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					                                            Microsoft Dynamics
                                            Customer Solution Case Study

                                            Allan Candy sweetens sales, streamlines IT
                                            using Microsoft Dynamics™ GP

Overview                                    “The move to Dynamics GP is playing a key part of our
Country or Region: Canada
Industry: Manufacturing
                                            business transformation into a more results-oriented
                                            and performance-driven company.”
Customer Profile
                                            Steve Diakowsky, President, Allan Candy Company Ltd.
The Allan Candy Company Ltd. is a leading
North American manufacturer of quality
chocolate and sugar confectionery
products.                                   The Allan Candy Company Ltd. is a leading North American
Business Situation                          manufacturer of quality chocolate and sugar confectionery
A former division of Cadbury Adams, Allan   products. A former division of Cadbury Adams, Allan Candy became
Canada became a stand-alone entity that
needed to shift from a legacy environment   a stand-alone entity that needed to quickly shift from a complex
to an IT solution, agile enough to handle   SAP-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) environment to an
rapid growth and leaner manufacturing and
distribution processes.                     out-of-the-box business solution that supports rapid growth and
                                            leaner manufacturing and distribution processes. Facing tight
Working under tight migration deadlines,    deadlines, Allan Candy worked with Microsoft® Gold Certified
Allan Canada worked with Microsoft® Gold    Partner TGO Consulting Inc. to develop a more flexible and scalable
Certified Partner TGO Consulting Inc. to
develop a robust, scalable IT platform      financial and operations solution based on Microsoft Dynamics™
based on Microsoft Dynamics GP.             GP. Today, Allan Candy benefits from improved inventory
Benefits                                    management, streamlined distribution and lean manufacturing
 Deeper business insight                   processes.
 Streamlined IT processes
 Foundation for growth
Situation                                       manufacturing processes, and become more
Allan Candy Canada Ltd. represents a            results-oriented and performance-driven
Canadian success story that is as sweet as      along the way. For example, staff at Allan
the candy that bears its name. Established in   Candy needed a faster method of processing
the 1950s, the Mississauga, Ont.-based          purchase orders and managers sought more
company is known for its trademark Allan        real-time access to financial data.
logo and for iconic brands like Big Foot, Hot
Lips, Twirls, and Trebor. Today, the Allan      “Now more than ever it is vital to differentiate
Candy business generates more than $100         ourselves within the competitive
million in sales and manages a strong           confectionery marketplace. When it comes to
portfolio of product offerings in bulk candy,   developing leaner distribution and
count goods, retail bags, and seasonal          manufacturing capabilities, we’re firm
offerings for Easter and Christmas.             believers that technology innovation is key to
                                                our growth,” says Diakowsky.
Through a series of business mergers and
acquisitions that began in 1995, the Allan      As a new business unit, the company needed
Candy operation became a division of            to quickly migrate to an independent IT
Cadbury Adams, Canada's largest                 infrastructure while ensuring business
confectionery company. In order to improve      continuity. It also needed an ERP solution
its competitiveness in Canada, Cadbury          that was easy to implement and able to meet
decided to focus its efforts and investments    its unique distribution and manufacturing
on a smaller range of the larger and more       requirements.
profitable core brands.
                                                “Our business was threatening to buckle
As result, Cadbury put the confectionery        under the 800 pound weight of our legacy
business up for sale and sold in 2006. With     system. The future of the Allan Candy
two manufacturing plants in Granby, Que.        operation relied on doing things differently –
and Hamilton, Ont., this new stand-alone unit   deploying the right technology infrastructure
produces more than 250 Allan Candy and          would be the first step along this path,” says
other products.                                 Diakowsky.

Allan Candy depends on enterprise resource      Solution
planning (ERP) software to monitor inventory,   Allan Candy was seeking an agile, scalable
customer shipments, purchasing and              and easy-to-use ERP solution that could
invoicing. In order to remain competitive and   integrate with its desktop and server-based
improve customer service delivery, this data    applications. Wanting to quickly address its
must be made available to key executives as     business challenges and streamline its
quickly and efficiently as possible. While      manufacturing processes, Allan Canada
under Cadbury, Allan Candy was operating        worked with Microsoft® Gold Certified
within an SAP ERP environment, which the        Partner TGO Consulting Inc. to develop and
company determined was too complex and          deploy a new technology environment.
couldn’t scale quickly enough to meet its new   Markham, Ont.-based TGO works with
business continuity requirements.               Canadian firms like Allan Candy to implement
                                                and deploy ERP software solutions and
The goal, according to Steve Diakowsky,         supporting technologies.
President & CEO, Allan Candy Company Ltd.,
was to improve and streamline its IT and lean
After investigating several different ERP        Benefits
packages, Allan Candy determined that            By developing a new IT infrastructure based
migrating to Microsoft Dynamics™ GP was          on Dynamics GP, Allan Candy has
the best fit for its growing technology needs.   successfully made the transition to a stand-
Designed for rapid time-to-benefit and low       alone entity. The company is now better
cost of ownership, Microsoft Dynamics GP is      positioned to streamline warehouse
a global financial and business management       processes, better manage inventory and
application for midsize organizations.           distribution, and improve accuracy, efficiency
                                                 and customer service levels. Staff training
Marg Wilson, a Senior Account Executive at       provided by TGO Consulting has been
TGO Consulting Inc. credits the swift and        comprehensive, and will be an ongoing IT
successful migration to the strong integration   support component as Allan Candy looks to
and ease-of-use capabilities of Dynamics GP.     extend the new CRM platform for future
“Allan Candy was facing intense business
pressure to implement its new IT processes.      Deeper business insight
With this in mind, the company was looking       The new flexible and scalable Dynamics GP-
for an out-of-the-box IT solution that would     based business solutions platform allows
quickly help streamline workflow, increase       employees to update information in real time
data visibility and provide more efficient use   and take advantage of new monitoring tools
of internal IT resources,” says Wilson.          that help ensure inventory data is accurate
                                                 and up-to-date. Via automatic notifications,
“It was extremely important that the new ERP     managers can now better track and monitor
implementation operate on time and on            business-critical activity – including brand
budget. With Dynamics GP, no customization       inventory, customer shipments, purchasing
was required, and staff were particularly        and invoicing.
pleased that it has the same look and feel
and our existing Microsoft-based software,”      "Allan Candy leveraged Dynamics GP to
says Diakowsky.                                  revamp its operational workflows within a
                                                 short timeframe,” says Wilson. “Not only is
In particular, Allan Candy is using Dynamics     the company developing stronger business
GP to simplify the manufacturing and             insight for better decision making, they are
distribution processes – as defined by the       now realizing a lowered total cost of
previous legacy ERP environment – to meet        ownership as well.”
the specific IT needs of the new stand-alone
business unit. For example, staff are now        Streamlined business processes
taking advantage of the customizable             With Dynamics GP in place, staff at Allan
reporting and workflow features of Dynamics      Candy are defining new processes around
GP to improve inventory and distribution         tighter budget control and enhanced
processes.                                       reporting tools. This helps staff to reduce
                                                 redundant data entry, which had previously
“Due to the recent business changes, we          led to confusion and costly reconciliations.
were working under ridiculously tight
deadlines and were ultimately pleased with       Tasks such as payroll are more efficient
the level of flexibility and scalability that    because of automatic data population and,
Dynamics GP provided,” says Diakowsky.           according to Diakowsky, training costs have
                                                 decreased considerably. For example, project
For More Information                                            status reports that took managers several             Microsoft Dynamics
For more information about Microsoft                            days to produce can now be generated in               Microsoft Dynamics is a line of integrated,
products and services, call the Microsoft                       real-time, improving staff productivity               adaptable business management solutions
Sales Information Center at (800) 426-                          considerably.                                         that enables you and your people to make
9400. In Canada, call the Microsoft                                                                                   business decisions with greater confidence.
Canada Information Centre at (877) 568-                         “From a total cost of ownership and user              Microsoft Dynamics works like familiar
2495. Customers who are deaf or hard-of-                        experience perspective, Dynamic GP helps us           Microsoft software such as Microsoft Office,
hearing can reach Microsoft text telephone                      run much leaner distribution and                      which means less of a learning curve for your
(TTY/TDD) services at (800) 892-5234 in                         manufacturing processes. The out-of-the-box           people, so they can get up and running
the United States or (905) 568-9641 in                          solution has better positioned us in the highly       quickly and focus on what’s most important.
Canada. Outside the 50 United States and                        competitive confectionary industry,” says             And because it is from Microsoft, it easily
Canada, please contact your local                               Diakowsky.                                            works with the systems that your company
Microsoft subsidiary. To access information                                                                           already has implemented. By automating and
using the World Wide Web, go to:                                Foundation for growth                                 streamlining financial, customer relationship,                                               With the Dynamics GP-based business                   and supply chain processes, Microsoft
                                                                solutions platform in place, Allan Candy is           Dynamics brings together people, processes,
For more information about TGO Consulting                       moving forward with several projects that will        and technologies, increasing the productivity
Inc. products and services, call (905) 470-                     boost sales and drive even more efficiency            and effectiveness of your business, and
6830 or visit the Web site at:                                  and business intelligence.                            helping you drive business success.
                                                                “We needed the flexibility to quickly adapt to        For more information about Microsoft
For more information about Allan Candy                          new business demands and our new                      Dynamics, go to:
Company Ltd. products and services, call                        Microsoft-based environment allows us to do 
(905) 270-2221 or visit the Web site at:                        that. The move to Dynamics GP is playing a                                      key role as we transform our business into a
                                                                more results-oriented and performance-
                                                                driven company,” says Diakowsky.

                                                                 Software & Services                              Partners
                                                                    Dynamics GP                                     TGO Consulting Inc.

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Document published January 2009