Harmonic Vision Offers Piano Studio Technology Guide

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					                    Oklahoma City,           Harmonic Vision, creators of the       Yamaha Launches Latest Junior
                    Oklahoma, March       Music Ace family, and piano educator      Music Course
                    4–7, 2009. More       Michelle Sisler, have created a 16-page, Yamaha Corporation of America,
                    than 4,000 choral     Guide to Using Technology in the Piano    (714) 522-9011; ymes@yamaha.com;
                    directors, industry   Studio. This guide is available for       www.yamaha.com.
                    representatives,      download free of charge from                 Yamaha has launched the latest edi-
choirs and observers are expected.        Harmonic Vision’s new piano teacher       tion of its Junior Music Course at
Highlights are to include a city-wide     resource page.                            authorized Yamaha Music Education
concert premiering the commissioned          This guide is aimed at helping piano   System (YMES) locations nationwide.
composition Cenotaph for choir and        teachers integrate Music Ace Maestro into    The curriculum has been updated by
orchestra by composer Dominick            their piano teaching environment. It      the Yamaha Music Foundation Tokyo’s
Argento, a peace event at the             provides information and advice,          team of experts to reflect the very lat-
Oklahoma City National Memorial &         including how to set up a learning sta-   est music education research.
Museum, performances from more            tion, the business case for using com-       Available in more than 40 countries
than 30 choirs and ceremonies and         puter-aided instruction (CAI), how to     and boasting more than 6 million
receptions to celebrate ACDA’s 50-year    talk to parents about the benefits of CAI graduates, YME
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