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                                      THE ANATOMY LESSON



                                                      Part I

Helen was one of Dot‟s friends and admirers. She worked at the same store where Dot
was in charge of the Art Department and envied her missing arm but was too shy to ask
how she had lost it. Dot was not only a lot of fun but a good friend. When something
didn‟t work out right Dot would always come along and help, saying, ”Here, let me give
you a hand – but you have to promise to give it back! I don‟t want to be handless!”
Then one day Dot went to the office early in the morning and resigned. Helen missed
her. The chubby one-armed girl had become her constant companion and Helen had
never found out how her friend had lost her hand and part of her forearm. She kept
thinking of Dot‟s stump and wondering how she could have one of her own.
Several months later Helen was walking down the High Street when she saw Dot com-
ing out of a boutique. She turned right and started walking down the street ahead of
Helen, who gasped in surprise. Dot was no longer chubby but she had a beautiful figure
and the elegant clothes she wore had been obviously made to order to set it off. What
had really taken Helen‟s breath away was the crutch under Dot‟s right arm. Dot was no
longer just one-armed; she was one-legged as well. The stump of her leg was resting
on the handgrip of the crutch so that her miniskirt tented and occasionally slid up on the
thigh showing a fleeting glimpse of the beautifully rounded tip. She swung languidly on
her crutch holding it by the front stave and gently waving the stump of her arm in unison
with her crutch and the stump of her leg. Evidently she was quite happy being a double
amputee. Helen, who had nearly forgotten about her envy of Dot‟s stump, felt it rise
again, even stronger now that her old friend had also lost a leg.
She walked faster to catch up with Dot. When she was even with the crippled girl she
addressed her.
“Dot, darling, it‟s been such a long time!”
Dot turned in surprise
“Helen, it‟s been years!”
“Not quite, but it‟s been nearly ten months since you quit your job at the store. Where
have you been? We all missed you. The new window dresser is quite good but she‟s
the arty type and has this superiority complex. She always walks about with her nose in
the air sniffing at us poor mortals who can only do useful things such as taking care of
“And speaking of walking, what happened to your leg?”


Dot replied, “It‟s not a long story but it can‟t be told in two minutes either. Look, there‟s a
teashop a couple of blocks away. Why don‟t we have a nice cuppa and catch up with
each other‟s lives?”
The two girls walked down the street, Dot resting the stump of her arm on the inside of
Helen‟s elbow while her friend carried both their purses in her free hand. Helen was a
beautiful girl in her own right and all the men they passed cast admiring glances at
them. Helen noticed with a twinge of envy that their eyes lingered longer on Dot than
they did on her.
At the tea shop they sat own and ordered a pot of tea and scones. While they waited
they started talking about what had happened to them since they had last parted.
“So what have you been doing?” Helen asked. “How did you lose your leg? Was it an
illness or an accident?”
“Neither one. It was a perfectly good leg and I had it amputated on purpose.”
For the second time in fifteen minutes Helen gasped.
“You don‟t mean it! You deliberately lost your leg?”
“Yes, my dear girl, and you have no idea how happy I am. My crutch is now my constant
companion and my best friend. I love how it feels when I pick it up and snuggle it under
my arm. I delight in the fact that my right leg is now nothing but a stump and that only
my left leg is long enough to reach the ground. When I look down and see that solitary
leg I thrill at the thought that I shall never walk properly again.”
“But you could wear a prostheses or at least a peg leg. Wouldn‟t that make things eas-
ier? At least you‟d have your hand free to carry your purse.”
“I can carry it perfectly well in the crook of my left elbow, thank you very much. I do have
both elbows you know. Besides, what‟s the point of having a leg amputated if I‟m going
to walk like a normal, two-legged person? Waste of time and effort, I say.”
“I can‟t believe it. You had your leg amputated on a whim?”
“Not exactly, there‟s much more to the story. For one thing, I had always wanted to be
one-legged ever since I was a little girl. I was born without my hand, you see, and
somehow I thought it wrong that I should have two legs and only one arm. One of each
sounded much more desirable.
“Then, about a year and a half ago I met Harry. He‟s handsome and rich and we‟re very
much in love. He asked me to marry him as soon as he graduated from college. I told
him that I loved him but that I had always wanted to marry a one-armed man who could
understand my train of thought and emotions.
“He said that he was perfectly willing to lose an arm for me but then I wouldn‟t under-
stand him because he would lose a limb that he was used to having and I never lost
one, I had simply been born without my hand. So he asked me if I were willing to lose a
“I told him that we would still be different because then I would be missing two limbs to
his one so he agreed to have a leg amputated as well. He had his right arm amputated


so that the stump is just like mine. He wanted a short stump for his leg so I had mine
amputated like his. We decided that we would not use prostheses – just a single crutch
each. He too had been a wannabe so we are both deliriously happy with each other and
with our truncated limbs.”
“So, are you married now?”
“Not yet. We‟ve been lovers ever since we decided to have our amputations. Harry
wants some time to break the news to his parents. He wants to make sure they‟ll accept
his new body and a bride with a body similar to his.
“We wrote a short story about our romance. It‟s called „A Dream Come True‟ and we
published it under the penname „Vik‟. I‟ll give you a copy next time we meet.
“So tell me, what have you been doing with yourself?”
“Not much. Working and going out with Dave. I like him very much and he too wants to
get married. There‟s just one thing that‟s holding us up.”
“And that is?”
“He has a thing about paraplegic girls. He has albums full of photographs of girls on
wheel chairs and videos of them dragging themselves on the floor. It worries me.”
“Look, I lost a leg for Harry and Harry lost an arm and a leg for me. Does it bother you
that much to be a cripple?”
“No. I confess that I‟ve always envied you the stump of your arm and now that you‟ve
lost a leg as well I envy you even more. But I shudder at the thought of becoming a
paraplegic. I don‟t have to break my back. I can have an operation where the surgeon
severs a few nerves and I‟ll be paralysed from the waist down.”
“So what‟s stopping you?”
“It‟s the thought that it‟s not only that my legs that will be paralysed. I won‟t have any
feeling below the waist and I‟ll lose control of my sphincters. I hate the idea of being
connected by a catheter to a rubber bag hanging from the side of my wheel chair. And
how am I going to enjoy sex if I can‟t feel anything down there?”
“Have you discussed it with Dave?”
“Yes. It seems that what he likes is those withered legs incapable of moving by them-
selves. He understands that I don‟t want to lose the feeling below my waist but paraple-
gia is the only way he can think of turning my legs into useless toothpicks.”
“There must be a way to paralyse only your legs and stop the paralysis at the hips. Per-
haps you might even be able to feel with your legs. Tell you what, we‟ll go to the clinic
where Harry and I had our limbs amputated and we‟ll talk to the doctors there.”
“Oh, thank you Dot! I‟ll be grateful to you for ever!”
The girls exchanged telephone numbers and went their own ways. Helen was thrilled at
the idea that maybe she could please Dave and keep the sensitivity of her body at least
down to the hips.


A week later Helen and Dot were talking to the doctors that had operated on Dot and
Harry. Dot noticed that the smashing one-armed redhead who had amputated Harry‟s
limbs waddled in on kneepads. She has now also lost both legs a few inches below the
knees. When the handsome fellow who had amputated her leg came in he did so on
short crutches. His left leg had already been missing below the knee when he ampu-
tated her leg but now his right leg was also gone halfway up the thigh. A single kneepad
protected his remaining knee.
Dot introduced Helen to Drs. Shirley McConnell and Robert Smith.
“Good morning, Dot,” the legless man said. “Are you in for further amputations?”
“No, doctor, I‟m very happy as I am, thanks to you, but my friend Helen wants to be
crippled in a very peculiar way.”
“And what might that be?” asked Shirley while she rubbed the stumps of her legs with
her single hand.
Helen told them about Dave‟s idea and her objections.
“I don‟t mind having my legs crippled. As a matter of fact I‟m sure I would enjoy it tre-
mendously but I want my trunk fully functional,” she ended.
“You‟re quite right,” said Shirley. “Being a paraplegic is no fun at all. However there are
several ways in which we can cripple your legs only and if you wish you can keep the
feeling in them.”
Robert said, “Let us give you a short lesson on the anatomy of the leg. Then we‟ll tell
you what we can do to cripple them and what the results would be.”
“Thank you. I‟d love to find out.”
Shirley waddled to a shelf. She picked up a box of slides, put it on a table and selected
three of the slides. Then she went to a projector, put the slides in and lit the machine.
An image of the bones of a leg appeared on a screen at the far end of the room.
“Helen, since you‟re the only able-bodied person in the room would you please turn the
lights out?”
Helen complied.
Shirley said, “The leg has four bones. The thighbone is called the femur. The two bones
in the lower leg are called the tibia and the fibula. The fourth bone that seems to be
floating in the middle is the kneecap; we call it the patella. In the next slide you‟ll see
what holds it up.”
She pressed a button on the projector and the slide changed. The image was now of
the muscles of the leg.
“Muscles are connected to the bones by tendons and they work in antagonistic pairs.
Each member of a pair pulls in an opposite direction to the other. They can only contract
and relax. When one muscle pulls it does so by contracting. Its antagonist relaxes.
That large muscle in the front of the thigh is called the quadriceps. The one in the back
is the hamstring. They end at the upper part of the lower leg. When the hamstring con-
tracts the quadriceps relaxes and your knee flexes. When the quadriceps contracts the


hamstring relaxes and your leg straightens out. The patella is held in place by the ten-
don of the quadriceps and it serves as a sort of lock so that your knee doesn‟t bend
“The muscle at the calf of the leg is known as the gastrocnemius. It is connected to the
heel by the tendon of Achilles. When it contracts your foot extends and points down.
The two muscles at the side are the peroneus longus and the tibialis posterior. When
the gastrocnemius relaxes and the other two contract your foot flexes upward and the
other way around.
“The situation is a bit more complicated but similar with the toes. The flexor hallucis bre-
vis flexes your big toe. The quadratus plantae flexes the four lesser toes. The extensor
digitorum longus is its antagonist and flexes these toes. The extensor hallucis longus
extends the big toe and once it has it bends your foot upwards so that the toes are
higher than the heel. So if we cut the tendons of the latter two muscles your toes will
Again the slide changed.
“These are the nerves that run through the leg. They control the movement of the mus-
cles. They can be cut at any level but you might lose your sense of touch in some parts
of the legs.”
“Would you please turn the lights on now, Helen?”
Robert crutched up to Helen and said, “So, you see, there are quite a few things we can
do to your legs and still leave the rest of your body intact. We can cut the tendons at
any level between the hips and the toes and according to which tendons we cut you can
have different degrees and types of paralysis. We can also do something similar with
the nerves but you might lose some feeling in your legs.”
Helen answered, “I think I‟d rather be able to feel with my legs, useless as they may be.
Let‟s forget about the nerves. Tell me about the tendons.”
„Very well,” he said. “Let‟s start with the toes. If we cut the tendons of both the extensor
and the flexor muscles they will be paralysed but you‟ll still be able to walk, albeit in a
rather clumsy way.”
“I don‟t think that would be enough for Dave. As a matter of fact it wouldn‟t be enough
for me either. Both of us want me to be badly crippled,” Helen said.
He continued, “We could cut only the extensor tendons; that would make your toes curl.
You might be able to walk with high heels and specially made shoes. Actually I think
you would be much more comfortable walking on your knees.”
Helen insisted, “It‟s still not enough.”
“There‟s the possibility of cutting the Achilles tendon or its counterparts or both. If we cut
only the counterparts your feet would be permanently pointing down but again you
might be able to use the high heels. Of course we could do both the feet and the front
tendons. Then the feet would be permanently pointing down and the toes curled. You‟d
be totally unable to use your feet and would have to walk on your knees, like Shirley


Helen interrupted, “That sounds good but I would still be able to use my knees, right?”
“Yes but we could cut the quadriceps tendon and the hamstring. Your legs would be
flapping about like a paraplegic‟s but you could still use crutches.
“If we cut the hamstring but leave the quadriceps tendon alone your legs would be per-
manently straight at the knee. They would be sticking out in front of you whenever you
sat down which would be all the time except when you lie down to rest or sleep.
“If we cut the quadriceps tendon but leave the hamstring tendon intact the hamstring
would pull. Your knees would be permanently bent and you would have three choices: a
wheel chair, a cart or crawling.”
Helen asked, “If you cut the extensor tendons of the toes, the extensor tendon of the
foot and the tendon of the quadriceps then I would be left with bent knees, extended
feet and curled toes. Right?”
Shirley patted her on the head with the stump of her arm and said, “You‟re an excellent
student, Helen.”
“One more question. Dave likes not only paralysed legs, he also likes them thin. Will my
legs be thin?”
Shirley looked at her stumps. They were not thin but well fleshed out. She thought how
queer it was, the way peoples tastes varied. She like her stumps to be in good shape
with strong muscles; this girl wanted to have thin, withered legs.
“Paralysed legs and arms become thin with time because the unused muscles atrophy.
It takes some time but I can guarantee you that a year after the operation they will be as
thin as matchsticks.”
Helen thought of herself with her twisted, crippled legs and felt herself becoming wet.
Another question arose in her mind.
“How do I dress myself if my legs are permanently bent at the knee? And how do I sit
down on my wheel chair, my cart, the ground or whatever?”
The legless physician had sat down on the floor. Standing on one knee and the two
crutches was tiring.
“The hamstring can only pull so far because the knee limits its movement. If the leg and
the thigh are found to be at a very narrow angle after we have cut the tendons we can
chisel the bones at the knee so that it doesn‟t bend fully. We can leave a minimum in-
side angle of some twenty to thirty degrees. That will allow you to put on your panties
and your slacks or shorts.
“As for sitting down you‟ll just have to put your legs to one side. The advantage is that
they will always be in full view in all their crippled beauty – knobby knees and all skin
and bone. You‟ll have to sleep on your side, of course. There‟ll be no way you‟ll be able
to sleep on your back with your feet tucked behind you all the time.”
“Fine,” said Helen. “When can we do it?”
“Come by to-morrow morning at nine and by Saturday you‟ll be able to crawl out of the
clinic and surprise Dave.” said Shirley.


“Are you two going to do the operation?”
“Yes,” said Robert.
“But how are you going to reach the operating table?”
“Easy. We have it on a hydraulic pedestal. We can raise it to normal height or bring it
down all the way to floor level. If you feel up to it you can crawl off it onto the floor after
we‟re finished”
The girls said good-bye and walked out on the street.
“Happy?” asked Dot.
“Unbelievably,” was the answer.
                                                      * * *
The following day Helen and Dot appeared at the clinic at 8:00 AM.
Dot asked, “Helen, are you sure you want to go through with this? Dave doesn‟t know.
Suppose he isn‟t happy unless you become a full-fledged paraplegic? Would you be
willing to go through another operation? You would be stuck as a paraplegic with a pre-
vious rigid paralysis of the legs. It‟s hard enough to have a flaccid paralysis where your
legs flop about like wet spaghetti but at least you can place them where you want to
with your hands. Once you have the operation you will be able to move only your thighs;
the rest of the legs will be fixed in a permanent position.”
“Yes, I know about rigid and flaccid paralysis. I‟ve been doing a bit of reading on the
matter but our talk with Shirley and Robert yesterday cleared up a lot of things for me.
“As for Dave, if he loves me he‟ll appreciate what I‟ll have done for him. If he doesn‟t like
it he can lump it. My mother used to tell me never to run after a boy or a bus because
there‟s always another one coming up behind.
“You know, I‟m having my legs crippled for Dave but what I actually want is to be an
amputee. Having my tendons cut has it‟s advantages. If I‟m not happy crawling on my
hands and knees I can always have my legs amputated at the thigh and the stumps will
be functional. So yes, I‟m going to go through with this. I suspect that I‟ll go through both
stages: first as a cripple with paralysed legs and then as a legless girl. My only problem
will be how to decide how long I‟ll want my stumps to be. That depends on my experi-
ence with my paralysed legs. If I find I like crawling then the stumps will be long other-
wise they‟ll be very short and I‟ll swing my body between my arms to move about.”
They went to the reception desk and Helen checked in. She was assigned to a room
and a bellboy took her bag up and showed them the way.
The room was a classical hospital room except that the bed was not high. It had cranks
at the foot so that it could be raised and lowered by sections and there were the usual
gas connections, bedpan in the bathroom and so on. A lovely linen hospital gown lay
neatly doubled on the bed. On it was a card that said, “With compliments from the
„What a nice touch!” Helen said. “You and Harry certainly chose a lovely place to have
your limbs amputated. I‟m glad I‟m here to have my operation.”


Dot smiled not only at the memory of having had her leg amputated in that place but
also at Helen‟s evident joy when she thought that in two or three hours she would be
permanently crippled.
Helen opened a plastic grocery bag. She pulled out a change of clothes: a blouse with a
stunning décolletage, a black bra and panty and very tight Lycra hot pants. Finally she
pulled out a paper bag that held a pair of gardening gloves and two gardener‟s knee-
pads. There were no shoes or stockings. She looked at her perfectly manicured hands
and pedicured feet.
“Quite a contrast, isn‟t it?” she asked rhetorically.
Dot nodded. The ensemble made sense. Helen wanted to show off her crippled legs as
soon as possible. She was going to crawl out of the clinic as soon as she was well and
she wanted to look her best. The clothes were very sexy but the gloves and knee-pads
would be absolutely necessary. She wondered at the human mind. She, Harry and
Helen had prepared to be crippled with an almost inhuman cold blood while at the same
time the same blood charged with adrenaline was rushing through their bodies in antici-
pation of the moment when they would no longer be considered “normal” human beings.
Helen put everything away in a dresser drawer just as Shirley McConnell knocked at the
door. Dot opened it and Shirley came in, the stump of her right arm waving about as she
used it to keep her balance while she waddled on the stumps of her legs.
“Ready?” she asked.
Helen answered, “Any time you wish. Will the operation take very long?”
“First we‟ll give you a local anaesthetic for your legs. Cutting the tendons will take about
fifteen minutes for each leg. Robert will be doing one while I do the other. We know ex-
actly were to use the scalpel and the cuts will be short and not deep at all. We won‟t
even have to take any stitches. At that point we‟ll check the maximum angle at which
your knees will open. If it‟s less than twenty or more than thirty degrees we‟ll ask you if
you want your knees locked. If the angle falls between those measurements or you
don‟t want your knees locked that‟s the end of it. We‟ll lower the operating table and you
can crawl off to try your brand new legs. Otherwise we‟ll proceed to lock your knees.
This means that we‟ll have to cut into the inner side of the knee and chip off a bit of the
bottom part of the femur and the upper part of the tibia. We make a sort of grid with the
chips so that both bones will meld into one. The procedure will have to be done under
general anaesthesia; it takes about thirty minutes for each leg and the recovery period
will be about a month.”
Helen was anxious to have her legs crippled.
“Let‟s go,” she said almost shouting it.
Shirley went to the door and motioned to a nurse who was waiting outside in the corri-
dor. The nurse came in pushing a wheel chair. She had her legs amputated like
Shirley‟s and walked on white leather knee-pads. However she had both arms. On the
back of the chair was a cotton hospital gown. She handed the gown to Helen.
“Please take off your clothes and put this on. Then I‟ll wheel you to the operating room.”


Dot, Shirley and the nurse left the room so Helen could change. After a minute the door
opened and Helen wheeled herself out to the hall. She drove the chair in a circle around
the other three girls where Dot, who was the only one with a complete leg, towered over
the other two.
“Whee! This is fun!” Helen cried. “How much of my life have I wasted by walking on two
healthy legs?”
“Don‟t worry,” said Shirley. “From this morning on you‟ll never walk again on your legs,
whether healthy or unhealthy.” She turned to Dot and asked “Would you like to come
and watch?”
Dot nodded in affirmation.
The four women made their way to the lift with the nurse pushing Helen‟s wheel chair.
They went down to the ground floor and on to the operating room.
As they entered Shirley said to Dot, “You‟ll have to dress and wash up with us before
you enter the operating room. We‟ll supply you with a cap, gown and mask. Remember:
you may look but keep quiet and, above all, don‟t touch anything.”
They went into an anteroom with washbasins and antiseptic soap all around the walls. A
door at the far end led to the operating room. The legless nurse pushed Helen‟s wheel
chair into the operating room through the door and then returned to the washing room.
Robert and another legless nurse were waiting for Helen in the operating room. She re-
alised that the legless nurses were necessary because they were going to help with the
operation. With both Robert and Shirley legless the operating table would be set at a
very low level. A nurse with both legs or even one leg would be hard put to assist the
Robert greeted her, “Hi! Ready for the operation?”
“Whenever you are, doctor.”
The nurse helped her get on the operating table and injected a local anaesthetic at sev-
eral points in her legs.
In the meantime Shirley, Dot and the other nurse were washing up and donning their
caps, gowns masks and gloves with the help of an assistant. Since Dot was only going
to watch she was not fitted with gloves.
The entered the operating theatre and Dot saw Helen lying on the table. The nurse with
her had pulled her gown up to mid-thigh and was strapping her legs. There were three
leather straps for each leg: above her knee, below her knee and at the ankle.
Shirley explained, “Some muscles, especially the thigh muscles, are very strong. When
we cut the quadriceps tendon we don‟t want the hamstring to pull suddenly and snap
the leg violently into a bent position. Even with local anaesthesia it would be very painful
for Helen. We‟ll start at the toes and work our way up. Once we‟re finished one of us will
loosen the straps while the nurse holds on to the leg very tightly. Then we‟ll gently place
the leg with the knee bent as far as it will go. That‟s when we‟ll decide whether it‟s nec-
essary to lock the knee in position.”


While Shirley was talking the nurse who had fetched Helen swabbed her legs with an
antiseptic solution.
Robert and Shirley approached the table. Robert was wearing a short peg-leg on the
stump of his right leg. Dot almost laughed at the clumsy way he hobbled but it did the
job and she remembered she had been told to keep quiet.
Each surgeon raised a gloved hand with palm upraised and each nurse place a scalpel
upon it.
The cutting started. At each cut Dot could see the toe curling and the nurse placing a
styptic solution on the cut to stem the blood flow. Dot looked at Helen and saw she was
smiling. She couldn‟t see her toes but she felt each one as it curled.
Next came the upper part of the foot. It was a larger and deeper cut and while Shirley
and Robert were doing it each nurse held tightly to a foot. When the cut was finished
they gently let each foot place itself into an extended position. Helen‟s feet reminded
Dot of those of a childhood friend who had had polio. She could crawl on her hands and
knees but was totally unable to stand up, much less walk. That‟s where Helen was now
except that her muscles had not yet atrophied.
The last and most difficult cut was in progress. Even though Helen‟s legs were strapped
to the table the nurses were leaning on them very hard. Robert and Shirley finished the
cut at the same time and Dot could see Helen‟s legs jerk suddenly. She swore that she
saw the knees rise in an attempt to bend as fully as they could.
“It can‟t be,” she thought. “They strapped her legs so tightly to the table.”
With each surgeon leaning one leg with one hand above the knee and the other above
the ankle the nurses loosened the straps and immediately helped to hold the legs. Dot
could see the four people straining as they slowly moved the legs they were holding to
their final position, trying not to let the knee bend too suddenly. Finally they rolled Helen
on one side, let the knees slowly bend as far as they would go and released the legs.
Helen was breathing slowly and deeply. The final phase of the operation had put a
strain on her and she was extremely tired but she knew that she was irretrievably crip-
pled and she was ever so happy.
Shirley and Robert looked at their handiwork. The feet were close to the gluteus maxi-
mus but there was separation enough so that Helen would be able to dress and undress
fairly easily. They exclaimed simultaneously, “We made it, Helen! The operation was a
Helen smiled and nodded her thanks.
“Would you like us to lower the table so that you can crawl on to the floor and try put
your new legs?” asked Shirley.
Helen was dead tired but the adrenaline was rushing through her blood. She was dying
to find out what it was like to have practically useless legs.
“Yes, please, if it‟s not too much trouble.”


The first nurse said “No trouble at all.” She pushed a button and the operating table
went down to floor level.
Helen rolled over so she was face down and pushed herself on her hands and knees.
Like everybody else she had crawled on all fours at one time or another but now she
noticed something odd. Then it hit her. Her feet were not touching the table. They
wouldn‟t unless she sat on them.
She placed herself with her back to the edge of the table and tentatively lowered one
knee until she felt the floor. Then she lowered the other knee and bending her waist
while she moved her hands she finally had both hands on the floor as well.
“How lovely! I can‟t walk! It‟s delightful!”
She slowly crawled all around the table fully enjoying her new state as a cripple.
“That‟s enough for now,” Shirley said. “We‟ll take you to your room. You need some
rest. You have some Band Aids on your cuts that you can remove tomorrow. You may
crawl about your home all you wish but try not to go out into the street until the cuts are
fully healed. We don‟t want you getting an infection and having to have your legs ampu-
“Now that‟s an idea,” Helen said.
One of the nurses rolled in the wheel chair. The foot rests had been removed. Helen
tried to climb on it by holding the arm rests but her legs got in the way. The nurses
grabbed her by her upper arms and hoisted her on the chair. She found that she
couldn‟t sit all the way back because the back of her legs hit the front edge of the seat.
“No wheel chair for me,” she thought. “It‟s either a skate cart or crawling. I love it!”
The nurses wheeled her to her room and helped her get on the bed. They took off her
operating gown and one of the nurses asked, “Which side do you prefer to sleep on?”
“My left,” she answered.
They tucked her under the sheets and left, waddling on their knee-pads.
Dot had followed Helen and the nurses from the operating room and had waited outside
until they had her in bed. Now she crutched in and looked at Helen with that peculiar
bump beneath the sheets behind her bum.
Helen was fast asleep so Dot decided to go down to the cafeteria and have a cup of tea
and some crumpets.
She paid the cashier and noticed that it was a new girl. The previous one had no hands;
this one had no arms; her stumps reached a few inches below the shoulders. She was
sitting on a tall stool and operated the cash register, took the money and handed out the
change with her feet.
Dot pushed the tray so that one end hung over the edge of the railing. She placed the
stump of her left arm under the tray and the stump of her right leg on the cross bar of
her crutch. Picking up the other end of the tray with her right hand and hugging the
crutch under her armpit she went to an empty table.


Setting down the tray with a sigh of relief she sat down to have her tea and crumpets.
Just then Shirley came by holding a cup of coffee in her hand.
Shirley asked, “Mind if I join you?”
“I‟d love the company,” Dot answered.
Shirley placed her cup of coffee on the table and pulled out a chair, leaving it at an an-
gle to the table. She placed herself between the table and the chair and leaning with the
stump of her right arm on the table and her hand on the chair she boosted herself up.
Once she was on the chair she wiggled her fanny to place herself facing the table.
Smiling she said, “One must adjust one‟s self to one‟s limitations, mustn‟t one?”
Dot returned the smile, “I knew you were one-armed when you amputated Harry‟s leg
but I was quite surprised to see you were legless when Helen and I came to see you.”
“Well, you see I wasn‟t happy missing just one limb. I had adapted very well to the loss
of my arm and didn‟t feel crippled any more, so I asked Robert to amputate my legs. He
said he would if I returned the favour. He too had adjusted very well to the loss of his left
leg so when I recovered I amputated his right leg. He asked to have the stumps of un-
even length. That‟s why he now has only one knee.
“It‟s a good thing the operating table can be raised and lowered, otherwise we‟d never
be able to carry on with our surgical operations.”
“Yes,” said Dot. “I noticed that the nurses were also legless. I assume that a person of
normal height wouldn‟t be able to assist you or at least would not be as efficient. Did the
legless girls apply for the jobs or did you have to place an ad on TV?”
“Neither. They both worked here. One had both legs and worked with basket cases who
had to be picked up, moved, turned around in bed and so on. The other had already lost
her right leg. When they saw that Robert and I had become legless they realised the
need for people of a low height in the operating room and they volunteered to become
legless also.
“Robert and I thought it was very sweet of them and gladly performed the amputations.
“Do you mind if I remove my knee-pads? I‟m afraid I‟ll have to put them on the table, it‟s
so difficult to reach them if I drop them on the floor.”
“Not at all, please do.”
Shirley loosened the buckles on the straps and placed the pads on the table. Dot looked
at them and admired the workmanship. The artisan that had made them took pride in
his work and it showed. Each sole was very thin and sown to it were three pieces of
very supple calf skin leather, one in the front and one on each side. The front piece was
narrow and rose eight inches above the sole. At the top it opened into a “T” with holes
and grommets in one of the arms and a buckle at the end of the other. The side pieces
were the two halves of a strap, the outer one also with holes and grommets and the in-
ner one fitted with a buckle. The top part of the sole had been padded for comfort and
all the leather pieces were lined with velvet. Dot thought that wearing them must be
more comfortable than wearing shoes. She mentioned it to Shirley.


“Yes, they‟re very comfortable. They have to be. Walking on your knees is much more
tiring than walking on your feet. Knees were made to flex and extend the leg, not to walk
on. Besides my steps are one-third the length of what they were when I had my legs so
I have to take thrice as many to cover the same distance. My knee-pads are not only
useful and comfortable, to me they‟re indispensable, as I suppose your crutch is to you.”
Dot caressed her crutch with affection.
“Yes, I love my crutch. It‟s not only that I couldn‟t walk without it, it‟s also that it feels so
comforting when I snuggle it under my arm. I had wanted one to be with me all the time
ever since I was a child and now my wish is satisfied. It‟s not only that I have it with me,
it‟s also that now I can‟t do without it. It‟s my partner for life.”
“Yes, I know how you feel. I feel the same way about these,” answered Shirley pointing
to her knee-pads with the stump of her arm while she held her cup of coffee with her
hand. “I didn‟t want to be legless when I was a child but I did want to be one-armed. The
desire to lose my legs came much later, after I had graduated as an M. D. and lost my
arm. I think it was amputating all those healthy limbs from people who wanted to lose
them that pushed me to become a triple amputee. Now that I have stumps where my
legs used to be I feel the same sort of affection for my pads that you feel for your
Shirley changed the subject and said, “You know, I think Helen is a remarkable woman.
She wants to have her legs amputated but her boy-friend wants her to be a paraplegic
so she compromises. She has her legs paralysed but retains the feeling throughout all
her body.”
Dot answered, “Frankly I don‟t care much for Dave. I don‟t know the man but he seems
to put his wishes before Helen‟s. Helen did the smart thing. Her legs are paralysed only
from the knees down. She told me that if Dave didn‟t like her as she was she was ready
to chuck him and have her legs amputated and she would still have functional stumps. I
think that was very clever of her.”
Shirley asked, “Does Dave want to be a cripple too?”
“I don‟t know. All I know is that he gets his kicks from watching videos of paraplegic girls
in their wheel chairs or getting off them and dragging themselves on the floor.”
“Well, Helen can‟t use a wheel chair now. She‟ll have to crawl or use a skate cart with
her legs off to one side. She has beautiful long legs and in a year‟s time or maybe less
they‟ll be as thin as a whistle. I can imagine a man desiring a woman with her crippled
legs and the way she moves about but from what you say I doubt it‟ll be Dave.”
“Che será, será,” Dot shrugged her shoulders and reached for her crutch.
“You must forgive me but I have to leave now. I want to go up to Helen‟s room and see
how she feels. If she‟s alright I‟ll accompany her home. We‟ll make a lovely sight on the
street: a one-armed, one-legged girl crutching beside another girl crawling on all fours.”
“Aren‟t you going to take a taxi?”
“Yes, but not before Helen exhibits herself on the street for a while. She brought Lycra
hot pants and a sexy blouse to wear when she left the hospital.”


“But she‟ll hurt her hands and knees!”
“No, she won‟t. She brought a pair of gardener‟s gloves and two gardening knee-pads.
She lives in a little house on the outskirts of town and she loves gardening. I have to
leave know. It was nice seeing you again. You are a beautiful triple amputee. Enjoy your
„Thank you. It was nice seeing you again. I‟m so glad you‟re happy with your crutch.
Dot stepped and swayed alternately, slowly moving her leg forward and then her crutch.
She had never been so happy before she lost her leg and she enjoyed every minute of
her one-legged, one-armed existence. She reached the lift and punched the button to
Helen‟s floor with the stump of her arm. She noticed for the first time that there were two
sets of buttons: one at normal height and another lower one for people who had no legs
or, like Helen, couldn‟t use them.
When Dot knocked at the door of Helen‟s room she heard Helen answering, “Come in,
it‟s open.”
Dot entered and Helen was nowhere to be seen.
“Where are you?”
“Here, behind the bed,” came the answer.
Dot crutched to the other side of the bed and there was Helen, sitting on the floor, her
left leg pointing to the right and her right leg resting on it. As Helen watched she raised
her legs and place them in front of her. Her knees were permanently bent and she
rested her extended feet and curled up toes on the carpet. Wrapping her arms around
her knees she asked, “How do I look?”
Helen was sitting stark naked on the floor.
“I‟ve been practising crawling on the floor, sitting down and getting back up on all fours.
I can‟t stand up and I can‟t walk and now my dream has come true just like yours did.”
“But I thought you wanted to be legless… “
“I still do but that will come in time. It‟s too bad that my legs are still shapely but they‟ll
become thin and withered soon enough.”
„Did you get down from the bed by yourself?
“Yes. I decided that I had to learn how to be a cripple from the very first moment. So I
rolled over on my tummy and slid down the side. Instinctively I tried to straighten out my
legs to reach the floor. I couldn‟t, of course, and I cried for joy.
“So I slid down some more until my knees were touching the carpet, got my hands on
the floor and started crawling. I was overwhelmed by the feeling that I would never walk
again, that at last I had what I had wanted for so long. There‟s a long mirror on the


closet door and I stood in front of it and looked at myself from all angles: front, sideways
and back looking over my shoulder. I loved what I saw.”
Dot asked, “Are you ready to go home?”
“Any time you are. I can‟t wait to go out on the street and let myself be seen in my new
“Don‟t you think we ought to take a taxi? It‟s a fair distance from the clinic to your
Helen looked downcast, “Just a few blocks, please, and then we can ride the rest of the
way home?”
“Alright, half a dozen blocks and then we ride. You don‟t want to overdo it, you know.
You just had your legs paralysed and you‟re not used to crawling instead of walking.
They‟re two very different means of locomotion you know.”
“I do, but I‟m so happy! Would you please pass me my clothes? They‟re in the dresser‟s
top drawer.”
Dot passed her the clothes. Helen put on her bra and blouse.
“Now comes the good part,” she said as she took hold of the panty. She sat with her
legs in front of her and rested her chin on her knees. She placed the panty spread out
on the floor, lifted one leg and slid the panty through the waist hole and one leg hole.
She repeated the operation with the other leg.
“One good thing about having my feet fixed in this position: they don‟t snag when I put
on my clothes.”
She pulled the panty up her lower legs, around the knees and down her thighs. When
they had gone as far as they could she turned over on one side, slid the panty up to its
proper position, turned over on the other side and slid the rest of the panty up.
“How‟s that for a girl who had her legs crippled two hours ago?”
“Splendid. I‟m glad you‟re taking it in stride.”
“I have to, darling, that‟s what I had my legs twisted into all sorts of odd shapes for.”
Helen put on her Lycra hot pants the same way and asked for her knee-pads and
gloves. Dot passed them to her and she put them on.
“And now my „kangaroo‟ pouch, please.”
Helen was referring to one of those purses that have a waist band. Dot smiled at the
simile thinking it was quite appropriate.
Dot strapped the pouch about her waist.
“Whenever you wish, madam.”
“I take it you don‟t want to take the grocery bag with you,” Dot said.
“No, there are plenty more at home. I brought it because it can be discarded. It would
have been a nuisance to have to carry a valise home in my present condition. Just
throw it and the paper bag into the waste basket, please.”


Dot did as she was bid and opened the door. Helen proudly crawled into the corridor.
When the door to the lift opened the two legless nurses waddled out on their knee-pads.
“Checking out?” one of them asked.
„Yes, it was only a minor operation. Ambulatory, actually, if you‟ll pardon the pun.”
The girls laughed.
“Enjoy!” they said.
                                                      * * *
They stopped at the cashier. Helen pulled out a cheque book from her waist pouch and
paid her bill.
“Can I get you a taxi, ladies?” the commissionaire asked.
Helen answered, “No thanks, we‟ll walk.”
The look on the commissionaire‟s face was a poem to behold.
Helen crawled down the ramp parallel to the steps in front of the main door. She could
feel the rough concrete through her gloves and was thankful she had remembered to
bring them and the knee-pads. Dot crutched down the steps staying close to her. Helen
had a remarkable way of wiggling her buttocks as she crawled. She had a lovely body
with a very narrow waist, ample breasts and a very nice fanny. She knew it and she was
taking full advantage of the situation.
A group of three young men was passing by. They couldn‟t help seeing the two beautiful
crippled girls on the pavement and were struck by their beauty.
“I‟d give an arm and a leg for you, miss,” said one to Dot.
“Somebody already did,” she answered with a smile.
“I‟d crawl a mile for you, you beautiful thing,” said another to Helen.
Helen looked up at him exposing her dazzling décolletage and said, “I‟m already crawl-
ing for someone.”
All three looked downcast as they walked on.
The third one turned back and addressed the girls, “Look, we didn‟t mean to be cheeky
and I‟m sorry if we offended you. I want you to know that my two friends meant every
word they said and I was simply too dumbfounded to say anything but I agree with eve-
rything they said. Here is my card. If any of my friends or I can do anything for you
please give me a ring.”
Helen had sat down on the pavement with her twisted legs to one side. He gave her the
card. She looked up at him with a smile, took the card and put it in her pouch.
The young man ran to catch up with his friends and Helen got up on all fours.
“What a nice fellow,” she said. “I might like him more than Dave. At least he‟s willing to
accept me as I am.”


“He was very polite and included me in the conversation but it was obvious that he was
struck by you. Perhaps you ought to call him.”
“Let‟s wait and see how Dave reacts to my altered body. If things don‟t work out I will
call this man. He‟s much more polite and refined than Dave is.”
Dot said nothing but she surmised that Helen‟s future was going to change.
When they reached the first cross street Dot lingered behind to see how Helen man-
aged going down the kerb. Helen didn‟t hesitate; she placed first one hand and then the
other on the macadam and kept on going until both knees were even with the kerb.
Then she lowered first one knee and then the other. The difference in levels while one
knee was higher than the other caused her hips to sway sensationally and Helen knew
it. She repeated the performance in reverse at the other end of the zebra crossing.
Dot smiled.
Helen and Dot got plenty of admiring glances from the men on the street but after the
second crossing Helen gave up.
“Dot, I‟m exhausted. You were right when you said that I had to get used to my crippled
legs. Could we take that taxi now?”
Dot hailed a taxi. Helen was even more sensational getting into the car. She managed
to climb on the back seat and placed her legs in front of her with the knees right in front
of her chin so that anybody who looked through the window could see her deformed
                                                      * * *
Dave had been away on a business trip for three days. Helen had taken advantage of
his absence to have her legs crippled. When he returned he gave Helen a ring.
“Hello, darling, I‟m back!”
“Dave, my love, it‟s good to know you‟re back in town! How did the business meetings
“Not very well. I managed to sign only half the contracts I had expected to. My factory is
going to suffer.”
Dave always worried about his factory. He hadn‟t even bothered to ask Helen how she
“Oh, sweetie, I‟m so sorry! But don‟t worry, everything will come out alright. When am I
going to see you?”
“I have a business appointment tonight. I‟ll drop by your place at seven o‟clock to-
morrow evening. Is that OK?”
“I‟ll be waiting for you with bated breath. And… Dave… I have a surprise for you.”
“Really? What is it?”
“Well, if I told you it wouldn‟t be a surprise then, would it? Just wait till to-morrow, my


The tone of her voice told Dave that indeed he was going to be surprised but it was so
noncommittal that he couldn‟t tell whether he would find the surprise pleasant or un-
“She loves me,” he thought. “Maybe while I was away on my trip she had her spinal
cord severed. She knows how I yearn to see her confined to a wheelchair, legs flopping
about uselessly, or dragging herself on the floor, her legs trailing behind. Anyway, let‟s
wait till to-morrow and find out.”
The following day, a few minutes before seven, Helen crawled to the door and unlocked
it. Then she crawled back a few feet and sat on the floor with her legs off to one side,
the feet lying close to her hips. They were bare and she looked at them admiring their
fixed position, extending from the legs, the toes curled, never to move again. Then she
ran her hands over her knees, also fixed so that each of her legs formed a very narrow
“V”. They were still very shapely and she would have to make Dave understand that
with time they would become very thin as the muscles atrophied.
She thought, “I hope he likes my legs. After all I had them crippled for him. If he doesn‟t
I‟ll have to choose: find another fellow who likes me as I am or have my legs amputated
and find a fellow who‟s looking for a legless girl.”
Dave rang the doorbell.
“It‟s open,” she called out.
Dave entered and pushed the door shut behind him. He saw Helen sitting on the floor
but there was no sign of a wheel chair.
“Come down here and kiss me,” she said, extending her arms upwards. “I can‟t stand
up to kiss you.”
Dave looked at her legs in their awkward position and felt an erection coming up. He
walked up to her and kneeled beside her. Putting his arms around her waist he bent
down and kissed her. Helen was happy; Dave still liked her.
“Did you do something to your legs?”
“Yes, let me show you.”
The floor had wall-to-wall carpeting so Helen wasn‟t wearing her gloves or knee-pads.
She got up on all fours and crawled to the sofa. She climbed up on it, placed her legs in
front of her and raising them to a vertical position so that the feet were a couple of in-
ches above the seat she swung them from side to side, showing the rigid limbs so that
Dave could take a good look.
“I‟m crippled for life, Dave, I‟ll never walk again. I did it for you and I hope you‟re happy.”
Dave frowned.
“But you‟re not a paraplegic,” he said. “You can move your thighs. And your legs are not
flopping about, they‟re in a fixed position!”
“I know, Dave, but you know I didn‟t want to be a paraplegic. That would mean that I
would have no feeling below the waist. I would also have to carry a couple of rubber


bags attached to my wheel chair, one to act as a potty and the other for my urine. I
couldn‟t bear to think of it.”
“Now that you mention it, I don‟t see a wheel chair. Why don‟t you have one?”
“I can‟t use one, darling. The way my legs are twisted out of shape I would need such a
wide one that I wouldn‟t be able to go through most doors. Otherwise I would have to
ride it sitting on the front edge of the seat. It just wasn‟t on.”
“So now I have a crippled girl friend who can move her thighs, who can crawl all over
the place but has rigid legs that will never flop about and I‟ll never see her on a wheel
chair or dragging herself on the floor. Is that it?”
“You‟ve described my way of being crippled perfectly.”
Dave sat down the sofa beside her. He took hold of one of her legs with one hand
above the knee and the other below. He tried to straighten the leg.
“Ouch! Dave, that hurts!”
Dave let go of her leg.
“To boot they‟re very well shaped. I wanted you with thin legs like paraplegic girls have.”
“They‟ll turn thin eventually, Dave. It takes time for the muscles to atrophy. Even recent
paraplegics have beautiful legs.”
Dave stood up.
“I‟m sorry, Helen. You‟re nothing like the girl I dreamed about. I regret that you went to
all this trouble for my sake but it was for nothing; I‟m leaving you.”
“For your sake? That‟s a laugh! Listen, you silly twit, I‟ve been wanting to be a cripple all
my life. Actually I wanted to lose my legs but I thought this would keep me happy and I
hoped it would make you happy too. I‟m not forcing you to accept me like I am, I just
hoped you would. It seems you won‟t so hail fellow and well met. The door‟s still
unlocked. You may use it whenever you wish.”
Dave stood up with his mouth wide open. He gathered his briefcase and walked out the
door, leaving it open.
Sheila got off the couch and crawled to the door.
“Don‟t bother to come back! Ever!” she shouted at Dave‟s retreating back.
She reached up to shut the door and crawling back into the living room she sat down in
front of the fireplace. The logs were burned down to embers. She threw another log into
the fire and poked at the embers with one of the irons. The new log burst into flames.
“It‟s a symbol of a new life,” she thought and wiped the tears away from her eyes.
                                       * * *
The months went by and Helen‟s legs became withered. They were so thin! Her toes
had curled so much that the bottoms touched the soles of her feet. She rejoiced in her
useless legs with the stiff joints.


She started using more skirts and fewer shorts. The skirts were easier to put on and
take off and they were all minis so that she could show off her crippled legs as she
crawled down the street or somebody came to visit. Every time she had to go up or
down steps or a kerb she would exaggerate the movement of her hips.
She had her home altered so that everything, particularly in the kitchen and bathroom
was within her reach. She found an extreme pleasure in her useless legs. All she could
do with them was crawl from one place to another. She became very proficient at lifting
her body with her arms and placing the legs resting on the floor to her right or her left.
With her pension from Social Security and a small income of her own she lived quite
comfortably. There were stores nearby where she could buy her everyday needs: a gro-
cery, a pharmacy and a hardware store. She was good with her hands. She bought four
small wheels, a small wooden plank and a wire basket of the kind you place on a bicy-
cle‟s handle bar. She screwed each wheel at one corner of the plank. She removed the
clamps from the basket and nailed it to the top of the plank. Now when she went shop-
ping she would push her little home-made cart with one hand while she crawled on her
knees and her other hand.
Her rubber gardening knee-pads wore out so she went to a shoe maker who made her
new ones with a leather sole. She bought workmen‟s gloves to protect her hands. Helen
was very happy as a cripple. There was just one thing missing in her life: a man.
Dot came by one morning to visit.
“So how is my crippled friend?” she asked.
“Lonely. As we suspected Dave didn‟t like my legs. He walked out on me the first time
we met after I had the operation. I haven‟t been with a man since.”
Dot asked, “Do you remember the three young men who talked to us just after you left
the hospital after having your legs crippled?”
„Yes. They were quite sassy, weren‟t they?”
Two of them were. The third one kept quiet and then talked gently to us. He seemed to
be quite taken with you and he gave you his card. Why don‟t you call him?”
“The card! I had forgotten about the card!”
“Where did you keep it?”
“I was so excited about having become a cripple that day that I forgot about it. I had it in
the pocket of my blouse and when I got home. I was all sweaty from the little crawling I
did on the sidewalk. I took off my clothes and put them in the washing machine.”
“You were wearing a sensational blouse that day. Let‟s go to where it is and rescue the
card. It might still be legible.”
The girls went to Helen‟s bedroom. She sat down on the floor in front of her dresser and
pulling out a drawer she took out the blouse that she had worn on that marvellous day.
“Here it is!” she cried as she pulled out the card from the pocket. It was all wrinkled and
cracked and the ink had fallen off the cracks.


“I have a magnifying glass in my den,” Helen said. “Let‟s get it and see if we can get any
info out of this mess.”
Helen crawled to the den holding the precious bit of cardboard in one hand. Dot
crutched behind her with the sensual sway of her body on her crutch that she had culti-
The girl with the crippled legs leaned on the desk with one hand, stood on her knees
and opening a drawer she pulled out a loupe. Dot never failed to be astonished at those
rigid legs; the feet were pointing practically upwards and the legs never trembled with
fatigue. She remarked how thin and useless they were.
“If I tried to do that with my leg the knee would give way inside of ten seconds,” she
thought. She was happy to be a double amputee and Harry loved her stumps but some-
times she envied Helen‟s inability to walk. The girl was always close to the ground. She
would never stand up again.
Helen got back on all fours with the card in one hand and the glass in the other. She sat
on the carpet placing her legs to the left. Her knees pointed slightly upwards because
she had placed her feet very close to her rump.
“Let‟s see if we can make anything out of this mess,” she said.
“Hmmm, let‟s see. This first letter seems to be an „R‟, the second letter is totally erased,
the third could be either a „c‟ or an incomplete „o‟, of the fourth there are two vertical
slashes – the one on the left reaches higher than the one on the right – probably an „h‟,
of the fifth I can see three horizontal dashes – I would guess either an „a‟ or an „e‟, then
there‟s a horizontal squiggle – the top part of an „r‟? The last letter of the first name is to-
tally erased.”
She wrote it down: R char ,
“Good job, Ms. Holmes. Sherlock would have been proud of you,” said Dot.
The two girls continued with their detective work. It turned out that the fellow‟s name
was Richard Stephenson and that he lived not far from Helen. There were two phone
numbers on the card: office and home.
Helen asked, “Should I call him at the office?”
“I know you‟re anxious to see the boy again but I do believe it would be more discreet if
you waited until after working hours and called him at home.”
“Gosh, I wish it were five o‟clock already,” said Helen, shaking her crippled legs so that
the knees bobbed up and down.
“Patience, child, all good things will arrive when the time comes.”
Helen started “pacing” the den trying to quiet her impatience.
“Do you think he‟ll like the way my legs are? Do you think he‟ll enjoy my being able only
to crawl, that I‟ll never walk again? Do you think he‟ll like the way I crawl?”
“Of course he will. He was quite taken with you. It showed on his face.”


“Dot, please don‟t go. I need moral support. I‟ll cook up something for lunch and then
when the chimes ring five I‟ll call him and you can sit by my side and clue me if I sud-
denly don‟t know what to say.”
Dot smiled.
“Of course, my friend with the twisted legs. I‟ll be glad to help as much as I can.”
“You‟re a true friend, Dot. Come, let‟s go to the living room, I‟ll bring a couple of glasses
of cold tea and we can chat until lunchtime. Then we can take a nap and after that I‟ll
call Richard.
Dot crutched to the living room. She thought she‟d never tire of feeling the stump of her
leg between the staves of her crutch. She reached down and caressed it with the stump
of her arm. Then she sat down on the davenport and continued rubbing the stump of
her leg with the stump of her arm.
“It‟s almost as if I were playing with myself,” she thought. “I wonder why my incomplete
body makes me all sexed up.”
Helen crawled into the kitchen. She got a tray and put it on the little shopping cart she
had built. Then she put two glasses on top and pushed the cart toward the refrigerator.
Sitting down to one side she reached up and pulled the door open. Then she got on all
fours again and facing the refrigerator she reached in and pulled out the jar of iced tea.
She filled the glasses and replaced the jar. Then she crawled to the edge of the door
and pushed it shut.
Pushing the cart with one hand while she crawled on one hand and her knees she went
to the living room. Sitting down she picked up the tray with the glasses and placed it on
the coffee table.
Dot said, “You‟ve adjusted wonderfully to the loss of the use of your legs.”
“Well, I haven‟t totally lost their use, you know. I can move them quite freely from the
hips. My knees, ankles and toes are another matter.”
Helen swung her left leg upwards so that her knee described and arc. The lower leg and
foot followed without changing their positions relative to the thigh.
“One thing I‟m glad about is that although I have lost all movement of my legs I can still
feel them.”
“Let me see,” said Dot.
She leaned over and rubbed Helen‟s upraised leg gently with the stump of her arm.
“Oh, Dot, that feels delicious! Do it some more, please!”
“Get up on the couch and sit beside me. We‟ll be much more comfortable that way.”
Helen climbed on the davenport placing herself to Dot‟s left with her crippled legs next
to her companion. Dot placed the stump of her arm on one of Helen‟s feet. It stuck
straight out looking like a prolongation of the girl‟s leg. The toes were tightly curled.


Gently, slowly, starting at the toes, Dot ran the stump her arm the length of the foot,
past the ankle that was no longer functional and up the side of the leg to the permanent-
ly bent knee.
Helen shivered with delight as Dot ran her stump over the knee,
She thought, “How badly the leg has atrophied. It‟s nothing but skin and bones. Well,
she got her wish – she‟ll never walk again.”
Dot then ran her stump over Helen‟s thigh with a slow, wavy motion, first up and down
the outside and then up the inside, reaching inside her miniskirt. She felt Helen‟s un-
derwear and it was wet. Helen‟s head was thrown back, her eyes closed and her
breathing was fast and shallow.
“Don‟t stop. Please don‟t stop!” Helen gasped.
Dot knew what Helen wanted but she was twisting her arm and bending her elbow in
order for the stump to reach Helen. It wasn‟t comfortable and the stump of her arm be-
low the elbow was too short to reach properly in that position.
“We‟ll have to have a brief interlude, I‟m afraid. Come on. Bed.”
The two girls looked at each other and each saw in the other‟s eyes that intense look
that comes with a combination of desire and love.
Dot reached for her crutch, stood up and leaning the stump of her leg on the handgrip
and holding the crutch by the front stave she step-swayed to the bedroom. Helen fol-
lowed admiring her friend‟s sexy crutch-walk and watching the stump of her arm gently
jiggling with each step.
Helen scuttled on all fours and swinging around Dot she reached the bed first.
“Beat ya!” she said.
Facing the bed she hoisted herself part way up. Then she swung her left leg so it was
resting on top, to the left of her body. Her right leg was still hanging from the edge of the
bed with the knee at its odd angle and the foot pointing upwards. She swung up her
right leg. Now she was lying on her tummy with her legs drawn up on either side.
Dot laughed and said, “You look like a frog!”
“Croak! Croak!” answered Helen and pushed herself up to a crawling position. She went
to the head of the bed and pulled down the covers. Then she took off her blouse, skirt
and panties. She wasn‟t wearing a bra and her magnificent breasts stood up with the
hard nipples pointing forward. She lay on the bottom sheet and pulled up her legs so
that they were spread apart and resting on their toes.
“Well, what are you waiting for?”
Dot sat on the edge of the bed. She took off her shoe, and the silk stocking. With her left
leg bent in front of her and the stump of her right leg hanging over the edge she turned
towards Helen. She reached for the top of Helen‟s triangle with the stump of her left arm
and oh so slowly ran it down until it reached Helen‟s clitoris.
“Funny,” she thought. “This corresponds to the penis in a man and it‟s getting hard!”


“My lips! Please caress my lips!” Helen cried.
Dot moved her stump to Helen‟s lips.
“Deeper! Deeper!”
Helen was tossing her head back and forth and pushing the stump of Dot‟s arm into her
vagina with her hands.
Dot had never had relations with a woman before but Helen‟s passion aroused her. With
her good hand she started caressing Helen‟s breasts. But the stump of her arm was too
short and as she had to bend her elbow it didn‟t go very far into Helen‟s vagina. She
moved further down the bed and started caressing Helen‟s crippled legs. That way she
could straighten out the elbow of her amputated arm.
“Oh. That‟s lovely! Oh it feels so great!”
Helen shook as she reached her climax and Dot felt her warm juices wetting the stump
of her arm.
Dot was not repelled by what had happened. Masturbating Helen with the stump of her
arm had given her a new insight into what sex might involve but she longed for Harry,
the man who had become a cripple for her sake and for whom she had lost her leg.
She went into the bathroom, ran the faucet and rinsed her stump. As she went back into
Helen‟s bedroom she said, “Come on. It‟s time to call Richard.”
                                                      * * *

Helen called Richard and they made an appointment. He would visit her and if they hit it
off they would try to establish a relationship. It was his idea.
Richard went to see her the following day.
“What sort of a relationship did you have in mind when we talked yesterday?” she
“It depends on how things work out. It might anything from hail-fellow-and-well-met to
our becoming lovers. I don‟t know. I‟m not a prophet. All I know is that I saw you in the
street and I was struck by your beauty.”
“Especially my beautiful legs, I suppose,” Helen retorted with a hint of irony in her voice.
“Yes, especially your beautiful crippled legs. I didn‟t get a chance to see your face until
you looked up to pick up my card.”
“You might not think they‟re so beautiful now. They‟re shriveled and my knees are
knobby. It would be useless to try and do restorative surgery now. The muscles have
atrophied too much. I‟m crippled for life.”
There was a note of satisfaction in Helen‟s voice when she uttered the last sentence.
“You do enjoy being crippled, do you?”
“Yes. I‟ve wanted to be a cripple all my life. When my boyfriend said he wanted me to
be a cripple at first I said yes. But then he asked me to be a para. I couldn‟t quite see it


that way so I had the tendons in my legs cut hoping that would satisfy him. I had just left
hospital with my friend Dot when you and your friends ran into us.”
“And was he satisfied?”
“No. The moment he saw my legs he walked out on me.”
“You could have had surgery to repair the damage.”
“Yes but I decided not to. I enjoy not being able to walk. All I can do is crawl because
with my legs the way they are I can‟t use a wheel chair or a skate cart. Besides I hate
them. Braces, of course, would be useless. It gives me a sense of bondage that I enjoy.
When I was a child and my parents left me alone at home I used to bend my legs, tie
them up with belts and crawl on my hands and knees all over the place. I especially en-
joyed going up and down stairs and climbing off and on my bed. It was so difficult at first
but after a while I enjoyed solving the problems. Now I don‟t have to tie my legs –
they‟re bent permanently. And it‟s too late now to repair the damage anyway. The mus-
cles have wasted away completely. See how skinny my legs are?”
Richard looked at her legs. They had indeed wasted away. They were no longer the
beautiful crippled legs that he had seen on the day that Helen left the hospital. She was
a cripple, which gave him a kick, but those legs were a bit of a turn-off.
He hesitated for a moment and then asked, “Would you consider having them ampu-
Helen was thrilled. What she had wanted all her life was to be legless. She had only had
her legs paralyzed because she had wanted to keep Dave happy.
“Would you like me better without my legs?”
“Yes, as a matter of fact I would. I‟ve always wanted to meet a crippled girl and if she
was legless so much the better.”
“Oh, Richard, I‟ve wanted to be legless ever since I can remember. I only had my legs
crippled to keep Dave happy. You make me so happy!”
“Where do you want to have your legs amputated?”
“I‟m not quite sure but it would certainly have to be above the knees. I don‟t really know
how long I want my stumps to be.”
“Tell you what. I have a collection of pictures of legless girls. Let me go home and get
them and perhaps we can find the stumps that you want.”
Richard came back in an hour.
“Here we go. How do you like this one?”
“Oh, Richard! She is beautiful. But her stumps are very thick and long. My thighs are wi-
thered. I‟m afraid my stumps will have to be much shorter. Do you mind? I‟ll make good
use of them, I promise. And I‟ll take care of them so they‟re always beautiful.”
“Richard was getting excited by looking at the pictures of the legless girls. The idea that
this girl was going to be legless too didn‟t help very much. He had met and photo-
graphed many beautiful amputee girls but somehow his personality and theirs never


“clicked.” They were fun to be with and make love to but he felt that somehow Helen
was different, that he had a future with her. That was why he had brought her a selec-
tion from his album.
“No, of course not. Let‟s take a look at another one.”
“O.K. Let‟s take a look at another one. This one‟s stumps are shorter. They‟re also thin-
ner. Is this what you had in mind?”
Helen gasped. The girl was outrageously lovely. The expression of her face suggested
a tinge of sadness. The stumps of her legs reached to about mid-thigh.
“Stumps still a bit longish. She looks sad. Do you know why?”
“For various reasons. First, she didn‟t want to lose her legs. It was a car accident.
Second, her boy friend died in the same accident. Third, she was unable to learn how to
use prostheses. She moves about by swinging her body between her arms or by crawl-
ing about on her hands and the stumps of her legs.”
“That is indeed a sad story even if I would love to move about like she does; I don‟t want
artificial legs. I don‟t want to look at her any more. She makes me want to cry, Show me
the next picture.”
                                                      * * *
“Now here‟s one with really short stumps. The amazing thing is that she cannot only
stand on them but she actually walks, albeit with the tiniest of steps. It‟s really exhilarat-
ing to see her do it.”
“How did she lose her legs?”
“She‟s a voluntary amputee. Like you she didn‟t know the length she wanted her stumps
to be so she had several amputations, losing her legs by stages. Finally she decided
that she wanted to keep those tiny stumps she has now. Isn‟t she a beautiful girl?”
Helen looked at her skinny, paralyzed legs and ran her hands over them. She shud-
dered at the touch of those dreadful once beautiful limbs. She wanted them removed
very badly; they detracted from her beauty.
“She‟s gorgeous. I can only hope that I‟ll be as beautiful as she is if I have my legs am-
putated like hers. Tell me about „The Rake‟s Progress.‟ It sounds like a fascinating sto-
He said, “It is, believe you me.
“First she had both feet cut off. She waddled on her knees and since it was the begin-
ning of her life as a double amputee she enjoyed it tremendously. She would proudly
exhibit the stumps of her legs in public enjoying the shocked looks of the older people
and the envious looks of the younger generation.
“After a while, however, it stopped being so much fun. It wasn‟t that she wanted her feet
back – she would have never dreamed of it. But her stumps were very long and she
kept hitting them against things. Her house wasn‟t very big and when she was turning
as she went from one place to the other one of her stumps would hit the leg of a table or
chair or a doorjamb. It didn‟t hurt her usually but it was a nuisance. Then one day she


bruised the stump of her right leg very badly and this time she did feel a great deal of
“So she had her legs re-amputated closer to the knees. This made her feel much hap-
pier. For one thing she was missing a greater portion of her body. Also waddling about
on her knees was much easier. Since her thighs were still complete there was no loss in
height. Everything was just the same as before except that she didn‟t keep hurting her
“Eventually she decided that having both legs missing below the knees was not enough.
Having her stumps shortened had been no great loss. Her body was not sufficiently in-
complete. Moving about was still too easy. Granted, not as easy as when she had both
feet but still too easy for her taste. She began to think about having her stumps short-
ened to above the knee. She thought about it a long time. She consulted with her par-
ents and her boy friend. After six months she decided to go through with the operation.
“So she went to see her surgeon. He had already operated twice on her.
“‟When are you going to be happy as a legless girl?‟ he asked. „You‟re beautiful, you got
what you wanted – to be a legless cripple. You are the loveliest girl in town, legless or
not. What more do you want?‟
“‟To lose my knees. Moving about is too easy with them, It‟s almost like walking normal-
ly except that my steps are a little bit shorter. I can also reach to a reasonable height
before I have to climb on a stool or a table to reach something. So my knees must go. I
can‟t stand living like this.‟
“‟Please try to think about it. I amputated your legs below the knees because, as you
say, it‟s no great loss. If you aren‟t happy with the loss of your feet it‟s easy enough to fit
you with prostheses and you‟ll be as good as new – well, almost. But walking with pros-
theses that include artificial knees is much more difficult. Some people can never learn.
That‟s why I‟m asking you to give it considerable thought.‟
“‟I‟ve thought about it long enough. I want to lose my knees and that‟s definite.‟
“‟Tell you what. I‟ll remove one knee first. After three months if you still insist, I‟ll remove
the other. O.K.? It has to be because that‟s the only way I‟ll do it.‟
“So she had one knee removed, Now she had to crawl because of the uneven length of
her stumps. At first she was happy because displacing herself was much more difficult.
Then her boy friend made a pair of crutches especially for her. They were very short
and the handgrips were very low.
“He also gave her a knee pad, She could move about quite fast with the outfit. Then she
realized that her boy friend was trying to rehabilitate her. She was furious – didn‟t he
know that she wanted to cope with the consequences of being legless by herself? She
broke up with him.

When the three months were up she crawled to the surgeon‟s consulting rooms.
“He asked, „So, are you happy now?‟


“‟No, sir.‟ she replied. „I want to be crippled beyond redemption. My boy friend tried to
rehabilitate me and nearly succeeded. I sent him packing. I want to lose my remaining
knee and be absolutely legless.‟
“‟Absolutely legless means having no legs at all. Your body would end at the hips. I
don‟t think you want to go that far but I will re-amputate the stump of your left leg. We
don‟t want you losing boy friends left and right, do we?‟
“‟No, sir. I‟d rather lose my only knee.‟”
“So she had her remaining knee removed and thought that at last she was happy. When
she saw the bandages covering the stump of her left leg she cried for joy.
“‟Now I‟m beautiful, really beautiful,‟ she thought.
“It didn‟t strike her that she had been beautiful all the time, even when she had both legs
functional. To her leglessness and loveliness were synonymous.
“She crawled on her stumps every time she had to go somewhere or else she would
swing her body between her arms. This was a more efficient way of moving but she en-
joyed crawling the most because it enhanced her sense of crippledness. She disdained
moving on her buttocks hunching one forward and then the other as „not elegant.‟ As a
result her pectoral muscles became very well developed making her breasts even more
beautiful because now they were held erect and the nipples stood up straight in front.
She delighted in her physique and took to remaining naked while she was indoors. She
had large mirrors put in the living room, the dining room, the bedroom and the bathroom
so that she could look at the image of her crippled body whenever she wanted. Every
now and then she‟d sit in front of one of them and move her stumps up and down, side-
ways and in circles, looking at the points where her legs ended. She exercised them not
only by moving them but by trying for fifteen minutes every day to bend and straighten
out her non-existent knees. The successive contraction and relaxation of the muscles
helped keep their tone and maintain the beauty of her stumps. She dreaded the thin, wi-
thered stumps she had seen in some amputees; they were ugly and she wanted to keep
her beauty. She regretted that she had not had her legs amputated when she was ten
and had started to feel the desire of losing them.
“She had left everything in her house unchanged ever since her first amputations and it
stayed that way. Now that her legs were missing above the knee she would sit on the
floor and looking up at her davenport, her bed or a chair think of how difficult it was
going to be to sit or lie on it and how lucky she was.
“She was, indeed, a happy girl.”
                                             * * *
“Her sex life had always been active but it became more so as her legs became shorter
 and shorter. There was no shortage of boy friends now and none of them tried to reha-
bilitate her. She proudly displayed the stumps of her legs everywhere she went. People
     would comment on the beautiful girl who had so bravely overcome her handicap.
“‟‟If they only knew,‟ she would think whenever she heard comments about her. She
never let anyone know that she had her legs amputated on purpose.


”Ever since she lost her feet she had a ready made story about a circulatory problem in
her legs whenever someone asked how she had lost them. The story was plausible and
it served to explain her progressive amputations.
“Sex was great and she decided it would be even greater if her stumps were shorter.
The surgeon threw his arms up in despair but acquiesced.
“Soon she had the tiny stumps that she had asked for. She looked down at them, ca-
ressed them gently and thought, „At last. Now I‟m really crippled. How lovely my stumps
“The first day she returned home she tried her brand new stumps by going around the
house swaying her truncated body between her arms. She decided to mix a cup of co-
coa but the can was sitting on a high shelf and she couldn‟t reach it. She felt so excited
sexually because she felt so crippled that she had an orgasm.
“Then she climbed on the kitchen stool, transferred to the counter and reached for the
can. Putting it on the counter she reached for a cup that she placed beside the can.
Then she went down to the floor and swaying to the refrigerator she pulled out a quart
of milk. Placing it in front of her she crawled on her right hand and tiny leg stumps to the
counter holding the milk container in her left hand. From a sitting position she reached
for the cup and cocoa and put them on the floor. She opened a drawer and reaching
upwards blindly she searched for a spoon. She measured the cocoa and put it into the
cup. After pouring the milk she stirred the mixture until the coca was dissolved. She was
tired from the exercise and decided it was too much trouble to go to the microwave and
heat the cocoa. Sitting on the floor she drank her cup of cold cocoa. With the cup and
spoon in one hand she crawled to the sink. Standing on her stumps and leaning on the
sink‟s edge with her upper arms she managed to wash the utensils. Exhausted she left
them on the rack to dry.
“She realized that her short stumps were quite different from when she had her knees.
Things were more difficult to do now and they took a lot longer.
“She had known all along that the more crippled she became the more difficult things
would become. She knew that it was inevitable that her near-complete leglessness
would slow her down but she decided that she wouldn‟t let it stop her. Her tiredness af-
ter the simple act of preparing and drink a cup of cocoa scared her. Perhaps she had
bitten off more than she could handle. Her arms had been used part of the time for
„walking‟ after she had lost both knees but while her stumps were long she had crawled
a lot and that didn‟t tire her so much. Now her arms were indispensable. Just about the
only way she could get from one place to another quickly was by swaying her trunk be-
tween them. „Humping‟ she called it.
“‟God, please don‟t let me lose an arm. I would have to use a skate cart and I hate skate
carts and wheel chairs,‟ she thought.
“She started exercising and pretty soon her arms were very strong. It became easier to
climb up to the counter to reach things on the higher shelves, She even learned how to
take the stepladder under a blown bulb in the ceiling and climb it to change the bulb.
Climbing the stepladder was relatively easy but taking it from the laundry room to whe-
rever a bulb had to be changed was a drag. However she refused to ask for help. The


apartment remained unchanged with all the furniture at its normal height. She insisted
on maintaining her independence.”
“So that‟s the story of my legless friend. Would you like to be like her?”
Helen replied, “Crikey, yes!”
She went to the hospital and talked to Drs. McConnell and Smith. She was surprised to
see that they had not had any further amputations.
“We wouldn‟t be able to operate any longer if we lost any more parts of our bodies,”
Shirley explained.
Robert added with a sly smile, “Besides we are now lovers and we adore the positions
we can assume in bed given our truncated limbs.”
                                                      * * *
The operation went on without a hitch and Helen finally became completely satisfied
with herself. She gaily swung her body from one room to another. Going to work or
shopping swinging her body between her arms was her favourite pastime, especially on
warm days when she could wear very short shorts or hot pants. She revelled in the
looks passer-bys gave her.
Another greatly loved pastime was to swim naked in the condo pool. She loved to see
the looks that the young men gave her and she would wiggle her stumps for their bene-
fit. Richard loved to see her climb on the diving board, hump over from the steps to the
end of the board and then push herself off the end to dive into the water.
One day while Richard was at work she found a bench in a remote corner of the
condo‟s garden. Leaning with one hand on the pavement and with the other on the edge
of the seat she hoisted herself onto the bench. She enjoyed the moment of solitude and
looked at her lovely truncated body. She wiggled her stumps not for anybody else‟s en-
joyment but for her own, The feeling of her missing legs, the lack of weight below her
chopped off thighs, gave her a special kind of delight and she thought how lucky she
was to have achieved her dream of being a cripple and at the same time having found a
man who loved her not only for her stumps but for herself as a person.
She swayed her body between her hands anxious to get back to the house. It was
nearly time for Richard to come home from work. She took a shower and putting on a
black peignoir she did her hair. She climbed off the dresser stool and went to the bed.
She had her furniture restored to its original height because, like had happened to Rich-
ard‟s friend it, enhanced her sense of leglessness and getting on and off the bed or any
seat was always difficult.
When she reached the side of the bed she stopped. Running her hands over her arms
she remarked how well filled they were. She had been rather skinny all her life but now
her arms were strong. They were not only her arms now but also her legs; their constant
use to sway her body to move around had also made her abdomen flat and her pecto-
rals very well developed. She had noticed that one-legged girls who used crutches had
very erect breasts and now she knew why. She cupped each breast in one hand and
felt its firm flesh. Running her hands down her flat tummy she eventually reached the
ends of her stumps. She caressed them lovingly. It never ceased to surprise her that


whenever she ran her hands down to her abbreviated thighs she expected to find her
full-length legs. Feeling her hands go around her stumps instead of following the legs all
the way to the feet aroused her. She was glad that she had lost her legs and deciding it
had been well worth it she put her hands on the edge of the bed and pulled herself up.
She sat on the edge of the bed just in time to hear Richard‟s key on the door lock.
He had looked for her by the side of the pool before entering the apartment and not find-
ing her he had expected to find her in the living room. Since she wasn‟t there he called
out, “Helen! Where are you?” She kept silent except for a little giggle. Richard heard her
and went to the bedroom.
When he saw her he stood there agape. Finally he recovered his wits enough to say,
“My jaw‟s not bouncing off the floor, is it?”
“No, it isn‟t. Come here, lover boy.”
He was only too glad to comply. They both made each other very happy. Her happiness
was complete when Richard asked her if she wanted to marry him.
Dot and Helen see each other very often and they enjoy comparing their stumps and
Helen and Richard are also very happy not only comparing their stumps but also doing
delicious things to each other with them because Richard, seeing how Helen enjoyed
hers got jealous and had his legs amputated too.
So that‟s where the relationship that Richard had talked about came to.

                                                THE END


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