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									New Workers Comp Rates Available to the Florida
Landscaping Industry
BearWise Landscapers is Proud to Announce Lower Insurance Rates for Florida Landscaping Businesses

June 03, 2010 11:30 AM Eastern Daylight Time  

ORLANDO, Fla.--(EON: Enhanced Online News)--Effective July 1, 2010, Florida workers’ compensation
policies will use new rates for businesses in the landscaping industry. The insurance rates have been reduced for the
8th time since the 2003 legislative reforms. This most recent decrease in rates was the result of the reduced
assessment for an employee disability fund, which is maintained by insurance carriers writing workers comp policies
in Florida.

"This reduction in rate will provide rate relief for Florida's business owners," said Florida Insurance Commissioner
Kevin McCarty. "The rate reduction follows a consistent trend of declining workers' compensation rates in Florida
that began following the legislative reforms in 2003."

Businesses in the landscaping industry primarily use the following classification codes to compute the workers comp
premium associated with the payroll of their employees. The new rates are listed with each classification code.

9102 Class Code (Rate: 3.34) - This classification code is assigned to employees that maintain lawns and gardens.
This is your standard landscape maintenance and lawn care classification and it is used by most businesses in the
landscaping industry to rate their workers’ compensation premiums. It is officially titled ‘Parks NOC’ and the 2003
rate for it was 12.06 percent. Visit BearWise Landscapers’ website for more information about class code 9102.

0042 Class Code (Rate: 6.10) - This classification is applied to employees that are involved in the installation of
landscapes. These landscaping operations involve laying sod, planting trees, shrubs, and flowers, and general
gardening activities. This classification cannot be used in Florida with employees classified as 9102 unless the
operations are conducted by separate work crews. The rate in 2003 was 16.19 and this link provides information on
using class codes 0042 and 9102 on the same policy.

0106 Class Code (Rate: 12.75) - This classification code is used for tree trimmers and specifically it is used for
those employees or businesses whose operations involve leaving the ground to trim trees. When ladders, bucket
trucks, and any other equipment assists employees to get their feet off the ground to prune or trim trees, then this
classification is applied instead of the previous landscaping class codes. It also includes the chipping and cleanup
activities associated with tree trimming. The 2003 rate was 40.71 percent.

5183 Class Code (Rate: 4.55) - This classification code is applied to employees of landscaping businesses that
engage in the installation or repair of underground lawn sprinkler systems. The rate in 2003 was 12.45 percent.

0005 Class Code (Rate: 4.17) - This classification is applied to employees that operate a landscape nursery, and
the 2003 rate was 12.95 percent.

8810 Class Code (Rate: 0.25) - 8810 is applied to the clerical office employees of landscaping businesses that do
not engage in landscape services. The 2003 rate for this class code was 0.72 percent.

8742 Class Code (Rate: 0.44) - This classification is used for salespeople employed by landscape companies.
These employees also may not engage in landscape services to be rated in this lower classification. The 2003 rate
was 1.41 percent.
The workers’ compensation rates will be applied to all new and renewal policies that are issued July 1st, 2010 and
later. The previous rates will be used on current policies until a renewal policy is issued. The National Council on
Compensation Insurance (NCCI) is the ratemaking organization that files workers' compensation rates for all carriers
in Florida.

For more information regarding workers’ compensation insurance or the other unique insurance needs of businesses
in the landscaping industry, please contact BearWise Landscapers. There are many other factors that impact the final
workers’ compensation premium of a business, such as claims history (experience modification factor), dividend
plans, deductibles, limits of insurance, and others. If your landscaping business is interested in receiving comparative
insurance quotes on your workers comp renewal or other insurance products, please call Drew Roberts, CPCU,
ARM at 866-296-2327 or complete the short online quote request form at

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