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photo by Andy Morataya

                                                                                               SECAF, CSAF DiSCuSS
                         Secretary of the Air Force Michael B. Donley speaks with Air
                                                                                               AiR FoRCE FuTuRE
                                                                                               SToRy By CApT. ShAnnon CollinS
                         Force Chief of Staff Gen. Norton A. Schwartz during a strategic
                         summit at Bolling Air Force Base, Washington, D.C. As these
                         leaders tackle key issues, their first priority is to re-invigorate     For the past few months, new senior lead-        An important part of taking care of Air-
                         the nuclear enterprise.                                               ers, Secretary of the Air Force Michael B.      men includes wounded-warrior care.
                                                                                               Donley and Air Force Chief of Staff Gen.           “I have had opportunities to meet with
                                                                                               Norton A. Schwartz, have taken on the chal-     wounded warriors from our conflicts in Iraq

                           “The Air Force’s
                                                                                               lenge of reshaping the Air Force. This means    and Afghanistan,” said Secretary Donley.
                                                                                               addressing key issues and taking care of its    “I find the energy and enthusiasm of our

                           most important
                                                                                               people.                                         wounded warriors to be absolutely inspira-
                                                                                                                                               tional. These men and women aim to rejoin

                                asset is its
                                                                                               TAKING CARE OF AIRMEN, FAMILIES                 their comrades-in-arms for the joint fight. I
                                                                                               “The Air Force’s most important asset is its    am tremendously impressed with their drive,

                           people — active
                                                                                               people – active duty, Reserve, Guard and        tenacity and commitment to their country.”
                                                                                               civilian,” said Secretary Donley.                  Wounded warriors are receiving special

                             duty, Reserve,
                                                                                                  The first CSAF’s Vector by General           attention, as they should, said Secretary
                                                                                               Schwartz underscored that point.                Donley. Air Force medical providers and

                                 Guard and
                                                                                                  “Airmen are our core strength. We will       personnel representatives, in tandem with
                                                                                               care for Airmen and their families by provid-   interagency and local partners, create the

                                                                                               ing them both the quality of service they       support network needed to ensure success in
                                                                                               deserve and developing the ethos, skills and    continuing military service or transitioning
                                                                                               leadership capacities they need to excel,” he   to a productive civilian life. These injured
                                                            — Michael B. Donley                said.                                           Ai
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