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4 _a_ Rena Trifold Brochure


									     RENA Product Effectiveness                           RENA = A WRINKLE FREE WORLD
                                                                   *FACE LIFT IN MINUTES*
Internal use: Dilute 10 drops of Energy Serum         The American RENA Activation Energy Spray, leverag-
in 2 oz (60cc) of warm water and take it 30 mins      ing far -infrared, penetrates 3-5 cm under your skin to
after meals, once or twice a daily.                   the dermal layer and beyond, delivering the natural
•   Increases Enzymatic Antibody by 2 - 4 Times       minerals our cells desperately need. Our ionized GOLD
•   Anti -Inflammatory                                will re-energenize your body cells. In just a few minutes
•   Anti -Oxidant, Anti-Bacterial                     your face is lifted and rejuvenated and wrinkles will be
•   DNA Cell Activator                                reduced.
                                                      Compared to Botox, the RENA liquid face lift is
•   Decomposes Toxins
                                                      painless, drinkable, cost effective and natural. Best of
•   Decomposes Fats
                                                      all, besides a younger and prettier face, RENA will
•   Decomposes Sugar
                                                      beautify you from the inside out in a RE-NAtural way.
•   Improves Sleep
•   Acidic to Alkaline Body Conversion
                                                      #               CATEGORY                    BOTOX RENA
External Use: Spray it as needed, multiple            1      Reduces Wrinkles & Face Lines           YES          YES
     times daily, on your face or body.               2          Rejuvenates the skin                NO           YES
•   Defies Dermatological Aging Process
                                                      3    Maximizes Firmness and Elasticity         NO           YES
•   Pain Control
•   Moisturizing                                      4        Mineralizes and Hydrates              NO           YES
•   Protection Against Ultraviolet Rays               5        Refines Skin Complexion               NO           YES
•   Electromagnetic Wave Resistance                   6             Non-Skin Irration                NO           YES
•   Static Electricity Prevention
                                                      7        Non-Invasive Treatments               NO           YES
•   Powerful Internal Cleanser
                                                      8        Non-Surgical Treatments               NO           YES
Drink & Spray - Rejuvenates All Body Cells            9     Non-Toxic to the nervous System          NO           YES
    Some Potential Improvements:

•   Wrinkles, Face Spots, Eye Circles, 99% UV
•   White Hair Reversal, Dandruff, Headaches
•   Dry Eyes, Glaucoma, Cataract, Eye Floaters
•   Acne, Pimples, Rosacea, Psoriasis, Alopecia
•   Tooth Ache, Sore Throat, Bad Breath, Herpes
•   Body Firming, Weight Loss (Drink + Spray
    multiple times on navel and abdomen).
•   Hemorrhoids, Spider Veins, Moles, Arthritis
•   Improve Sex Life (Lubricate and long lasting)
    Anti-vaginal infection
•   Autism, Cholesterol, Gout, Stroke, Diabetes,
    High Blood Pressure, Arthritis and many others.

                                                                 Natural Facelift In Minutes
Note: The rate of improvement may vary from person        Anti-Aging - Anti-Wrinkle Energy Activation Serum
to person, Depending on the persons body condition.                       Spring Valley Nutriceuticals
       American RENA International                                                                                               Benefits of Alkaline Negative Ions

                   Is a debt free, privately owned                                                                            The negative ion is nicknamed “Air-Vitamins”.
                   corporation, founded in November                                                                          People feel good at waterfalls, seashore and forests
                   2006, as a worldwide e-commerce                                                                            because there are tons of negative ions around to
                   company. FDA approved with                                                                                help neutralize the positively charged free radicals
                   headquarters & manufacturing                                                                                                 in our bodies.
                   plant, Good Manufacturing Practices                                                                     • Anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, skin problems,
                   (GMP), located in Los Angeles Cali-                                                                         pain control and female related infections.
                   fornia.                                                                                                 • Anti-oxidant - Neutralize free radicals. Scientists
                                                                                                                               believe that premature aging, cancer, heart disease
After 10+ years of research & development, American                                                                            & 200 other chronic diseases are linked to free
RENA shocked the Cosmetics & Health Food Industry                          The wonder of Far-Infrared                          radicals.
with the most innovative, unique natural product –               Far-infrared is an invisible light found in sunlight.
                                                                                                                           • Dr. Otto Heinrich Warburg was awarded the Noble
liquid far-infrared, alkaline negative ion, rejuvenating         The 8-14 um is known as the “Life Spectrum” be-
                                                                                                                               Price for his discovery of the root cause of cancer,
Energy Serum. One formula-suitable for internal and              cause it promotes life and growth. For the past 40+           which is too much acidity in the body. (pH<7.35).
external use to rejuvenate all cells & beautify YOU              years, numerous far-infrared devices (such as bed, heat       The pH of coffee is 4.5; Coca Cola is 2.5 which is
from the inside out.                                             lamp, sauna, clothes etc) have been widely promoted           100,00 times more acidic than our blood (pH 7.4).
                                                                 and clinically proven as health promoting mechanisms.         By drinking RENA daily, you will bring the pH of
Many famous Hollywood stars and models have relied
                                                                 But traditional far-infrared devices require 80 degree        you body in balance to a healthy slightly alkaline
on RENA’s proprietary, natural, nanotechnology
                                                                 Centigrade to emit energy effectively compared to             state in weeks.
Energy Serum, for their full intra-cellular DNA
activation and total body-skin care rejuvenation.                RENA’s liquid far-infrared which reaches comparable
                                                                 emission at only 10 degrees Centigrade.                              Importance of Minerals
RENA Energy Serum delivers a powerful natural liquid                                                                        “All human illness stems from mineral deficiencies.”
far-infrared & organic ionized minerals that are                                                                                             Dr. Linus Pauling,
transforming lives with remarkable & immediate                         Solid Far-infrared      RENA liquid Far-infrared            2 time Noble Price winner in Chemistry.
results.                                                               Radiation emission         Radiation emission
                                                                     Strength = 0.92 at 80C     Strength = 0.94 at 74C     •   Every Mineral is a catalyst – which helps
         RENA is a Natural DNA Activator                               Protection against         Protection against
                                                                                                                               vitamins and enzymes to perform, maintain our
•   Most Effective - Complex natural face lift in minutes.             ultra violet = 10%          ultra violet = 99%
                                                                                                                               health and life. Without minerals, protein and
                                                                        Static electricity          Static electricity
•   Most Advanced - Patented Far-infrared penetrates                                                                           vitamins are ineffective.
                                                                        Protection = 0%            Protection = 99%
    and carries the LIFE SPECTRUM energy .                                                                                 •   Our soil is mineral deficient - The mineral
•   Most Alkaline - leads the industry by its alkaline                  The Theory Behind Far-Infrared                         content is only 1/7 of 100 years ago. Eating
    reading of pH 14; converting the acidic cells into a                                                                       healthy food alone will not provide you with all
                                                                              Rejuvenates Water Molecules &
    healthy, alkaline body in weeks.
                                                                                Improves Cell Oxygenation                      essential & trace minerals.
•   Most Natural Organic Minerals - composed of
                                                                 •  Human body releases energy with wave length
    100+ essential & trace minerals including GOLD in
                                                                     5-30 um that matches & resonates with far-infrared.        Iron Deficiency - Anemia
    their natural state then energized with nanotechnology .
•   Most Powerful Negative Ions - One of the lowest              • Resonance causes water molecules to vibrate at one           Chromium deficiency - Diabetes
                                                                    trillion times per second & transform big water             Zinc deficiency - Impotence
    (ORP) Oxidation Reduction Potential reading in the
    world at –1200. Certified by the East-Asian Function            molecules to micro clusters of water molecules.             Selenium deficiency - Cancer
                                                                 • Energizes blood cells penetrating the cell walls
                                                                    and improves oxygenation by 2.5 times.                 •   Gold - rejuvenates all cells, grow new collagen
                                                                 Improves Circulation of Micro-Vessels.                        tissue.
                                                                 • Resonance creates energy and increases internal         •   Germanium - Anti-Cancer, improves immune
                                                                    body heat by about 1 degree C.                             system
                                                                 • Micro-vessels expand and enhance blood circula-         •   Silver - Expels toxins, anti-inflammatory.
                                                                    tion.                                                  •   Selenium - Improves enzymes formation and
                                       60ml = $80 2 months use   Promotes Better Metabolism                                    cell growth.
                                       30 ml = $50 1 month use   • Detoxifies the skin, the liver and the blood.           •   Iron - Helps blood circulation & oxygenation.
                                       10 ml = $20 10 day use

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