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No waiting
Lindy Paving keeps customers happy and moving
with trio of Gencor asphalt plants in Pittsburgh

         indy Paving leaders know          area. “We put out a consistently good
         there is no substitute for        product. We preach making it right,          increases speed
         quality. They have a trophy       making the best mix. That comes                  Keeping trucks moving is a bene-
         case that proves the point        first.”                                      fit that customers notice; quick turn-
         — including two presti-               But product quality is just the first    around fosters customer loyalty and
gious NAPA honors: the Diamond             step in Lindy’s success story; there         helps generate considerable repeat
Achievement Award, for excellent           are others, including:                       business. “We pride ourselves in not
site operations, and the Sheldon G.            1) Be fast — keep trucks moving,         having a line or a wait,” Reiner says.
Hayes award, for exceptional paving        get materials delivered to the jobsite.      “We get trucks in and out.”
work.                                          2) Be efficient with the plant oper-         That can prove difficult because
    That excellence starts at the plant.   ations — specifically, get the most out      paving specs often require three
“We strive to do the best in every-        of the equipment and take advantage          drops of mix into a truck. Meet-
thing we can,” says Paul Reiner, gen-      of innovations and new technology.           ing the need for speed — and three
eral manager at Lindy Paving, with             3) Be efficient with fuel to help keep   drops — is one of several ways tech-
three locations in the Pittsburgh          asphalt prices as low as possible.           nology comes into play at Lindy.
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60   asphalt contractor • November 2008
The Quick Draw Silo
   Lindy Paving counts on the Quick Draw Silo technology to keep
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