Residential tower gets major face-lift by tyndale


									                                                      Residential tower gets major face-lift
                                                      as part of Newham Council’s regeneration scheme.
vision. strategy. implementation.

                                                   As part of Newham Council’s ongoing
Vision                                             regeneration project and the Plaistow New
                                                                                                •	 Two	14-storey	residential	towers

•	 Refurbished	residential	towers	                                                                 I
                                                                                                •	 	nstallation	crews	worked	in	
                                                   Deal for Communities program, complete
•	 	 odernisation	of	local	
   M                                                                                               collaboration	with	internal	fit		
                                                   refurbishment work on residential towers
   landmarks                                                                                       out	requirements
                                                   within the Brooks Road Estate in London,
•	 	 esidents	returning	within	                                                                    5
                                                                                                •	 	 ,000	square	metres	rainscreen	
                                                   began in May 2008 with a 20 week
                                                   schedule allocated for each tower.              cladding	

Strategy                                           Main contractors Mullally were chosen to     •	 Some	apartments	still	occupied
•	 	 election	of	the	on-site	                      work alongside award-winning architects      The external design required a specialist
   management team and crew
                                                   PRP and façade solution specialists EJ       cladding solution and the LMC on site team,
   of installers
                                                   Horrocks on the internal and external        led by Project Manager John Slaughter and
•	 Liaising	with	EJ	Horrocks	
                                                   refurbishment of Tanner Point and Nicholls   Site Manager Charlie Kakoullis, put together
•	 	 ontrol	of	scaffold	strike	and	
                                                   Point towers.                                installation crews to work on this prestigious
   handover to client
•	 	 etting	out	of	building	to	tight	
   S                                               Both 14-storey blocks are undergoing         regeneration scheme.
   tolerances considering the age                  major external work and EJ Horrocks          The facade was technically challenging
   of the existing structure
                                                   appointed LMC Group to provide skilled       and included faceted cills, pressings
Implementation                                     personnel to work on the enclosure
                                                   of a total of 112 private balconies/bay
                                                                                                and Jamb details to enhance the bay
•	 	 ollaboration	with	multiple	
   C                                                                                            window features.
   supply chain partners                           window features, and the installation of
                                                                                                With installers working on a complex
                                                   approximately 5,000m2 new cladding
•	 	 orkload	scheduled	in	teams	                                                                design detail at high elevations, LMC site
   according to tasks and skills                   materials according to the design plans.
                                                                                                managers ensured that strict health and
•	 	Effective	management	of	
                                                                                                safety precautions were in place whilst
   16-strong installation crew
                                                                                                also they managing delivery schedules.

Monaco	House,	Station	Road,	Kings	Langley,	WD4	8LQ
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                                                       An excellent all round performance from our on-site team managed
                                                       to complete this first tower well within the 20 week schedule
                                                       Rod Milicevic, LMC Group
vision. strategy. implementation.

Through a mutual understanding of the
various working practices involved, and
a flexible, proactive approach, both
EJ Horrocks and LMC Group have
been able to overcome any unforeseen
issues encountered in order to achieve
architectural objectives, meet the project
schedules and ensure that the main
contractor received project updates as
and when required.

•	 	 lexible	approach	to	various		
   working	practices

•	 	nstallation	crew	of	16	worked	
   alongside	glazers

•	 	 iaison	with	tenants	&	reporting		
   to	project	sponsors

The result of this collaboration is that high
quality fixing has been achieved, all design
features have been completed to a high
standard and program schedules have
been maintained. Residents of Tanner
Point, the first tower to be completed,
began returning to their totally remodelled
homes on time.

                                                                                              The on-site team from
                                                                                              LMC Group kept us
                                                                                              up to date at all times,
                                                                                              their installers worked
                                                                                              well with our design
                                                                                              team and helped my
                                                                                              project management
                                                                                              by maintaining the
                                                                                              programme and
                                                                                              completing the planned
                                                                                              architectural objectives
                                                                                              on behalf of the client
                                                                                              Barry Meade,
                                                                                              Project Manager EJ Horrocks

Monaco	House,	Station	Road,	Kings	Langley,	WD4	8LQ
Tel:	0845	290	3107			Fax:	01923	277	902			Email:

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