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       Oakdale Group Celebrates Ten Years in Business
  Oakdale Group of Companies, LLP, one of the leading providers of financial and insurance services in Houston, held an exclu-
  sive dinner reception in appreciation of the longstanding relationship with its clients and also announced its expansion plans.
   HOUSTON: The event, which was            that a very few can be proud of. We are
hosted at Khazzane Fine Dining, is          able to accomplish this only because
considered to be one of many events         we will not compromise our client’s
that Oakdale has planned for this           future to make a few more dollars in
year as a celebration of its tenth year     our pocket.”
anniversary.                                   Abji continued: “This year we will
   The dinner hosted various speakers       celebrate our tenth year in business
including Aaron Keiter, a local attor-      and have expanded our company
ney, who spoke about the importance         holdings to include added investment
of Corporate Asset Protection; James        opportunities through our private
Mulder, a renound attorney who is           equities subsidiary, namely Monarch
the current expert at Estate Planning       Private Equities.
on the Steven Kay talk show hosted             Monarch will create a portfolio of
on CNN Radio, who presented the             real estate holdings that we intend
importance of life insurance in estate      to offer to investors through an in-
planning; Sonal Shukla, a Life Insur-       novative offering which focuses on
ance Specialist, and one of the newest      acquisition of distressed properties.”
additions to the Oakdale Group, who         He then went on to introduce Guido
touched on added benefit riders in          Cattaneo a Partner and Principal in
life insurance; and Irfan S. Abji the       Monarch Private Equities, LLC.
Founder and current President of               Abji concluded by introducing the
Oakdale Group of Companies, LLP.            newest additions to Oakdale Group
who gave an overview of the com-            that included Sonal Shukla and Tom-
pany and its subsidiaries.                  my Rice, the new Vice President            Left to Right: Guido Cattaneo- Principal, Alejandra Cobas-Abji Executive Vice President, Irfan S.
   Abji said: “From the inception of        for Commercial Loans for Oakdale           Abji - President & CEO, James Mulder - Attorney at Law, Sonal Shukla - Life Insurance Specialist,
our company as a sole proprietorship        Financial Group, Inc.                      Aaron Keiter- Attorney At Law and Tommy Rice, Vice President- Commercial Loans
in 1998 to the recent restructuting as         Oakdale Group of Companies, LLP
multiple corporations our brand has         provides various financial advisory
become synonymous with impec-               services through its three subsidiar-
cable service standards. Even though        ies: Oakdale Financial Group, Inc.
operations are now organized under          provides residential mortgages and
different subsidiaries, we continue         Corporate Finance; Oakdale Insur-
to reaffirm our commitment towards          ance Group assists clients with all
our clients by creating value added         types of insurance services including
services and by maintaining excellent       personal lines, life, health, and com-
relationships.”                             mercial insurance; and the newest
   He added, “We have been able to          subsidiary, Monarch Private Equi-
assist our clients by giving them the       ties, LLC., is in the process of raising
right advice. A proven statistic to vali-   funds to procure several distressed
date the fact is that we have only had      properties.
one residential foreclosure. Out of all
the mortgages that we have assisted           The Oakdale Group can be reached
with in the last ten years we lost only     at 713-779-0445 or on the web at
one due to our client’s unfortunate         www.oakdalegroup.com
medical problems. This is a record

India Will be Big Technology
  Innovator in Next Decade
   Economists have been predicting          here,” says Potin.
it, stargazers have been forecasting it,      Economists may predict super-
and now the technology trend watch-         power status for India based on its
ers are saying it - the coming decade       growth figures and the economy’s
   is surely going to belong to India.      resilience in the face of global down-
   Jason Pontin, the charismatic editor     turn. But the motor of this growth
and publisher of MIT’s “Technology          will be investments in science and
Review” - the publication of the Mas-       technology, believe experts.
sachusetts Institute of Technology            At EmTech2009, an emerging tech-
(MIT) - confidently proclaims that          nologies conclave recently hosted in
India is going to dominate the innova-      New Delhi by Technology Review
tion space.                                 and CyberMedia, the exciting fore-
   This is why the 109-year old maga-       cast is that India’s knowledge su-
zine has launched an edition in the         perpower domain is all set to extend
country. “I want to be the first to tell    beyond the field of IT.
the world about the action in the labs              continued on page 28
                                                                                                                                           Indo-American News • Friday, March 20, 2009
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Indo-American News • Friday, March 20, 2009
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            The Indian Music Society of Houston
                       Hindustani Classical Concert - Vocal Recital By Arati Ankalikar-Tikekar

     Accompanied by Harshad Kanetkar on Tabla                                                                                                                      Milind Kulkarni on Harmonium
           (Disciple of Ramdas Palsule)                                                                                                                            (Disciple of Dr Arvind Thatte)

                                           Sunday March 29 at 5 PM, Jones Hall, University of St Thomas
                                                            3910 Yoakum Dr, Houston, TX 77006
       Arati Ankalikar-Tikekar has a mellifluous and resonant voice. Her compelling stage presence has made her a successful and sought after concert vocalist. She is
       currently recognized as one of the top vocalists of the younger generation. She started her training with Veteran Late Pandit Vasantrao Kulkarni of the Agra Gwalior
       gharanas. Thereafter she was fortunate to receive training from Gana Saraswati Smt. Kishori Amonkar of the Jaipur Atrauli gharana. For a brief period, she also
       benefitted from the guidance of Pandit Ulhas Kashalkar. All of her teachers have influenced Arati’s style that is a very pleasant blend of the various gharanas.
       Endowed with a rich resonant voice, Arati’s performances are marked by an excellent command over rhythm and melody.

                                     Ticket Price $30.00 (Covered Parking at 3807 Graustark at Alabama)
          Tickets available at www.tickets2events.com • Or at Kirti Jewelers: 713-789-4653 • For details, call Govind: 713-922-2501
       India Music Society of Houston is a non-profit organization under Section 501 (c) (3) of IRS www.Imshouston.org IMS programs are partially funded by a grant from the Houston Alliance of Arts.

            The Indian Music Society of Houston
                                                                A Hindustani Vocal Concert of :
                                                           Morning Ragas By:                      Smt. Padma Talwalkar
                                                           Accompanied By:                        Utpal Datta on Tabla
                                                                                                  Suyog Kundalkar on Harmonium

                                                           Date:                                 April 19 (Sunday)
                                                           Time:                                 10 AM
                                                           Venue:                                Cullen Hall, University of St. Thomas
                                                              Padma Talwalkar was initiated into singing as a child of ten by Pandit Gangadhar
                                                            Pimpalkhare, and was groomed and inspired by him to take to music professionally.
                                                            She had the good fortune to study under Shrimati Moghubai Kurdikar, the senior Jai-
                                                            pur vocalist. She has added to her knowledge and repertoire under other veteran mas-
                                                            ters like Pt. Nivrutti Bua Sarnaik and Pt. Gajanan Rao Joshi.
                                                              Padmaji’s talent attracted recognition while she was still a student in the form of the
                                                            Bhulabhai Desai Memorial Scholarship, and the prestigious Kasarbai Karkar Fellow-
                                                            ship of the National Centre of Performing Arts.
                                                              Padma Talwalkar belongs to that avant garde in the Khayal scene today, who believe
                                                            in evolving a personalized musical idiom by assimilating the best of diverse styles.
                                                            While displaying a judicious mix of the Kirana, Gwalior and Jaipur gayakis (singing
                                                            style characteristic of a certain school), Padma’s vibrant voice is lent wings by both
                                                            imagination and virtuosity.
       Utpal Dutta was born in a family of musicians and was initiated in the art of tabla playing by his mother Smt. Ratna Dutta a vocalist of repute. Hisinitial formal training started
       under the guidance of Ustad Sarwat Hussain and later was fortunate to have been trained under the internationally acclaimed Tabla maestro, ‘TAAL YOGI’ Pt. Suresh Talwalkar.

       Suyog Kundalkar is a promising young harmonium player who has achieved a distinct identity of his own. He started training in harmonium at the age of six from Smt. Ranjana
       Godse. Since 1997, he has been a devoted student of the renowned harmonium soloist and accompanist, Dr. Arawind Thatte under whom he is receiving specialised training for
       solo performances. Also a keen student of classical vocal music, Suyog has undertaken lessons in singing from many eminent gurus.
          Tickets available at www.tickets2events.com • Or at Kirti Jewelers: 713-789-4653 • For details, call Govind: 713-922-2501
                                                                           • 3910 Yoakum Blvd., Houston TX 77006
       India Music Society of Houston is a non-profit organization under Section 501 (c) (3) of IRS www.Imshouston.org IMS programs are partially funded by a grant from the Houston Alliance of Arts.

                                                                                                                                                          Indo-American News • Friday, March 20, 2009
Indo-American News • Friday, March 20, 2009                                                                                                         Read the Newspaper Online indoamerican-news.com

28 business
               India Will be Big Technology Innovator in the Next Decade
continued from page 25                     Kumar, founder of Dimagi - a unique        gies emerging from innovation labs            their new target base.                       tors make an effective diagnosis as it
   Areas where India is seen making        combination of engineering and medi-       around the world today is completely             So, poor farmers in the hinterlands       helps improves CT scans to unimagi-
major inroads include healthcare, edu-     cine. Kumar is an alumnus of the Indian    democratic, having the power to touch         can now use technology to broaden            nable levels.
cation, biomaterials and nano-technol-     Institute of Technology in Delhi and the   billions - the literate and the unlettered,   their markets, women in shantytowns             “The new emerging technology is
ogy. From being a service providing        Harvard Medical School. His software       the affluent as well as those at the bot-     of Bangalore can use mobile appli-           part of an ecosystem. It reduces in-
nation, India is finally heralding its     products have encouraged compliance        tom of the pyramid.                           cations to avail themselves of mi-           formation asymmetry. It makes time
arrival as a knowledge-creating na-        from diabetic patients and removed           If the Indian innovators, tuned to the      cro-finance, and rural youth use new         and geography irrelevant,” says Vivek
tion, as befitting a country that centu-   stigma from HIV/AIDS testing.              needs of the less advantaged in their         models of tele-learning and e-learning       Mohan, president of Alcatel Lucent, a
ries ago was the original fount of all        Then in 2007, Tapan Pareek’s work,      country, are coming out with technolo-        to receive education.                        company whose mobile applications
knowledge.                                 which helped Kerala fishermen keep         gies to address this space, then large           In fact, today, it is the cross play of   are transforming lives at the bottom of
   Tantalizing glimpses of how tech-       track of market prices on their cell       multinational corporations, admittedly        technologies from different fields that      the pyramid.
nology that is developed by Indians        phones, was highlighted. This year, it’s   driven by marketing compulsions, are          is making a difference to the lives of          The question: Is India ready to accept
is already empowering and enabling         the turn of computer science professor     also now focusing on this segment.            many.At a macro level, IT and mobile         this technological boon conferred on
millions were provided at the conclave.    Vivek Pai to turn out a technology that      Companies in the IT, mobile and             telephony are powering healthcare de-        it? The short answer to that is: Yes. This
Pontin talked about how Technology         will help store webcontent to enable       electronics space, looking to expand          livery as seen in the health superhigh-      answer must also be seen in the context
Review’s annual list of technologists      poor students in developing nations        their market to the next billion “non-        way envisaged by Apollo Hospital’s           of the experiences of companies like
who could change the world is increas-     beat bad net connections.                  premium” users, are tweaking the              Prathap Reddy.                               DuPont and mChek, which found
ingly being dominated by Indians.             As can be seen from the examples          characteristics of the new technology          And then at a micro level, advances       rural India not just willing to accept
   In 2004, there was Vikram Sheel         above, the nature of the technolo-         so that it is in sync with the needs of       in camera technology is helping doc-         but often two steps ahead!

                         ou e
                        S in
                    nd uis
                   a C
                rth ian
              No r                                   4 Locations to Serve you Sumptuous Food!
             c eta
           ti g
       h en Ve                                                                                                          5959 Hillcroft,
     ut ian
    A d
                                                             3559 Hwy 6, South
                                                            Sugar Land, TX 77478                                      Houston, TX 77036
      In                                                       • 281-313-2700                                          • 713-334-5555

               Banquet Halls                      NEW 4632 FM 1960 W                                                   5959 Hillcroft, Ste. C
             *Seats 160 guests                              Houston, TX 77069                                           Houston, TX 77036
                                                              • 281-397-7200                                             • 832-251-9000
       Full Service Catering                             (Across from Taj Imports)                                    Krishna Chaat House

Indo-American News • Friday, March 20, 2009
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9                                                                                                                                                 Indo-American News • Friday, March 20, 2009
Friday, March 20, 2009                     www.indoamerican-news.com
                                                                                                     Varun denies Communal Remarks.

                                                                                                                                           BJP leader Varun Gandhi speaks to me-
                                                                                                                                           dia outside his residence in New Delhi. “I
                                                                                                                                           strongly refute the charge of making any

                                                                                                                                           communal or divisive statements as part
   Indo                                                                                                                                    of my election campaign. In this climate
                                                                                                                                           of terrorism, I have spoken only about
   American                                                                                                                                standing firm against anti-national and
   News                                                                                                                                    anti-social forces that threaten this na-
                                                                                                                                           tion,” Gandhi said in a statement issued
                  news of the south asian diaspora that matters                                                                            on Tuesday evening.

       The Third Front: Another Way to Get to Power in New Delhi?
             By Smita Gupta                playing hot and cold, flew                                                                                                      Orissa. .”
  NEW DELHI (Outlook): The idea            its powerful general sec-                                                                                                          Clearly, while the
of a political alternative finally got a   retary S.C. Mishra in a                                                                                                         four Left parties—the
boost when Orissa’s low-key chief          private jet to the inaugural                                                                                                    CPI(M), the cpi, the rsp
minister, Naveen Patnaik, ended a          Third Front rally in Tum-                                                                                                       and the Forward Bloc—
11-year-old relationship with the BJP      kur, Karnataka, on March                                                                                                        are totally committed to
by politely showing the door to the        12. Party supremo and                                                                                                           the third alternative, the
saffron party’s emissaries.                Uttar Pradesh CM May-                                                                                                           TDP, the TRS and the
  The Biju Janata Dal (BJD) chief,         awati has also invited all                                                                                                      JD(S) are a notch below.
party sources say, had been mulling        the Front leaders for dinner                                                                                                    And the AIADMK and
over the idea of splitting with the BJP    at her Delhi residence on                                                                                                       BSP—both in the non-
ever since the latter’s sister outfits,    March 15.                                                                                                                       Congress, non-BJP cat-
the vhp and Bajrang Dal, had em-              Of course, Left leaders                                                                                                      egory—are still keeping
barked on an anti-Christian rampage        had been in touch with                                                                                                          their options open.
in the state’s picturesque Kandhamal       Patnaik for some time,                                                                                                             Front leaders, especial-
district.                                  and CPI(M) politburo                                                                                                            ly those from the Left,
  The political timing was impec-          member Sitaram Yechury                                                                                                          though, continue to be-
cable, bespeaking a skill the man had      had flown down to Bhu-                                                                                                          lieve that a political alter-
never ever been credited with—he           baneshwar to invite him                                                                                                         native is an idea whose
split with the BJP on the eve of general   into the front and the rally                                                                                                    time has come. In Ban-
elections in the midst of seat-sharing     in Karnataka. Especially CPI’s A.B. Bardhan, Deve Gowda, Prakash Karat, Chandrababu Naidu, BSP’s S.C. Mishra, galore, CPI(M) general
talks. For the BJP, the jolt was a nasty   because the BJD’s inter- H.D. Kumaraswamy at the launch of the ‘Third Front’.                                                   secretary Prakash Karat
one, more so because the political         ests now converge with                     We wish to send a strong message by (JMM) in Orissa. BJD Rajya Sabha                 made an impassioned ap-
space occupied by the NDA it leads         those of the Third Front. Former prime launching the Front here.”               MP Jay Panda told Outlook, “Once peal: “The future of this country does
has shrunk further.                        minister and JD(S) boss H.D Deve             The BJD leader though has, for the we have entered into seat-sharing not lie either with the Congress or the
  For the Third Front though, it was       Gowda explained why the new politi- moment, chosen to keep his post-elec- arrangements with the Left, the NCP BJP.... We represent the diversity of
just the push needed to get things         cal alternative was being launched in tion options open although he may and others, there will be a certain in- India...we want a federal state. We are
rolling. So much so that the Bahu-         Karnataka: “We are stressing the need give a few seats to the Left, the NCP clination to support a government in against the centralisation of powers in
jan Samaj Party, which had been            to defeat fascist forces ruling the state. and the Jharkhand Mukti Morcha Delhi which reflects our set-up here in Delhi.” Is anybody listening?

                                                                                                                                                 Indo-American News • Friday, March 20, 2009
Indo-American News • Friday, March 20, 2009                                                                                                 Read the Newspaper Online indoamerican-news.com

30 inDiA

              Queens Who Would be India’s Prime Minister
     By NaGeNder Sharma aNd                                                                                                                                            scenario. She had left no scope for
            r. VeNkateSh                                                                                                                                               any pre-poll alliance anyway by
  NEW DELHI (HT): Two Queens,                                                                                                                                          fielding candidates in several seats
one from the north and the other                                                                                                                                       where other constituents of the Third
from the south, both of unpredict-                                                                                                                                     Front have also put up nominees.
able temperament, are leading the                                                                                                                                        The issue of the prime minister-
race for prime ministership in the                                                                                                                                     ship was discussed. The overarching
fledgling Third Front.                                                                                                                                                 view was that it should go to the
  One of them, BSP chief Mayawati,                                                                                                                                     leader of whichever party among
made her intentions clear on Sunday.                                                                                                                                   them brought the largest number of
A day later, the other, AIADMK                                                                                                                                         MPs to the next Lok Sabha. The Left
chief J. Jayalalithaa, broke her si-                                                                                                                                   leaders wanted MPs from all their
lence at a press conference, asking                                                                                                                                    four parties - the CPI, CPM, RSP
aspirants to wait till election results                                                                                                                                and Forward Bloc - to be regarded as
are announced.                                                                                                                                                         a single unit while choosing the PM.
  After having snubbed Mayawati                                                                                                                                        But Mayawati wanted each party to
on Sunday by not sending a rep-                     AIADMK Chief J.Jayalalithaa                                         BSP Chief Mayawati                             be considered separately.
resentative to the dinner for Third       her party’s absence from it to a “com-                                              contribution to the Third Front’s          Some leaders were miffed by the
                                                                                   on whether she was also an aspirant
Front leaders hosted by her in Delhi,     munication gap”.                                                                    tally will also be substantial.          way Mayawati hogged the limelight
                                                                                   for the prime minister’s post. “No
Jayalalithaa on Monday attributed           Jayalalithaa evaded a direct reply                                                  In Delhi, Third Front leaders spent    prior to the dinner, before the media
                                                                                   comments,” she said. “Anyway,
                                                                                   thanks for the compliment.”                the day analysing their discussion       waiting outside her house. She read

                                                                                     Asked about the prime ministerial        with the host. “Nobody contradict-       out a statement and walked away,
                                                                                   aspirations of leaders such as May-        ed Mayawati,” said a Third Front         indicating the media interaction was
                                                                                   awati and NCP chief Sharad Pawar,          leader.                                  over, not giving the other leaders any
                                                                                   she said, “There is nothing wrong            Mayawati discussed the post-poll       chance to put forth their views.
                                                                                   in expressing one’s desire but as to
                                                                                   when the future PM will be selected,                                Driver’s Post
           inDiAn                                                                  and how this choice will take place,
                                                                                   all that has to wait until the polls are
                                                                                                                                  Consulate General of India, Houston

       ResTAuRAnT                                                                  over.” Why the two women have an
                                                                                   edge over other leaders is clear.
                                                                                     Uttar Pradesh sends 80 MPs, the             Immediate vacancy. Good driving skills and
         “We bring india To                                                        most among all states, to the Lok             willingness to work within and outside Houston
                                                                                   Sabha. If Mayawati can win half               necessary. Job has good remuneration and
               You!”                                                               the seats there - which she has a fair
                                                                                   chance of doing - she can single-
                                                                                                                                 experience value. Applications should be sent to:
    Serving Houston for over 21 years                                              handedly increase the Third Front’s
                                                                                   seat tally like no other leader among
                                                                                                                                                 V.K. Azad, Vice Consul
                                                                                   them can. The AIADMK’s bastions -                        Telephone: 713-626-2956;
 To serve you the best is our journey,
                                                                                   Tamil Nadu and Puducherry - add up
                                                                                   to only 40 seats. Plus, they have a his-                    Fax: 713-993-9347;
          not our destination                                                      tory of extreme voting swings. If the
                                                                                   AIADMK does well, Jayalalithaa’s
                                                                                                                                          Email: cgihouadmn@swbell.net

    Lunch & Dinner
                 Low Cholestrol & High Fiber
            All dinners served with salad & pickle

                   Chicken curry w/ rice • $6.50
                  Chicken curry w/ naan • $6.50
                    Beef curry w/ rice • $6.50
                    Beef curry w/ naan • $6.50
                    Goat curry w/ rice • $7.50
                    Goat curry w/ naan • $7.50
                Authentic Indian Snacks & Desserts
                  Vegeterian Plate w/rice • $5.50
                 Vegeterian Plate w/naan • $5.50
                     Channa Bhatura • $4.50

            (713) 782-5667
                     We Cater For Parties
                      Fast Food Take-Out
              Your Satisfaction Is Our Business
           5667 Hillcroft @ Harwin • Houston, Texas
Indo-American News • Friday, March 20, 2009
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                                                                                                                                                                           inDiA 31
       Gandhi Scion Faces Criminal Charges Over Anti-Muslim Speech
  NEW DELHI: Varun Gandhi, the           munal violence has flared between                                                   But his own party distanced itself   dynasty which has given the country
grandson of India’s late prime minis-    Hindus and Muslims. He also alleg-                                               from him, with one BJP colleague        three prime ministers since indepen-
ter Indira Gandhi, is facing criminal    edly compared a Muslim politician to                                             saying that the comments did not “re-   dence.
charges after making anti-Muslim         Osama Bin Laden.                                                                 flect the BJP’s traditional culture”.     Gandhi’s cousin, Rahul, is being
comments in a fiery election rally         His comments were seen as a warn-                                                 India’s election commission in-      groomed for the Congress Party lead-
speech. According to video footage       ing to Muslims in the area and were                                              structed officials in Uttar Pradesh     ership and is expected by many to be
of the event, Gandhi told voters in      condemned by the Congress Party,                                                 state, where Gandhi is running, to      the party’s next prime minister.
Uttar Pradesh, where he is a candidate   led by his aunt Sonia Gandhi, as “un-                                            file a criminal case against him for      The Gandhi family split after the
for the nationalist BJP, that he would   ethical and against the law.”                                                    “promoting hatred”. If convicted, he    death of Varun’s father Sanjay when
chop off the hands of anyone who           Abhishek Singhvi, a Congress                                                   could be disqualified from running      his widow Maneka fell out with
“raised a finger” against Hindus.        spokesman, said: “It is condemnable.                                             for office and jailed for up to five    Indira Gandhi over her intention to
  “If someone thinks Hindus are          He is associated with this party which                                           years.                                  play a political role in the Congress.
weak or leaderless, if anyone raises a   has this anti-minority ideology and                                                 Varun Gandhi is regarded as a        Instead she joined the Janata Dal
finger towards Hindus, then I swear      culture.”                                          Varun Gandhi                  future leader of the BJP, raising the   party and later served as environment,
on Gita that I will cut that hand,” he     Gandhi insisted later that the foot-   voice is not mine,” he said. “I don’t   intriguing prospect of India’s two      social justice and culture minister in
told a rally in Pilibhit, where com-     age had been tampered with. “The         know who could be behind this.”         main parties being led by the same      BJP-led governments.

                                                      Sri Meenakshi Temple Society
                                                                   Cordially invites you with family & friends
                                                                    To come and witness a historic moment

                                                                              VISION & UNITY
          The bold VISION of all MTS devotees from 1977 to now, blossoming into a magnificent temple and continuing to grow, to be showcased in the proud
          MTS history room in the Visitors Center. The RATHAM symbolically represents the UNITY of all the devotees of MTS pulling together to build this
          great institution.
                                                                     A fundraiser to benefit
                                                                       THE RATHAM
                                                               THE MTS Visitors Center Project
                                                                                  Dinner with entertainment
                                                                On Saturday, May 09, 2009
                                                 Sri Meenakshi Temple Kalyana Mandapam / Youth Center
                                         Social Hour – 5:00 to 6:00 P.M Silent Auction – 5:00 to 9:00 P.M
                                                   Seating 6:00 PM • Program begins 6:30 PM

                                                                  Dinner and Cultural Program
                                                           Ticket $50 per seat • Tickets available online at www.meenakshi.org
                                                                 For more information, call temple at 281-489-0358 or
                                                           • S.G.Appan at 832-687-3792 or email sgappan@hotmail.com or
                                                       • P.Vaduganathan at 713-218-0646 or email pvnathan2008@gmail.com
                            17130 McLean Road, Pearland, TX 77584 • Website: www.meenakshi.org E-mail: temple@meenakshi.org
                                                        Our goal is to make these projects debt free
                                                                                                                                                Indo-American News • Friday, March 20, 2009
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Indo-American News • Friday, March 20, 2009
Read the Newspaper Online indoamerican-news.com                                                                               Indo-American News • Friday, March 20, 2009

                                                                                                                                                   inDiA 33

  Locals Reject Statue of ‘Christian’
 Charlie Chaplin, Prefer Vivekananda
Protesters in India have denounced Charlie Chaplin as an offensive sym-
bol of Christianity amid a row over plans for a giant statue to honor the
silent comedy legend.

   Charlie Chaplin , a proposed statue in his honour has drawn protests in Udupi, near Bangalore

            By deaN NelSoN                 The row over Chaplin’s Christian-        denounced drinking alcohol as a
   BANGALORE (The Telegraph):            ity has baffled some Indian com-           Western vice.
The 67 ft statue was to be erected       mentators. As the first international        Local politicians sought to play
as a tribute in a film sequence by a     comedy star, he acquired legendary         down the row and suggested local
Bollywood director. But the instal-      status for his parody of Hitler in The     objections focused on the scale of
lation was halted after protests from    Great Dictator, and was known for          the statue. “The local people have
members of the nationalist BJP party     his Left-wing and anti-Nazi views,         valid objections that a statue of 67
who claimed it “hurt Hindu senti-        but has never been considered to           feet of a permanent nature cannot
ment”.                                   have promoted Christianity.                be established,” said V.S. Acharya,
   Activists in Udupi, near Bangalore,     The row reflects a recent surge in       the home minister in the state of
told the director, Hemant Hegde, that    militant actions by Hindu nationalist      Karnataka.
they would not allow the statue be-      groups, who have led street protests         A senior police officer however
cause Chaplin was a Christian, and       and occasionally launched violent          confirmed that protesters had com-
that any statue would have to honour     attacks to defend traditional values       plained that the statue was close to
the Hindu guru Swami Vivekananda         they believe are under attack.             a Hindu temple. “It is near a temple,
instead.                                   One group recently attacked              the local people are against installing
   Hegde is shooting scenes for his      young middle class men and women           a Chaplin statue and instead want a
film Housefull.                          in a bar in Mangalore, where they          statue of Vivekananda,” he said.

 Court Ruling Challenges India’s Caste System
  NEW DELHI: A landmark legal              Mushtaq Ahmed Mir, an unem-              an immediate appeal.
ruling which granted India’s down-       ployed man from Kupwara, decided             In his appeal ruling, High Court
trodden ‘untouchables’ the right to      to sue the Kashmiri newspaper Ta-          Judge Muzaffar Hussain Attar rep-
defend their reputations has been        meel-i-Irshad after it published a false   rimanded the original trial judge and
hailed as a symbolic victory for the     report claiming he was a defendant         said his ruling had been “offensive
country’s lower castes. An appeal        in a murder case. He had asked the         to conscience.” “The respect and
court judge in Jammu and Kashmir         judge to waive the court fee in the case   reputation of a person is not depen-
decided that all Indians were worthy     because he was too poor to pay it.         dent upon how much wealth he has
of respect and entitled to a good          The judge threw out his case with        accumulated,” he said. If only the
reputation regardless of their wealth    a ruling that the poor did not have        rich were entitled to respect “a great
or social status.                        reputations which could be damaged         disservice will be done to society,”
  The ruling amounts to a direct chal-   in newspaper reports. “When the            he added.
lenge to India’s caste-focused society   plaintiff is not even in a position to       Supreme court lawyer Zafar Shah
in which attacks on ‘untouchables’       pay the lawsuit fee, he cannot seek        last night welcomed the ruling which
or dalits because of their ‘polluting    damages for defamation, “ Judge            he said had narrowed the gap between
presence’ are common.                    Nazir Ahmed Fida said. “The dignity        the equal rights promised to every
  There are cases of dalits killed for   of a person of low integrity will not be   Indian in the country’s constitution
daring to drink water from the same      lowered further in case his name ap-       and the reality where “the respect and
well as their caste ‘superiors’ or to    pears in a defamatory piece of news.”      dignity of a person is determined by
complain when their daughters are        Mir’s lawyer said he was shocked           [his] economic and social status.”
raped.                                   by the decision, made despite the            Leading social commentator Pavan
  Against this background, the ruling    judge’s acknowledgement that the           K Varma said the ruling heralded “the
has been hailed as revolutionary.        news report was untrue, and launched       beginning of change.”

                                                                                                                              Indo-American News • Friday, March 20, 2009
Indo-American News • Friday, March 20, 2009                                                                                                 Read the Newspaper Online indoamerican-news.com

34 PAKisTAn

           “The Fear Barrier of State Terrorism is Broken”
      By Nirupama SuBramaNiaN              up, we will not get our rights,” said                                                                                     the cup and lip,” said Altaf Bokhari,
  ISLAMABAD (The Hindu): Mo-               Akhtar Wali, whose father was jailed                                                                                      vice-president of the Multan High
torists made the V sign on the capital’s   during General Zi-ul-Haq’s crippling                                                                                      Court Bar.
roads, strangers greeted each other        dictatorship three decades ago. “The                                                                                         The U.S. welcomed the announce-
with “mubarak”, and people distrib-        lesson from this for our people is, rise                                                                                  ment to reinstate Justice Chaudhary,
uted sweets as Pakistan celebrated         and fight for your rights, don’t sit in                                                                                   describing it as a “statesmanlike deci-
the restoration of Iftikhar Chaudhary      front of your televisions sets”.                                                                                          sion” to defuse a serious confronta-
as the Chief Justice after exactly one       Zafar Iqbal, a college professor,                                                                                       tion and a “substantial step” toward
year, four months and 12 days of a         said he had come to express his                                                                                           national reconciliation.
valiant struggle by the legal commu-       “solidarity” with the lawyers and with                                                                                       “We welcome the announcement
nity and the civil society.                Chaudhary.                                                                                                                by the Government of Pakistan of its
  A weight seemed to have fallen             “The main thing is we have broken                                                                                       plans to reinstate former Chief Jus-
off Pakistan’s shoulders following         the fear barrier of state terrorism. It’s a                                                                               tice Iftikhar Mohammed Chaudhry,”
Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani’s        new hope, a new feeling that I hardly
                                                                                                                                                                     the US Embassy here said in a state-
address to the nation, in which he an-     have the words to express,” he said
nounced Chaudhary’s restoration.             But the celebrating crowds also                                                                                         ment. Asked about the prospects of
  The news of the restoration spread       brought with them giant-sized ex-                                                                                         the PPP forging a fresh alliance with
much earlier, at about 1 am on Mon-        pectations.                                                                                                               the PML-N at the centre, Gilani said
day, when the state-run Pakistan             Allah Bachiah, a tall, strapping man                                                                                    today that politics was a day-to-day
Television announced that the Prime        from Sibi in Balochistan, said the                                                                                        affair and such a possibility could not
Minister would be addressing the           Chief Justice must restore peace with                                                                                     be ruled out.
nation.                                    rights in the troubled province where                                                                                        The PML-N had split from the
  The rush to Chaudhary’s home             a low-level nationalist insurgency is                                                                                     PPP-led alliance at the centre in Au-
began immediately. Black-coated            ongoing.                                                                                                                  gust last year after accusing Zardari
lawyers who had been gathering in            “He must release all the political                                                                                      of reneging on several promises to
Islamabad awaiting the “long march”        prisoners in Balochistan,” he said,
                                                                                                                                                                     reinstate the deposed judges.
that Pakistan Muslim League (N)            while another man from Swat said
leader Nawaz Sharif was bringing           Chaudhary must restore peace in the                                                                                          Gilani said the review petition
                                                                                         Battle won: The former Pakistani Premier, Nawaz Sharif, in Gu-
from Lahore, were the first to rush        troubled Talibanised valley in the            jranwala on Monday.                                                         against the apex court ruling barring
up the hilly road to his house in the      North-West Frontier Province.                                                                                             Sharif brothers from electoral poli-
Judges Colony.                               People had brought drums and                actions? Why should Chaudhary be     Chief Justice] Abdul Hameed Dogar      tics would be filed after the govern-
  A spontaneous celebration began          dholaks, they were singing, doing             restored only after [the incumbent   resigns? There’s many a slip between   ment receives a detailed verdict.
as soon as an opposition leader in         bhangras and chanting pro-Nawaz
the Nawaz Sharif camp confirmed            Sharif and pro-Chaudhary slogans.
to a television station that the Prime       Amina Janjua, who has led a move-
Minister had informed them of the
                                           ment by the families of persons who
                                           are missing after they were allegedly
                                                                                                      Call for All Your Printing Needs
  “The whole country sees him as a         picked up by security agencies as
source of inspiration. Only those who      terror suspects, was there too with
are lost in a jungle appreciate the hope   a bouquet for the Chief Justice. Her
even the smallest ray of light gives.      husband Masood is among the 500                                           Southern Chinese Daily News
He’s that ray of light for us,” said       missing people, whose cases Chaud-
Mansoor-ul-Hassan, a lawyer from           hary was seriously pursuing before                                        USA Newspaper Printing Co.
Lahore, looking tired after a night of     his sacking.
celebrations and in his words, “ready        “He’s going to reopen those cases,
to faint with happiness”.                  and our near and dear ones will be
  In many homes, people stayed
glued to the television sets until 5.50
                                           back home soon,” she said.
                                             But amid the celebrations, some
                                                                                                                Jean Lin • General Manager
a.m., when the Prime Minister fi-          lawyers were worried too.                                          11122 Bellaire Blvd, Houston,TX 77072
nally made the announcement after            “Overall, it’s a victory for us, for the
a long meeting with President Asif         people of Pakistan. A President who
Ali Zardari.                               was saying until two days ago that he
  By mid-morning, a good-sized             would never restore Chaudhary has                              Tel: 281-498-4310 x102 • 281-498-4330 x102
crowd of people was singing and            had to give in. But why have they                             Fax: 281-498-2728 • E-mail: jean@scdaily.com
dancing outside Chaudhary’s home.          not rolled back [former President
  “It goes to prove that until we speak    Pervez] Musharraf’s November 3

Indo-American News • Friday, March 20, 2009
Read the Newspaper Online indoamerican-news.com                                      Indo-American News • Friday, March 20, 2009

                                                                                      bAnGLADesh 35
 Bangladeshi Army Officers
 Blame Hasina for BR Mutiny
   NEW DELHI (The Telegraph);
The ferocity of the army’s anger was
revealed yesterday when ministers
lifted a ban on secret recordings of
the clash on YouTube. Ministers had
initially banned the recordings amid
fears they might further destabilize
the country following the February
25th mutiny.
   Sheikh Hasina was praised when
she persuaded the leaders of a revolt
by security guards of the Bangladesh
Rifles to lay down their arms. But she
was later fiercely criticized when the
scale of the massacre emerged.                 Bangladesh Prime Minister
   The revolt began when security                  Sheikh Hasina
guards forced their way into a meet-       been so many bloody baths. We
ing of all the regiment’s senior of-       could have rescued a lot of officers
ficers at their headquarters in Dhaka      from the camp.” Another said:”You
and opened fire with automatic rifles.     didn’t call the army and that’s why
The bodies of more than 70 officers        so many officers were killed.” Sev-
were later discovered in a number of       eral officers repeatedly demanded
mass graves and sewage tanks.              to know why she had not visited the
   Sheikh Hasina had refused to send       scene of the carnage. “Why didn’t
in the army to put down the revolt in      you go and see? Why did you send
its early stages and instead invited the   the interior minister?” they asked.
leaders to present their demands. At       Charges have been filed against more
the meeting, she offered the mutineers     than 1000 BDR guards and 36 have
a general amnesty and an inquiry into      been arrested on suspicion of leading
their grievances. Senior officers, who     the mutiny. Ministers said the mu-
lost friends and family members in         tiny was part of a plot to destablilise
the massacre, said they believed the       Sheikh Hasina’s recently-elected
delay costs dozens of lives.               government. Zia Ahmed, chairman
   “You are responsible for all the        of the Bangladesh Telecommunica-
deaths because you did not allow           tion Regulatory Commission, said
the army to intervene and we want          the government had lifted the ban
explanation from you,” demanded            on the secret tapes because tensions
one officer. “Had we been allowed          immediately following the mutiny
to intervene there would not have          had now eased.

                                                                                     Indo-American News • Friday, March 20, 2009
Indo-American News • Friday, March 20, 2009                                                  Read the Newspaper Online indoamerican-news.com

36 sRi LAnKA
Humanitarian Situation Dire in SL

  COLOMBO: On March 13, Secre-           areas of control.
tary Clinton called Sri Lankan Presi-       Secretary Clinton called on Presi-
dent Rajapaksa to express the United     dent Rajapaksa to devise a political
States’ deep concern over the deterio-   solution to the ongoing conflict. She
rating conditions and increasing loss    urged the President to give interna-
of life occurring in the Government      tional humanitarian relief organiza-
of Sri Lanka-designated ‘safe zone’      tions full access to the conflict area
in northern Sri Lanka.                   and displaced persons camps, includ-
  The Secretary stated that the Sri      ing screening centers.
Lankan Army should not fire into the        The United States believes that a
civilian areas of the conflict zone.     durable and lasting peace will only
  The Secretary offered immediate        be achieved through a political so-
and post-conflict reconstruction as-     lution that addresses the legitimate
sistance and she extended condo-         aspirations of all of Sri Lanka’s com-
lences to the victims of the March       munities. It was conveyed on the Sri
10 bombing outside a mosque in           Lankan Government to put forward a
southern Sri Lanka.                      proposal now to engage Tamils who
  She condemned the actions of the       do not espouse violence or terrorism,
Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam         and to develop power sharing ar-
(LTTE) who are reported to be hold-      rangements so that lasting peace and
ing civilians as human shields, and to   reconciliation can be achieved.
have shot at civilians leaving LTTE                  Credit: www.sangam.org


                                                                    Your trusted Community Bank

                                         “ And as always, we do lend money to a worthy borrower”

                                                            Visit: www.thirdcoastbankssb.com

                                                                       Third Coast Bank SSB
          Mark Bolen                                                   Bart Caraway           Mike Moser/Naren Patel
          1010 Bay Area Blvd                                           20202 Hwy 59 North     4151 Southwest Freeway
          Houston, TX 77058                                            Humble, TX 77338       Houston, TX 77027
          281-990-6800                                                 281-446-7000           713-779-8800

Indo-American News • Friday, March 20, 2009
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                                                       Indo-American News • Friday, March 20, 2009
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                                  Oil and the ‘Merciless’ Brahmaputra
            By SuBir Bhaumik                                                                                                                                            alleviate the problem.
   ASSAM: For most of the past de-                                                                                                                                         “That will help stop the acute river
cade, angry villagers in the Rohmaria                                                                                                                                   erosion in Rohmaria,” a board official
region of India’s north-eastern state of                                                                                                                                says. But until river erosion actually
Assam have not allowed exploitation                                                                                                                                     stops at Rohmaria, the villagers say
of rich oil deposits.                                                                                                                                                   they will continue their tactic of not
   They are upset with the Assam                                                                                                                                        allowing Oil India to resume produc-
government - and Delhi - for failing                                                                                                                                    tion.
to protect the villages of Rohmaria                                                                                                                                        “Once we did not have enough re-
from the deadly erosion of the mighty                                                                                                                                   fineries to process our crude. Now we
Brahmaputra river.                                                                                                                                                      don’t have enough crude to refine,”
   “We have nothing against Oil India                                                                                                                                   says economist Jayanta Madhav Go-
Limited. But we launched the eco-                                                                                                                                       swami. It is a challenge for Prime
nomic blockade against their oilfields                                                                                                                                  Minister Singh, elected to parliament
to force the government to under-                                                                                                                                       from Assam, to break the deadlock.
take bank protection and anti-erosion                     Villagers complain there are not enough dampeners to cut the impact of erosion                                   His government has pushed oil
work,” says Ghanen Gogoi, secretary                                                                                                                                     companies to increase output and has
of the Save Rohmaria committee.            house is now barely 500m from the          headquarters in Duliajan, not far from   says Gogoi. To back this demand,         prioritised energy security to ensure
   “If you pull the ear, the head will     Brahmaputra.                               Rohmaria.                                the villagers resumed their blockade     the present rate of economic growth
follow,” Gogoi says. “The Assam               “Another year and we will be beg-          On 10 August 1999, Rohmaria vil-      in December 2005.                        is maintained. And for that, the prime
government has done nothing. Nei-          gars on the streets,” says Gohain, two     lagers stopped production in the four       Several rounds of dialogue be-        minister will have to sort out issues
ther has Delhi. Prime Minister Man-        toddlers in her lap.                       wells (producing 650 barrels of crude    tween the Dibrugarh district admin-      like the ones at Rohmaria to ensure
mohan Singh came here before the              Such frustration has fuelled huge       a day) drilled by Oil India.             istration, Oil India officials and the   Assam produces enough oil for its
2006 state elections and promised          anger. “We will not allow the govern-         Keen to resume production, Oil        Save Rohmaria committee failed to        refineries.
action, but we continue to suffer          ment to take oil from the wells here       India tried placating the villagers by   break the impasse.
acute bank erosion,” says Rohmaria         until they protect the entire Rohmaria     designing erosion protection devices        The blockade was briefly lifted in
villager Gopal Saikia.                     region from erosion. They save our         known as dampeners from scrap            September 2007, only to be resumed
   Thirty-eight villages in the Rohm-      villages, we allow them to exploit the     pipes which are capable of reducing      two months later.
aria region have been swallowed up         oil deposits,” says Gogoi. “We know        the impact of erosion.                      “We are a responsible company
by the Brahmaputra in the past three       India values our oil, it should learn to      Thirty-four such dampeners were       which is corporately committed to
decades.                                   value our lives, our future.”              installed at Rohmaria and the vil-       the all-round development of loca-
   A government silk farm, a major            Oil India officials say they have       lagers withdrew the oil blockade in      tions around our operational areas.
portion of a key road and two tea es-      been “caught in the crossfire”.            January 2004.                            We want to help these hapless people,
tates have vanished into the river, dis-      “The problem of erosion in Rohm-           For two years, all worked well.       but it is beyond our means to under-
trict officials say. More than 300,000     aria is serious and the people are         But as fresh areas of Rohmaria were      take river protection and anti-erosion
villagers, one-time well-off peasants,     desperate. They tried persuasion with      hit by severe erosion, the villagers     works of such magnitude,” said PK
have been displaced and now live in        district officials, state government       asked for the installation of more       Dev Choudhury.
abject poverty. The rest fear their luck   agencies and federal river authori-        dampeners.                                  Meanwhile the Brahmaputra Board
will also run out soon.                    ties, but when nothing worked, they           “We want Oil India to install at      says it is undertaking a major proj-
   “We pray to God to save us but this     turned against our oilfields. That’s un-   least 200 dampeners along the 9km        ect further upstream of the mighty
river is merciless,” says housewife        fortunate,” says PK Dev Choudhury,         (five miles) stretch from Rohmaria to    river on the borders of the states of    The dispute has led to oil wells in
Dipali Gohain, whose small mud             Oil India spokesperson at company          the northern outskirts of Dibrugarh,”    Arunachal Pradesh and Assam to           Rohmaria being abandoned

Indo-American News • Friday, March 20, 2009
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        Sanatan Shiv-Shakti Mandir of Houston                      (Behind 22 Karat Jewelers And Sari Sapne)

                              5645 HILLCROFT AVE. SUITE # 701 HOUSTON, TEXAS 77036
                 TELEPHONE # 713.278.9099 NEW TEMPLE LOCATION & ADDRESS (6640 HARWIN DRIVE)
         Those who want to sit in the Navchandi Yagya may please give their
       names to Pradipbhai in the Temple @ Tel: 713.278.9099 or 713.784.5500
                                            All the Hindus are Welcome to the Grand Festival of

                                                             Celebration On the occassion of

                                             CHAITRI NAVARATRI
                         Starting From Friday, 27th. March 2009 To Sunday, 4th April 2009
                       • Time : 8:00 P.M. to 11:30 P.M • Friday & Saturday 8:00 to 1:00 A.M.
               At the new Temple Site of Shiv Shakti Mandir - 6640 Harwin Dr. Houston, Texas 77036
            Please Look at the direction map given on the side • Please Bring Your own Dandia For Raas

                                            Come let us celebrate Chaitry Navratri
                     Starting From Friday, 27th March to Sunday, 4th April 2009
                 Daily Pooja of Maa Shri Ambaji. Navchandi Yagya on Thursday, 2nd,
                      April 2009 Starts at 10:00 A.M. Purnahuti Hom at 5:00 P.M.
                    Followed by Aarti & Mahaprasad • Followed By Rass & Garba
                                                              J            R   S   M      P
                                                            KE                     O      A
                                                            I W            O   A
                                              Milan                                T      T
                                                            REL            O   R   E      E
                    Y                         Hall          TE             P   I   L      L
                  RW     HARWIN DR.                         I R                               HARWIN DR.

            S                      1
                                        6 6           GLASS           HILLCROFT               H
                                        6 0  0
                                                      OFFICE          SHOPPING
                                        6                                                     L
                                        6 6610          S
                                                        h                      RAJA REST.
                                   t                    i                      BALAJI         O
                                                             OFFICE PARK


                                                                               SARI SAPNE     F

                  SHOPPING              6 6620          S
                  CENTER                6               k
                                                        t                                     A
                                           6630         i                      22 KARAT       V
                                        6              M
                                                                               Gold &
                       CENTER           6 6640         n
     Metro                              6              r                       Market

      Bus           Center
                    Energy High
                                                  6                            KEEMAT
                    Power Supply

                                                                                       West Park Dr.

                                                                                                               Indo-American News • Friday, March 20, 2009
Indo-American News • Friday, March 20, 2009                                                                                     Read Indo-American News Online indoamerican-news.com

                India Maintains Sense of Optimism and Growth
         By heather timmonS                                                                                                           medium term.”                  chairman of Infosys Technologies,
  NEW DELHI (NYT) :While most                                                                                                            In addition, most op-       said during a recent presentation in
of the world grapples with a crippling                                                                                                timistic forecasts have        New Delhi. “Indian business leaders
financial crisis and a recession, opti-                                                                                               not taken into account         seem to be more optimistic” than oth-
mism reigns in much of India as its                                                                                                   the millions of people in      ers around the world, Nilekani said.
economy continues to grow.                                                                                                            India who rely on remit-          “What fueled India has not
  India’s trillion-dollar economy re-                                                                                                 tances, or cash sent from      changed,” Sanjay Dhawan, president
mains a relative bright spot, some                                                                                                    relatives working abroad.      and chief operating officer of Aricent,
say, in part because the country’s bu-                                                                                                India receives more than       said in an interview. His technology
reaucracy and its protectionist polices                                                                                               $20 billion a year in remit-   outsourcing company has received
have kept it insulated from the fallout                                                                                               ted money, the most of         $60 million from the private equity
of the global downturn.                                                                                                               any country. Some areas,       firm Kohlberg Kravis Roberts.
  “India is not as vulnerable” as other                                                                                               like the state of Kerala,         India’s youthful population, do-
countries, said Rajeev Malik, head                                                                                                    are expected to be hit es-     mestic demand and business innova-
of Indian and Southeast Asian eco-                                                                                                    pecially hard by the loss      tion are helping to carry the country,
nomics at Macquarie Capital, who                                                                                                      of construction jobs in the    some economists say. The country is
recently wrote a report titled “India:                                                                                                Middle East.                   still attracting investors and striking
Better Off Than Most Others.”                                                                                                            But in other regions        deals. The private equity firm the 3i
  India reported that its economy                                                                                                     of the country, the good       Group recently said that it would in-
grew 5.3 percent in the quarter ended                                                                                                 economic times are not         vest $161 million in Krishnapatnam
                                           A storefront in Jodhpur, India. In a recent quarter, the country’s economy grew just a distant memory.                    Port, a project on the east coast of
in December when compared with
                                                           5.3 percent when compared with the previous year.                          The market capitalization      Andhra Pradesh state.
the previous year. While that was
down from the 7.6 percent growth            Advocates of free enterprise often with stimulus spending and tax cuts. of the State Bank of India recently                 While developing export-oriented
in the earlier quarter, it was in sharp   complain about many of the country’s       That is not to say that the news surpassed that of Citigroup, a fact            economies have imported problems
contrast to the retrenchment in other     economic policies, including a state- is all good. Both agriculture and heralded by the local media.                       from the developed world, India has
countries.                                dominated financial system virtu- manufacturing contracted somewhat             India added 15.4 million cellphone         not, the head of Asia for 3i, Anil
  Washington, for example, reported       ally unconnected to foreign markets; in the last quarter, and government users in January, a record. Rolls-                Ahuja, said. Projects were not being
that gross domestic product for the       sluggish export growth because of stimulus packages intended to keep Royce recently introduced a new                       stifled by the credit crisis the way
end of the year had contracted at         bureaucracy and shoddy infrastruc- the economy growing could hurt the model of its Phantom Coupe in India,                 they were in other countries, he said.
an annualized rate of 6.2 percent,        ture; and hundreds of millions of country in the long term.                   and BMW opened a showroom in                 India’s high savings rate, about 35
and Japan recently reported that its      farmers who raise crops mainly for         On Tuesday, Standard & Poor’s Delhi. “Is this recession for real?”              percent, meant that about $200 billion
economy shrank at an annual rate of       domestic consumption. But such pol- revised its outlook for Indian long- The Times of India asked in a March               a year was being saved and needed to
12.7 percent.                             icies have helped the country main- term sovereign debt to negative from 1 article.                                        be deployed somewhere, he said.
  Even after the GDP figures were re-     tain its ground as the world slides into stable, citing increased government    Executives are already talking as             “The port is borrowing substantial
leased, government officials pledged      a recession.                             spending. The general government if a return to boom times may be just            amounts of money and has not had a
the economy would grow more than            India’s fast-acting central bank, deficit, as a percentage of GDP, around the corner. “It is reasonable                  problem getting it” from India’s state
7 percent this year, and major stock      which still has room to trim interest would double to 11.4 percent in the to assume that India will be among               banks, Ahuja said. The coalition gov-
indexes finished last week in the         rates, has helped ease capital flows, next fiscal year, S.& P. analysts said, the first to recover when the recovery       ernment, led by the Congress Party,
black.                                    while the government has stepped in a level that is “unsustainable in the starts,” Nandan Nilekani, the co-                        continued on page 41

Indo-American News • Friday, March 20, 2009
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                                                                                                                                            ON THE WHEELS 41
    Searching for Design Inspiration in India                                                                                                                          India Maintains Sense
                                                                                                                                                                       continued from page 40

                                                                                                                              badge of Renault’s partner, Nissan)      has not been shy about trumpeting
          By nick kurczewSki                                                                                    For Sa-                                                India’s relative economic strengths,
    MUMBAI (NYT): In the 1960s,                                                                               lar and his     are planned, though still top secret.
                                                                                                                                 Some car companies are looking        in advance of national elections ex-
Westerners flocked to India for spiri-                                                                        team of In-                                              pected in May.
tual guidance and blessings from                                                                              dian car de-    to India’s established talent when it
                                                                                                                              comes to vehicle design and concept-        The home minister P. Chidam-
gurus.                                                                                                        signers, the                                             baram predicted February 24 that
    While most of the gurus (and their                                                                        commotion       car prototyping.
                                                                                                                                 Having graduated from the Art         India’s economy would improve,
gold-plated Rolls-Royces) are long                                                                            of Mumbai                                                beginning in October.
gone, automakers are now looking                                                                              provides a      Center College of Design in Pasade-
                                                                                                                              na, California, Dilip Chabria worked        Still, there are those who think that
for a dose of Indian inspiration when                                                                         wealth of                                                the optimistic expectations are com-
it comes to car design. For the past                                                                          stimulation     briefly at General Motors before
                                                                                                                              establishing his own studio in India.    pletely misguided. “We don’t know
few years, car companies have rushed                                                                          and new                                                  what people here are smoking,” said
to build factories in India because of                                                                        ideas. “In      “I felt lost in a large organization,”
                                                                                                                              he said, while juggling questions        Shankar Sharma, director, First Glob-
the country’s cheap labor costs and                                                                           India, you                                               al, a research and asset management
high skill levels in engineering.                                                                             can feel this   and cellphone calls in his office in
                                                                                                                              Pune, about a two-hour drive from        firm with offices in Mumbai, London
   It also didn’t hurt matters that until                                                                     energy and                                               and New York. Sharma predicts that
the global financial crisis arrived, In-                                                                      positive        Mumbai.
                                                                                                                                 Since opening in 1993, D.C. De-       India’s economic growth for the 2010
dia’s booming economy was second                                                                              attitude,”                                               fiscal year will sink to 2.6 percent.
only to China’s in terms of double-                                                                           said Salar,     sign has built extravagant one-of-a-
                                                                                                                              kind cars and luxurious tour buses for   People who point to India’s low
digit automobile sales growth.                                                                                who, at 35,                                              reliance on exports are not factoring
   But car companies and design firms                                                                         is a veteran    wealthy Indian clients.
                                                                                                                                 The company has also worked           in the outsourcing and information
are now investing time and money                                                                              among his                                                technology industries, he said.
into building India’s automotive cul-                                                                         youngteam.      with car manufacturers from around
                                                                                                                              the world, building prototypes and          Some Indians say they would rather
ture from within.                                                                                             Theaverage                                               be suffering now with the rest of
   General Motors positioned its de-                                                                          age of the      concept cars. While much of the work
                                                                                                                              is confidential, some companies have     the world, and enjoy the benefits of
sign studio close to its Indian research                                                                      designers at
                                                                 Jean-Philippe Salar                                                                                   economic reform later. “In these two
and development center in the south-                                                                          the studio is   begun boasting about their vehicles’
                                                     Chief of Renault’s Mumbai studio in India.                                                                        to three years, we will do better than
ern city of Bangalore. Meanwhile,                                                                             only 25.        Indian roots.
                                                                                                                                 General Motors made no secret that    the rest of the world for the various
the French car manufacturer Renault         the sidewalks and, in the distance,       Salar said the key with the first-                                               constraints we kept on,” said Gur-
chose the hustle and bustle of Mum-         half-finished skyscrapers tower over generation of Indian car designers is        its fully functional Chevrolet Beat
                                                                                                                              concept was built in India when the      charan Das, the former chief execu-
bai for its Indian automotive design        sprawling slums.                        to improve their skill levels “but not                                             tive of Procter & Gamble India, and
center. “For me, it is the perfect situ-       One of several Renault design satel- bombard them with restraints.”            car made its debut during the 2007
                                                                                                                              New York auto show.                      author of “India Unbound,” a study
ation,” said Jean-Philippe Salar, chief     lites around the globe, the Mumbai        The balancing act has paid off.                                                  of India’s economic transformation
of Renault’s Mumbai studio.                 center is an oasis of mod furniture, Renault’s Mumbai studio won an                  The small hatchback, now called
                                                                                                                              the Spark, appeared in production        and potential.
   From the street, which is a mass of      high-tech computers and drafting internal contest to design an ultra-                                                         “A whole generation could have
noisy traffic and pedestrians, the set-     tools, plus an immaculate terrace low-cost car, scheduled to go on sale           form during the Geneva auto show.
                                                                                                                              The Spark arrives in the United States   been lifted out of poverty into middle
ting might seem less than ideal. Rows       (with an ornamental statue of a very in India by 2011. Sales of the car in                                                 class if we had done these reforms,”
of fragile-looking pushcarts clog           content-looking cow).                   other countries (possibly wearing the     in 2011.
                                                                                                                                                                       Das said.

                                                                                                                                                     Indo-American News • Friday, March 20, 2009
Indo-American News • Friday, March 20, 2009                                                                                      Read Indo-American News Online indoamerican-news.com

  IPL Poised to Launch Its Second Season Amid Security Concerns
    By Mathew Varghese                                                                                                                                               recruits in Sohail Tanvir and Shane
  MUMBAI (Cricinfo): Here’s a run-                                                                                                                                   Watson.
down of the IPL teams. If security                                                                                                                                     Tanvir is unavailable and Watson
concerns are addressed, the second                                                                                                                                   doubtful due to Australia’s schedule
season will begin April 10.                                                                                                                                          and fitness worries, but Rajasthan
  Bangalore Royal Challengers                                                                                                                                        have found adequate replacements
  When the team rosters were fixed                                                                                                                                   at the auction. Shaun Tait is tailor-
last season, many commented on                                                                                                                                       made for Twenty20, capable of short
how the Bangalore squad was in                                                                                                                                       bursts of quick bowling, and Tyron
stark contrast to the flamboyant im-                                                                                                                                 Henderson, one of the surprise picks
age of its owner Vijay Mallya. A                                                                                                                                     at US$650,000, has been highly suc-
‘Test batting line-up’ comprising Ra-                                                                                                                                cessful for Middlesex.
hul Dravid, Shivnarine Chanderpaul,                                                                                                                                    Probable XI: 1 Graeme Smith/Ni-
Jacques Kallis and Wasim Jaffer now                                                                                                                                  raj Patel/ Justin Langer 2 Swapnil
has a limited-overs sheen with the                                                                                                                                   Asnodkar, 3 Mohammad Kaif,, 4
induction of Kevin Pietersen, New                                                                                                                                    Shane Watson/ Tyron Henderson/
Zealand’s Jesse Ryder and local boy                                                                                                                                  Dimitri Mascarenhas 5, Yusuf Pa-
Robin Uthappa. Although Bangalore        7 Laxmi Shukla, 8 Murali Kartik, 9         para. Opener Shaun Marsh could be        Joginder Sharma, 8 Manpreet Gony,       than, 6 Ravindra Jadeja, 7 Mahesh
sold Zaheer Khan, they are boosted       Ishant Sharma, 10 Ashok Dinda, 11          away on duty for Australia and that      9 L Balaji 10 Muttiah Muralitharan,     Rawat (wk), 8 Shane Warne, 9
by the availability of Nathan Brack-     Ajantha Mendis.                            would be a concern for Punjab, with      11 Makhaya Ntini/ P Amarnath.           Shaun Tait/ Morne Morkel, 10 Sid-
en, injured through the first season.      Deccan Chargers                          Brett Lee and James Hopes also set         Delhi Daredevils                      dharth Trivedi, 11 Munaf Patel.
However, like Pietersen, he migh           They finished bottom last season         to miss out. They bid frantically for      Delhi no longer have Shoaib Ma-         Mumbai Indians
  Probable XI: 1 Jesse Ryder, 2 Rob-     but their moves this time don’t in-        Mortaza, perhaps to ensure having a      lik and Mohammad Asif, but their          Mumbai made three buys in the
in Uthappa, 3 Rahul Dravid, 4 Kevin      spire much optimism. Deccan’s bat-         bowler available for the entire sea-     line-up is even more dangerous          auction. JP Duminy was snapped
Pietersen/ Ross Taylor, 5 Virat Kohli,   ting woes were well documented -           son.                                     this season because of David War-       up for a whopping $950,000, while
6 Jacques Kallis/ Cameron White/ B       Shahid Afridi, Herschelle Gibbs and          Probable XI: 1 Shaun Marsh/ Luke       ner and the England duo of Owais        Mohammad Ashraful could be a
Akhil, 7 Mark Boucher/ Shreevats         Scott Styris failed to make an impact      Pomersbach 2 James Hopes/ Sunny          Shah and Paul Collingwood. Delhi        steal for the Twenty20 format at
Goswami (wk), 8 Praveen Kumar,           - but their bowling was the weak-          Sohal, 3 Kumar Sangakkara/ Uday          have reason to be pleased with their    $75,000; in between, fast bowler
9 Sunil Joshi/ KP Appanna, 10 Na-        est in the competition. RP Singh           Kaul (wk), 4 Yuvraj Singh, 5 Ravi        homework before the Goa auction;        Kyle Mills, who will help compen-
than Bracken/Vinay Kumar, 11 Dale        was unable to repeat his ICC World         Bopara/ Mahela Jayawardene, 6            their scouts had been lurking around    sate for the missing Shaun Pollock.
Steyn.                                   Twenty20 heroics, while Chaminda           Tanmay Srivastava/ Sohal 7 Karan         Australia and they have brought in      Zaheer Khan, on current form, is
  Kolkata Knight Riders                  Vaas and Nuwan Zoysa posed little          Goel 8 Irfan Pathan, 9 Piyush Chaw-      potential impact players. Warner’s      a vital addition to cover up for the
  The big boost for Kolkata is the       threa                                      la, 10 Sreesanth, 11 VRV Singh/          sensational Twenty20 international      South African’s bowling skills. In
availability of explosive New Zea-         This time, Deccan brought Fidel          Brett Lee.                               debut against South Africa whet the     another swap, Mumbai sold Ashish
land wicketkeeper-batsman Bren-          Edwards and another West Indian,             Chennai Super Kings                    appetite and there are other hopefuls   Nehra and brought in Delhi’s Shi-
don McCullum - who scored the            the allrounder Dwayne Smith, hav-            Imposing is the word that best de-     from Australia in allrounder Andrew     khar Dhawan, a move to compensate
most famous Twenty20 century in          ing signed Australian allrounder           scribes Chennai’s squad after the        McDonald, who too debuted for           for Uthappa’s departure.
last year’s tournament opener - for      Ryan Harris before the auction.            second auction. A team modelled          Australia after joining Delhi, and        Dwayne Bravo, a successful re-
the whole season. Chris Gayle was        Edwards is quick but he can be an          around Mahendra Singh Dhoni now          left-arm fast bowler Dirk Nannes, an    placement player for the team last
unfit last time around and Kolkata       expensive gamble in the Twenty20           has the inspirational Andrew Flint-      out-and-out Twenty20 specialist.        year, was given a permanent deal.
will bank on his all-round abilities     format. Good news for Deccan will          off - commanding a higher salary           Probable XI: 1 Virender Sehwag,       Two other key signings also came
to help them build early momentum        be left-arm spinner Pragyan Ojha’s         than Dhoni - and Matthew Hayden          2 Gautam Gambhir, 3 Tillakaratne        before the auction. They are limited-
before he leaves for national duty       impressive tour of Sri Lanka with          is also available for the full tourna-   Dilshan/ Owais Shah, 4 Manoj Ti-        over specialists from the English
Mashrafe Mortaza, a popular sign-        India.                                     ment. Hard-hitting allrounder Albie      wary/ David Warner, 5 AB de Vil-        county circuit, allrounders Graham
ing at the auction, could find it hard     Probable XI: Adam Gilchrist (wk),        Morkel, Man of the Series in Austra-     liers/ Dinesh Karthik (wk), 6 Rajat     Napier and Ryan McLaren - a Kol-
to fill Umar Gul’s shoes but Ajantha     2 D Ravi Teja, 3 Andrew Symonds/           lia recently, is another of the team’s   Bhatia/ Paul Collingwood, 7 Daniel      pak player South Africa wanted to
Mendis could be their ace. Ishant        Herschelle Gibbs, 4 Rohit Sharma,          key players, and the embarrassing        Vettori 8 Amit Mishra/ Ashish Neh-      get back after their ODI losses in
Sharma flopped last season but he        5 Venugopal Rao 6 Dwayne Smith/            wealth of talent shows in the fact       ra, 9 Farveez Maharoof/ Yo Mahesh,      England last year.
has vastly improved his skills for the   Scott Styris, 7 Sanjay Bangar, 8 Pra-      that Michael Hussey, Muttiah Mura-       10 Dirk Nannes/ Pradeep Sangwan,          Probable XI: 1 Sanath Jayasuriya,
limited-overs game in the past year.     gyan Ojha, 9 Chaminda Vaas/Nuwan           litharan and Jacob Oram have been        11 Glenn McGrath.                       2 Sachin Tendulkar, 3 Shikhar Dha-
Also in the mix are local lad Ashok      Zoysa/Fidel Edwards, 10 RP Singh,          overshadowed. Flintoff bolsters the        Rajasthan Royals                      wan, 4 & 5 Dwayne Bravo/ Ryan
Dinda, who impressed last season,        11 DP Vijaykumar.                          bowling while Sri Lankan left-armer        The inaugural champions managed       McLaren/ JP Duminy/ Graham Na-
and former India internationals Ajit       Kings XI Punjab                          Thilan Thushara could be the dark        to work out a winning formula under     pier, 6 Abhishek Nayar, 7 Yogesh
Agarkar and Murali Kartik.                 Punjab, semi-finalists last season,      horse among the foreign recruits.        the guidance of Shane Warne, and        Takawale (wk), 8 Harbhajan Singh,
  Probable XI: 1 Brendon McCullum        are largely sticking to the line-up that     Probable XI: 1 Matthew Hayden, 2       expect more of the same this year       9 Zaheer Khan, 10 Dhawal Kulkar-
(wk), 2 Chris Gayle/Brad Hodge, 3        helped them succeed last year. Their       Michael Hussey/ S Vidyut, 3 Suresh       too. Their Indian players were not      ni, 11 Lasith Malinga/ Dilhara Fer-
Sourav Ganguly, 4 David Hussey/          only signings this season are West         Raina, 4 Mahendra Singh Dhoni            the best of the lot, but Warne turned   nando/ Kyle Mills.
Moises Henriques, 5 Cheteshwar           Indies fast bowler Jerome Taylor           (wk), 5 S Badrinath 6 Albie Morkel,      them into a formidable unit, and          Mathew Varghese is sub-editor
Pujara, 6 Wriddhiman Saha (wk),          and England allrounder Ravi Bo-            7 Andrew Flintoff/ Jacob Oram/           found two highly successful foreign     (stats) at Cricinfo.

Indo-American News • Friday, March 20, 2009
Read Indo-American News Online indoamerican-news.com                                                                                       Indo-American News • Friday, March 20, 2009

                                                                                                                                  ENTERTAINMENT 43
               It’s All About
                                                                                                         Shaadi? Not Now...
            the Money, Honey!                                                       Kareena Kapoor, who has             Stardust. And now on
                                                                                  received as many as four awards       Tuesday I was hon-
                                                                                  in just one month, says plans of      oured by FICCI which
                                                                                  her marriage to Saif Ali Khan         Yash Chopra gave to
                                                                                  may not happen for at least two       me.
                                                                                  years as her career is going great      Saif wants to know
                                                                                  guns.                                 where I’m going to
                                                                                    “It won’t happen for the next       keep all of them. I’ve
                                                                                  two years for sure.                   set aside a whole en-
                                                                                    Am I crazy to get married now       clave for trophies and
                                                                                  when so many wonderful things         awards. I love looking
                                                                                  are happening to my career? Saif      at them. One day my
                                                                                  himself is ultra-busy trying to set   children are going to
                                                                                  up his production house.              look at them and be
                                                                                    Marriage can wait. I’m just         proud of me.”
                                                                                  happy to have him by my side.
  Amitabh Bachchan and Anil Am-
bani are best friends is a well known
                                         the actor signed the dotted line with
                                         Idea because he was reportedly paid
                                                                                  I’ve got the best guy any girl can
                                                                                  ever have.                                          HELP WANTED
fact. That the Ambanis are especially
                                                                                    “Right now I’m so busy I don’t       Looking For Highly Motivated And Friendly Sales-
                                         Rs 15 crore for the deal.
fond of Abhishek Bachchan is also           A source from the advertising in-     have time to sleep properly. I         person To Work In A Jewelry Store. Must Be Flex-
widely known.                            dustry though insists that, “Abhishek    haven’t even had time to move          ible And Have A Good Command Of English And
  In an interview last year, Abhishek    has already done the BIG 92.7 FM         into my new house,” Kareena            Gujrati Or Hindi.
had gone ahead to say that “Anil uncle   commercial for Anil Ambani’s com-        told IANS in an interview.
and Tina aunty are my family. I’m        pany and they share the best of rela-      Overwhelmed after receiving
always there for them.”                  tions.                                   four awards, she said: “Who            FOR FURTHER DETAILS CALL:
  So it came as a shocking surprise         But then the Bachchans also share     doesn’t like attention, recogni-           MR. DHEERU BHAI KOTAK
to advertising circles when Abhishek     a fantastic rapport with Kumar Man-      tion and awards? I’ve got four
chose to endorseAditya Birla Group’s     galam Birla and there was no way that
                                                                                  awards in a month beginning
Idea Cellular instead of Anil’s Reli-    Abhishek would turn the Idea offer
ance mobile.                             down. It is true that the Ambanis con-
                                                                                  with the environment award                           OR
  A trade source confirms that both      sidered him to promote Reliance, but       I got from Erin Brockovich,                   NIZAR VIRANI
Reliance and Idea wanted the actor       he couldn’t take up the offer because    then two youth icon awards
as their brand ambassador; however,      of the obvious clash of interest.”       from Rotary International and                   832-715-4488

                                                                                                                                           Indo-American News • Friday, March 20, 2009
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Indo-American News • Friday, March 20, 2009
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               Glide Me in a Hydrofoil, No Ripples Please!                            out of my fingers and offered me
      By Jawahar malhotra                 on the northeast side of the island,
  MACAU: In as many times as              facing Kowloon . At their moorings,         another (“Same, same”, said the ear-
I have been to Hong Kong, I have          the orange hydrofoils of TurboJet,          nest, youngish Chinese man). “No,
never taken the time, although not        with their pointed bows shaped like         I’m okay,” I told him as I snatched
for want or short of desire, to go to     futuristic spacecrafts, bobbed in the       it back.
Macau, the tiny peninsula that juts       grey water. On the seaboard side, a            You have to go through Hong Kong
out from the mainland and its tear        blue-colored hydrofoil from Cotai           Immigration services as you leave
drop island that have just been turned    Strip took off on the hour-long trip        the country and get another chop on
over by the Portuguese to China, after    southeast.                                  your passport. Residents of the two
nearly 200 years as a far off colony.        The ticketing office was a little less   countries have identity cards that
But this time, gloomy, rainy weather      than busy on a Thursday morning,            let them pass through much faster.
not withstanding, I was determined        and offered me a roundtrip ticket for       After a short walk down the loading
to make the trip across the Bay to this   HK$276, about US$39. That didn’t            bridge, you carefully maneuver over
former Portuguese outpost.                deter the half a dozen scalpers who         the waterbreak hump onto the ferry
  After a 20 minute trek on the el-       were offering discounted tickets; one       and struggle to keep your legs from
evated Skybridge from Central Metro       even standing just before the secu-         buckling on the undulating ferry’s
Station on Hong Kong Island , I ar-       rity check-in, who waved me over,           floor.
rived at the Macau Ferry Terminal,        looking official, snatched the ticket          “Upstairs, upstairs,” motioned
                                                                                      the wide-eyed purser; at the top the     200 yards away, like a relay race;        Sands Casino along the waterfront
                                                                                      young attendant pointed to the di-       past the grey silhouette of islands,      and a short while later, the ferry came
                                                                                      rection of the seat. With rows of        humps of hills thick with vegetation,     to its port, latched to its mooring and
                                                                                      seats - two-four-two across - facing     a few buoys bobbing a warning bell,       the passengers lugged to the stairs
                                                                                      the large LCD screen in the front,       an occasional tug or boat making its      to get off.
                                                                                      the cabin arrangement and colors         destination. I lulled into a jet-lagged      Immigration at the arrival hall was
                                                                                      gave a warm, cinema hall feel, with      nap, woke with a start, checked my        much like the Hong Kong side, ex-
                                                                                      wind-scorched window panes. After        watch, and napped off again.              cept the signs were in English, Can-
                                                                                      short safety instructions, including       It was just in time that I caught       tonese and Portuguese, as they were
                                                                                      the precaution to wear seats belts (no   sight of the white Ponte de Amizade       in the rest of the city. And although
                                                                                      one did), the boat rose higher off the   ( Friendship Bridge ) with the bump       they tried to imitate their Hong Kong
                                                                                      water and took off, gliding across the   in the middle for ships to pass, shim-    counterparts, it was apparent that the
                                                                                      surface and causing a streak, rather     mering across the water to the other      efficiency and modernity still lagged
                                                                                      than a ripple, for a wake.               portion of the colony, the island of      behind in many ways like the connec-
                                                                                         Across the water we sped, sur-        Taipa just south of Macau , in the        tivity to the city transport and real es-
                                                                                      prisingly noise free, across the grey    misty grey weather. To the left, the      tate development in the area. Macau
                                                                                      waters, watching the streak of the       Museum of Modern Arts cone-top            exuded a sleepy, slower pace which I
                                                                                      returning hydrofoils passing along       tower came into view, down from the       waited impatiently to explore.

Indo-American News • Friday, March 20, 2009
Read Indo-American News Online indoamerican-news.com                                                            Indo-American News • Friday, March 20, 2009

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Indo-American News • Friday, March 20, 2009

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