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MTNA Membership: The Best Investment You Can Make


[...] I want to remind you that MTNA is here to support you in your work today and every day. Since 1876, MTNA has become the undisputed leader in empowering the music- teaching professional.

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									American Music Teacher
Volume 58, Number 3                                            Dear Reader
Gary L. Ingle
Managing Editor
Marcie Gerrietts Lindsey
Assistant Editor
Kristina Feldkamp
                                                               MTNA Membership
Graphic Designer                                               The Best Investment You Can Make
Brian Pieper
Advertising Sales Representative
Chad Schwalbach

         2007–2009 Editorial Committee
William Westney               Jessica Johnson
                                                                     are living in
                                                               economic times.
                                                                                                           that gift in others. As music teachers,
                                                                                                           you have the great opportunity to be
                                                                                                           the catalyst to inspire enthusiasm and
Chair                         Madison, Wisconsin
Lubbock, Texas                Jim Litzelman
                                                               Despite the doom                            confidence, especially during difficult
Jean Barr, NCTM               Arlington, Virginia              and gloom, a few                            times like we experience now.
Rochester, New York                                            days after the stock                           Finally, I want to remind you that
                              Serena Mackey
Ann Collins, NCTM             Boise, Idaho                     market’s nearly 800-                        MTNA is here to support you in your
Macomb, Illinois              Patricia Plude                   point collapse, a com-                      work today and every day. Since 1876,
Scott Conklin                 San Francisco, California
Iowa City, Iowa                                                mentator on CNBC injected a bit of          MTNA has become the undisputed
                              Patricia Powell
William DeVan                 West Chester,
                                                               humor into the otherwise bleak con-         leader in empowering the music-teach-
Birmingham, Alabama           Pennsylvania                     versation. When asked to give advice        ing professional. As an organization
Amy Greer, NCTM               Dylan Savage                     to viewers as to the best positions to be   and a profession, we have survived two
Albuquerque, New              Charlotte, North Carolina        in to cope with the stock market’s pre-     World Wars, the stock market collapse
Mexico                        Caroline Smith, NCTM             cipitous decline, his immediate             of 1929, the Great Depression and
                              Bloomington, Indiana
                                                               response was “cash and fetal.”              myriad other challenges like the cur-
                                                                  Indeed, it is a scary time. And you,     rent turmoil. Throughout it all, our
Music Teachers National Association is a member of the         as music teachers, are being impacted       mission remains to advance the value
National Music Council. The National Music Council was
founded in 1940 to provide a forum for the discussion of       by the volatile economy like everyone       of music study and music making to
this country’s national music affairs, to act as a clearing-   else. You are coping with increasing        society and to support the profession-
house for the joint opinion and decisions of its members,
and to work as a force to strengthen the importance of         prices, decreasing portfolios and the       alism of independent and collegiate
music in our society and culture. Operating under a char-      general loss of confidence in the mar-      studio music teachers.
ter from Congress in 1956, the council has a membership
of some fifty national music organizations encompassing        kets, as well as the government’s ability      In this economic climate, member-
every form of prof
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