in your prayers the sick of the Parish
Anita Giblin           Michael Hyland John Thorneycroft         Raymond Tarplee
Michael O’Connor       Helen Oldfield Dennis Oxley              James Moran
Caroline Burke          Samuel Neal        Margaret Jones       Thomas Mahon
Doreen Waite          Margaret Jones       Joseph Rushe          Gary Law
Damian Crowe            Mary Topping          Anne White         Jayne Hemming
Irene Sutton            Jane Farmer          Michael McAvinney Ann Tyndell
Marie Francis           Philip Jones         Kathleen Burke       Susan Joyce
Kathleen McLoughlin    James Wall            Kevin O’Connor       Sue Fields
Agnes Carroll           Martha Sheridan       Sister Pauline
Patricia Jones    Ann Warren        Mary Connolly      Michael & Kathleen Farmer
Pat Cettler            Veronica Jordan       Eugene McCormack
                                                                          ‘..they dropped the net, and
                                                                          there were so many fish that
                                                                          they could not haul it in. The
                                                                          disciple Jesus loved said to
                                                                          Peter: ‘It is the Lord.’

                          God’s Grandeur Gerard Manley Hopkins

                            The world is charged with the grandeur of God.

                             It will flame out, like shining from shook foil;

                              It gathers to a greatness, like the ooze of oil

                           Crushed. Why do men then now not reck his rod?

                             Generations have trod, have trod, have trod;

                        And all is seared with trade; bleared, smeared with toil;

                       And wears man’s smudge and shares man’s smell; the soil

                                  Is bare now, nor can foot feel, being shod.

                                   And for all this, nature is never spent;

                          There lives the dearest freshness deep down things;

                           And though the last lights off the black West went

                          Oh, morning, at the brown brink eastward, springs-

                                    Because the Holy Spirit over the bent

                      World broods with warm breast and with ah! bright wings.

Please pray for Hugh Francis, Baby Logan Cheshire, Anne Christine Perkins,
Thomas Henry Cole, Samuel Thorley, Alice Deehan, Manuel De Freitas, Teresa Ford,
Vincent Buckley, Louis Reeves and Kenneth Walter Walton whose anniversaries are at this time.

Protection Representatives are:
Anne Ryder 0121 705 3067     
Teresa Cund 0121 733 2143