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					        Association of Tax Professionals of Tax Professionals
NationalNational Association National Conference & Expo 2010

                            NATP 2010
                            National Conference & Expo

        Austin                                                         ,
                            July 19-22 • Hilton Austin

                                   KEYNOTE SPEAKERS to
                                   include DAVID WILLIAMS, IRS
                                   Executive overseeing the tax
                                   preparer registration process
                                   and KAREN HAWKINS,
                                   IRS Director of the Office of
                                   Professional Responsibility
                                   AND 33 CPE CREDITS to boot!

           Phone: 800.558.3402, ext. 3 Fax: 800.747.0001 Web:   1
                                                                 NATP 2010 National Conference & Expo Schedule of Events

Austin,TX                                                        NATP’s National Conference schedule has changed based on your feedback. The Expo Hall is
                                                                 now open on Tuesday and Wednesday of the Conference. Please see the overall schedule.

                    9:00 a.m. – 10:30 a.m.                 Chapter Presidents’ Meeting – Salon DE
 Sunday, July 18

                    10:30 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.                Break – For Chapter Presidents, Duly Authorized Chapter Delegates, & National Board Members

                    11:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.                Chapter Presidents or Duly Authorized Chapter Delegate & National Board Members – Salon DE

                    1:30 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.                  Chapter Leadership Session – Salon DE

                                                           NATP Annual Meeting, National Awards, and Keynote Speaker – Salon CDE
                    8:00 a.m. – 9:40 a.m.
                                                           Karen Hawkins, Director, IRS Office of Professional Responsibility
                                                           Education: General Session: Current Developments – Salon CDE
                    9:50 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.
                                                           Tom O’Saben, EA, CFP® & Steve O’Rourke, EA – INT/UPD, E, F
                      Room                  Salon A              Salon B              Salon C                Salon DE               Salon F           Salon G
                                   Advising Small Non-       Nuts & Bolts of     Debt Cancellation Employee Business           Purchase of a        Form 1041 &
                                   profit Organizations        Schedule D              Income &        Expenses – the             Business              Trusts
                    1:00 p.m. –
 Monday, July 19

                                                                                     Exclusions         Audit Pitfalls
                    2:40 p.m.
                                            Zimbler               Keane                  Ihm               Scioli                   Meredith          O’Saben
                                   INT                E,F BAS              E,F   INT            E,F INT                E,F    INT              E,F BAS        E,F
                                        Charitable       Nuts & Bolts of          Passive Activities      Depreciation        Are You Smarter From Form 2848
                    2:55 p.m. –       Contributions       Form 1040NR                                                          Than – Ethics?    to Appeals
                    4:35 p.m.            Zimbler             Keane                     Gray                  O’Rourke              Dangar         O’Planick
                                   BAS/INT          E,F BAS           E,F        INT/ADV         E,F INT                E,F   BAS            E INT          E
                                     The Remote Tax          Retirement Plan      Can I Say That?      Kiddie Tax
                                         Office                Comparisons         Understanding
                    4:45 p.m. –
                    5:35 p.m.
                                            Nokleby              O’Saben              Garvin           O’Rourke
                                   BAS                     INT             E,F   BAS             E INT            E,F
                    5:45 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.                  Charity Auction Sponsored by Board of Directors – Room 400/402
                      Room                  Salon A              Salon B              Salon C                Salon DE               Salon F           Salon G
                    7:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.                  Expo Hall open – Salon HJK
                                       The Unique       Retirement Plans          What’s New at       Can I Say That?     How to Pass
                                    Business of Family    for Ministers           Social Security      Understanding       an Exam
                    7:00 a.m. –
                                        Child Care                                                        §7216
                    7:50 a.m.
                                         Nokleby              Worth                   Liptz               Garvin           O’Rourke
                                   BAS             E,F INT             E,F       BAS/UPD         E,F BAS              E BAS
                                       Correcting &         Corporate      Home Sweet Home             IRS Notices - How       Offers in Com-    Charitable
                                     Amending Form         Dissolutions                                 to Resolve Them        promise – Why    Contributions
                    8:00 a.m. –
                                          1040                                                                                  or Why Not?
                    9:40 a.m.
 Tuesday, July 20

                                         Gillette             Keane              Gray                         Scioli               Brooks         Zimbler
                                   INT/ADV          E,F INT            E,F INT          E,F            INT               E    INT            E BAS/INT     E,F
                                   2010:The Year of the      Bankruptcy –        Entity ConversionsEmployee Business        The Art of    Activities Not
                                          Roth              Taxes Before,                            Expenses – the      Representation   Engaged in for
                    10:20 a.m. –
                                                            During, & After                           Audit Pitfalls                          Profit
                    12:00 p.m.
                                         Gillette                Ihm                  Whitlock           Scioli              Brooks          Dangar
                                   INT/ADV            E,F INT            E,F     INT/ADV       E,F INT              E,F INT            E INT/ADV      E,F
                                   Education: General Session: IRS Updates – Salon CDE BAS/UPD E, F
                    1:30 p.m. –
                                   1:30 p.m. – 3:10 p.m. – Keynote Speaker - David Williams, Director, IRS Electronic Tax Administration & Refundable Credits
                    3:20 p.m.
                                   3:10 p.m. – 3:20 p.m. Nominations Announcement
                                      Breaking into         Is My Inheritance      Net Operating       E’s Have It
                    4:00 p.m. –       Bookkeeping               Taxable?              Losses
                    4:50 p.m.            Nokleby                 Garvin              O’Saben               IRS
                                   BAS                     BAS             E,F   INT           E,F BAS             E,F
                    6:00 p.m. –
                                   Chapter Showcase – Salon FG
                    9:00 p.m.
                                                 National Association of Tax Professionals National Conference & Expo 2010
                          Room                 Salon A                  Salon B                  Salon C                 Salon DE                Salon F            Salon G
                       7:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.                     Expo Hall open – Salon HJK
                                         Breaking into           Is My Inheritance          What’s New at        E’s Have It        Kiddie Tax
                       7:00 a.m. –       Bookkeeping                 Taxable?               Social Security
                       7:50 a.m.           Nokleby                    Garvin                     Liptz               IRS             O’Rourke
                                      BAS                        BAS            E,F        BAS/UPD       E,F BAS             E,F INT           E,F
                                       2010: The Year of               Taxation of            Death of a            Debt Cancellation     Installment
                                          the Roth                      Ministers          Business Partner             Income &        Agreements &
                       8:00 a.m. –
                                                                                                                       Exclusions      Abating Penalties
                       9:40 a.m.
                                            Gillette                     Worth                  Whitlock                   Ihm              Brooks                 Essential
  Wednesday, July 21

                                      INT/ADV              E,F   INT                 E,F   INT/ADV       E,F       INT             E,F INT             E            Taxation
                                      From Form 2848 to                Sale of a              Reasonable           IRS Notices - How       Offers in Com-            Bixby
                                          Appeals                      Business              Compensation           to Resolve Them        promise – Why         BAS         E,F
                       10:20 a.m. –
                                                                                                                                            or Why Not?
                       12:00 p.m.
                                             O’Planick                  Meredith                Whitlock                   Scioli              Brooks
                                      INT                   E INT                    E,F   BAS/INT       E,F INT                        E INT            E
                                        A to Z Guide to          Forms 1099 From            Nuts & Bolts of        Home Sweet Home           Foreclosure,     Employee or
                                      Financial Planning             A to SA                 Schedule D                                      Short Sale, or   Independent
                       1:30 p.m. –
                                                                                                                                             Deed-in-Lieu     Contractor?
                       3:10 p.m.
                                            Gillette                     Zimbler                  Keane                     Gray                 Ihm            O’Planick
                                      BAS/INT              E,F BAS                   E,F   BAS               E,F INT                   E,F INT           E,F BAS          E,F
                                      The Unique Business    Tip Reporting                   Net Operating                E-World           Retirement Plans
                       3:50 p.m. –    of Family Child Care  Outside the Box                     Losses                                        for Ministers
                       4:40 p.m.            Nokleby              Garvin                        O’Saben                    O’Planick               Worth
                                      BAS              E,F BAS           E,F               INT           E,F       BAS                      INT           E,F
                       5:00 p.m. –
                                      Becoming a Candidate for the National Board of Directors Q&A – Salon A
                       6:00 p.m.
                          Room                 Salon A                  Salon B                  Salon C                 Salon DE                Salon F            Salon G
                                        The Remote Tax             Tip Reporting            Retirement Plan               E-World           How to Pass an
                       7:00 a.m. –           Office                Outside the Box            Comparisons                                        Exam
                       7:50 a.m.            Nokleby                    Garvin                   O’Saben                   O’Planick            O’Rourke
                                      BAS                        BAS           E,F         INT           E,F       BAS                      BAS
                                        A to Z Guide to           Foreclosure,               Purchase of a             Death of a             Installment
                                      Financial Planning         Short Sale, or                Business             Business Partner         Agreements &
                       8:00 a.m. –
                                                                  Deed-in-Lieu                                                             Abating Penalties
                       9:40 a.m.
                                            Gillette                  Ihm                        Meredith               Whitlock                Brooks              Essential
                                      BAS/INT              E,F INT            E,F          INT               E,F   INT/ADV             E,F INT             E       Tax Forms
  Thursday, July 22

                                          Correcting &             Advising Small                Sale of a              Entity              Nuts & Bolts of           Bixby
                                        Amending Form                Nonprofit                    Business             Conversions            Form 1040NR         BAS         E,F
                       9:55 a.m. –
                                             1040                  Organizations
                       11:35 a.m.
                                            Gillette                  Zimbler                    Meredith               Whitlock                 Keane
                                      INT/ADV          E.F       INT           E,F         INT               E,F   INT/ADV             E,F BAS             E,F
                                         Employee or        Bankruptcy –                     Depreciation                Taxation of          The Art of         Are You
                                         Independent       Taxes Before,                                                  Ministers         Representation    Smarter Than –
                       1:00 p.m. –
                                         Contractor?       During, & After                                                                                       Ethics?
                       2:40 p.m.
                                           O’Planick            Ihm                              O’Rourke                  Worth                 Brooks           Dangar
                                      BAS            E,F INT            E,F                INT               E,F   INT                 E,F INT              E BAS          E
                                             Corporate           Forms 1099 From             Reasonable            Passive Activities         Form 1041 &   Activities Not
                                            Dissolutions             A to SA                Compensation                                         Trusts     Engaged in for
                       2:55 p.m. –
                       4:35 p.m.
                                               Keane                     Zimbler               Whitlock           Gray                         O’Saben         Dangar
                                      INT                  E,F BAS                   E,F   BAS/INT      E,F INT/ADV                    E,F BAS         E,F INT/ADV      E,F
                       6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.                     Annual Banquet Gala Event – Denim & Diamonds Reception & Banquet – Salon FGH

The on-site Conference Program will list any program changes.

Course Level: BAS-Basic                                  INT-Intermediate             ADV-Advanced             UPD-Update

Tentative CPE/CE Acceptance: (2 CPE for each 100-minute session)
E = Enrolled Agents                 F = Certified Financial Planners
Certified Public Accountant - All sessions tentatively accepted by the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy.
See pages 18 & 19 for more details on course levels and qualifying credits.
                                                                         Phone: 800.558.3402, ext. 3 Fax: 800.747.0001 Web:                                        3
Chapter Presidents’ Meeting               newer concepts that have brought        responding to your requests for
Sunday, July 18 – Salon DE                them success over the past year.        Chapter leadership issues. Come and
9:00 a.m. – 10:30 a.m.                    Paul Cinquemani, Jean Anderson,         see why it continues to be so popular
                                          and Steve Schultz will host the         with attendees year after year!
This year’s meeting is specifically        event and the entire NATP Board
for Chapter Presidents to discuss         of Directors will be present as         Expo Hall
issues and exchange ideas.                well. If you’re a Chapter officer,       Tuesday, July 20 and
                                          board member, committee chair,          Wednesday, July 21 – Salon HJK
Chapter Presidents’ and                   or a “wannabe,” this affair will be     7:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
National Board of Directors’              a Conference highlight for you. It’s
Meeting                                   jammed with formal and informal         We have lined up a wonderfully
Sunday, July 18 – Salon DE                information as well as “how to”         varied list of exhibitors for this
11:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.                   knowledge for you to take back to       year’s event. These vendors are
                                          your Chapter at home and put to         ready to share the latest must-have
Attendees to include Chapter Presidents   use right away.                         products and services. Bring lots of
or Duly Authorized Chapter Delegate,                                              business cards with you to drop in
and National Board Members.               Here are some of the highlights         the drawings for a chance to win
The Chapter Presidents’ and               included in the session:                great prizes!
National Board of Directors’
Meeting will be an open meeting           • kick-off presentation on
                                            A                                     While you’re in the Expo Hall,
and discussion. A Bylaws Business           leadership issues by a nationally     stop by the NATP booth to meet
Meeting will also be held to vote on        renowned speaker.                     some of the staff members, find
two proposed bylaw amendments.            • The unveiling of where Chapter        general information, receive
The instructions for appointing a           resources are easily found on         research assistance, and purchase
duly authorized Chapter delegate            NATP’s new website as well as a       NATP logo items. For the most
will be a part of the proposed by-          review of what’s available to make    up-to-date list of vendors, go to
law information packet sent                 your life easier.                     the National Conference page at
to Chapter Presidents on or               • Round-table discussions for begin-
before June 18.                             ners as well as more experienced
                                            leaders on topics of importance and   Lunch
                                            relevance so you can brainstorm       Lunch will be included on Tuesday
NATP Chapter Leadership
                                            and exchange ideas.                   and Wednesday in the Expo Hall
Session                                                                           for full Conference registrants and
Sunday, July 18 – Salon DE                Whether you’re a veteran Chapter        spouse/guests.
1:30 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.                     leader or this is your first year as a
                                          volunteer, this session is for you!     NATP Annual Meeting,
This is THE training event of the         You’ll come away knowing that,
year for Chapter leaders and those
                                                                                  National Awards, and
                                          whatever your position or assign-       Keynote Speaker
interested in becoming Chapter            ment in your Chapter, there is no
leaders. NATP specially prepares                                                  Monday, July 19 – Salon CDE
                                          need for you to have to “reinvent the   8:00 a.m. – 9:40 a.m.
this session in advance to provide        wheel.” You’ll discover new ideas,
both new and experienced lead-            get answers to your questions, and
ers the knowledge, tools, and                                                     Experience the excitement that
                                          receive valuable training on how to     comes with the official start of the
confidence they need to succeed.           be a more effective Chapter leader.
Some of our most experienced and                                                  2010 National Conference at the
                                          Leaders rave about this session         Opening Assembly. This session
creative Chapter leaders partici-         year after year. That’s because it’s
pate in sharing their ideas and the                                               begins with our Annual Meeting,
                                          designed with you in mind by            followed by recognition of award
                         National Association of Tax Professionals National Conference & Expo 2010

recipients, and concluding with         Denim & Diamonds                        In accordance with the Americans
our Keynote Speaker, Karen              Reception and Banquet                   With Disabilities Act (ADA), please
Hawkins, Director, IRS Office of         Thursday, July 22 – Salon FGH           indicate any special accommoda-
Professional Responsibility.            6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.                   tions you may need when making
                                                                                your hotel reservations.
Charity Auction                         There is no better way to conclude
Monday, July 19 – Room 400/402          Conference in Texas than with a         Texas Chapter Hosted Events
5:45 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.                   Denim & Diamonds Reception and          The Texas Chapter members are
                                        Banquet. Feel free to wear your         thrilled to have this year’s Confer-
Come bid on the many valuable           favorite blue jeans and cowboy          ence in their home state. They are
items included in this year’s NATP      boots, your finest evening wear,         looking forward to showing you
Board of Directors’ Charity Auction.    or a combination of the two! This       first-hand what Texas hospitality
All proceeds benefit a deserving         event includes a cash bar reception     is all about. Stay tuned for more in-
Austin-area organization.               followed by award recognition,          formation on some great events this
                                        dinner, and entertainment. Full         group is working on to make your
Chapter Showcase                        Conference and spouse/guest reg-        Conference experience even better!
Tuesday, July 20 – Salon FG             istrations include admission to this
6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.                   special event.

Come see the Chapter displays,          Accommodations
participate in the many drawings,       Our host hotel, the Hilton Austin,
and socialize at this one-of-a-kind     is offering Conference attendees a
showcase. Complimentary hors            reduced sleeping room rate of $159
d’oeuvres will be served and a cash     for single or double occupancy. To
bar will be available. All Confer-      make a sleeping room reservation,
ence attendees are encouraged to        please call the hotel at 512.482.8000
attend this event.                      or register online at
                                        clicking on the link found on the
Becoming a Candidate for                Conference web page.
the National Board of
Directors Q & A                         There are a limited number of rooms
Wednesday, July 21 – Salon A            available for NATP attendees. The
5:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.                   group rate expires June 17, 2010,
                                        or when the room block sells out,
The National Board of Directors will    whichever comes first. Reserva-
be hosting a Question & Answer ses-     tions made after this date will be
sion on “Becoming a Candidate for the   accepted based on availability and
National Board of Directors.” If you    subject to hotel-set rates.
have ever considered running for the
National Board, this Q & A session      The Hilton Austin will need a credit
will be perfect for you. The National   card to process your reservation.
Board members will be available to      Based on availability, reservations
answer any questions you may have       will be honored at the group rate
regarding this process and the duties   for up to three days before and after
of a National Board member.             the Conference dates.

                                          Phone: 800.558.3402, ext. 3 Fax: 800.747.0001 Web:            5
2010: THE YEAR OF                        ACTIVITIES NOT ENGAGED                  ARE YOU SMARTER THAN –
THE ROTH                                 IN FOR PROFIT                           ETHICS?
Level: Intermediate/Advanced             Level: Intermediate/Advanced            Level: Basic
Presented by Delmar Gillette, MA         Presented by Greg Dangar, EA, ATP,      Presented by Greg Dangar, EA, ATP,
                                         ATA, IAR                                ATA, IAR
The year 2010 promises to bring
a wave of taxpayers seeking to           A number of taxpayers who have          This is a lively new twist on an old
convert their traditional IRAs to        significant income from other            topic – ethics. We will have a game
Roth IRAs. As tax professionals we       sources reduce their taxable income     style format as we dive into Ethics
need to filter out all of the hype. Is    by reporting losses from activities     and discuss the implications of
converting from a traditional IRA        that may or may not be engaged in for   actions we take in our practices.
to a Roth IRA the right move for         profit. It is up to the IRS examiners    This class will have thought pro-
everyone? We don’t know and can’t        to make a factual determination         voking questions on issues that we
advise our clients until we under-       whether an activity is engaged in       encounter day in and day out.
stand what questions to ask. Before      for profit. This includes Schedules C,   Prepare to have a smile on your face.
your clients make a move with their      E, and F. Taxpayers bear the burden
IRAs, they’ll want to talk to a tax      of proving that they engaged in the     THE ART OF
professional who understands the         activity with an actual and honest      REPRESENTATION
modified tax law. Walk away from          objective of realizing a profit. You     Level: Intermediate
this session with strategies that will   will not want to miss this class as     Presented by LG Brooks, EA
help you determine when and if a         it will cover the techniques that
conversion is appropriate for them.      examiners use during an audit.          Representation of taxpayers before
                                                                                 the IRS encompasses representing
A TO Z GUIDE TO                          ADVISING SMALL NONPROFIT                taxpayers before all divisions of
FINANCIAL PLANNING                       ORGANIZATIONS                           the IRS to include the Examina-
Level: Basic/Intermediate                Level: Intermediate                     tion, Collection, Appeals, and Chief
Presented by Delmar Gillette, MA         Presented by Larry Zimbler, MST, EA     Counsel Divisions of the IRS. This
                                                                                 presentation is designed to highlight
This is an encore presentation of an     Identify issues unique to small local   and delineate the various facets of
A to Z Guide to Financial Planning.      organizations created as not-for-       representing taxpayers before the
The presentation time is longer          profit, including charities, churches,   IRS while adhering to all profes-
and the course is modified to better      and social clubs. This session will     sional, legal, and ethical standards,
cover the material. The field of finan-    cover organizational, operational,      and will include specific language
cial planning has a hodgepodge of        and accounting considerations,          and excerpts from Circular 230 with
legal, tax, insurance, and investment    including securing and maintaining      respect to representation.
terms unique to its industry. This       tax exempt status. Special situations
session will not teach you how to        like receiving cash and noncash         BANKRUPTCY –
become a financial planner, but it        contributions, gaming activities,       TAXES BEFORE, DURING,
will help you better understand the      self-dealing, and UBTI will be          AND AFTER
jargon used in the industry. As a        reviewed as well.                       Level: Intermediate
result, you’ll be better prepared to                                             Presented by Lisa Ihm, EA
assist your clients, not only during
tax season, but throughout the year                                              Bankruptcy filings are skyrocket-
and for years to come.                                                           ing as debtors deal with the current
                                                                                 economic downturn. In order to
                                                                                 properly complete a bankrupt
                           National Association of Tax Professionals National Conference & Expo 2010

taxpayer’s individual tax returns,       days, your client would call and        sales. We will look at and compare
you must understand what happens         say, “I’m buying a car…send my tax      the two paths and work through
within the bankruptcy. Learn how         return to my banker” and it was         the scenarios.
a bankruptcy works, which assets         no problem. The new rules and
the debtor will keep and which           restrictions of §7216 create every-     CORRECTING AND
he’ll have to give up, the effect of a   day problems by complicating our        AMENDING FORM 1040
bankruptcy on future 1040 returns,       ability to use and/or disclose tax      Level: Intermediate/Advanced
when bankrupt taxpayers can              return information. Section 7216        Presented by Delmar Gillette, MA
exclude debt cancellation income,        affects how we maintain close
and what tax attributes come out of      contact with our clients and            Did you know the Internal Revenue
the bankruptcy. Additionally, this       accommodate their needs. We need        Code does not expressly authorize
session will cover what to do if the     to have a thorough understanding        the allowance of amended tax
bankruptcy estate didn’t file a tax       of the new rules to avoid criminal      returns? Amended tax returns have
return, how to determine the basis       and civil penalties. This session       historically been recognized by the
of property that is exempt or aban-      will explain when you need to get       IRS only under its Administrative
doned by the bankruptcy trustee,         a client’s consent and when you         Authority as provided under the
why property is foreclosed after the     don’t. It will include templates        powers of the Internal Revenue
bankruptcy instead of sold during        of the mandatory language in the        Code. This session will cover
it, whether a bankruptcy will elimi-     consent forms that you can use in       statutes of limitation for an amended
nate the tax liability created by a      your office. Is your firm compliant?      return, reasons to amend or not
foreclosure, and how to advise your                                              to amend open tax years, how to
client about the tax consequences        CHARITABLE CONTRIBUTIONS                reduce the need to amend returns,
of foreclosure and bankruptcy.           Level: Basic/Intermediate               taxpayers’ and tax preparers’
                                         Presented by Larry Zimbler, MST, EA     responsibilities, effective prepara-
BREAKING INTO                                                                    tion of an amended return, and many
BOOKKEEPING                              This session explores the issues sur-   other related topics. A solid under-
Level: Basic                             rounding charitable contributions,      standing of the tax law as it pertains
Presented by Kelly Nokleby, EA           especially the special rules for cash   to individual tax returns is essential.
                                         and noncash contributions after
Are you looking for ways to              changes made by the Pension Protec-     CURRENT DEVELOPMENTS
increase revenues during the off-        tion Act of 2006. Special situations    Level: Intermediate/Update
season? Maybe you are looking            involving donation of automobiles,      Presented by Steve O’Rourke, EA &
for ways to increase productivity        and “out of pocket” costs will be       Tom O’Saben, EA, CFP®
during tax season. Providing book-       reviewed. Also considered will be
keeping services to existing clients     deduction limitations and carry-        Major tax law changes are occur-
can do both. During this session,        overs, appraisal requirements, and      ring constantly and new legislation
participants will explore ways to        special situations such as historic     is continuously proposed. This
provide bookkeeping services to          and conservation easements.             insightful session will provide a
clients and how this will increase                                               thorough analysis on various tax
productivity during tax season.          CORPORATE                               bills passed throughout the year as
                                         DISSOLUTIONS                            well as the impact on the tax prac-
CAN I SAY THAT?                          Level: Intermediate                     titioner community. We will also
UNDERSTANDING §7216                      Presented by Kathryn Keane, EA, ABA     review changes on the 2009 return
Level: Basic                                                                     that will apply to 2010 and discuss
Presented by Melinda Garvin, EA          Each day another business closes.       the details of the estate tax for 2010
                                         Do right by your clients by assisting   and beyond.
In the old days, we could introduce      them in closing their corporation the
our client to someone as “this is        right way. This session will focus
Sue Jones, a tax client of mine”         on the universal issues between
and it was no problem. In the old        stock sale and the usual asset

                                           Phone: 800.558.3402, ext. 3 Fax: 800.747.0001 Web:              7
DEATH OF A BUSINESS                      which of your clients could reap big    at the IRS, including e-services,
PARTNER                                  benefits from this new provision., and e-file. Get the tools and
Level: Intermediate/Advanced             Worksheets will assure you use the      information you need to grow your
Presented by Beanna Whitlock, EA, CSA    exclusions in the proper order, help    electronic interactions with the
                                         you calculate client insolvency, and    IRS, and provide improved services
Logically, a partner’s death has a       make the allocation of basis reduc-     for your clients.
significant impact on his or her          tions simple and quick to perform.
partnership from both a business                                                 EMPLOYEE BUSINESS
and a tax aspect. An election under      DEPRECIATION                            EXPENSES – THE AUDIT
§754 can provide advantages to           Level: Intermediate                     PITFALLS
partners by blending provisions          Presented by Steve O’Rourke, EA         Level: Intermediate
to equalize the inside and outside                                               Presented by Susan Scioli, EA
interests of the deceased. Discover      What’s new in depreciation for
the advantages and disadvantages of      2009 and 2010? This session will        Employee business expenses are
a §754 election, how it is to be made,   cover changes pertinent to both         commonly audited by the IRS and
and what to avoid. You will learn        years. Will bonus depreciation be       this class will discuss the various
how to allocate §754 depreciation to     extended beyond 2009? Are there         rules and recordkeeping require-
the remaining partners and how to        any new developments with the           ments. We will explain how to
adjust the capital accounts. Termi-      §179 expense deduction? If your         handle clients with less than stellar
nating a partnership after the death     client has ever claimed incorrect       records of their employee expenses.
of a partner will also be covered.       depreciation, Form 3115 is an excel-    We’ll also discuss how to present
                                         lent tool to correct any depreciation   and successfully argue the expenses
DEBT CANCELLATION                        errors. This session will also review   during an audit.
INCOME AND EXCLUSIONS                    the depreciation recapture and
Level: Intermediate                      unrecapture consequences when           EMPLOYEE OR INDEPENDENT
Presented by Lisa Ihm, EA                business assets are sold.               CONTRACTOR?
                                                                                 Level: Basic
There are several ways to avoid          E-WORLD                                 Presented by Helen O’Planick, EA
paying tax on cancelled debt, but        Level: Basic
are you using all the exclusions         Presented by Helen O’Planick, EA        We will work with the 17 questions
correctly to get the best overall                                                that the IRS uses to determine
benefit for your client? And after the    Walk into the electronic world as       between employee and independent
income is excluded, the important        we explore everything from e-mail to    contractor and we will look at the
task of reducing tax attributes is       e-filing to e-services. Learn how to     pitfalls of each decision. We will
often overlooked or performed in-        work in a paperless environment. We     also learn tax implications of each
correctly. Explore the controversies     will also answer the burning ques-      determination and what to do if
surrounding the definition of a prin-     tions of what exactly is Twitter™       you need to appeal.
cipal residence and whether basis in     and Facebook™ and if you should use
the residence must be reduced. Find      these avenues for your client base.     ENTITY CONVERSIONS
out what debts are often overlooked                                              Level: Intermediate/Advanced
when calculating insolvency. Learn       E’S HAVE IT                             Presented by Beanna Whitlock, EA, CSA
to use the Qualified Business Real        Level: Basic
Property Debt Exclusion to avoid         Presented by the IRS                    It is common for business owners
self-employment tax on a business                                                to decide that they must change
foreclosure. Explore the deferral of     Learn how to make the most of           their form of conducting business.
debt cancellation from Reacquisi-        your electronic interactions with       The legal process and paperwork
tion of Business Debt and determine      the IRS. Hear the latest on e-changes   for implementing such changes
                           National Association of Tax Professionals National Conference & Expo 2010

usually entail an involvement by         will include Form 1040, income,           assist their heirs with the proper
the business owners and their            adjustments to AGI, Schedule A,           handling of inherited funds. With
legal advisors; however, business        tax credits, and tax computation.         the concerns of an entire generation
owners must also consider the tax        We will use a case scenario and           in mind, trust tax preparation and
consequences of the change. These        complete actual forms. This session       advice represents a huge potential
consequences change depending            is an excellent primer if you plan        growth area for practitioners. The
upon the federal income tax law          to take the tax return preparer reg-      goal of this session is to cut through
status of the business before and        istration competency exam. Bring          the confusion and make trust
after the change. This session will      some pencils and a calculator!            preparation and advice clearer for
establish the rules for changing                                                   you to share with your clients who
business classification and focus on      FORECLOSURE, SHORT                        are interested in establishing trusts.
the LLC and its flexibility of chang-     SALE, OR DEED-IN-LIEU                     Two comprehensive examples will
ing federal tax classification using      Level: Intermediate                       also be provided to clarify concepts
Form 8832. Discover the challenges       Presented by Lisa Ihm, EA                 and give you a future point of reference.
of electing out of a federal tax clas-
sification and what issues develop        The transfer of property by taxpay-       FORMS 1099 FROM A TO SA
when there is a change in LLC            ers in financial distress raises many      Level: Basic
ownership. Case examples will dem-       special tax issues. This session          Presented by Larry Zimbler, MST, EA
onstrate not only the effects of the     answers how to properly report
change in entity classification but       these dispositions. When is the sale      This session will review the proper
the resulting effects on the members     supposed to be reported? What is          use of 17 forms in the 1099 series
involved. Mark this session as a         the sale price? Why are the date and      for transaction reporting, including
MUST for the Conference!                 FMV on the 1099-A often not the           the newly developed Form 1099-K.
                                         information that should be used?          Preparation and filing requirements
ESSENTIAL TAX FORMS                      Where can you get the information         for each form for the filer and treat-
Level: Basic                             you need? When is debt cancella-          ment of the reported items by the
Presented by Chris Bixby, EA, CFP®       tion income reported? How do you          recipient will be considered.
                                         handle a second mortgage that may
A real life scenario is the starting     or may not be discharged? Did the         FROM FORM 2848 TO
point for this active session. We        short sale really discharge the bal-      APPEALS
will discuss and complete Schedules      ance on the mortgage? How do you          Level: Intermediate
C, SE, D, and E as well as look at       determine if a loan was discharged        Presented by Helen O’Planick, EA
the qualified dividends and capital       and when will debt cancellation
gains worksheet and depreciation         be reported if not now? Get these         Come with us on a trip down the
schedules. This is a hands-on, fast-     answers as well as comprehensive          Yellow Brick Road to the land of
paced introduction to the world of       worksheets to help you properly           IRS. We will wear our ruby red
tax preparation. This session is an      report these transactions.                slippers (Form 2848) and meet
excellent primer if you plan to take                                               some foes and perhaps even friends
the tax return preparer registra-        FORM 1041 AND TRUSTS                      on our walk. From the Scarecrow
tion competency exam. Bring some         Level: Basic                              (ASC), to the Tin Man (the revenue
pencils and a calculator!                Presented by Tom O’Saben, EA, CFP®        officer), to the Cowardly Lion (our
                                                                                   90-day tax court letter), we will
ESSENTIAL TAXATION                       In this current age we are experienc-     find out how to reach the Emerald
Level: Basic                             ing the largest transfer of wealth from   City (Appeals), and happily find
Presented by Chris Bixby, EA, CFP®       one generation to the next. As these      the way back home for our clients.
                                         assets transfer, the donor generation
Tax preparer or data entry specialist?   is concerned that the beneficiaries
There is a difference. In this session   don’t know how to handle money.
we will cover the essential prin-        Because of this, more and more
ciples necessary to understanding        people are establishing trusts to,
tax forms. This hands-on session         in essence, speak from the grave to

                                           Phone: 800.558.3402, ext. 3 Fax: 800.747.0001 Web:                  9
HOME SWEET HOME                          resolve their federal tax obligations   inherited IRAs, and inherited prop-
Level: Intermediate                      without jeopardizing their normal       erty will be covered here. There will
Presented by Larry Gray, CPA             and reasonable “day-to-day” living      be basic coverage of a decedent’s
                                         expenses. Learn how to approach the     final 1040 and Form 1041.
Over the past three years there          Government in securing the proper
have been three different new            type of Installment Agreement on        KIDDIE TAX
homebuyer credit amounts. Do you         behalf of your clients. We will also    Level: Intermediate
know which credit applies to your        cover requesting abatement of civil     Presented by Steve O’Rourke, EA
client? Do you know when and             penalties imposed by the IRS.
how to recapture the credit? We                                                  More and more taxpayers are
will clear up the confusion,             IRS NOTICES – HOW TO                    subject to the kiddie tax rules. This
answer your questions, and dis-          RESOLVE THEM                            session will review who is subject
cuss the many changes to Form            Level: Intermediate                     to the complex kiddie tax rules
5405 reporting requirements.             Presented by Susan Scioli, EA           and how the rules interact with
                                                                                 education credits, calculation of the
HOW TO PASS AN EXAM                      The IRS issues many different no-       standard deduction, and alterna-
Level: Basic                             tices to our clients and this presen-   tive minimum tax. Examples will
Presented by Steve O’Rourke, EA          tation will cover how to deal with      be provided demonstrating the
                                         the most important ones. We’ll be       completion of Form 8615 as well
The IRS tax preparer registration has    discussing the CP2000, Notice of        as some planning strategies.
many tax professionals talking about     Proposed Changes, how to respond
exams. Should you take the new           and how to resolve problems after a     NET OPERATING LOSSES
competency exam for preparers, or        deficiency has been assessed incor-      Level: Intermediate
should you take the Enrolled Agent       rectly. Many questions come up          Presented by Tom O’Saben, EA, CFP®
exam? We’ll help you answer that         with the resolution of math error
question by explaining the differ-       notices and this presentation will      The economic downturn in the past
ence between the two. We will            explain your options if you dis-        few years has caused many of our cli-
also provide tips to passing either      agree. An explanation of the various    ents to recognize net operating losses
exam and teach you how to analyze        collection notices, their statutory     (NOLs). Congress has responded
test questions. If you’re going to be    responses and timeframes, as well       to this stark reality by changing the
taking an exam in the upcoming           as a client’s option for resolution     rules as they relate to NOLs and pro-
future, this session is for you!         will also be covered in-depth.          viding more flexibility for taxpayers.
                                                                                 This session will provide an update
INSTALLMENT                              IS MY INHERITANCE                       of these changes so that you can
AGREEMENTS AND                           TAXABLE?                                help your clients decide which
ABATING PENALTIES                        Level: Basic                            options will benefit them the most.
Level: Intermediate                      Presented by Melinda Garvin, EA
Presented by LG Brooks, EA                                                       NUTS AND BOLTS OF FORM
                                         Clients present this question to        1040NR
Many taxpayers do not have the           us quite regularly. Don’t you wish      Level: Basic
ability or financial resources to pay     a quick answer would do? This           Presented by Kathryn Keane, EA, ABA
their federal tax liabilities. To this   session will help you guide the
end the government has established       taxpayer to provide the informa-        International trade has increased
and authorized various types of          tion needed to determine if an          substantially in recent years. As
formal “Installment Agreement”           inheritance/bequest is reportable       a result, tax preparers have more
arrangements, that allow delinquent      and then how to report it on their      and more nonresident and resident
and non-compliant taxpayers to           tax return. Income from an estate,      aliens joining their client base. This
                           National Association of Tax Professionals National Conference & Expo 2010

basic session provides a funda-           Real world examples and recent             just because they have moved, or
mental overview of aliens, treaties,      court case decisions will be included      the tax professional has relocated.
special rules, and the mechanics of       to reinforce the materials.                During this session, participants
Form 1040NR.                                                                         will have the opportunity to explore
                                          PURCHASE OF A BUSINESS                     and discuss different practices for
NUTS AND BOLTS OF                         Level: Intermediate                        keeping business relationships
SCHEDULE D                                Presented by Marilyn Meredith, EA          across the miles.
Level: Basic
Presented by Kathryn Keane, EA, ABA       We will purchase a sole propri-            RETIREMENT PLAN
                                          etorship and allocate the purchase         COMPARISONS
From the simple sale of stock, to         price to a variety of classes of assets.   Level: Intermediate
straddles, to puts and calls, to bad      We will get the business open and          Presented by Tom O’Saben, EA, CFP®
debts, to disallowed losses, this         operating, deciding how, where, and
basic session examines the Sched-         why the assets fit on the tax return        Many practitioners are also finan-
ule D from every angle. If it lands on    and what options are available.            cial product representatives or
the Schedule D, we will cover it!         This will be an interactive class.         financial planners. However, many
                                                                                     are not, yet our clients look to us
OFFERS IN COMPROMISE –                    REASONABLE                                 first and foremost when questions
WHY OR WHY NOT?                           COMPENSATION                               arise regarding retirement plan-
Level: Intermediate                       Level: Basic/Intermediate                  ning. The goal of this session is
Presented by LG Brooks, EA                Presented by Beanna Whitlock, EA, CSA      to provide attendees with quick
                                                                                     reference tools for their clients.
An Offer in Compromise (OIC), as          The IRS has announced an En-               While we will not discuss how
defined by the government, “is an          terprise Wide Employment Tax               much a client needs to accumulate
agreement between the taxpayer            Program involving all operating divi-      by retirement, we will differentiate
and the government that settles a         sions to examine 2,000 employment          between different types of plans
tax liability for payment of less than    tax taxpayers each year over the           and discuss in depth how much
the full amount owed.” However,           next three years. At issue is reason-      can be contributed to them and
actually obtaining the “agreement”        able compensation. Learn which             when these contributions are due.
can be and usually is a tedious and       taxpayers are in danger, examine the       Specific examples will be provided
complex procedure. This topic is          rules for reasonable compensation,         with calculations as to plan limits.
designed to provide the tax profes-       and determine if you have clients in
sional with the tools, resources, and     jeopardy. Discover the two tests for
practical information required not        an S corporation and how you can
only to prepare a “processable” OIC,      protect your clients. Be aware of
but to also be thoroughly prepared to     the penalties which may apply to
provide sufficient and adequate rep-       the return preparer where compen-
resentation related to any OIC issue.     sation is deemed unreasonable. Tax
                                          professionals cannot afford to miss
PASSIVE ACTIVITIES                        this session!
Level: Intermediate/Advanced
Presented by Larry Gray, CPA              THE REMOTE TAX OFFICE
                                          Level: Basic
If a picture’s worth a thousand           Presented by Kelly Nokleby, EA
words, then what better way to
explain the complicated world of          Technology is making it easier
passive activities than through a         and easier to operate our busi-
drawing? We will illustrate the pro-      ness and work with clients across
cess through a flowchart, addressing       the country, or even across the
your clients’ issues, and even check-     world. Many clients don’t want to
ing to see if your software is correct.   terminate a business relationship

                                            Phone: 800.558.3402, ext. 3 Fax: 800.747.0001 Web:              11
RETIREMENT PLANS FOR                          advantage of fringe benefits, hous-      because their tax preparer does not
MINISTERS                                     ing allowance, and an accountable       understand their business. A number
Level: Intermediate                           reimbursement plan for employee         of IRS rules governing family child
Presented by Beverly J. Worth, EA, ATA,       business expenses. One of the           care are unlike any other home-based
CTP                                           benefits of establishing the best        business. Because of this, many tax
                                              compensation package is that it will    professionals have a hard time
There have been a lot of changes to           reduce audit exposure. We as tax        preparing an accurate tax return
the traditional §403(b)(7) voluntary          professionals need to be equipped       for family child care clients because
salary reduction qualified retirement          to handle a minister’s finances in       they aren’t aware of the special
plans for employees of churches and           the proper manner.                      rules that exist. During this session,
schools. The new legislation requires                                                 participants will discover the “Top
that there is a plan document and             TIP REPORTING OUTSIDE                   Ten” areas most often misunder-
that an information sharing agree-            THE BOX                                 stood on the tax return for a family
ment is in place with the employer.           Level: Basic                            child care provider.
Section 403(b) plans are now more             Presented by Melinda Garvin, EA
like 401(k)s with new regulations                                                     WHAT’S NEW AT SOCIAL
requiring a third party administrator         Restaurant employees are the first       SECURITY?
(TPA). Mutual fund vendors’ appli-            type of tip employees you think of      Level: Basic/Update
cations assume that there is a TPA.           (and yes, we’ll cover the restaurant    Presented by Chuck Liptz , Social Security
Many former vendors of §403(b)(7)             service industry), but what about       Administration
plans left the market because they            beauty and barber salons, cab
were not equipped to do the infor-            drivers, porters, and a host of other   Come hear about the latest wage
mation sharing agreement with the             service industries that might slip      reporting services offered to tax
employers. This session provides              through our due diligence? We will      professionals from the Social
valuable information and options              take a look at the audit technique      Security Administration. Learn
for your clergy clients.                      guide for the tip industry workers.     how you can utilize the Social
                                              Clearly, other service industries are   Security Number Verification
SALE OF A BUSINESS                            under scrutiny for underreported        Service to help your clients. The
Level: Intermediate                           tip income. We need to look at our      best news - it’s all free!
Presented by Marilyn Meredith, EA             clients in those areas with questions
                                              we might not normally think to ask
We will sell an operating sole                as they are outside of the restaurant
proprietorship with a variety of              tip reporting box.
classes and assets, contrasting a
cash sale with an installment sale.           THE UNIQUE BUSINESS OF
Our client will bring us good records         FAMILY CHILD CARE
and reliable information. This will           Level: Basic
be an interactive class.                      Presented by Kelly Nokleby, EA

TAXATION OF MINISTERS                         Family child care is a growing
Level: Intermediate                           business across the country. Over
Presented by Beverly J. Worth, EA, ATA, CTP   200,000 child care providers are
                                              licensed by their state to work out
Ministers definitely have special and          of their home caring for children.
unique tax rules that apply to them.          Unfortunately, when these providers
We will discuss how to arrange a              seek help from tax professionals,
compensation package that takes               often times they receive poor advice
                                       Speaker Biographies
                                       from Bishop College Dallas, Texas,
                                       in 1977 and is a fellow and a current
                                       faculty member of the National Tax
                                       Practice Institute (NTPI).

Chris Bixby, EA, CFP®                                                          Melinda Garvin, EA
Chris is a financial planner with                                               Melinda is the founder, president,
Key Private Bank. He is responsible                                            and co-owner of Foos-Garvin
for providing support and training                                             Accounting, Inc., a full-service,
to financial advisors, and advocates                                            small-town practice serving the
financial planning within KeyBank.      Greg A. Dangar, EA, ATP,                needs of 2,000 clients. She has 25
Chris is a CFP® practitioner and an    ATA, IAR                                years of experience as a tax practi-
enrolled agent licensed to practice    Greg is the president of Dangar         tioner. Along with being an NATP
before the IRS. Specializing in        Associates, a public accounting         instructor, she has instructed various
retirement planning, risk manage-      firm in Woodstock, Georgia. His          classes for local organizations and
ment and estate planning, Chris        firm offers full accounting and tax      serves on the Ohio NATP Chapter
has more than 12 years of financial     preparation. He is a graduate of        as the education director.
planning experience.                   Kennesaw State University with
                                       a BBA in accounting. He has been
                                       interviewed by radio and TV as
                                       an authority on taxation. He has
                                       passed the Life Insurance, Series
                                       6, Series 63, Series 65, and Vari-
                                       able Products exams to now offer
                                       full financial services in addition
                                       to his practice. Greg began income
                                       tax preparation in 1985. He served
                                       on the NATP National Board of           Delmar Gillette, MA
LG Brooks, EA                          Directors from 2002-2007; serving       Delmar is the owner of Economic
Brooks is an enrolled agent            as treasurer in 2003. Greg is now       Planning Services, Inc., Newport
and a senior consultant with The       the president of the NATP Georgia       News, Virginia. He began his career
Tax Practice, Inc. He has been         Chapter. In addition to teaching        in tax preparation on a part-time
in the field of taxation for more       at NATP National Conferences, he        basis with H&R Block in January
than 25 years and has been in          also teaches classes at the state and   1972 as a diversion from his primary
practice full-time since 1990.         local levels. Greg is a member of       career as a high school teacher. He
Brooks’ areas of practice include      NATP, NSA, and NSTP.                    has taught tax planning and prepara-
tax representation, tax consulting,                                            tion for NATP for almost 25 years at
tax preparation, and pre-tax court                                             the National Conference and various
litigation support services. He con-                                           other programs across the nation and
tinues to provide tax presentations                                            within the Virginia Chapter. Delmar
for numerous tax and accounting                                                earned a BA from Berea College,
societies and has made presenta-                                               Kentucky, and his MA from Duke
tions at several IRS Annual Tax                                                University, North Carolina. He also
Forums. Brooks received his BA                                                 holds Series 6, 7, 63, and 65 licenses.

                                         Phone: 800.558.3402, ext. 3 Fax: 800.747.0001 Web:              13
                                       Speaker Biographies

Larry Gray, CPA                        Karen L. Hawkins                         Lisa Ihm, EA
Larry Gray, managing partner and       Director, IRS Office of                   Lisa has been teaching seminars
owner of Alferman, Gray & Co, CPAs,    Professional Responsibility              nationwide since 1986 for many
LLC, directs his firm’s regional        Karen L. Hawkins is the Director         groups including NATP, the Cali-
auditing, consulting, and tax          of the IRS Office of Professional         fornia Society of Enrolled Agents,
practice located in Rolla, Missouri.   Responsibility. Prior to taking          the California Society of Tax Con-
Though his firm is regional, Larry      this position in April 2009, Ms.         sultants, and many other state and
has done consulting, and instruc-      Hawkins was in private practice          regional groups of tax professionals.
tional work around the nation          at the Oakland, California law firm       She began teaching seminars about
for well-known organizations           of Taggart & Hawkins where she           debt forgiveness in the 1990s when
like Microsoft™ and Intuit™. He        specialized in civil and criminal        we had the last wave of foreclosures –
is a professional instructor of tax    tax controversy cases for nearly         a small wave compared to our current
subjects at state CPA conclaves        30 years. She has been a frequent        one! Rather than simply reciting the
throughout the country and also        speaker and writer on a variety of       rules, she digs below the surface to
teaches for the IRS and NATP,          diverse tax law topics including:        determine how they will affect real-
among other organizations. Larry       Innocent Spouse Relief, Attorney’s       life taxpayers, each of whom has a
has served as the president of the     Fees Awards, Collection Due              unique and often interesting situ-
Missouri State Board of Accoun-        Process, Civil and Criminal Tax          ation. She’ll make you think about
tancy and NATP. He has served          Penalties, Tax Court Litigation,         how tax laws affect your clients and
the IRS over the years, having been    International Tax Issues, and Ethics     how you can use those laws to your
on the Commissioner’s Advisory         in Tax Practice. Ms. Hawkins has         clients’ benefits. Both beginners and
Group, ETAAC, and IRPAC. He is         a number of reported precedent-          experienced preparers will get the
a prolific author and speaker and       setting tax cases to her credit in the   answers they need to tackle these
has been named by Accounting Today     U.S. Tax Court and Ninth Circuit         complex problems.
as one of the profession’s Top 100     Court of Appeals. Ms. Hawkins
Most Influential People six times,      holds several degrees including:
including 2009. CPA Practitioner       MBA in Taxation, J. D., and M.Ed.
named him one of the Top 100           Among her many honors and awards
Practitioners in America in 2006       are: V. Judson Kelin Award from the
and 2007.                              California Bar’s Taxation Section
                                       and the National Pro Bono Award
                                       from the ABA’s Taxation Section.

                                                                                Kathryn M. Keane, EA, ABA
                                                                                Kathryn owns and operates Ma-
                                                                                canta Business Services, a small
                                                                                tax and related services practice
                          National Association of Tax Professionals National Conference & Expo 2010

located in Brooklyn, New York,           Project. In 2003, Chuck became         them up-to-date with tax laws as
serving over 710 individual clients      the Director of Employer Wage          they pertain to their business. Kelly
and 50 businesses. She holds Series      Reporting and Relations for the SSA.   prepares over 500 childcare tax
6 and 63 licenses and is affiliated                                              returns annually and specializes in
with Genworth Financial Securities                                              bookkeeping, payroll, tax planning,
Corporation. In December 2006,                                                  and preparation for the family child
Kathryn completed two 3-year                                                    care professional. Kelly is an en-
terms on the NATP National Board                                                rolled agent and has been a member
of Directors and was the recipient of                                           of NATP since 1999. She serves on
the 2002 Chapter Person of the Year                                             the Board of Directors as president
acknowledging her volunteer work                                                for the Minnesota Chapter of NATP.
for the NY Chapter, the tax industry,                                           Kelly has worked with Prometric
and the community at large. She is                                              to review and write test questions
a frequent speaker for many tax          Marilyn Meredith, EA                   for the SEE Exam. Additionally she
associations and for events sponsored    Marilyn has tax offices in Port         has facilitated training workshops
by the IRS. Kathryn has a BS from        Huron, St Clair, and Marine City,      around the country for child care
Brooklyn College, New York.              Michigan. She has been an enrolled     professionals for over 20 years and
                                         agent since 1977 and has her Series    frequently works on editing publi-
                                         7 and 63 Securities Licenses with      cations written by Tom Copeland
                                         Sigma Financial. Marilyn instructs     at Resources for Child Caring.
                                         for NATP, Michigan-NATP, other
                                         NATP chapters, NAEA chapters,
                                         and private firms as well as her
                                         own classes under Much & More
                                         Income Tax Workshops. She serves
                                         on the Michigan-NATP board of
                                         directors, serving on a number of
Chuck Liptz                              committees, and is on the Michigan
Director, Employer Wage                  Treasury Advisory Council. She
Reporting and Relations                  is also on the National Board of       Helen P. O’Planick, EA
Chuck is the Social Security             Missionary Investment Fund and         Helen began her tax career as a
Administration’s (SSA) Director          does investment counseling for those   VITA/TCE volunteer in Kingman,
for Employer Wage Reporting and          in financial trouble. She is a member   Arizona, in 1984. She became an
Relations. As Director he is the SSA’s   of COMPASS and St. Clair Christian     enrolled agent in 1994, and owns
principal focal point for relations      Business Group. She began her tax      HELJAN Associates, LLC, in York,
with the business community. He          career in 1967 and has been a          Pennsylvania. HELJAN serves busi-
provides leadership in improving the     member of NATP for 27 years.           ness and individual clients with
wage reporting process and resolving                                            write-up, payroll, tax preparation,
wage reporting issues at SSA and                                                financial, and representative services.
with other federal agencies. Chuck                                              Helen also teaches for professional
has worked for the Social Security                                              organizations, including the IRS,
Administration for over 25 years.                                               and serves Pennsylvania as an IRS
He started his career as a claims                                               electronic filing guru. Helen served
representative in Huntington, West                                              on ETAAC, the Electronic Tax Ad-
Virginia, in 1978 and has held a total                                          ministration Advisory Committee,
of 11 different positions with the                                              and is currently team leader of tax
SSA. In 1998, Chuck began working                                               experts on AOL. She is treasurer
for the SSA’s Senior Financial Ex-       Kelly Nokleby, EA                      and past president of the Pennsyl-
ecutive. Some of his responsibilities    Kelly is the owner of Books by         vania Society of Enrolled Agents and
included putting AccuWage on the         Kelly which she started in 1995 to     was an NAEA director. Helen is a
Internet and designing the initial       provide family child care profes-      registered representative with
Annual Wage Reporting Internet           sionals with a resource to help keep   Series 6 and 63 licenses.

                                           Phone: 800.558.3402, ext. 3 Fax: 800.747.0001 Web:            15
                                         Speaker Biographies
                                         practice with FCB Banks, mostly
                                         located in the St. Louis, Missouri
                                         metropolitan area, to provide his
                                         clientele with additional services, as
                                         well as to provide tax and account-
                                         ing services to the bank’s customers.
                                         Tom provides QuickBooks training
                                         and has given numerous educational
                                         presentations on a wide variety of
Steve O’Rourke, EA                       tax and financial planning issues.        Beanna J. Whitlock, EA, CSA
Steve O’Rourke is a Training             He is also a member of the NATP          Beanna is an enrolled agent and
Specialist with NATP where he            staff as a Training Specialist where     has been the owner of a private tax
develops curriculum, writes text-        he develops curriculum, writes           and financial services practice in
books, and instructs at educational      textbooks, and instructs at              San Antonio, Texas, for the past 41
seminars. He also owns and oper-         educational seminars.                    years. She is accredited as a Certi-
ates a tax and accounting practice                                                fied Senior Advisor and is skilled
which currently serves over 2,600                                                 in working with seniors to plan for
clients. Steve has more than 20 years                                             retirement needs. She served as the
of teaching experience, 30 years of                                               Director of the IRS National Public
experience in tax preparation and                                                 Liaison from 2003-2004. Beanna is
related fields, and is licensed to sell                                            an author and instructor special-
securities. He earned his BBA degree                                              izing in partnership and limited
from the University of Wisconsin-                                                 liability company issues with a focus
Oshkosh. In 2002, Steve completed                                                 on IRS taxpayer representation, and
serving a three-year term on the         Susan E. Scioli, EA                      ethics and professional conduct. She
NATP Board of Directors.                 Susan is a principal of Scioli &         is known for her fierce support of
                                         Associates, P.C., a tax firm special-     the tax professional community and
                                         izing in compliance representation       the value the people in the business
                                         and advocacy in Saginaw, MI. The         of tax bring to the voluntary compli-
                                         firm represents taxpayers through-        ance system. She has testified before
                                         out the United States in areas           Congress, the IRS Oversights Board,
                                         such as audits, appeals, tax court       and the U.S. Treasury Department.
                                         litigation, offers-in-compromise,
                                         and penalty abatements. Susan has
                                         been an instructor for NATP since
                                         2005, and is a nationally recognized
Tom O’Saben, EA, CFP®                    speaker for several other tax organi-
Tom graduated from Southern              zations. She is also a faculty member
Illinois University at Edwardsville in   of Michigan State University teach-
1982 with degrees in political science   ing tax law. Susan worked for the
and finance. He has been a Certified       IRS for eleven years as a Senior Tax
Financial Planner® since 1993 and        Specialist and taught practitioners      David R. Williams
an enrolled agent since 1994. Along      extensively in both New York and         Director, Electronic Tax Adminis-
with a staff of four, Tom’s practice,    Michigan. She has been in the field       tration and Refundable Credits
established in 1992, provides tax,       of taxation for more than fifteen         As Director, Electronic Tax Admin-
accounting, and financial planning        years, is a qualified sponsor of con-     istration and Refundable Credits,
services for approximately 1,000         tinuing professional education, and      David Williams is leading the effort
clients. In 2003, Tom merged his         holds an enrolled agent designation.     to redefine the IRS’ approach to
                         National Association of Tax Professionals National Conference & Expo 2010

electronic interactions with            Secretary for Legislative Affairs –
taxpayers and tax practitioners.        Tax and Budget. From 1996 to 1997,
In January 2010, David was asked        he was Legislative Director and tax
to lead the implementation phase to     policy advisor to U.S. Senator Bill
affect the IRS’ recommendations on      Bradley. From 1990 to 1996, he was
tax return preparer oversight. This     Assistant Staff Director – Revenues
landmark effort will serve as a major   and Natural Resources for the U.S.
step toward meeting the strategic       Senate Committee on the Budget.
goals of increasing taxpayer compli-    David holds a Master of Public Policy
ance and ensuring uniform ethical       degree from the John. F. Kennedy
                                                                                   Lawrence Zimbler, MST, EA
standards for preparers. David          School of Government at Harvard
                                                                                   Larry specializes in trusts, estates,
serves as the principle advisor and     University, and a Bachelor of Science
                                                                                   tax exempt organizations, and
consultant to the Commissioner          Degree in Business Administration
                                                                                   IRS representation. He holds a BS
and Deputy Commissioners on all         from Colorado State University.
                                                                                   degree in mathematics, a MS degree
service-wide matters related to the
                                                                                   in taxation, and he has successfully
implementation such as regulatory
                                                                                   completed the Uniform CPA Exam.
changes, strategic policy decisions,
                                                                                   Larry currently serves as treasurer
and impact on organizational pro-
                                                                                   and webmaster for the Michigan
cesses, and overall goal achievement.
                                                                                   Chapter of NATP. He is licensed
                                                                                   as a principal by FINRA and also
David also served as the Director of
                                                                                   holds Michigan insurance licenses.
Earned Income and Health Cover-
                                                                                   He has taught undergraduate tax
age Tax Credits and the Telephone
                                                                                   classes at the University of Mich-
Excise Tax Refund programs. From
                                                                                   igan-Flint and Detroit College of
management, administration, and         Beverly J. Worth, EA, ATA,                 Business, and currently is a national
strategic engineering through           CTP                                        instructor for NATP, as well as
relationship building with inter-       Beverly is recognized in Christian         an instructor for NATP chapters,
nal and external stakeholders,          circles as one of the foremost             and other organizations. Larry has
David’s business case approach is       authorities in the area of income          thirty years of tax experience in a
providing a new model for federal       tax as it relates to ministers and         variety of areas including the IRS,
agencies that administer benefit         religious workers. She has been            professional tax software support
programs to follow.                     involved in income tax prepara-            and development, and private
                                        tion since 1964. She started Worth         practice in accounting, tax, and
Previously, David was the Internal      Financial Service in 1972, published       financial services.
Revenue Service Chief, Commu-           the first Minister’s Tax Guide in 1973,
nications and Liaison, from 1998        the Professional Tax Record Book in
until 2003, where he served as the      1973, and the Professional Tax Record
principal strategic advisor to the      Book in 1982. Every fall, Worth’s Income
Commissioner of Internal Revenue.       Tax Guide for Ministers is revised and
As a member of the IRS Executive        thousands of copies are sold. Beverly
Committee, he helped guide IRS          is a registered representative of HD
strategic management in the formu-      Vest Financial Services and is a
lation of tax administration policy,    member of NATP, NAEA, NSTP,
development of long-range organiza-     and Christian Leadership Alliance.
tion objectives, and implementation
of internal business process reforms.
Prior to joining the IRS in 1998,
David was the Deputy Assistant

                                          Phone: 800.558.3402, ext. 3 Fax: 800.747.0001 Web:               17
                                 General Information
Registration and Help Desk              About NATP                                 Audio Recorded Conference
The registration and help desk will     For more information about the             Sessions
be open:                                National Association of Tax Profes-        Save $50 on Conference recordings
Sunday, July 18                         sionals, please visit     with pre-orders!
12:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Monday, July 19                         Explanation of Levels/                     Playback Now will be providing
6:45 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.                                                              both Audio and Audio Point Format
Tuesday, July 20                                                                   of Conference and most sessions.
                                        We acknowledge that tax profes-
6:45 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.                                                              The Audio Point format combines
                                        sionals vary greatly in their experi-
Wednesday, July 21                                                                 the presenter’s PowerPoint with
                                        ence and in the type of tax returns
6:45 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.                                                              synced audio resulting in a virtual
                                        that they prepare. To help you decide
Thursday, July 22                                                                  recreation of the original session, for
                                        which sessions are right for you, see
6:45 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.                                                              play on any computer browser. If
                                        the following guidelines:
                                                                                   you prefer to learn while using your
Tape Recording                                                                     iPod®, both formats will also be
                                        An update level gives a general
Webcam, video, and/or audio                                                        available as iPod® Audio and Audio
                                        review of new developments.
taping is prohibited.                                                              Point files (requires video iPod®).
                                        A basic level is most appropriate for      Easy Ways to Order:
Advanced Preparation
                                        the professional with little or no expe-   1. Order online at
Participation in NATP educational
                                        rience in the subject area being taught.
programs does not require any
                                        Intermediate                               2. Call Toll-free 800.241.7785
advanced preparation, unless stated.
                                        An intermediate level is most              3. Complete NATP Registration
NATP Photography/                       appropriate for the professional              Form
                                        knowledgeable in the subject area.
                                        Advanced                                   Audio MP3 or iPod® Audio:
Photos or videos will be taken by
                                        An advanced level is designed for            Pre-order – $199
NATP staff during Conference for
                                        professionals with specialized               After June 30 – $249
NATP use only. By attending this
                                        knowledge or experience in the             Audio Point or iPod® Audio Point:
Conference your photo or video may
                                        subject area.                                Pre-order – $299
be used in future NATP publications
or on our website.                                                                   After June 30 – $349
                                        Continuing Education Credits               The Works – All (4) Formats:
Learning Objective                           The National Association of             Pre-order – $349
NATP’s National Conference &            Tax Professionals is registered with         After June 30 – $399
Expo is designed to provide tax and     the National Association of State          Pre-order special expires June 30,
financial professionals with a broad     Boards of Accountancy (NASBA),             2010. Use promo code 930-6 when
range of educational opportunities.     as a sponsor of continuing profes-         ordering to save $50. All pre-orders
                                        sional education on the National           will receive express handling and
Recommended Dress                       Registry of CPE sponsors. State            will be sent within 72 hours after
Dress for Conference is business        Boards of Accountancy have final            Conference has concluded.
casual. The Banquet Gala attire is      authority on the acceptance of
denim & diamonds.                       individual courses for CPE credit.         Registration Options
                                        Complaints regarding registered            Full Conference – Includes all
Smoking                                 sponsors may be addressed to the           education sessions, lunch on
For the comfort and health of all       National Registry of CPE Sponsors,         Tuesday and Wednesday, Chapter
attendees, all NATP meeting rooms       150 Fourth Avenue North, Suite             Showcase, Annual Banquet Gala
and seated functions will be smoke-     700, Nashville, TN 37219-2417.             Event, and access to the Expo.
free. Also, please follow the smoking   Website: Instruc-           Spouse/Guest – Includes Chapter
policy of the Hilton Austin.            tional Method: Group-Live                  Showcase, lunch on Tuesday and
                                       National Association of Tax Professionals National Conference & Expo 2010

Wednesday, Annual Banquet Gala                                   their full Conference registration fee.                             Registration Cancellation/
Event, and access to the Expo. If you                            To qualify for this discount, please                                Refund/Substitution Policy
plan to attend any educational ses-                              submit all registrations together. The                              Cancellations received prior to July
sions, please register for One-Day Only.                         $50 discount is available on both the                               12, 2010, are subject to a $50 process-
One-Day Only – Includes all educa-                               member and nonmember pricing.                                       ing fee. Refunds will not be granted
tion sessions for the day(s) you register.                                                                                           after July 12. No-shows will not be
It also includes access to the Expo and                          Confirmation – You will receive a                                    granted refunds. Registration substi-
Chapter Showcase, if applicable.                                 confirmation e-mail to help you pre-                                 tutions are accepted providing that
                                                                 pare for this exciting Conference. If you                           nonmembers pay an additional $111
Group Discounts – When you regis-                                do not receive a confirmation prior to                               registration fee. An associate of an
ter more than one attendee at the full                           Conference, please call to verify your                              individual member is not necessarily a
Conference price, all attendees from                             registration (800.558.3402, ext. 3).                                member of NATP.
your office will each receive $50 off of

   2010 National Conference & Expo Registration Form (please copy)
   Every education registration must have the following information:
   Name:                                                                                          Member ID# (if applicable):
    (Full name, including middle initial, and designations, if applicable.)
    Name for Badge (First Name or Nickname):
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         Check here if this address should be your main mailing address with NATP.
    Primary Phone:
    CTEC# (if applicable):                                                                           CFP# (if applicable):

    Registration Options:                                                     By June 17 Fees                            After June 17 Fees          Enter Applicable Fee
    Full Conference
     NATP Member ................................................................ $614 ......................................... $714
     Nonmember* ................................................................... $725 .........................................$825
    Spouse/Guest .................................................................... $100 ......................................... $100
     Spouse/Guest Full Name:
    One-Day Only...............................................................$205/day .................................$225/day
     Circle day(s) Mon. Tues. Wed. Thurs.
    Recorded Conference Sessions                                       Pre-order                             After June 30, 2010
    Audio MP3 or iPod Audio .............................................. $199 .........................................$249
    Audio Point or iPod Audio Point..................................$299 .........................................$349
    The Works – All (4) Formats .......................................$349 .........................................$399
                                                                                                            Please enter your total payment
    Please indicate any special needs:
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National Association of Tax Professionals

                         NATP 2010
                         National Conference & Expo

        Austin         July 19-22 • Hilton Austin

full Conference price, all attendees from your office will each
RECEIVE $50 OFF of their full Conference fee.

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