The Joys Of Making Music With Others by ProQuest


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									    In Unison                                                                Gail Berenson, NCTM, MTNA President

    The Joys Of Making Music
    With Others
“           the
    F romplay firsttheare
        you     of
    introduction, you
                     note                        collaborating with others and being a
                                                 part of a bigger ensemble can be exhil-
                                                 arating. In junior high and high
                                                                                               teaching studio. Without a doubt,
                                                                                               observing all those teachers positively
                                                                                               influenced my own playing, as well as
    responsible for setting                      school, I accompanied the choirs and          my teaching.
    the mood for the rest of                     sang when unaccompanied works were               My reason for sharing these personal
    the song and providing                       performed. I also played violin in the        experiences is to encourage you to pro-
    the motivation for the                       high school orchestra, and one sum-           mote collaborative performance of all
    chorus’ entrance. Your                       mer was miraculously seated in the            kinds to your students, whatever their
    entire focus must be on expressing the       World Youth Symphony Orchestra at             age. Although it may take up more of
    emotion of this song, not the homework       the Interlochen Music Camp                    their limited free time, being part of a
    you didn’t finish, not the quality of the    (Michigan). It was an extraordinary           large ensemble will ultimately enhance
    piano and not the audience.”                 experience to be engulfed by the              their private study. Students expand
       These were the instructions I was         sounds of a Brahms Symphony                   their musicianship when part of a cho-
    given by my piano teacher, also the          swirling around me!                           rus, band or orchestra; they learn to
    conductor of the 40-member Snap-On             All those pre-college opportunities         follow a conductor, blend their sound,
    Tools Male Chorus. Although only 11          introduced me to the joys of making           listen for intonation and experience
    years old when I began playing for this      music with others, helped me develop          the excitement o
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