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					Product Safety Information

Your and your family’s safety is a top priority for all of The Folks at Boyds™.
Boyds® adheres to all U. S. Government safety standards and testing
requirements for our products. In light of the recent surge in toy recalls, we felt it
important to share more information on theses standards and our testing

Our bears, hares and other cuddly critters are safe for children. However, it is
important to note, that the safest critter for babies is a critter from our Baby
Boyds line. On occasion, we create products that are not appropriate for children
of all ages. When this occurs, safety warnings are clearly stated on all of our
hangtags and gift boxes for such products.

The recent surge in toy recalls has brought the issue of safety testing and U.S.
Government standards to the forefront. Although many of our products are not
considered toys under the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC)
Age Determination Guidelines, those which are, are tested according to the
requirements under the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM)
standards. ASTM covers over 100 different safety tests, which Boyds® follows
the Toy Safety Standards. Those standards include but are not limited to;
flammability, hazardous substances, paint and similar surface-coating materials,
such as lead, magnets and small parts. All toy products must pass ASTM testing
prior to the initial shipment to Boyds®.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q.    Does Boyds® test its products?
A.    Boyds® tests all products intended for children.

Q.    What determines what is intended for a child and what is not?
A.    The CPSC provides detailed guidelines on the proper Age Grading of

Q.    Does Boyds® test for lead paint content?
A.    Products with painted or coated surfaces are tested according the CPSC
standards which limit lead content in products. All tested products meet or
exceed these standards prior to initial shipment to Boyds®.

Q.   Does Boyds® test products that contain magnets?
A.   Yes, there are strict testing guidelines for toys that contain magnets and
Boyds® meets those requirements.

For additional information or questions, please visit or feel free
to email us at