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Meeting Date:    March 8, 2008, 40 Greenough Ave, home of Dave O’Donahoe & Diane

Attendees:       Janet Levatin [President], Diane Pienta [Secretary], Dave O’Donahoe
                 [Treasurer], Carlos Icaza (Vice President), Ann Boyajian, Lynn Margherio

Absent           Ted Kean, Joe Orfant, Jen Meyers-Light, Jil Clark, Mark Wilen-Lopez

Guests:          Lyn Bry, Teronda Ellis & Jim Hamilton

Review of previous meeting minutes (January 7, 2007)

Minutes approved with corrections

Sumner Hill Housing Trust

      This meeting was dedicated solely to the condo conversion of the Jamaica
      Plain HousingTrust (73 Elm Street Old High School) in an effort to bring board
      members up to date on what is happening and when. Jim Hamilton, Carlos
      Icaza, and Ann Clarke are

      the Sumner Hill neighborhood representative, Lyn Bry is a tenant
      representative at the Sumner Hill House and Teronda Ellis is the Project
      Manager (not on the trust) represents the JPNDC in their role of the

      The letter of agreement has been signed and the current structure of the units
      are as follows:

      ¼ will be market rate – these will be sold to tenants in the building who

      ½ will be moderate rate – these will be sold which will be sold to either the
      existing tenants, or when the existing tenants leave, they will be sold through
      a lottery system to buyers who meet the qualifications.

      ¼ will be designated Low Income - JPNDC will manage this portion with the
      intent that these units be sold to low income qualified applicants
                                       –2–                              June 3, 2010
       There is currently $1,300,000 in escrow designated for capital improvements
       to the building – specifically for re-pointing, for mold issues inside the
       building and for heating system repairs/replacement. This is earmarked to be
       spent within the next two years.

       Some discussion ensued regarding the possibility of a Sumner Hill House
       resident joining the board to keep communication open. Discussed the
       possibility of a tour of the building for board members and how to encourage
       residents to attend the SHA Annual Meeting and BBQ in May to get more
       involved in the neighborhood, if they’d like.

       See attached addendum for more specifics regarding the condo conversion.

Next Meeting

April 7 at the home of Janet Levatin – 7 Greenough Ave 7 pm. Please be sure to
enter at the side entrance (to the left if you are looking at the front of the house)

Respectfully Submitted

Diane Pienta

January 8, 2008

                          PO 300467 • JAMAICA PLAIN MA • 02130

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