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Professional Development for


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									     Professional Development for

                            CUPE 947
                          CUPE Pro D Day
                      Friday, October 23, 2009
              École Shoreline Community Middle School
                        2750 Shoreline Drive
                             View Royal
                            250 386-8367


                    Registration begins immediately

Class confirmation will be faxed out Monday, October 19, 2009

The LAST day to add or drop any class is Wednesday, October 21 at noon
                              MORNING WORKSHOPS
                                9:00 am to 11:30 am

AM 1            Excel 2007 Tips and Tricks - Level 1
Prerequisites: Comfortable with the basics of creating, editing and formatting
worksheets. Come on out to this half day session and learn some "Tips and Tricks" for
formatting, email addresses, working with multiple worksheets, the clipboard, wrapping
text, creating quick charts and column headings. Take the next step and make those
worksheets look great! Presented by Alison Hayton

AM 2            Anxiety in Children and Adolescents
This seminar will give you a basic overview of what anxiety is, the different types of
anxiety disorders, when they become problematic - particularly in the school
environment, and why and how they should be treated. Once the introduction has been
made, the discussion will focus on effective approaches to dealing with anxiety: specific
situations, environmental considerations, behavioural strategies and cognitive techniques
will all be explored. Information regarding available resources will be provided.
Presented by Dr. Magali M. Brulot, Registered Psychologist

AM 3            Hatha Yoga Basics
In this workshop, we will explore the fundamentals of the asana practice (postures) as
well as an introduction to pranayama (breath work) both aimed at bringing a balanced
state to the body/mind. We will discuss the benefits of a regular practice as well as
provide tips for integration into daily life. Presented by Laura Butler and Megan
Tomlinson of Workplace Yoga

AM 4           PWIM - Picture Word Inductive Model
Using pictures to support writing. Image rich pictures and photographs are used to help
students build vocabulary, concepts about words, and sentence and paragraph structures.
This helps improve their writing. As a support person you can help them develop a
poster of words to go with each picture. This program can be used from K to Gr. 6.
Bring an interesting picture or photograph. Presented by Brenda Pohl – First Nation
Teacher with SD 61

AM 5            Nuts and Bolts of Storytelling
Stories are used to teach, to entertain, to comfort and heal. This workshop will guide
participants into the rich world of traditional stories and help them recognize their own
storytelling talents. Topics to be covered include: story sources, choosing a story,
memory techniques, performance tips and story lore. Participants will come away with
an understanding of story language; they will learn how to internalize stories through
activities, games, interaction and modeling by the workshop leader. They will also have
at least one story to share in the classroom and with family or friends. Presented by
Victoria storyteller, Jennifer Ferris
AM 6            Healthy and Delicious on a budget - Morning Class
It seems, these days, healthy and delicious are going hand in hand…but on a budget? Not
so much! In this workshop learn how to create recipes that not only taste great and have
health benefits but don‟t break the bank! Our Thrifty Foods expert, Eva, will demonstrate
some great fall recipes like a rustic fall soup and a spicy soba noodle salad. We will also
go over how to keep your menu planning on budget and what ingredients are going to
give you the most cost and health benefits.
Presented by Eva Cherneff with

                  MEMBERS PLEASE NOTE: Beginning 2010
     all registration for CUPE 947 Pro D day classes will be done on line.

                             AFTERNOON WORKSHOPS
                                12:30 pm to 3:00 pm

PM 7            Excel 2007 Tips and Tricks - Level 2
Prerequisites: Level 1 and comfortable with printing and the basics of formulas. This
half day session which will cover 'Tips & Tricks' for validating data, dealing with
duplicate entries, creating easy forms for data entry, page layout, printing and
relative/absolute cells. Something for everyone! Presented by Alison Hayton

PM 8            Yin Yoga and Meditation
Yin yoga is a practice that uses longer-held floor poses to stimulate the deeper (Yin)
connective tissues of the body. This quiet, but energetically powerful practice focuses on
the hips, legs and lower back, releasing tension and increasing mobility and flexibility in
our body's core. The practice will be followed by a meditation and exploration of the
benefits that meditation practice can offer. Presented by Megan Tomlinson and Laura
Butler of Workplace Yoga
PM 9            Motor Skill Activities through creative Gift Boxes
This hands on practical course will be good for students with all motor skill levels. Plus
you can “Go Green” AND have a great time, making attractive little boxes from used
greeting cards. Easy techniques turn your old Christmas or other used greeting cards into
pretty gift boxes, unique place settings, innovative gift tags, colourful Christmas tree
decorations or give-away bookmarks (including an angel). An excellent, cost-effective
and creative project for students from Elementary to Secondary School!
WHAT TO BRING TO CLASS: any and all old greeting cards. Note $8 is payable
with registration for supplies. Presented by Gaye Lounsbury of Good Dog Creations

PM 10           Healthy and Delicious on a budget - Afternoon Class
        (If you couldn’t attend the morning class here it is again in the afternoon)
It seems, these days, healthy and delicious are going hand in hand…but on a budget? Not
so much! In this workshop learn how to create recipes that not only taste great and have
health benefits but don‟t break the bank! Our Thrifty Foods expert, Eva, will demonstrate
some great fall recipes like a rustic fall soup and a spicy soba noodle salad. We will also
go over how to keep your menu planning on budget and what ingredients are going to
give you the most cost and health benefits.
Presented by Eva Cherneff with Thrifty Foods Cooking and Lifestyle Centre

                               FULL DAY WORKSHOPS
                                   9:00am – 3:00pm
                                (Unless otherwise stated)

FD 11            School District First Aid – Child Care Initiator Course (CIC)
                         (Note: Time 9:00am – 3:30pm)
The idea of this course is to train the individual in the Primary Care Essential Skills only.
Students will have the ability to deal with minor injuries and if required begin life saving
patient care until a person who is trained to a higher level arrives and assumes control of
the situation. You will learn the skills of patient care in the same sequence as used by the
professionals. Material covered will include updated standards of CPR and choking for
adults and children, controlling bleeding, bone and joint injuries and more. Emphasis
will be placed on the correct use of personal protection, including pocket masks for
rescue breathing. On successful completion students will be issued a SD 61 recognized
certificate valid for three years. Presented by Noel Stone of Guardian Emergency

FD 12           Stress in the Workplace
When you complain about stress on the job, does your employer tell you to take a deep
breath, relax and get some exercise…after work? This workshop will help you identify
what causes stress at work, how it affects your health and job performance, and best of
all, how to create a healthier work environment and lasting solutions! Presented by
FD 13          Foodsafe Level 1 (Note: Time 8:30am – 4:30pm)
Foodsafe is a requirement for individuals working with food and is designed for the
average restaurant, deli and school cafeteria worker. The BC Ministry of Health
maintains a province-wide registry. Certificate awarded upon successful completion of
workshop. Presented by Gerald Loiselle COST: No cost for CUPE – Public $68 *
Payment due with registration

FD 14           Why We Behave
“An invaluable course to me in the classroom” ... A good refresher class, or if you‟re
new to the school system, this workshop will focus on Dr. William Glasser‟s teaching of
„Choice Theory‟ (Why we behave) and „Reality Therapy‟ (Four key questions used to
promote reflective thinking) as practical strategies and tools to help students develop
more responsibility in managing their behaviours. In the morning focus will be on the
theory; and, in the afternoon the focus will be on application of concepts. Cheat sheets
provided. (The ideas and tools learned at this workshop can be applied in work as well as
personal situations) This class has been brought back by request. Presented by Louise
St. Pierre – certified at the William Glasser Institute

FD 15          Pride
Find out why lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) issues are union issues.
We‟ll talk honestly about myths and explore how fear and misunderstanding divide us as
workers. Although this workshop is geared to members who are not LGBT, everyone is
welcome. No one is asked to identify his or her sexual orientation. Presented by CUPE

FD 16           Medical Alert (Dealing with conditions present in school)
This full day workshop will cover a variety of medical conditions that appear in our
schools. Conditions include epilepsy and seizure disorders, their affects on learning, and
support resources available as well as Type 1 Diabetes, the management of and support
for the students. The facts fictions and new techniques to address head lice. In addition,
anaphylaxis and the proper use of epi pens is covered. Presented by Maureen Rowan
Public Health Nurse Coordinator with VIHA and Lissa Zala, Educational Service
Coordinator with the Victoria Epilepsy and Parkinson’s Centre

FD 17           Supervisors / Leadership
Some people say a great leader is made not born. This thorough and enjoyable course
will help you become an excellent communicator, motivator and leader. The following
topics will be examined: Managing with Positive Behaviors, Self-Assessment, Strong
Ego vs. Big Ego, Sub-Personalities, Be a leader-not a boss, Effective vs. Ineffective
Leadership, Four Types of Leadership, Interviewing, Hiring and Developing a great
employee, Roles and Responsibilities, Performance Management, Principles and Process,
Your Role as a Counselor, Increasing Employee Satisfaction, Receiving Feedback –
positive and negative, Dealing With Change, Humour in the Workplace, Motivation and
Enthusiasm, Time Management, Stress Management, Communication, Self-Awareness
and Balancing Self. No matter where you are in your leadership role, you will find this
workshop an insightful, motivating and practical guide to success!
Presented by Christina Truscott of Body Blueprint Fitness
FD 18           Occupational First Aid Level 1 (Note: Time 8:00am – 4:00pm)
This 8 hour course is an Adult Care orientated program for employers looking for a
quality one-day first aid course that meets the requirements for Work Safe BC. Material
covered includes the ability to identify and perform appropriate interventions for CPR
and choking on adults, introduction to AEDs (Automated External Defibrillators), spinal
and neck injuries, burns minor soft tissue injuries and more. Emphasis is also placed on
personal protection by using gloves and pocket masks effectively. – No pre-reading
required. Presented by Noel Stone of Guardian Emergency COST: $85 CUPE &
Public * Payment due with registration
(Note: CUPE members can apply to Human Resources for reimbursement. You will not
be financially compensated for the additional class time)

FD 19          Workload Relief
This workshop addresses the growing problem of work-overload and the impact it is
having on our lives at home and in the workplace. Participants identify the causes of
over-work and effective ways to deal with it through collective bargaining and political
action. Presented by CUPE

FD 20           Pleasure Craft Operator Competency Certification Course (PCOC)
                (Note: Time 8:30am – 4:30pm)
It is now the law and all operators of any powered pleasure craft require PCOC
certification. This National Safe Boating course includes 8 hours of instruction, a PCOC
test and a PCOC card upon successful completion of the course and exam. Presented by
Barry Hodgkin of Fairwinds Boat Services        COST $83 CUPE & Public * Payment
due with registration

Overflow parking is available at the Canadian Tire off Admirals Road – please use only
the spaces around the outside of the parking lot and on the north end nearest Shoreline
          FYI … Also being offered in the district
Introduction to Kurzweil 3000 V.11 General Overview
Audience/Skill Level: General / Novice – no experience necessary
Time / Location: 9:00 am – 12:00 pm - ON LINE
Facilitator: Jinder Dhami with SET BC
Information: This on-line workshop is for anyone who has purchased Kurzweil 3000
v.11 through PSAP or is looking to purchase Kurzweil 3000 v.11. Kurzweil 3000
provides scanning, reading and writing support for students who struggle with literacy.
All participants will be entered to win an ipod nano.
To Register: email (please include date of session and name of
session for which you are registering)
To test your computer’s ability to access our online meeting environment in general,
please go to and Enter room as a Guest. This is only a
test room – when you are register, you will be sent instructions on how to access the
actual online session.

FRIENDS for Life
One Day Training hosted by School District #61 and sponsored by the Ministry of
Children and Family Development in cooperation with the Ministry of Education.
To register please email the Healthy Schools Office, Marnice Jones
and include: name, school, and email address
Deadline for registration is Friday, October 16, 2009
Target: Grade 7 teachers, counsellors, Child & Youth Mental Health clinicians or other
personnel who can directly implement the program with grade 7 students.
Date: Friday, October 23, 2009 Time: 8:30 am –3:00 pm
Location: SJ Willis Education Centre
Cost: No Fee for training and materials
This workshop will provide an overview of anxiety and introduce the FRIENDS
program. Participants will receive a step-by-step Leaders‟ Manual and a sample Youth
Workbook. After taking the full day of training, participants will be eligible to receive
FREE workbooks to implement the 10 week program with their grades 7 students.
FRIENDS for Life For Youth (grade 7 students) is designed to build emotional
resilience and to prevent anxiety, the number one mental health concern among children
and youth in BC.
FRIENDS for Life is recognized by the World Health Organization as a first in the
world universal school-based program that builds resilience by teaching students ways to
manage their fears and worries and develop important life skills for healthy living and
healthy relationships.

         Final Reminder: Members please note beginning in 2010
 ALL REGISTRATION for CUPE 947 Pro D day classes will be done on line.

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