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									 Agriculture 2191
UK Travel Abroad

      3 Semester Hours
    Spring Semester 2009


       Leon G. Schumacher
Agricultural Systems Management
  207 Agricultural Engineering
     (573) 882-2126 (Office)
      (573) 884-5650 (FAX)


          Roy Robinson
 International Programs Director
    2-64 Agriculture Building
     (573)-882-0087 (Office)
      (573)-882-0388 (Fax)

                                  Agriculture 2191
Course Description:
Three semester hours of humanities credit. This course is designed to provide students with an
introduction to the culture and history of the UK as well as the agricultural/natural resources of
the country. The class will meet each Tuesday during the semester until March 20, 2009. The
lecture activities will focus on how people live and work in England. English agricultural
practices will be compared to farming practices here in the USA.

Goal of Course:
In addition to immersing the students in English culture while traveling in the UK, students will
gain an understanding of English geography, history, politics, engineering, economics, and
educational aspects from a classroom setting. The ultimate goal is for students to gain insight
into UK culture and the global dimension of US and Missouri agriculture.

Objectives of Course:
At the close of the course the students will have:
1. Develop an understanding of English history and culture.
2. Develop an understanding of how engineering is taught in the UK as compared to the USA.
3. Develop an understanding of the educational system in England.
4. Develop a very basic understanding of business, economics, and politics in the UK.
5. Develop an understanding about how farmers farm in England.
6. Develop an understanding of the equipment manufacturing practices in England.

Textbook:              No Text Required

Supporting References:

The internet & other textbooks, magazines, periodicals as requested during each meeting.

Grading:               93 - 100 = A
                       90 – 92 = A-
                       87 – 89 = B+
                       83 - 86 = B            Materials submitted after the specified due date will
                       80 – 82 = B-           be subject to a minimum of a
                       77 - 79 = C+           seven percent deduction.
                       73 – 76 = C
                       70 – 72 = C-
                       67 - 69 = D+
                       63 – 66 = D
                       60 – 62 = D-
                       0 - 59 = F

February 11 – What do I hope to gain from traveling in the UK and how will this help me as I
enter the workforce? (2-3 paragraphs – 1 page; due at the end of the class period)

February 18 – If I had a free weekend, what would I do/visit in the UK and why? (2-3 paragraphs
– 1 page, due at the end of the class period)

March 3, 11 & 18 – Oral Reports in Class (PowerPoint Presentations)

Focus – “What can we expect to see and do in the cities we visit that relate to each topic?”

       UK food/culture/traditions/history
       UK Engineering
       UK Economics/Politics/Exports/Imports
       Focus on Environmental Policies/Standards

June 15 – Journal (~8 ½ X 11 notebook)

June 24 – Final Paper – see list of potential topics on pages 7 & 8
       3-5 page double spaced paper (using topics provided)
       Double spaced, 1” margins: top, bottom & side
       12 pt. font, Times Roman
       Introduction, Body, Summary
       2 references

Photos on website for parents.

Points for Assignments

Feb 11 – Why UK-1 page                            20 pts

Feb 18 – Free Weekend-1 page                      30 pts

Mar 3-11 &18 – Reports – Group project            50 pts
       -Presentation =     10 pts
       -Participation =    10 pts
       -Content       =    30 pts

June 15 – Journal                                 50 pts

June 26 – Paper – 3-5 pages                       100 pts

Participation while in the UK – on time, etc.     50 pts

Total                                             300 pts

Instructors:          Leon Schumacher
                      207 Agricultural Engineering Building
                      (573) 882-2126

                      Roy Robinson
                      2-64 Agriculture Building

Attendance Policy:
Attendance in class is important. Two or more unexcused absences can result in a one (1)
letter grade reduction.

Statement for Academic Dishonesty
Academic integrity is fundamental to the activities and principles of a university. All members of
the academic community must be confident that each person's work has been responsibly and
honorably acquired, developed, and presented. Any effort to gain an advantage not given to all
students is dishonest whether or not the effort is successful. The academic community regards
breaches of the academic integrity rules as extremely serious matters. Sanctions for such a breach
may include academic sanctions from the instructor, including failing the course for any
violation, to disciplinary sanctions ranging from probation to expulsion. When in doubt about
plagiarism, paraphrasing, quoting, collaboration, or any other form of cheating, consult the
course instructor.

Statement for ADA
If you need accommodations because of a disability, if you have emergency medical information
to share with me, or if you need special arrangements in case the building must be evacuated,
please inform me immediately. Please see me privately after class, or at my office.
Office location: 207 Ag. Engineering Office hours: T, R 8:30 – 10:30
To request academic accommodations (for example, a notetaker), students must also register with
the Office of Disability Services, (, S5 Memorial Union,
882-4696. It is the campus office responsible for reviewing documentation provided by students
requesting academic accommodations, and for accommodations planning in cooperation with
students and instructors, as needed and consistent with course requirements. For other MU
resources for students with disabilities, click on "Disability Resources" on the MU homepage.

                                Lecture Outline Overview
                                 Agriculture 2191, Sec 2
                                 Spring Semester, 2009

                                        W – 6:00 – 8:00

                    DRAFT – England/UK Meetings on Wednesday Nights

February 11   Overview of trip, history of England/UK, immigration to USA, etc
              (History Professor, Also movie we might watch.) - Roy

February 18th Meeting and greeting in England/UK- Common customs in the UK.
              Traveling in England/UK via trains, buses, taxi, etc

February 25th Overview of itinerary as planned.
              Final travel plan overview – LGS

March 4th     Student Presentations - England/UK business/economics/politics –

March 11Th     Student Presentations - England/UK engineering and agriculture

March 18th     Student Presentations - England/UK Education System

May 30th      Debriefing
                     Review of final assignments

June 15th     Turn in Journal of activities

June 26th     Final paper due @ 5:00 pm CDT

                   Travel Plan for England / UK 2009
Sunday 17th May - Depart from USA for England

Monday 18th May (dependant on arrival time from US)
                  Manchester Science & Tech Museum.
                  Arrive at Harper for evening meal

Tuesday 19th May     One day Bio-fuels exhibition at NEC Birmingham. (Birmingham area
                    options) Stay at Harper.
              Cadbury's World
              Land Rover Solihull

Wednesday 20th May        Tours:
             Perkins Peterborough
             NIAB Cambridge
                    Evening of 20th - CNH Factory Basildon Essex

Thursday 21st May       Chelsea Flower show is on 19th- 22nd May & Friday 22nd May.
             Potential places that we will visit in London include:
              Buckingham Palace
              The Tower of London
              The Tate Gallery
              Houses of Parliament / Palace of Westminister
              Royal Albert & Victoria Museum
              Theatre Royal Durry Lane (Musical Oliver on through out May)

Travel Friday evening to Oxford & Stay in Oxford

Saturday 23rd May          Tours:
              Oxford University
              Warwick Castle
              Stratford-Upon-Avon (The Royal Shakespeare Company are performing
               Julius Caesar during May)

Return to Harper Adams College Late Saturday night

Sunday 24th May & Monday 25th May             Tours:
             Fordhall Farm (Local community owned mixed farm)
             Ironbridge Gorge / Blist Hill
             Cosford Aerospace Museum Market
             Harper Area Farm
               Local Beef Cattle farm
               Local Dairy Farm

Tuesday 26th May           Tours:
              JCB Staffordshire
              Pottery Museum Stoke on Trent
              Rolls Royce Derbyshire

Return to Harper Adams College

Wednesday 27th May     Staffordshire Agricultural Show 27th & 28th May
             Tour at Pork producer
             Tour at Cattle breeder

Thursday 28th May         Tours:
              Jaguar Coventry
              AGCO Coventry

Friday 29th May     Travel on to Nottingham
              Take part in a Medieval Banquet with tales of Robin Hood
              Tour Nottingham Castle.

Saturday 30th May Return to USA

                                England / UK Assignments

As we discussed prior to departing for England, your paper must be turned into Sandy Zaring,
Room 207, Agricultural Engineering on June 26, 2009 no later than 5:00 pm.

Papers will be assigned a point value by Roy Robinson and Leon Schumacher. If a paper is
deemed to be of low quality by one of the above faculty members, a panel of students who
traveled to England with you will be selected by ASM faculty to pass judgment on your paper.

An email will be sent notifying you on your performance. If your paper is not satisfactory, you
will be given one chance to re-submit your paper.

                                      Potential Topics

   1. How do England farmers make a living on such small farms?

   2. Pick a crop that is raised in England, such as barley, and explain how this crop is
      produced. This should include phases of production: i.e. planting, harvesting, storage,
      and marketing.

   3. English culture- How is it different? Explain.

   4. Does the pace of life in England seem faster or slower than in the USA? Explain.

   5. What are the educational differences for a student attending high school and college in
      the USA compared to students attending college in England?

   6. JCB production in England – vs. – John Deere produced in the US: Safety in the
      factories we toured.

   7. Tillage/Farming Practices – Tillage on slopes, No erosion.

   8. Compare the standards of living for farmers in England to those in your community. If
      different, why?

   9. Tell how the production input cost such as fuel and labor are different from the US and
      how this affects the overall economy of an English farm.

   10. Other: topics can be approved which are not listed above. Simply email Roy Robinson
       or Dr. Schumacher for review.

        Roy Robinson -
        Leon Schumacher -

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