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									    Annual Report 2008-09         Statistical Highlights                                            Grants                                             Mission Statement
                            ٠515,979 items were borrowed                      California State Library, ELF and TALF grants; Commu-                Inspire, Delight, Educate All
                             An 11% increase over last year!                  nity Foundation for Monterey County, Shades and Sto-
                                                                              ries of Monterey Grant; Poets & Writers, Inc., Poetry                   We are here for you in the Library,
Monterey                    ٠389,653 visits were made to the
                                                                              Writing Workshops; Rotary Club of Monterey, Live
                                                                              Homework Help.                                                       aboard the Bookmobile, and on the Web
                             Library and Bookmobile
                                                                                         Thank you, Donors                                          Monterey City Council
Public                      ٠9,109 people of all ages attended 213            Cynthia & Bill Adams, Dorothy Albee, Katherine Albertini,
                             cultural and informational programs              Joan Ambers, Leonides & Remedios Andalio, Burton &            Charles Della Sala, Mayor; Libby Downey, Vice Mayor;
                                                                              Alice Anderson, Richard Beidleman, Charles Biller, Robert         Jeff Haferman, Nancy Selfridge, Frank Sollecito
Library                     ٠30,124 questions were answered
                                                                              & Malinda Bomberger, Lois Breida, Anne Petersen Burk,
                                                                              Mary Castagna, *Beverly Cleary, Carol E. Collin, Edgard
                                                                              & Shirley Coly, Ronald & Hadassah Contreras, Frank &                Library Board of Trustees
                                                                              Debby Degnan, Robert & Eileen DeWeese, Natasha
                            ٠2,169 volunteer hours were given                 Doner, Darryl & Jean Donnelly, Barbara Dubrasich,              Maxine Reneker, Chair; Alice Yamanishi, Vice Chair;
                                                                              Sharon Dwight, *Richard & Janice Elster, Jerry Falek,          Mary Castagna, Tony Joseph Leyva, Clyde Roberson
                                                                              Lorita Fisher, *Friends of the Monterey Public Library,
                                     Financial Report                         Patricia Brown & Paul Fleischman, *Ann Folsom. William
                                                                              Bullard II & Jessica Frischling, Mary Fry, Lisa Fry, Garcia       Friends of the Library Board
                                                                              Gallery, Inc., Ross & Nancy Genger, Lester & Winifred
                                                                              Gorn, Julia Grannt, Deborah & Jeffrey Greenberg, Hilde-       Mike Sovereign, President; Judy White, Vice President;
                                                                              gard Grill, Harry & Jackie Hamilton, Elinda Hardy, Ruth       Neil Jansen, Treasurer; Rob Savukinas, Secretary; Lorita
                                                                              Hartmann, David Hawley, Dr. Joel Hendler, Elizabeth &
                                                                              Roger Hilleary, Carrie Hodapp, Howard Hodges, Robert           Fisher, Corresponding Secretary; Linda Cruzan, Linda
                                                                              Horn, Ruth Horn, Emilie & Vince Huth, William & Barbara
                                                                              Hyland, John Ishizuka, Thomas Jamison, Johnsson Family         Dorris, Bob Jaster, Mary Ann Kane, Joan Kiliany, Jean
                                                                              Living Trust, Janet Jones, Mary Jordan, Eric Julber, Judith
                                                                                                                                            O’Brien, Bob Petty, Richard Ruccello, Barbie Sovereign,
                                                                              Karas, Ruth Kelly, Gerald & Traci Klarsfeld, Dorothy
                                                                              Konrad, David & Claudia Lane, Evelyn Lee, Ed Leeper,            Dick Vreeland, Bill Wojtkowski, and Alice Yamanishi,
                                                                              James Leeper, Zoya Leitchenko, Carl & Sarah Leonard,
                                                                              *David Loleng. Richard & Jane Lundy, Marta & Patrick                     Library Board of Trustees Liaison.
                                                                              Lynch, Willis & Yvonne Lyon, Don & Lou Mathews, Betty
                                Donated Collections & Gifts                   Matterson, Richard & Patricia McDermott, Everett Mess-
                                                                              inger, Fred & Phyllis Meurer, Monterey Bay Tale-Spinners,
                                                                              *Monterey Vista Neighborhood Association; Sara
                            Thank you to John Castagna and the Haasis         Moore, Linda Moorman, Grace Nola, Eugene & Ivy Olsen,
                            Hikers for archival material documenting the      Jean Oman, John & Carol O’Neil, Ellen Gill Pastore, Paul
                                                                              Davis Partnership, *Rosemary Poskus, Ann Prego,
                            30+ year history of the club founded by Dr.
                                                                              Robert Renard, Maxine Reneker, Mary Rile, Lois Rocke-
                            Ferdinand Haasis, and its many local hiking       feller, Jean Rodriguez, Menko & Helen Rose, Simson
                            trips; the Monterey Peninsula Chamber of Com-     Garfinkel & Beth Rosenberg, Betty Roth, Richard Russell,
                            merce for minutes of the original Monterey        Pat Rutowski, Kalyn Shubnell, Robert Silberstein, Janet                    Monterey Public Library
                            Chamber from 1923-24; Barbara LeBeck for          Slay, Leo & Marcia Stavros, Morgan Stock, David Taggart,              A Department of the City of Monterey
                            Jerry LeBeck’s photo collection of documenting    William & Asayo Takigawa, Linda Thorpe, Eddie & Carolyn
        E                                                                     Tognetti, Rena Toliver, J. Breck and Nancy Tostevin,
                            the Monterey Peninsula during the 1960s                                                                                            625 Pacific Street
        D                                                                     Patrice Vecchione, Charlotte Waldman, Stuart & Paula
I                           through 1980s; the Estate of Marcia Frisbee
N   D   U                                                                     Walzer, Clara Wang, Valerie & Greg Watkins, Bix                               Monterey, CA 93940
            A               Devoe for local history materials; John
S       C   L                                                                 Whitcomb, Mary Wrighton, Jane Wynn, Alice Yamanishi,
P   l   A                   McCleary for his collection of 76 Monterey Pen-
I   I        L                                                                *Cary & Lynn Yeh.                                                                  831.646.3932
    g   T                   insula People videos featuring 53 interviewees;
E   h   E                   and Gerald Wasserman for an oil painting de-      *Major Donors $500 +                                              
    t                       picting the Hovden Cannery.
                                                                                                      Friends of the Library                        Message from the
Highlights and Achievements
Early Learning with Families The Library was awarded the Early Learning with                     The Friends of the Monterey Public Li-              Library Director
Families grant from the California State Library for a second year. These funds made             brary raised over $40,000 for the Library
it possible to present 58 storytimes at six preschools during the year, to create 20             through a range of activities including      With a sigh of relief – and a sense
“Storytime Kits”, a teacher resource bag containing books, CDs                                   book sales, the annual Monterey House        of pride in all that we accomplished
and activity guides. The grant also made possible six Saturday                                   Tour and the Chocolate & Wine tasting        – we “close the book” on the past
storytimes featuring staff and guest presenters, enabled the                                     event. Members also raised money by          year at the Monterey Public Li-
Library to purchase toys and educational games to make the                                       working at election polls and for the Big    brary.
Library more welcoming for children and families, and provided                                   Sur Marathon.                                During these unprecedented eco-
materials to support parenting skills.                                                                                                        nomic times more
                                                                                                 The Friends, in turn, donated $12,000 to     Monterey residents and
                                                                                                 the Library’s Bucks for Books campaign,      visitors checked out
 A Big Year for Teens at the Library Attendance at Library pro-                                  which went to the purchase of books and
grams for teens was up over 1000%! The jump, in large part, was due to the introduc-                                                          materials, asked questions and
                                                                                                 other materials. The Friends also pro-       visited the Library and Bookmobile
                                   tion of Chill Time, a new program giving local teens a        vided funds to support the Shades & Sto-
                                   weekly opportunity to play games, relax and socialize                                                      than ever before. Library staff
                                                                                                 ries of Monterey project, to purchase        were “first
                                   after school in the Community Room. Teens also had            storage furniture for the California His-
                                   the chance to share their technical talents at the                                                         responders” helping the newly un-
                                                                                                 tory Room, four laptops for customers to     employed, learners young and old,
                                   Library’s first ever Technology Fair, and put their collec-   use in the Library, new book carts for the
                                   tive creative energy into a pair of fantastic signs for the                                                families stretching dwindling dol-
                                                                                                 Youth area, a teen Multimedia Creativity     lars, business owners, and
                                   Teen Zone. Events for History Day and the High School         Lab, and to throw a festive party to wel-
                                   Poetry Awards provided some academic help and rec-                                                         thousands more!
                                                                                                 come the new Bookmobile. The Friends
                                   ognition for hardworking students. Finally, the Library’s     provided cash awards for students par-       And thanks to support from the Li-
teen space itself got a face lift this year with new furniture and decor paid for by the         ticipating in Monterey County History        brary Board, Friends of the Library,
Friends of the Library and selected by our Teen Advisors.                                        Day and in the annual High School Po-        City Council, NIP and neighbor-
                                                                                                 etry Competition.                            hood groups, Library users, do-
Welcome to the New Bookmobile It features smiling faces of Bookmobile customers                                                               nors, City and library staff we
and staff on the outside, “Welcome” in many languages, green features                                                                         weathered the threat of layoffs and
including solar panels to power the lights and computers, and it runs on biodiesel fuel.                                                      potential loss of Sunday open
The lower floor, and a ramp instead of stairs, provides easier access for customers of                                                        hours. I thank you all very much -
all ages and                                                                                                                                  and promise that the Monterey
abilities. Inside, there is plenty of room for a good selec-                                                                                  Public Library will continue to in-
tion of books, CDs, DVDs, and magazines for customers                                                                                         spire, delight and
to borrow, and the Bookmobile now offers free Internet                                                                                        educate all for the
access. This is Monterey’s 3rd generation bookmobile,                                                                                         future – the
continuing a long                                                                                                                             Library IDEA!
tradition of bringing books and library services to fami-                                        Become a member and help raise funds
lies, seniors, and children in neighborhoods, parks and                                          and fun to support your community Li-        Kim Bui Burton
schools. Testament to the deep appreciation for Book-                                            brary. For more information call
mobile service, half the cost of purchasing the new vehi-                                        831.646.5601 or visit
cle came as a generous bequest from the estate of a                                    
longtime Bookmobile customer.

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