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					                                         Boy Scout Troop 156
                                                   Prattville, AL
                        Troop Committee Policies and Bi-Laws
                                   Approved 1/21/02 (with parts approved 10/20/03)
                       Compiled by David Grissom (Troop 156 adult volunteer leader 1998 – 2003)
        Duly passed and made BSA Troop 156 - Prattville, AL policy by troop committee vote on October 27, 2003.
                                                  Revised 10/10/04

“It is the function of the Troop Committee to support the troop program, not to operate it. The Scoutmaster and
Assistant Scoutmasters are responsible for directing the troop program, and guiding the boy leadership.” Troop
156 Policy 2003

The Following is a compilation of previously existing (pre-2003) and recently voted Policies pertaining to the
operation of the Troop 156 Committee. This is not a reinvention of the wheel. These policies can be changed by
Troop Committee Vote only.

It is understood that the parents and leadership of Troop 156, Boy Scouts of America will not knowingly violate any
existing National, Council or District Boy Scout Policies. If any sections of this document are found to be in
conflict with said policies then those sections will be corrected.

This document will be made available to all member, leaders, and prospective scouts and their parents. It will be
posted on the Troop Web site for viewing and download.

Leadership changes will not render this document obsolete, unless the committee votes to change or amend it.

The Troop Committee consists of men and women interested in the Scouting program, who wish to make a
contribution to the program and theoretically are appointed by the chartering organization, but in reality is
formed by parents of Scouts in the troop and non-parents with an active interest in Scouting. Many of Troop
156’s adult leaders were active in the Scouting movement as boys and all share a strong belief in the purpose of
the program.

The Troop Committee's purpose is to administer the affairs of the troop and to assist the uniformed leaders in the
operation of the troop. It is also the committee's responsibility to approve all uniformed leaders and monitor the
performance of the uniformed leaders. The responsibilities of the Troop Committee include:
                                1.Providing and supporting competent adult leadership for the
                                2.Helping in the acquisition and maintenance of troop equipment.
                                3.Assisting with financing and record keeping.
                                4.Supporting the advancement program of the troop.
                                5.Supporting the outdoor program.
                                6.Keeping the boys and parents informed of the troop's activities.

 Currently there are 3 sub-committees:
        a.Outdoor Committee
        b.Advancement Committee
        c.Fundraiser Committee

 Other sub-committees may be formed as needed per BSA and Troop Policy. Each of these sub committees will
 elect or appoint a chair.

Troop Finance:
The committee Treasurer will be responsible for maintaining financial records, managing the bank account, and
distribution of troop funds. Bank Checks issued for purchase of Troop items will require two authorized signatures.
Receipts must be returned for all purchases. Dues must be paid to the Treasurer or designee. Outdoor activity fees

Troop 156 Committee Policies and By-Laws               Revised 9/27/04                                Page: 1
must be paid to the Treasurer or designee. The Troop Committee will approve all purchases over $100 unless the
fee is to cover unforeseen emergencies. Misuse or misappropriation of scout funds can involve immediate dismissal
from the organization and/or possible legal prosecution.

It is the policy of the troop to not make purchases and place financial burdens on any of its leaders or parents. The
money must be in the treasury before the purchase can be made.

The Troop Committee and policies specifically involving the committee are covered in a Troop Committee Policy
Manual. This manual will recognize meeting procedures, membership, etc. The committee will maintain this
document, along with the annual troop calendar and budget, as well.

*Unless the number of adult volunteers drops to 6 people or less, no adult is allowed to do double duties. For
example: Assistant Scoutmasters should not serve on the committee. The only exceptions to this is the Charter
Organization Representative and Troop Chaplain. Only recognized committee members are allowed to vote on
troop policy. It is expected that the Scoutmaster and Assistant Scoutmasters (as needed) will make monthly reports
to the Troop committee. The Scoutmaster and Assistant Scoutmasters have no vote in committee business.
However, the committee is responsible to the needs of the troop as outlined in the next paragraph.

It is the function of the Troop Committee to support the troop program, not to operate it. The Scoutmaster and
Assistant Scoutmasters are responsible for directing the troop program, and guiding the boy leadership.

The Troop Committee will meet at least 1 time per month during the normal scouting year (August thru June).
Additional meetings may be added to complete the calendar, budget, and other troop planning. An informal (non-
voting) meeting may be held 1 to 2 weeks prior to the regular meeting to discuss upcoming policies (This is a good
time for sub-committees to meet.). Emergency or special meetings may be called from time to time by the
Committee Chairman, Scoutmaster, or Charter Organization Representative to discuss and act on important Troop
and Committee business.

Sub-committees may get together at other times selected by their respective chairmen to complete any necessary
duties and responsibilities.

To remain in good standing as a member of the Troop 156 committee, members are expected to attend 75% of the
regular monthly meetings. When cleared in advance, exceptions to this rule will be made. These exceptions can
include but are not limited to: medical issues, military duty, and business conflicts.

Troop Budget:
The Troop Committee working with the Troop Committee Treasurer, Fundraising Committee, and Scoutmaster will
develop an annual Troop Budget. This budget will serve as a working framework for all troop expenditures. The
Troop Adult Leadership will be required to closely follow this budget. Remember “A Scout is Thrifty” should be
our guideline.

Troop Calendar:
The Scoutmaster, Junior Leadership, and Troop Committee will jointly establish the annual Troop Calendar. While
not voted and approved by the committee this tool will help establish the program for the upcoming year. It is
recommended that this calendar be coordinated with Pack 156, the council and district calendars. Holiday and
School Calendars are very helpful as well. The current calendar has Troop meetings, Outdoor Activities, Training,
Committee meetings, and other key scouting related dates and time.

Troop Website:
The Troop Web site has proven to be a major source of information for prospective scouts and Troop 156
membership. The committee will assign and train as necessary one adult to maintain the web site. All web site
content and, if used, advertising will be subject to the Troop Policy Rules and stated BSA policy.
When possible all current policies, guidelines, and information will be copied to the web site.

Troop 156 Committee Policies and By-Laws               Revised 9/27/04                                Page: 2
It is highly recommended that Troop Committee members attend Adult leadership training offered by the council.
This can include Scoutmaster Basic, Quick Start, Wood badge and other training. Youth protection policy training
is required (note this can be completed on the Web – go to for a link.).

Standard Committee Meeting Format:
1.Opening (optional suggest semi formal – include elements of scouting, citizenship, and prayer)
2.Secretary – Read notes and take attendance
3.Old business - Includes on-going business, projects, sub-committee chairmen reports (advancement, finance,
    program, equipment, etc.), Scoutmaster and/or Assistant Scoutmaster comments / reports on meeting and
    outdoor activities.
4.New business – New information, projects, business.
5.Confirm the date of the next meeting.

Troop Committee Protocols.

All items will be voted on – normally by show of hands. Simple majority to pass business, policies, and
    expenditures. Sensitive issues may be voted by secret ballot (The troop committee secretary will secure the
    ballets, count the vote, and report to the committee at large.)
A voting Quorum for the committee at regularly scheduled and emergency committee meetings is all present
Normal committee meeting dates will be agreed upon at the current session and will not include Scout meeting
    days. The troop calendar will show regular committee meeting times and dates.
Emergency spending, etc. may be handled via e-mail and or telephone. Same majorities as above are required.
Chair – will conduct meeting but will follow agreed upon guidelines. The meeting atmosphere will be informal
    (not Robert’s rule of Order) but fully interactive and fair. The chairman reserves the right to expedite the
    meeting process as necessary to keep the meeting on track and complete the agenda in the allotted time frame.

Current Committee Positions
(Full Descriptions of the Duties of each individual post can be found in the BSA Troop Committee Handbook). It is
normally expected that the positions listed below are elected through nomination and majority vote. Normal terms of
service are 1 year. Re-elections are scheduled during September or October of each Scouting Year. The Troop
Committee Chairman may elect or appoint the positions as necessary.

Committee Chairman
The Troop Committee Chairman heads the Committee, conducts the committee meetings, and works directly with
the Scoutmaster. Signs key BSA forms and Troop Policies. May serve as on any sub-committee (Cannot be a sub-
committee chairman). *

Committee Secretary
The Troop Committee Secretary records, maintains, and reads the minutes of the meetings (notes). Maintains copies
of the Troop and Committee Policies. Maintains the Troop 156 Committee membership role. The Troop
Committee Secretary may serve as on any sub-committee (They can also serve as chairman)

Committee Treasurer
The Troop Committee Treasurer is responsible for maintaining financial records, managing the bank account(s), and
distribution of troop funds. The Treasurer collects, records, and deposits into accounts all monies taken in from
fundraisers. The Treasurer collects, records, and deposits all troop dues from scouts and their parents. In
conjunction with the fund raising chairman and committee drafts the annual Troop budget. May serve as on any sub-
committee (Can serve as Fundraiser Committee Chairman)

Outdoor Committee Chairman

Troop 156 Committee Policies and By-Laws             Revised 9/27/04                              Page: 3
The Troop Outdoor Committee Chairman coordinates and leads the Outdoor Committee. This committee is
responsible for expediting camping, equipment needs, and other scout outdoor activities (hikes, float trips, etc.).
Duties include locating appropriate facilities, securing leadership, transportation, as well as permits, fees, and any
necessary special training. Will also coordinate senior boy activities as outlined in the Troop 156 Policies. These
individuals are expected to attend Patrol Leader Counsel meetings, listen to the needs of the junior leadership, and
provide solutions to help make the activities happen.

Advancement Committee Chairman
Coordinates and leads the Advancement Committee. This committee is responsible for helping to move scouts
through the rank advancement process. This sub-committee supplies merit badge opportunities, counselors, and
helps conduct merit badge programs at the troop meetings. Working with the Outdoor Committee, this committee
helps sets up appropriate advancement programs at troop and outdoor activities. It provides trained adults for Board
of Reviews at the scout meetings. Along with the Scoutmaster, it can assists Eagle Scout Candidates with Project
pre-approval, and setting up Eagle Scout Board of Reviews.

Fundraiser Committee Chairman
The Troop Fundraiser Committee Chairman coordinates and leads the Fundraiser Committee. This committee, in
conjunction with the Committee Treasurer, monitors needed funds and provides leadership to select fundraisers,
provides necessary personnel, and coordinates the Troop Fundraisers. In addition it helps secure any necessary
permits, and contacts. It can communicate with local businesses to set up Friends of Scouting donations. They also
may help guide Eagle Scout candidates in securing necessary funds for their Eagle Scout projects. A major task is
providing Troop based fundraisers to help reduce the costs of summer camp and other costly outdoor activities.

Troop Committee Member
The most important part of the committee, These are the individuals who may serve on one or more of the above
sub-committees. They may also work on the Troop 156 web site and any troop newsletter. They assist in
communications with the other parents about activities and other events. They discuss, suggest, propose, and
approve through their vote all troop policies, business, and budgets.

Troop 156 Policy
It is expected that all youth and adults live by Scouting Values and Ideals. The troop will strive to operate in a
manner consistent with BSA policy and Ideals. Troop 156 has been an active scouting entity since 1977. The needs
of the troop are always considered to be of paramount importance!

Bearing that in mind:
Troop committee positions are open to all parents (At least one parent is encouraged to serve.) and interested
adults who are interested in helping Troop 156. The Committee Chairman reserves the right to exclude from
participation in the committee any person who fails to follow existing Troop or Troop Committee Policies.

Duly passed and made BSA Troop 156 - Prattville, AL policy by troop committee votes on September, 27 2004
Signed: ____________________________________                Date: _______________
                  Troop Committee Member
Signed: ____________________________________                Date: _______________
                  Troop Committee Chairman
Signed: ____________________________________                Date: _______________
                  Charter Organization Representative
Copy to be filed with the Charter Organization and in Troop Records.

Troop 156 Committee Policies and By-Laws                Revised 9/27/04                                Page: 4