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					BoBBY JINDAL                                                                             Rt (ice box (4(J4
                                                                                      iton R ,ure, 5 Th15(14 $fu(J

                                      OFFICE     OF THE GovERNoR

    June   2.2010

    The Honorable Barack ()hanr
    The White House
    1600 Pennsylania Me
    Washington. DC 20(>5()

    Secretary Ken Salazar
    U.S. Department of the lnteriu
    1849 C Street
    Washington. DC 20240

    Dear President Ohama and Swrciar Salazar:

    lam writing to express nn re concerns regarding the sesu eLonomic impact of a six-month
    (or longer) suspension ot acti’ as at 33 presioush permitted deepsater drilling rigs in the Gulf
    of Mexico. including and ii paiicular the 22 deepwater diilli rigs currently in operation off
    the Louisiana coast.

    Already, Louisiana has sufi i ecre negatixe economic a d ecological impacts from the HP
    oil spill. Our seafood induse    experiencing huge econorn losses that have only been
    partially mitigated by a Li is nglv slos and inadequate 13P laims process. Moreover, our
    precious wetlands are sutfrr   incalculable, permanent dam s sshiie our tourism industry
    faces escalating losses.

    During one of the most chailci ring economic periods in dc        the last thing we need is to
    enact public policies that s h cr1ainl destroN thousands      x s ng jobs hile presenting the
    creation of thousands ni

    The Louisiana Department       F ionnic Des eloprnenl esnn        hw the actise drilling
    suspension alone ill resul            f .00() to 6.001) L      a Jt’hS in the next 2—3 weeks and
    potentially os er 10.000 Lw         hs s ithin a les in nth. P Pic suspension of active drilling
    actix it continues for an e’ : ri perind. LEl) estimates rh    .r tatc risk, losing more than
    20.000 existing and rotcm         I uisiana jobs in the ris    -  N. months.

                               2. 42 ThI   +   I a 55      +
Obviously these losses wou me on top ol those already -nL’ra1ed h\ the spill and its related
effects. Moreover, the ann ccd moratorium of deepwatcr ri I ling acti’ity creates a significant
risk that many of these driIli platforms would he relocatcd  ther Countries along with the

hundreds of high paying jThc      they each create.

Additionally, I fully understind the need for strict oversight I deep’ ater drilling. Koweer, I
would ask that the federal     rnment move quickly to ensur dint all deepwater drilling is in
proper compliance ith fedc regulation and is conducted dcl\ so that energy production and
more importantly, thousand’ t jobs. are not in limbo.

Thank you in advance for   ‘t   e wifl consideration of this rLqInst.


B hby Jinda

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