TROOP 464 by keara


									TROOP 464
CAMP PROMISED LAND                                   Footwear
HICKORY FLAT, GA                                 -Boots (waterproof)
                                                 -Lightweight shoes
CAMPING CHECKLIST                                -Hiking socks (wool or poly, no cotton)

       Camp Gear                                 -Personal first aid kit
  -Tent & ground cloth                           -Site Map
  (scouts welcome to share)                      -Towel
  -Sleeping bag                                  -Compass
  -Thermarest or                                 -Cell Phone -optional
       sleeping pad                              -Duct tape-optional
  -Small flashlight or                           -Toilet paper
       headlight                                 -Tooth brush, soap, etc
  -Spare batteries (optional)                    -Optional:
  -matches                                           - - Sunglasses
  -pocket knife (witlin chip or totin chip)          - - Walking stick
  -fire starter (advanced scouts)                    - - Camera
  -Small plastic bowl or plate                       - - Binoculars
  -Cup                                               - - Book
  -Fork, spoon
  -Backpack                                          River/Water Gear
  -Paper towels                                         (for specific campouts)
  -Daypack-optional                              -PFD
  -Water bottles                                 -Swim suit
  -Zip-lock plastic bags                         -River shoes
  - Camp chair or stool-optional                 -Dry bag
  - Camp Stove (propane)-optional                -Net bag
                                                 -Fishing gear
     Scout Stuff                                 -Tackle box
  Scout shirt (required)                         -Plastic bags
  Scout Book (not required but useful)
  Scout T-shirt-optional                       Medicine
                                              All prescription medicine should be in original
      Clothes - standard                      bottle/container with dosage instructions, your
  -Rain gear (pancho or pants and jacket)     written instructions together with your family
  -T-Shirts                                   and your doctor’s emergency contact
  -Change(s) of underwear                     information. All of this should be in a gallon
  -shorts                                     zip-lock bag with your Scout’s name on it.
  -long pants                                 Asthma inhalers should stay with the Scout.
  -Sleep shirt/shorts
  -Cap                                        THIS IS JUST A GENERAL LIST TO HELP
                                              YOU REMEMBER. THERE IS ANOTHER IN
                                              YOUR SCOUT BOOK. WE CAN ADD AND
      Clothes - Cold & Wet Weather            SUBTRACT FROM THIS IN THE FUTURE.
  -Warm jacket
  -Polyester fleece pullover                  IF YOU FORGET SOMETHING YOU WILL
  -Poly long underwear (top and bottom)       NOT GET IN TROUBLE BUT YOU MAY BE
  -Stocking cap                               UNCOMFORTABLE!!
  -Wool or polyester socks (no cotton)        3/25/06

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