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					                            STONEGATE HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION
                                BOARD OF TRUSTEES MEETING

                                    CALVARY EPISCOPAL CHURCH
                                         44 BROAD STREET
                                       FLEMINGTON, NJ 08822

                                               January 30, 2007

                                              OPEN MEETING

BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT:                    Gary O’Connor, President
                                          Joanne Pruitt, Vice President
                                          Mary Jane Younghans, Treasurer
                                          Gus Manz, Secretary

BOARD MEMBERS ABSENT:                     Jim O’Neal, Trustee

ACCESS PROPERTY MGT.:                     Karen Tippner, CMCA, AMS
                                          Community Manager


The meeting was called to order at 7:10 p.m. There was one homeowner in attendance.

II. ORDER AGENDA/ANNOUNCEMENTS – There were no announcements.

III. Townhome Fence Discussion

There was one homeowner from Woznicki Court who was asked his opinion on the fences. He said he liked the
wood style since it complemented the building. He was afraid that the white fences could be damaged by the
snow removers or lawn mowers that could throw rocks while cutting.

The Board requested that Rudl fencing be invited to the March 27, 2007 Board meeting to talk to homeowners
about the wooden fence styles, especially the red cedar vs. the southern yellow pine. The 38 homeowner
affected will also be specially invited to this meeting.


November 28, 2006 - These minutes will be reviewed at the next Board meeting.


Karen Tippner, Property Manager reviewed the following:

Financials – Financials as of 11/30/06 and 12/31/06 were reviewed by the Board.

                                             1 of 4                 (Open meeting – 1/30/07)
Auditor Selection – MOTION: Gus Manz made a motion to accept the proposal from Feldman, Sablosky
Massoin and Company, of Jamesburg NJ for the auditing of the Association’s finances for fiscal year end 2007,
at a cost of $3100. Gary O’Connor seconded. All in favor. Motion passed. 4-0-0.

Smith Barney - Current rates were available. The Treasurer will review the rates once future expenses are
determined and the loan is paid off.

Budget Plans- The Board will review the proposed budget/maintenance fee rates at the Annual meeting.
Coupon booklets will be ordered after the meeting. Management will write a letter to homeowners
advising not to expect the coupon booklet until in March.

Election - The election mailing was sent on January 24, 2007. Management will write a letter and
advise homeowners that there is no quorum requirement and that the terms will be for 3 years for the
candidates getting the two highest number of votes, and the third highest vote-getter will serve a two
year term. Gus Manz mentioned that his old biography was distributed instead of a new one, due to a
error on his computer. It was determined that another mailing would not be sent with a revised
biography, and that Mr. Manz could campaign on his own for votes, if he thought that was necessary.
It was also suggested that he or any candidate could always write a letter to the editor of the Carved in
Stone newsletter, if desired.

Loan Payoff  – MOTION: Gus Manz made a motion to pay off the PNC loan as of February 15, 2007,
as long as there is a minimal pre-payment penalty. Mary Jane Younghans seconded. All in favor.
Motion passed. 4-0-0.

D&O Question – MOTION: Joanne Pruitt made a motion that the Directors and Officers insurance
policy be increased to $3 million in coverage, as long as it will not be retroactive, or that the terms
could be changed from February – February vs. September to September, effectively immediately. Gus
Manz seconded. All in favor. Motion passed. 4-0-0.

Landscaping/Snow - Contract with LMS does not expire until 2008. There have been no snow bills from
November 2006 to present.

5 Cedar Court – Sewage pipe repair – During the course of having the wood repaired behind their porch, the
contractor accidentally stepped on the sewage pipe in the basement, causing a hairline fracture. This caused
sewage to seep into the unit. Barboni Plumbing made the repair and the cost is to be paid by Paternoster
Contracting, since that was the contractor’s employee who caused the problem. The cleanout for this unit was
damaged by the skidsteer used by Paternoster and will be repaired during warmer weather.

Swimming Pool work - The red brick colored coping stones were installed around the pool. A proposal
for cement work has been given to the Board for review.

Chimney Chase Covers for condominiums - MOTION: Mary Jane Younghans made a motion to accept the
proposal from Quick Industries for the replacement of the chimney caps, aluminum trim and ‘B’ vent flue caps
at the 116 chimney chases throughout the 12 condominium buildings at a cost of $51,038, not including tax.
Joanne Pruitt seconded. All in favor. Motion passed. 4-0-0.

Community Lighting- At present, all lights in the community are working.

                                             2 of 4                  (Open meeting – 1/30/07)
Black Railing Installation – Carfaro Brothers needs above freezing weather to install the black railings on
several porches, since they use a water in their cement drilling process.

Masonry Requests for Proposals – Proposals for masonry work around the community were submitted to
Paternoster Contractor for prices.

Meter board removal on Pear, Lake and Cedar – A letter has been written to JCPL requesting that the meters on
these boards be attached to the buildings so the boards can be removed.

13 Cedar Trim Corrected- The trim that blew off the back of 13 Cedar Court was repaired, and a fascia
with a roof cap – 25 fee long- was installed.


Mary Jane Younghans reviewed the financial report with those present. She noted that the Association has over
a half million dollars in assets.


Squirrel situation – The Board discussed the recent bills from JRG Pest Control for getting squirrels out of the
attics. Homeowners need to be advised that when JRG leaves a door tag, that the homeowner should contact
JRG so that JRG can get in an inspect the attic.

Sidewalk Gap on Reaville Road – Waiting for a proposal from Paternoster Contracting.

Safety Standards on Rental Properties in Stonegate - This will be reviewed at a future meeting.

Filing Annual Report for the COA - The Board did not want Stark & Stark to continue to research the existence
of a Stonegate Condominium Board. Management will ask Stark and Stark their recommendation on filing the
Annual Report with the state, since current HOA Board members did not feel comfortable with signing their
names to it.


Open Meeting amendment – The Board reviewed the Open Meeting amendment adopted in 2004. Management
will ask Stark and Stark how to nullify this confusing amendment, since it refers to the Condominium
Association and Pinevale Homeowners Association.

Plans for 2007 – Management noted the following items that could be planned for 2007:
        1) Pay off loan - $85,000
        2) Masonry work – Reserve account
        3) Reasphalt by condo area?
        4) Deferred maintenance- clean gutters all buildings at once
        5) Deferred maintenance – put aluminum trim around all garages doors and doors in courtyard/side of
        6) Deferred maintenance – cover kickplates under front doors
        7) Chimney Caps for condos – Reserve account

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Blackberry Court parking – The Board reviewed correspondence from an owner on Blackberry Court who
requested that a ‘reserved’ marking be put on the pavement in one of the 200 Building empty spaces for her
benefit. The Board will discuss her request, since it may be that she means the 300 Building, not the 200


Tom, Woznicki Court, praised the Board for their efforts on behalf of the Association.



MOTION: Mary Jane Younghans made a motion to adjourn to the Executive Session at 10:05 p.m. Joanne
Pruitt seconded. All in favor. Motion passed. 4-0-0.

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Karen Tippner, Property Mgr.                             Board Member         Date
Minute Taker

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