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					Product Code Cheat Sheet                                                        March 09

Scentsy Warmers                          Code Example
Warmer DSW-(Warmer Code)                 DSW-STAR (Rustic Star)        $30 Ea
Plug-In Warmers                          PSW-DWTE (Dandy White)          $15 Ea
Warmer Replacement Parts                  Code Examples
Replacement Top – TOP-(Warmer Code)      TOP-STAR (For Rustic Star) $12 Ea
Base – BASE-(Warmer Code)                BASE-STAR (For Rustic Star)     $18 Ea
Replacement Top Plug-
Ins                                      TOP-DWTE (Dandy White)          $10.00

 Note: Order Replacement Tops/Bottoms as a Customer Order or with a Party Order. These
 items cannot be ordered as a Business Supply.

25 Watt Light Bulb        KE-25WLITE                                     $1 Ea
15 Watt Light Bulb        KE-15WLITE                                     $1 Ea

Warmers         Codes     Quantity Warmers                    Codes              Quantity
Angora          ANGO                   Jakarta                JAKA
Boleyn (March
WOTM)           BOLE                   Kokopelli              KOKO
Bombay          BBAY                   Labyrinth              LABY
Borneo          BORN                   Lisbon                 LISB
Brownstone      BSTN                   Lodge                  LODG
Cheetah         CHEE                   Luminous               LUMI
Blossom         CHER                   Malta                  MALT
Chocolate       SCHO                   Merino                 MERI
Cream           SCRE                   Milano                 MILA
Cyprus          CYPR                   Patina                 PATI
Doodlebud       DBUD                   Pembrook               PEMB
Dragonfly       DFLY                   Pressed Penny          PPEN
Eclipse         ECLP                   Punched Tin            PTIN
Embellish       EMBE                   Raised Dot Black       DOTB
Giraffe         GIRA                   Raised Dot Mocha       DOTM
Grapevine       GRAP                   Raised Dot Turquoise   DOTT
Warmer          Code       Quantity New Warmers                Code           Quantity
Retro Chic      RETR
Riviera         RIVI
Roma            ROMA
Rooster         RSTR
Rustic Star     STAR
Sandstone       SSTN
Satin Black     SBLK
Sendai          SEND
Shabby Chic     SHCH
Stampede        STAM
Sweetheart      SWHT
Symphony        SYMP
Torino          TORI
Chest           TREA
Wild West       WEST
Yukon           YUKO
Zebra           ZEBR
Zensy           ZENS

Warmer of the Month will be announced the previous month for the following month.

Example: April warmer and flyers will be announced in March.
Plug-In Warmer Collections - $15 Each

Dandy                       Code            Quantity
White                    PSW-DWTE
Brown                     PSW-DBRN
Black                     PSW-DBLK
Turquoise                 PSW-DTUR

Weave                       Code            Quantity
White                    PSW-WWTE
Brown                    PSW-WBRN
Black                    PSW-WBLK
Green                    PSW-WGRN

Groovy                      Code            Quantity
White                    PSW-GWTE
Brown                     PSW-GBRN
Black                     PSW-GBLK
Rust                      PSW-GRUS

                        Code Example
Replacement Plug-
In Tops $10 Each          TOP-DWTE          Dandy White Top

Suggested (1) Cube is best in the plug-in warmers. Customers can use (2) cubes, however it
will fill it to the brim.

Please advice customers to turn the plug-in off and let the wax return to a solid form before
removing/adding new fragrance.
Scentsy Candle Bars

Product Code Descriptions                Code Examples
  SB = Scentsy Candle Bar          $5    SB-SLK Silk Bar
  CC = Car Candle                  $3    CC-SLK Silk Car Candle
  RS = Room Spray                  $8    RS-SLK Silk Room Spray
  SK = Scentsy Brick              $20    SK-SLK Silk Brick

Fragrances                        Code   Category             Bar   Room CC Brick
Autumn Sunset (Brick)             AUT    Favorites
Baked Apple Pie (Brick)           BAP    Bakery
Beach (Brick)                     BEA    Spring & Summer
Black Raspberry Vanilla (Brick)   BRV    Favorites
Blueberry Cheesecake (Brick)      BBC    Bakery
Camu Camu (Brick Avail)           CAM    Favorites
Cashmere                          CAS    Romance
Cinnamon Bear (Brick)             CBR    Favorites
Cinnamon Cider (Brick)            CMC    Favorites
Cinnamon Vanilla (Brick)          CVA    Favorites
Clean Breeze (Brick)              CLE    Favorites
Clove & Cinnamon (Brick)          CNC    Favorites
Coconut Citrus Parfait (Brick)    COC    Bakery
Coconut Lemongrass (Brick)        CLG    Favorites
Cranberry Mango (Brick)           CBM    Favorites
Cranberry Spice (Brick)           CBS    Favorites
Cucumber Lime (Brick)             CUC    Fruits & Flowers
Enchanted Mist (Brick)            ENC    Romance
Eucalyptus                        EUC    Nature
Exotic Vanilla (Brick)            EXV    Nature
Falling Leaves (Brick)            FAL    Nature
Flirtatious (Brick)               FLI    Romance
French Kiss (Brick)               FKS    Romance
French Lavender (Brick)           FRE    Fruits & Flowers
Fresh Cut Cantaloupe              FCC    Fruits & Flowers
Fragrances                              Code   Category           Bar   Room CC Brick
Grape Granita (Brick)                   GRP    Spring & Summer
Grapefruit Blossom                      GFB    Fruits & Flowers
Grapefruit Pomegranate (Brick)          GFP    Fruit & Flowers
Havana Cabana (Brick)                   HVC    Favorites
Hearth & Home (Dec. 08 SOTM)            HNH
Herb Garden (Brick)                     HBG    Spring & Summer
Home Sweet Home (Brick)                 HSH    Favorites
Irish Cream (Brick)                     IRC    Bakery
Juicy Peach                             JCP    Fruits & Flowers
Leather (Brick)                         LEA    Spring & Summer
Lemon Lavender                          LMV    Fruits & Flowers
Lilacs & Violets (Brick)                LAV    Favorites
Lots of Lavender (Brick)                LOL    Favorites
Lucky In Love (Brick)                   LIL    Romance
Lush Gardenia (Brick)                   LGD    Spring & Summer
Luxe Vanilla                            LUX    Nature
Meadow Pear (Brick)                     MDP    Spring & summer
Mediterranean Spa (Brick)               MTS    Spring & Summer
Mulberry Bush (Brick)                   MBB    Favorites
Mysterious                              MYS    Romance
Nutmeg & Orange Zest (Brick)            NOZ    Bakery
Ocean (Brick)                           OCE    Nature
Odor Out                                OUT    Odor Out
Orange Dreamsicle (Brick)               ODS    Spring & Summer
Perfectly Pomegranate (Brick)           PPG    Favorites
Pima Cotton (Brick)                     PIM    Spring & Summer
Pineapple Paradise (Brick)              PIN    Spring & Summer
Pomegranate Orange Zing      (Brick)    PGO    Fruits & Flowers
Pumpkin Roll (Brick)                    PMK    Bakery
Red Delicious (Brick)                   RED    Spring & Summer
Sandalwood & Cranberries      (Brick)   SWC    Nature
Fragrances                      Codes   Section            Bar   Room CC Brick

Sangria (Brick)                 SNG     Spring & Summer
Sheer Saffron (March SOTM)      SHE
Silk                            SLK     Romance
Simply Irresistible             SIR     Romance
Skinny Dippin' (Brick)          SKD     Favorites
Spiced Orange Harvest (Brick)   SOH     Favorites
Spruce & Citrus (Jan. SOTM)     SCC
Spruceberry                     SPR     Nature
Sticky Cinnamon Bun (Brick)     SCB     Bakery
Strawberry Sweetie              SBS     Fruits & Flowers
Sugar (Brick)                   SGR     Spring & Summer
Sugar Cookie (Brick)            SUG     Bakery
Sunkissed Citrus (Brick)        SKC     Favorites
Sweet Indulgence                SWI     Romance
Sweet Pea & Vanilla (Brick)     SPV     Favorites
Sweet Tea Magnolia (Brick)      SWT     Spring & Summer
Tarocco Mint (FEB SOTM)         TRM
Tea Blossom (Brick)             TEA     Spring & Summer
Thunderstorm                    THU     Nature
Toasted Apple Butter (Brick)    TAB     Bakery
Tuscan Garden                   TUS     Nature
Twilight (Brick)                TWI     Romance
Vanilla Cream (Brick)           VCM     Favorites
Vanilla Walnut (Brick)          VLW     Bakery
Verbena Berry (Brick)           VBY     Favorites
Wasabi Ginger (Brick)           WSG     Nature
Watermelon Patch (Brick)        WMP     Fruits & Flowers
Welcome Home (Brick)            WHM     Favorites
White Tea & Cactus (Brick)      WTC     Favorites
Multi Packs & Gift Boxes

Multi-Packs                                     Codes                     Cost
3 Pack Candle Bars                              MP-3PK                     $14.00
6 Pack Candle Bars                              MP-6PK                    $25.00
Car Candle Pack (Buy 5, Get 1 Free)             MP-6CC                    $15.00
Room Spray Pack (Buy 5, Get 1 Free)             MP-6RS                    $40.00
Scentsy System – 1 Warmer, 3 Candle Bars        MP-SS13                   $44.00
Perfect Scentsy – 2 Warmers, 6 Candle Bars      MP-PS26                   $75.00
Scentsy Sampler - 3 Car Candles, 2 Room
Sprays, 3 Scentsy Bars, 1 Scentsy Brick, plus
2 Deluxe Scentsy Warmers.                       MP-SS312                  $100.00
Double the Scentsy – 2 Warmers, 24 Candle
Bars                                            MP-DTS224                 $140.00

Gift Boxes
3 Pack Candle Bar Gift Boxes                    SB-3PK                    $1.50
6 Pack Candle Bar Gift Boxes                    SB-6PK                    $2.00

Remind Hostesses that ½ Price Host Awards can only be taken on individual products and
any package except the Perfect Scentsy, Scentsy Sampler and Double the Scentsy.

All Host Awards have to be taken at the time the party is submitted. They can not be
redeemed at a later date.
Scent of the Month Program (SOTM)

We now have (2) options for this program…

Option 1: Scent & Warmer of the Month Club Subscription - $60 ( Approx. $100 Value):

   •   Party Tester, Basket Tester
   •   SOTM Brick
   •   6 SOTM Candle Bars
   •   SOTM Room Freshener
   •   Promotional Flyers
   •   1 SOTM Warmer (There may be 2 SOTM warmer choices, however the company will
       select the one for each kit). New warmer will not be in the catalog.

Option 2: Scent of the Month Club Subscription - $35 (Approx. $60 Value):

   •   Party Tester
   •   Basket Tester
   •   SOTM Brick
   •   6 SOTM Candle Bars
   •   SOTM Room Freshener

New: Commission and royalties are paid on SOTM & WOTM subscriptions starting
September 1, 2008.

Scent of the Month Scents:

   •   December - Hearth & Home
   •   January - Spruce & Citrus
   •   February - Tarocco Mint
   •   March - Sheer Saffron

Subscribe to this program in your Scentsy website, under Order, then Subscriptions Tab. Select
the option of your choice. You can cancel at anytime.

To order only the WOTM Flyers - KE-FLYER $3.00, pack of 50
Various Business Supplies
Basket and Party Fall Transition Tester Kits…

   •   BT-TRANSSS09: 2009 Spring/Summer Transition Kit (19 basket testers) $14.25
   •   PT-TRANSSS09: 2009 Spring/Summer Transition Kit (19 party testers) $38.00
   •   BT-SNS: Spring/Summer Basket Tester Kit (15 basket testers) $11.25
   •   PT-SNS: Spring/Summer Party Tester Kit (15 party testers) $30.00

BT-Full - Full set of Basket Testers ($60)           PT-Full – Full Set of Party Testers ($100)

Starting March 1, 2008 you can order Spring/Summer individual party and basket testers.

Below is an example of a code for an individual tester:

PT-RED for Party Tester Red Delicious (Individual Party Tester $2)
BT-TWI for Basket Tester Twilight (Individual Basket Tester $.75)

Download the Business Supply List under your Business Builders Tab, in your work station, for
complete breakdown of codes and pricing for Favorites Set, Romance Set, Nature Set and etc.

Scentsy Spring 2009 Catalogs:

   •   BR-1950: 2009 Spring/Summer Catalogs (50)
   •   BR-19100: 2009 Spring/Summer Catalogs (100)

Scentsy Product Order Forms:

   •   FM-1100 – 100 Order Forms for $20

Scentsy New Consultant Startup Guide:

   •   KE-NCSGUIDE - $5 each. Sold as Individuals (Single copy only).

The guide will be included in all new starter kits ordered starting September 1st. 2008.
Fundraising Packets:

   •   Fundraising Kit: KE-FUNDRAISING ($25) – 50 Catalogs, 50 Order Forms & 50
       Inserts Included in Kit.

Separate Fundraising Items:

   •   Fundraising Order Forms: KE-FUNDFORMS ($10), pack of 50
   •   Fundraising Catalogs: KE-FUNDCATALOGS ($10), pack of 50
   •   Fundraising Envelope: KE-FUNDENVELOPE ($10), pack of 50
   •   Fundraising Inserts: KE-FUNDINSERTS ($10), pack of 50

Home Party Supplies:

   •   Clear Party Bags - KE-Bags $5.00, pack of 50
   •   Host Envelope - FM-5225 $6.00, pack of 25
   •   Host Guest List - FM-5125 $4.00, pack of 25
   •   Host Rewards Brochure - FM-5325 $6.00, pack of 25
   •   Party Invitations - FM-2100 $10.00, pack of 100

Important Note: All business supply orders, under $30, will be charged a $5 shipping fee.
Orders over $30 will receive free shipping.

For a more complete list of business supplies, visit the Business Builders Tab in your Scentsy
Work Station and download the Spring 2009 Business Supply List.

Additional marketing tools can be found at

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