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					Personal Details:                                                                                              Roll
                                                                                       Correspondence Address: No. C-
Name: Saurabh Arora                                                                    C/o Parveen Arora
            th                                                                                st
DOB:     29 Jan 1985                                                                   66-B, 1 Floor, Single storey,
Phone: +91 9810323676                                                                  Ramesh Nagar,
E-mail:                                                          New Delhi-110015

         Position Applied For: Software Trainee

         Areas of Interest:
         C++, OOAD, DBMS, Software Engineering,
         MIS Concepts.

         Educational Qualification
         Course                    Year Board/University Percentage/CGPA                         Division
         PGDCA (till 4th sem)      2007 IMT, Ghaziabad   6.92(CGPA out of 10)                    1st
         BCA                       2005 Guru Gobind      71                                      1st
         XII                       2002     C.B.S.E.               73                            1st
         X                         2000     C.B.S.E.               66                            1st

         Projects Undertaken

                  Mess Management System:
                   Mess Management System for IMT.It automates Mess process like Bill generation and
                   Registration of consumer order system, Menu Management and Inventory management.
                   The implementation was done in Microsoft visual basic 6.0 and backend as Microsoft Access.

                  Hospital Management System:
                   Designed and developed an application which kept a record of the entry and exit of patients and
                   doctors in a hospital. It also stores information about the doctors assigned to a particular patient.
                   The implementation was done in C++.
                                                                                      Roll No. C-

Extra Curricular Activities

           Held the position of Head Boy in school in the year 2001-02.
           Achieved the title of Mr. Fresher in graduation.
           Participated and assisted in the proceedings of the seminar ICISTM 2007 held at
            Indian Habitat Center, New Delhi, India during March 12-13, 2007, jointly organized
            by University of Florida, USA and IMT, Ghaziabad, India.

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