Community Building Rental Agreement Sample Form by bamafun

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									                            Community Building
                                    Rental Agreement

Name of Person/Organization/Group:___________________________________
Address:                              ___________________________________
Contact Name(s):                      ___________________________________
Address(if different than above):     ___________________________________
Phone:     Day_______________________           Evening_____________________
Date reservation was made:___________________
Rates and Fees:
The Community Building is rented by the hour. Cost is $25.00 per hour. The
Community Building may be rented from the first weekend in April until the last weekend
in October (weather permitting). Reservations may be made up to one(1) year in
advance from the present calendar month.
Rental Date(s):         ______________________________________________
Hours of Rental:       ______________________________________________
Advance Rental Fee:     ________________ Date paid:____________ Staff:____
Remaining Balance:      ________________ Date paid:____________ Staff:____
Damage Deposit Paid:_________________Date paid:____________
Reservation/Cancellation Policy:
Full payment is due within 10 days of reservation. A damage deposit in the amount of
$200.00 in the form of a separate check is also required at the time of reservation. If
any person or organization cancels less than 30 days prior to the reservation date, they
will receive one-half of their rental fee back. If a cancellation is made more than 30
days in advance, renters will be refunded their entire fee with the exception of a $25.00
cancellation charge.
By signing this agreement, I acknowledge that I have received and read all of the rules
pertaining to the Community Building. I understand that all rules must be followed at all
times during the rental period.

_________________________________________                  __________________
Signature                                                  Date

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