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					                                 Lesson Plan: Writing
                                Monday, February 9, 2004


       1. The students will define brainstorming.
       2. The students will create a jot list of ideas to write about.
       3. The students will freewrite based on one of their jot list ideas.


        Writing is a process in which students learn many individual concepts of grammar
and the proper writing process, how when the student is given the opportunity to write,
they are true putting these concepts to work. When beginning a new story or writing
piece, it is essential to brainstorm new ideas in which the student can write about.
Creating a jot list is a form of organizing idea that the students brainstorm. Once the
students have a concept to write, the beginning step of writing, is freewriting where the
student will freely write what they can about that particular topic without worries of
spelling and other editorial issues.


            Chart paper
            Markers
            Writing Journals
            Pencils

Introduction: (Approximately 2 minutes)

       1. Introduce to the students that they are going to be writing a story in the next
       2. Ask the students what the word brainstorm means.
       3. Discuss that brainstorming helps all writers come up with an idea to write

Procedure: (Approximately 30 minutes)

       1. Introduce the concept of a jot list to the students.
       2. Explain to them that you will give them a broad topic, such as things I like to
          do and they are to jot down as many ideas as they can about that broad topic.
       3. Emphasize that is a form of brainstorming.
       4. Model this process for the students.
       5. Bring out the chart paper that has four large boxes already drawn on it.
       6. Ask the students to turn to the next blank page in their writing journal and
           draw the four boxes.
       7. Once the students are done drawing the boxes, have the students create a jot
           list of the following topics: What I enjoy doing, What I am grateful for,
           Special people in my life, and The best Valentine’s gift!
       8. Step by step, walk the students through this process.
       9. Explain to the students that if they have a better idea they want to create a jot
           list about, then they are encouraged to do so.
       10. Then give the students about 5-8 minutes to freewrite.


       1. Have two of the students share their writing or jot list ideas.
       2. Explain to the students that tomorrow we will continue to work on the jot and
          decide on what they are going to write about.


       As the students are creating the jot lists, observe the students’ participation.
During the freewriting portion of the lesson, monitor the students and encourage the
student to write regardless of spelling.


         Have a pre-made 4-box chart for some of the students to fill in their ideas for the
jot list. Make another chart for another small group of students with just 2 boxes.